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As hunters, we study, scout, and obsess over the chase. Is it the thrill or the trophy? That’s only part of the story. The real reason is for the MEAT! Join Nick and fellow “huntavores” as they approach wild game as a means for flavorful, nourishing, and sustainable protein. They will celebrate their hunting and fishing lifestyle, and share their passion for natural, wholesome meals and dishes created from their catch and quarry. They do this while working to debunk the blanket definition of “gamey” by embracing the unique flavors.

Topics include discussions of hunting and fishing, test kitchen experiments of underused cuts and unique cooking styles, and interviews with hunters, anglers, and culinary experts who utilize wild game, all with a student’s approach to learning and sharing. After the shot was fired after the fish has been netted after the game has been recovered, the gift of nourishing food was given. Our aim is not just to use it, but to celebrate it. Huntavore; No egos, no status, just pursuit of natural protein and a love for wild creation.

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