A Dream Hunt with Clint Salisbury

Show Notes

Joining Marcus on the podcast this week is Clint Salisbury. Clint is the Regional Director in Michigan for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. The guys kick things off talking about Clint's path that brought him to RMEF and why he always looked at this type of position as a dream job. From there, they spend the rest of the conversation discussing elk in Michigan. Clint gives a good history on the elk herd and how conservation work has been able to restore it to the healthiest that it has been in sometime, if not ever. Drawing an elk tag in Michigan is something most will never get to experience given that only roughly 300 tags are given out each year depending on herd numbers. However, in recent years, those hunters have posted an 80% success rate and with that a part of history in Michigan. Harvesting an elk in Michigan for most is a dream hunt and with the tireless work that volunteers are doing hopefully more get that chance to fulfill that dream.

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