5 Consecutive Pennsylvania Black Bear Seasons

Show Notes

Harvesting a bear within a lifetime in Pennsylvania is an accomplishment by most hunter's standards.  However, doing so in regularity degrades the theory many say to a person's success - luck.  On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman we chat with Ryan Hausman.  Ryan has harvested a bear the last five years in a row with rifle, muzzleloader, and archery equipment.  One of his bears topped out at 615 lbs field dressed!

This episode revolves all around Ryan's stories and experiences.  There is nothing lacking from the entertainment department in this episode.  Some of the situations Ryan has found himself have turned into a rodeo.  But there is also a lot to take away and use within your own bear hunting schemes.  Patience, thoroughly scan thick cover, and place yourself where there is abundant food to name a few.  Hopefully Ryan's experience harvesting five bears helps you harvest one for yourself!  Check out the article that was written after Ryan harvested bear number five.

Show Transcript