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Welcome to the How to Hunt Turkeys Podcast. The goal of the H2HT podcast is to make you a better turkey hunter. If it’s your first year in the spring woods or you’ve been hunting turkeys for a few seasons, this podcast will help you become a better turkey hunter. Every episode we will dive deep into the minds of the finest turkeys hunters in the country. We will explore the gear, tactics, people and culture that surround Wild Turkey hunting. Not only will we learn from the wisdom only gained in the woods but we will review years of research done by wildlife biologist to help us understand the mind of a Wild Turkey. We will learn the language of the Turkey from Grand Champion callers from all corners of the country, the calls and calling styles are as diverse as the forests we hunt. The reverence and mystique that surrounds Turkey hunting is complex, the guests of this show will unpack the emotions surrounding Turkey hunting. Turkeys can be the most frustrating wild animals to hunt. The nuances of Turkey hunting require each hunter to be focused, resilient and woods wise. The How to Hunt Turkeys Podcast will guide you on your path to becoming a better Turkey hunter.

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