A Little Late Season Encouragement

Show Notes

As November comes to an end and rifle season fades away, many people consider the season done for. That very fact is one reason you should not give up yet! As John is off in Colorado chasing elk, he wants to make sure that you are not down in the dumps just yet. There is still over a month of deer season left and it can be some of the best hunting of the entire year. This may be a shorter episode of the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast, but it is a very important one.

John absolutely loves late season whitetail hunting. In fact, 5 of his last 7 Oklahoma bucks have come after December 22! This episode is meant to both educate and encourage folks to not give up. Late season can be one of the easiest and best times to pattern a mature buck. As hunting pressure goes down and bucks become slaves to their stomachs, punching your tag can be as predictable as a late season cold front. 

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