A Rut to Remember with Jacob Sklenar

Show Notes

In this episode of The Wisconsin Sportsman, Pierce talks with Jacob Sklenar of The Wild Calling. Jacob is a Wisconsin native, former college wrestler and die hard deer hunter. 2023 was a record year for Jacob after he killed not one, not two, but THREE bucks across three different states, the largest of which was his personal best and came from our great state of Wisconsin. Jacob shares his stories from the season and the guys talk about everything from creating and testing hypotheses in the woods, to hunting specific deer, to putting the puzzle of a buck's life together, and even talk about some lessons learned from sports and how they translate to the deer woods and your mindset when hunting. You can (and I highly recommend you DO) watch Jacob's hunts play out over on his YouTube channel: The Wild Calling and follow along with his adventures on Instagram @wildcallingoutdoors

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