3 Year Quest For A Big Buck Falls Short

Show Notes

On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan talks with Josh Profitt about a 3 year search for a big public land buck. Josh talks about an unassuming piece of public land that had very low deer numbers and that held not one, but two, big antlered bucks. One of these bucks, given the name "Bones", caught the attention of Josh and one of his hunting buddies. At this point the game was on and the two of them started to scout, learn, and dissect the 500 acres this buck called home. There was a reason this buck felt comfortable on this piece of public, the cover was thick and almost impossible to access, so trail cameras played a huge role in learning this bucks annual pattern.

Over the three quest for "Bones", Josh had to overcome several obstacles like increased pressure when the word got out about this buck, even resulting in the loss of a couple friendships. This is an amazing episode that doesn't turn out the way you think it would.  

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