A First Trip w/ Shaun & Lila Durkee

Show Notes

Joining Marcus this week on the Podcast for a special episode of sorts are Shaun Durkee and his daughter Lila. Shaun and Lila recently participated in a weekend mountain goat survey in southwest Montana and are here to talk about their experience. This wasn't just a survey from the truck either, rather a 5.5 mile hike into the backcountry. For an experienced backpacker like Shaun it was pretty standard, but for young Lila it was no small feat. The two talk about their weekend adventure, the importance of surveys like this and why Lila probably won't tell her friends at school about it, because she doesn't want to brag. This is a fun conversation and a glimpse into what the outdoors looks like to the next generation of conservationists. Enjoy!

Show Transcript