Alone and on the Driftwood River

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In this week’s [UNCENSORED] podcast by GoWild, we talk all about survival in the outdoors, specifically about History Channels’ Alone. We talk about what mistakes we believe the contestants make and how long we think we could make it alone outdoors. How long do you think you could make it? Two weeks, four weeks, or months? We speak on our ideas to structure the show better, especially with more highlights on what items the contestants take. 

Brayden spends some time talking about a recent camping trip, which was a muddy mess! The fishing was a little to be desired but the trip definitely turned out good for scouting. Brayden learned some lessons while trying to fish the currents in Driftwood River, when all along there was an oasis right around the corner!

Brayden & Dan talk about their favorite parts of Driftwood rIver, from the landscape, the fishing, and to the ends and outs of what they learned from the river. Brayden had an almost scary experience but managed to recover before things got too hairy. Dan covers some of his favorite gear to have while fishing, even if some of his modifications are questionable! We plan out our next fishing trip coming up this week, hopefully Dan gets his alarm figured out before then!

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] talk about alone, Erica. Okay. So I've been I feel like I've been talking about alone a lot, the show. Wait, is this a spoiler? Should we announce this as a spoiler? Spoiler alert for season three. Okay. Oh, okay. They're on like season nine or 10. Okay. Like a years ago. But you referenced this couple weeks ago.

We were going, were talking about. Alone. Yeah. And okay, this just happened where there's a guy on like season three or four. I've been going through and watching all of them and God, I hated him so much 'cause he's like super arrogant. He's got this curly hair. God, you're such a jerk.

Like he's, I don't know, just his attitude. Anyways, so there's. About five people left. They're in there like 72 days now, which is one of the longer seasons. I thus far in my progression, just you wait and so he's in there and he has 30 some odd fish. And that he has smoked. Okay. And he's I'm going to eat a half a fish.

Every other day. Yeah. And I'm like, the golly. But then he goes fishing and he maybe catches another fish or [00:01:00] something and he like falls on a rock. He's just so depleted. And I'm like, why are you not eating more? You like, you should eat more. And he was like, the fish I catch today, if I do that, then I'll.

Last until Christmas time, but I'm like, why? When you eat it today, you clearly are just not functioning and you just got bear bait hanging out somewhere. Yeah. If he's just leaving fish, he, they figure all that out though. So they all have like different ways. Yeah. I don't know how he's doing it.

But anyways, so after he gets some fishing and he's walking back and he goes, oh look, there's a boat crew. And they come in because of the medical crew. Oh. They check every now and then and they check him and it's like maybe one of the first checks. And they're like, you gotta get outta here. His blood pressure was like 80, over 60.

He looked ama, they lifted up his shirt, he looked emaciated. He dropped like 35 pounds. Like I got plenty of fish for 30. Yeah. And then they're like, you gotta go. And he's no. I have like plenty of fish. And they're like, dude, if you like, You can't, if you drop anymore, like you're going to die down.

We have to do the hospital. And he's I got plenty of fish. I'm like, that's what you [00:02:00] get. You dummy for being so conceited. It's such a freaking hard game to play, man. They're constantly playing that like calorie in, calorie out balance. And like they have, especially in the early seasons, they're like, oh man, we're all gonna make it 170 days.

Yeah. I gotta be, I gotta be in this for the long haul and it's gonna get cold and I'm not gonna be able to catch no fish and dah. And then it's you try to make it to tomorrow and you die today. Yeah. Early on. The alone, were doing it like two weeks before winter set in. So you had a small amount of time.

Yeah. And this most recent season on Netflix, they're there like a month before winter, so they had tons of time to try to hunt and fish and everything and build up their stores. But yeah, the thing I hate most about alone is it'll be halfway through the season and they'll come, they'll have some issue like, oh, I lost all my arrows.

I need to make a new arrow. And they'll be like, You'll see 'em tying on feathers and you're like, where did they get these feathers? I'm just giving an example. Yeah. I dunno if this really happened. And they'll just put text on and be like, feathers were one of the 10 items they chose. And you're like, [00:03:00] why didn't we know this?

I feel like at the beginning when they're introducing the people, they should be, they should show the kit. Yeah, they should. They baseball card. They just dropped a new series called Alone Training. I think it's on Hulu and you can watch them like, 'cause you don't just get to go out there, like you get selected and then you go and you like have to complete challenges and answer questions and show that you're knowledgeable.

It's not like Survivor or something where they're just throwing people out there. Yeah, they're all, and I imagine that. That show. I haven't watched it yet, but I'm, because I don't want spoilers, but I imagine that show, they're teaching them all this stuff and saying okay, what are you gonna take? And they're like, I'm gonna take these things.

Yeah. I've seen like interviews after the fact of like, why did I choose these items? Yeah. And when, but just the way they edit it, and especially for people that. Don't do well, people that are out after two weeks, it's what stuff did they bring? Yeah. Why? Why weren't they more successful? Oh, they didn't choose to bring fishing line.

Oh, okay. That was a mistake. Yeah. I don't know why they don't tell us right at the beginning. Yeah. Yeah. And I also get a respect for the [00:04:00] self filming aspect of that. Like all the guys that sell film their hunts and stuff like that's gotta be super hard. And you watch that show and you think about okay I can compare it to hunting, like how difficult it's packing that stuff around and getting it up in the tree and doing all that stuff that, that's hard.

But then think of you're literally trying to survive. And while there's this squirrel in a tree that you gotta shoot to survive, you have to set up your camera to get the angle of it and make sure you get a good TV shot. For me, we always talk about the people that do the best on a loan. All have these serious mom issues.

Yeah. And when they get late, when they're getting late in their things, they'll just be walking around filming themselves and they're like, I just want to make my mom proud. I was really bad. And they're like, all these people have mom issues. Yeah. And they're trying to be like hyper masculine.

So Subconsciously date their mom. It's super weird. We've talked about it before. It's like the part of the Navy SEAL and like special operations group like you see on all these documentary shows, like all the physical sides of it, but there's a giant mental side of it and all these tests and evaluations they're doing, and they [00:05:00] said one of the key indicators of somebody that's gonna make it.

Through is not like how they look or perform physically, it's that like they had a very difficult childhood and like especially dad's not there bad things, dad's not there. Or dad's like violence. Yeah, and like alcohol and drug abuse and all this stuff. Like they have this deep well that they can go into to get through all this like horrible stuff where most people would be like, Ah, I got a good family back home.

Yeah. This has been tough and I'm tapping like the one guy I'm watching one season and I won't give away anything, but he literally is you see this little device that allows me to call home. He's it doesn't exist in my mind. I'm gonna die out here. He literally says that, and I can't go farther to tell anymore, but he he does well for sure.

He does. Yeah, he does. I'm just getting, I dunno but with alone, with the self filming thing, I'd be able to self film all the time. I couldn't talk to the camera. It would be, you could not talk to me. No. It would be 90 days. Like narrating your thoughts. Yeah. I couldn't narrate my thoughts or talk. Oh, I could, it would be like a Wilson.

I'm like, Hey girl, what you doing [00:06:00] today? That probably does play into the mental factor of having a buddy. The most recent season on Netflix, there's a chick who does like plays and skits and she'll set it up where she's like talking to herself or. Perform a song or something. I couldn't do any of that.

There was a Robert Redford movie, I forget what it's called. It was recent, where he's sailing across the ocean and his boat gets hit by a piece of, like a shipping container that's just floating out in the ocean and starts sinking. It's like a survival movie. But he famously has zero dialogue.

Because he's on a boat by himself, so he's not Oh, he's not saying anything. Yeah. And so he's, it's all just reading his facial expression and stuff. But that would be me, but not as good looking or talented as Robert Redford. It'd just be me, like with no expression on my face, slowly starving. You would die so fast 'cause you require so many calories.

Yeah. To just make it through your day-to-day life. He's got the reserves built up over time. That's true. I do have the reserves. How long do you think you guys could last? Oh, I wouldn't, like how many days? If I, in a real survival [00:07:00] situation, it would be working. The weird thing about alone on alone, like with bears and stuff, it's just not enough money for me.

Okay. Oh, what? Yeah, it's just to really go, to go like 180 days. How much money? Million dollars is enough. It's a million, right? Is it a half million? What is it? What's your, I think early on it's like a hundred thousand. Ah. I think I think. This, I think this season was a hundred thousand too. Or maybe it was two 50.

I would do a lot for a hundred thousand dollars. I know you would do crazy stuff for 50 bucks. 50. But but now there's that movie Wander Less. I don't know if you've ever seen it, but this was like hippie commune. Oh yeah. And one of the guys is he's selling out the hippie commune to a bank and he's they're paying me $80,000.

I'll be able to get a condo in Miami and never work again. And they're like, $80,000 isn't so much money. But that's what I always think when people are like, oh, I'm gonna buy be a hundred thousand dollars. I could buy a nice piece of property and build a homestead and raise cattle. It's no. Do you know how taxes work?

This is prize [00:08:00] money, so yeah. You're gonna get paid, you're gonna get half of that. Yeah. I think on prize money. Yeah. But no, I think. If it was a real survival situation, like not a show, I bet I could do in Alaska two or three weeks maybe, but it would be a hundred percent of my effort is like, how am I gonna get outta here?

Oh, there's a river. Let me build a raft and I'm gonna get outta here. It won't be like, how do I build a nice shelter and hunker down for the winter? Yeah. It would be like, oh, that'd be a good show. How do you get out? Like legit survival? Like alone. Like alone. But you have to. Get out. Get out. That's called, there's like all these different little ways that you can get out.

I feel like that's Trace Road's called Get Out. Get Out. Yeah. I feel like there's a movie about that. It's a little different though. What? Yeah. I wouldn't make it past a couple weeks I don't think on a loan. Honestly. I don't, I think I would make it like four or five days. Yeah. Hours. That's reasonable. Not hours.

No, because here's what I think I, you see the people that tab [00:09:00] out night one because of the Bears and stuff. I think I would. Really neat. And they say like in a lot of survival books, they say you need to make your shelter first to feel like you're at home and safe or whatever. Like mentally. I think that I would have to go balls to the wall, like I've just made a cabin and I would to feel safe with like bears, otherwise I'm not sleeping and then I'm just gonna tap all day too if I don't have sleep.

And then I would dirt all of my energy on the cabin and then it would be day four or five and I'm just weak and I can't even find food. Yeah. And have you ever fasted like four, four days? I haven't done like not eating for four days. Yeah. Are you like doing like a liquid diet or literally just water?

Water. Just water. No, dude. It's crazy. I've never made it to four. I've done three days. Oh, okay. Yeah. It just starts to feel terrible. You like doing nothing. You feel terrible. Like you're super tired. You're like it's, and then you've gotta think you're trying to survive and why are we doing [00:10:00] this?

What? Like, why? Like a it for fun? No. It's an alone scenario. Like most No. She's asking why you did it. Why are you doing it? Oh, it's just, it's good to do. It's every now I've done it. Like for your gut or something? No, it's just like seeing if you can do it kind of thing. Have you ever heard of Breath Airs?

He's got mommy issues. Yeah. Yeah. Have you heard of Breath Ss? No. They believe that they can survive off his breath alone, like air. Oh. You can't make it three days without water. They, I don't, maybe they drink water. I don't know what it is. I'm sorry. If you're a breatha and you're listening, please send me a DMM on Go wild and tell me all about it.

Think if you're a breath area, I wanna meet you high for longer. Don't Google it because you will see like emaciated people and then there's no way they have to get something water. You have to have water. They go eat grass in the yard. Swear. Because then what happens is like after a couple weeks of like almost death or whatever, something happens in their life where if you're listening, I'm putting up the air quotes.

Something happens in their life where they had to eat or do something, [00:11:00] but they then say it was because of something in there. No, like a spiritual thing. But it's no, because you were gonna die. Yeah. If you didn't, you felt compelled. Yeah. I have a friend that stayed in Airbnb once.

It was like a bus out west and the guy. That rented it to her, came to visit and he was a Breatharian and he told her all about it and it was weird. Yeah. That dude's just trying to get away. Was Google Breatha? That dude's just trying to get away. Yeah, just all I do is breathe. I don't even need anything.

So anyways. How's the bus? Speaking of Wonderlust, that sounds like a warn less character. It does, yeah. We've talked a lot about shows. We should probably, we actually have some cool stuff we did. Oh yeah. We went camping this weekend. No, it's cool. There was no survival scenarios other than unfortunately, a bunch of children and lots of mud.

Yeah. There was a Lord of the Flies situation more than anything. Really? Yeah. They just went feral. You missed out, Dan. I got fear of children got in way. I don't have a fear of children. That's just, I don't enjoy being around children. [00:12:00] And Brad posted a picture of. You know how Slack is, you see the picture first and then the comment underneath it, and it was a picture of.

The muddy kids head to toe in mud don't touch anything, head to toe in mud. And then I'm like, oh no this was not a good trip. And then like underneath it was like, best camping trip ever. And I'm like, what? That looks like a not fun time. Dealing with that. They had all blast. Yeah. Good old fashioned mud pit, covered in mud.

It literally started, we're sitting around listening to Tim and Donovan and Brad playing guitar and singing. We're just hanging out. One of the kids says, Hey wanna play catch? And I was like, absolutely. Let's go play catch. And we start throwing back and forth. And then all of sudden you're throwing heaters at 'em.

Yeah. All of a sudden it turns into keep way and monkey in the middle and all this. And everybody's we're like slip slide in the mud 'cause it rained for a little bit. Then it turns into like kids falling in the mud and then it turns [00:13:00] into slip and slide on the mud and then somebody gets a dog bowl and fills it with water and like just covers this area with mud.

Oh, I was wondering why it was so muddy. Dude. It was it got I literally legit the second slide and I didn't say it in Slack. I literally had the thought because I knew you guys were outta campground. I'm like, That is sewage leakage. Oh. If there's a mud puddle that big and it's this hot out, they're playing sewage side.

But I didn't say it, but I had that thought. I'm like, that's, I did make the comment that mud is very dark forage. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, gross. Yeah. But anyways, that makes more sense. So they were making a mud pit? Yeah. Yeah. And they just turned feral and were literally covered in mud from their forehead to their toes.

So you didn't stay the night? No. Did you stay the night? Yeah. Because we went fishing and you didn't go fishing. You went fishing Friday. Yeah, we went fishing Friday up in Indianas. Fun. Yeah. Driftwood River, man. It was cool. It was a fun trip. But I keep more, I'm telling the story the more I'm like, it's more of a recon trip than anything.

It really was. We learned hey, this isn't an awesome, [00:14:00] at least when we went, it was not an awesome like kayak trip 'cause the water was moving so freaking fast and was I think the technical term is turbid turbidity. Tur. What is that? That is how far down you can see in the water. There's so much stuff kicked up in it.

Yeah. That. The only thing I was getting strong bites on as far as not dropping a lure in someone's face was a spinner bait. Because I feel like that was the only thing that was getting any sort of flash. And really if it was in the shade, under a branch and it wasn't catching any sunlight, no bites.

And then as soon as it hit a little bit of sunlight and a foot two foot down in the water column, you'd get a little flash and then you'd get some bites. But That. And then also, hence the name Driftwood River. There were so many downed trees in that. You told me about that beforehand.

We were, look, just looking on the satellite map, that's exciting. And you could just see you think it is, and then, and you combine that excitement with, Ooh, I'm excited to try this. $15 lure that it [00:15:00] just got, and then you immediately hook up and you're like, oh man, there goes $15 lure. Yeah. It definitely made it challenging, especially.

With the water clarity issues. The speed and the speed, water clarity and the speed. I was having such a hard time, like I'm not, I don't kayak fish a lot. And so there's a certain like coordination I was trying to figure out early on. But what we ended up figuring out was we really should have just blown past and gone with the speed of all that water until we got to the oxbow really started fishing the oxbow hard.

That's where I caught my first Molly. And then from there we rolled through. I caught one more and then I ended up. Tragically losing all the line in both the rods and reel that I brought, so I just motored out of there after and motored by some primo, like slow moving, the best part.

Beautiful. Smiley water. The best part. I was so excited once I hit that part. I know. And we should say, when you say motor by, we weren't using motors, we weren't using Oh no, we weren't pat. We weren't foot. Pedaling the motor guide gave me, we were paddles [00:16:00] with our arms. Yeah. So if you're in fast moving water and you get hung up, you have to put your rod down.

Paddle. Paddle upstream. Yeah, it was sketchy. Try to unhook before you get too far downstream. Then paddle. So yeah, I had a. Tried like crazy experience like that where it got a little sketchy. Where I had this I kept breaking off at the, where I was tying my fluoro to my braid.

It would just break off at that knot. It's just like a double uni knot, which Jacob has now told me the Alberta, Albert Alberta is the, not to be trying, but I was talking to him about it. 'cause I had four or five situations where it just kept happening and I didn't bring fluoro. So I was borrowing it from Derek and I was feeling bad, like also having to make him stop and get his stuff.

So finally the last time it happened I was like, screw it. Like I'm just gonna tie Rooster tail onto my braid gear. Caught a fish doing that, caught a smallie doing that. I was like, okay, cool. We're in business. And I saw a, I was catching 'em along logs or in Eddie's, and so I threw that che tail along that log, let it go down.

And I didn't see that there was another tree log thing, [00:17:00] like down in the like deep snag on it. It happened to be, I. In a really fast moving area. So I'm like, my boat is like starting to drift down and I have, I'm hooked up on braid, so it's not gonna, it's not gonna break. Like it's on there.

And so my boat starts going down real fast, and so I'm like, oh shoot. So I. Put my rod and reel between my legs and I grip it with my knees and I have my paddle and I'm like paddling, paddle paddling. I get up to it, I reach down with the paddle. I'm trying to knock it loose. I couldn't, I reeled all the way up to my rod using my rod tip to get down to it.

Couldn't get it off. It was on there. So then I'm having to let out line. I get pushed back down. I have to paddle back up. I get pushed back down. I have to paddle back up. And I'm at this point, like I'm getting tired. Like I have done this literally four times. And I get up to it.

I try one last time. And this time all the line starts wrapping around stuff in my kayak and then it starts to cinch down. 'cause I'm getting pulled down by the water. And so I grab my little dinky multi-tool and [00:18:00] I take the wire cutters on the pliers, and I go to the line and I'm like bang.

Like trying to squeeze on it. And it wouldn't break as a spray and it's cinching. And I literally in my left hand, the rod and reel are like, Pulling me back towards, so when I have to with my other hand, get these little bitty scissors, like we're talking like half inch little bitty scissors on my multi-tool.

I get it and I'm like bing binging. Finally get it to break off. And it's like Don took all of that line, rer it up with the little line I have left. Make one more cast with a rooster tail. And it took so much that I just pulled the line from underneath the tape that I had on my spool, and literally every ounce of line just went out with that other rooster tail.

And at that point I was like, dude, I'm so done with this day. And that was after my spinning. I had a giant blow up with my spinning reel. I was like, dude, this sucks. I'm done. I need to teach you the arbor knot to, all yeah. To knot it to your reel. I need something you need to see. I keep a dive knife clipped onto my ice jacket.

You? Yeah. That's cool. So it just for anything like that Big diver, huh? Big time diver. No, but [00:19:00] never know when you shank somebody. Yeah. You follow, you're the most est person I am. There's a pro nice amount not having kids. I have a lot of money. A lot of money. Dan's loaded, but no, if you, 'cause we've got the life jackets that.

Have the air canisters and we'll inflate, but I've disabled 'em all so I can wait or whatever. Oh my God. So you gotta, so you gotta manually no kids, no value of lots of money. So you gotta manually pull them to inflate them. So if you fall, if you kayak tips over and you fall over, it's not like a big airbag.

And then you gotta buy another canister and reset the whole thing. Yeah. And hopefully you don't bonk your head and get knocked out. I told Phil this 'cause Phil Barr a life jacket and I'm like, Hey, you gotta pull the tab if you need that. Life jacket, but you've just got webbing wrapped around you and if you fall in or you're just waiting and you trip and fall and a stick goes up in your webbing and the next thing you're getting dragged under, you want have a knife right there.

Yeah. It's honestly cut it off. I really wish I would've had that. It was getting sketchy. Like I was getting past the point of and this is an inconvenience and [00:20:00] into this is approaching danger. Yeah. This is, and dive knife is really just a knife. That doesn't have a sharp tip.

It's blunted on the end, so you can't accident accidentally puncture. Oh. Yourself or something else. So you just slice yourself. Yeah, just filet yourself a little bit. But you can use any knife. If you have, and a dive knife is also stainless steel. And you don't have the element of puts some with a, yeah.

Having to whip out little scissors. Yeah. It's just, it's got a retention clip, a thumb clip, and you just go freak. But the thing that, 'cause you were using a spinning rod. I was early on with lights tackle and then I had my bait caster. That was when I was telling that story. That was with a bait caster.

I had two spinning rods with me. I had that new Abu Garcia I got from Go Wild Chop. Go wild. Yeah. And we were going downstream. So you would cast downstream and if you're using some sort of rig or something, you'd give it to some time while you're floating down to set and then jig it back in or whatever as you're going by and behind.

So as you're casting downstream, [00:21:00] Since you're going downstream, by the time you go to the lure will hit, you'll break it, lure will hit, and then by the time you go to set the bale a, you've gone six inches further downstream. So there's a little slack in your line and like one coil of mono would come off your spinning reel and you'd set your bale and start reeling.

But you'd have a little coil loop that would be trapped underneath your yes, your thing, and a couple of casts like that. And you just look at your reel and you could just see all, do you know how braid. You have Braided line? I didn't have Braided line. This was on both? Yeah, this was on both. But that's what happened to me when I was talking about my blowup.

It's the worst blowup I've ever had on a spinning reel. And I was like, this is just not my day. Like I just didn't know what was going on. Then it happened to Phil, and it also happened to Dan. I couldn't even get it out. It was like just a giant ball of freaking line, and it was because of that.

But he told me after the fact, I told him like, it blew up. I don't know what happened. And he told me that and I was like, so what I started doing was once I. I'd cast and then as soon as the lure would hit, I [00:22:00] would start raising the tip of my rod as I'm setting the bale to keep that light tension on tension.

Yeah. And that made a big difference. But yeah, so we were fishing. We hit an oxbow kind of late in the oxbow, Derek and I, and we just started getting bites on everything. Water was starting to clear up a little bit. We were a little bit downstream and you could see lure hit water and you'd see three or four small mouse come up, try to get at it and one grab it.

And we were, I don't gonna say reeling 'em in every cast, but I probably caught three or four fish within five minutes. Yeah. In that section. And I'm like, where's Braden? And. Phil and Dirk's I don't know. They all of a sudden they just started booking it downstream and we're like, what? So then we get a text from them and they're like, we're at the takeout.

Where are you guys at? And we're like, we're fishing, we're catching a lot of fish. And so we start floating down and we hit a A, I almost said settled like a residential area where there's like docks that's settled and falling. Settlement. Settlement, I guess it [00:23:00] technically is what, yeah, but it was like everything else was natural.

And then this was manmade section with docks and farms. Yeah. And culverts and runoffs and stuff. And I think there was just enough stuff flowing in that there was a lot richer water and fish were just stacked up and we were hitting this part where it was, I don't know if it was mud, it almost looked like rock bottom.

Yeah. Yeah. It's that rock bottom with the cracks in it. I was telling you like Yeah. The cracked rock. Yeah. That we were talking about rock, like crack rock. Like two foot deep, clear. It's money and you could just fee See as you're floating by fish stacked up. Yeah. And dude, it was some of the best fishing.

That's where you catch 'em on Craws and it's the best. Yeah, it was fun. 'cause you had the fun part of kayaking. There'd be little rip ripples and rapids and you were moving and stuff. And you could see fish and you could target fish. Fish fishing. Yeah. So that was the best section. Yeah. So then we got out of the.

The takeout and we went and got beers at this brewery downtown and we were sitting outside at the brewery downtown. My idea [00:24:00] outside. Yeah. And the same driftwood, rivers right behind the brewery, and we're like I wonder if there's a. Takeout here and the fishing on this river looks like it'd be really good.

And I was like, there is. So now we're like, okay, where we took out last time is where we'll put in. We'll walk up Wade, fish the rocks, we'll wade it. Yeah, we'll get up to the crack rocks and all that stuff. Stuff go up there and we'll fish all the eddies around the grass and then that, it's basically the best part of the kayak trip.

We did time, what's the last mile? But we also skied Aled because we were like, oh my gosh, we've gone two and a half miles and we have two miles left and it's 4:00 PM Yeah. We gotta get outta here. Me and Phil got outta there. It was like 35 minutes maybe. Like we just, it, the water was so fast, we just zipped.

We saw a bald eagle. Ooh, on the way back, like just right above our heads. It was awesome. First time we've ever done that but yeah we thought oh my gosh, this is gonna take forever. And so we basically just zipped pie, all of the nice stuff, but on the way down, realized like, oh, you can totally wait all the way up here.

Yeah. So [00:25:00] yeah, we're not gonna mess with the kayaks and stuff. It was like two foot deep and it was like, Unusually high water. What's the Yeah, it's normally a lot less. What's the fish quality like? We saw a couple big fish. Yep. Moved them as you were fishing or just went past them as you're floating over, by the time you'd see a fish, you were already past a fish.

Most of the ones I saw were 1213. Yeah. 1213. They were down deep. In brush and you'd paddle by a tree. You'd be like, oh, tree gotta go by. And you'd look down and you'd just see the flash, of a big fish stacked up down in the current. Those big ones were probably that crack rock.

And we go sight fish that We'll go find 'em down there. Like that's, I. I didn't see, and those eddie's, I didn't see any panfish. I didn't catch a panfish either. I didn't see any panfish. No. If I was throwing a real small rooster tail or something, I'd have minnows going after it. But yeah, like shad and fry and stuff, whatever.

Weird. I would've, I was almost to the [00:26:00] point at the beginning where I'm like I just don't want to, lemme just cut some panfish. Yeah. Like I, I can't get the small mouth to bite so lemme just cut some panfish. No panfish. No. Which was weird. Yeah. It might be up in those trees on the other side where the water was slower.

Some big carp. Drum. Drum. Yeah. Isn't, didn't we have this conversation before? Isn't drum car's not drums? It's not a drum. But isn't drum part of the car? Carp family. I don't think so. I don't know. They're a different fish to me. I'm gonna Google it. I guess they're both like bottom feeders. Is that Yeah.

That family. I thought we Googled this one. The falls? No, it's because there's a whole thing of, they call these one fish white perch, but it's actually buffalo drum. Or something like that. That's different. Oh, okay. Freshwater drone. Derek, some. Derek is the firehouse and Derek just goes like this.

Who's talking about who's talking about white perch? That's, you have all these debates about, yeah. Yeah. But no, I mean it was a good trip. It was a recon. The nice thing about kayak fishing is even if you catch zero fish, just [00:27:00] kayaking is fun. Yeah. And you get, have cooler. That's what people say that don't catch fish.

Hey, we can't fish. That's my reality. I don't know. I don't know what it is like to kayak and also catch a lot of fish. See this great sunset picture? Yes, you do. Freaking Green River man. Yeah. Remember that. Oh, with another, that's another example. Example of a recon trip. Yeah. Yeah. I can't wait for you guys to do the decks.

You either paddle past a bunch of good water 'cause you gotta get the heck out of there. You underestimated Yeah. How long it's gonna take. You always are like, you never know if you're in the good water or in the best water until you're past it. Yeah. And you're like, and then you hit the really good stuff and then you hit the good water and you're like, dang it.

Now we're out of time. Are you fish? Are you gonna Asheville with us next week? Yes. Okay. This week. It's this week buddy. This this next? Yeah. Yeah. So in the next few days where we're going is just east of hot springs where I've done some fishing before. We're supposed to be fishing for small mouth, so we need to talk about that a little bit.

But that's what's on the menu for right now. Are you like camping or hotel? Yeah. We're gonna go down, meet Jason from Timber Ninja and [00:28:00] Camp Thursday night. Get up fish all day Friday, just wade fishing. I'm so excited for that. We come back, no camp Friday night. Nope. Nope. Camp Thursday. Oh, camp Thursday night.

Yeah. Fish all day Friday. I honestly, I call my wife real quick. Yeah, I told her the opposite. Honestly. With smoothies or smoothies? Smoothies. Somalis smoothies. We smiles. Wait, so why are we coming back Friday night? Go ahead Dan. Yeah, dude. Oh, she might actually be happier about that. Yeah, sorry. Sav was happy about that change too.

But so far my favorite way to smile fish has been waiting. Just 'cause you don't have to worry about other stuff. And you can sight fish, you can hug them. Like seeing them and casting to them is awesome. It's like the best part of fly fishing for trout. And the best part of large mouth fishing.

Fishing combined. Boys, I've got to take you to some of my spots here. Like 15 minutes from the office twist where I go and do this. It is twist my arm. Amazing. It's right in our backyard. You gotta drive an hour for it. Sold. Yeah. I feel like we need to take Phil on [00:29:00] a good smiley trip though. He he was like, ah, that was all right.

Yeah, because I got so excited. 'cause of our Green River trip, I told Dick's is so fun because it's out and it's a river with current, but it's out and back so you don't have to worry about all the logistics of driving cars around and whatnot. Where is that at? It's the Tailwater Lake Harrington.

Is that around Harrington In Kentucky? It's like an hour and a half away. Off the Kentucky River. Oh, okay. But it's tailwater of a dam with a power plant. But since the dam's pulling water out of the bottom of Lake Harrington, it's always cold enough Oh. To support trout year round, at least in like the first mile.

Before the water starts heating up. So Kentucky stalks it with trout and and it hits the Kentucky River. And it hits the Kentucky River. So you put in, you go down a smidge and then up the river, you hit the dam, and then you come back and you gotta paddle upstream on the Kentucky River for 15 minutes, which you got.

Pay attention [00:30:00] to water flow rates to make sure you can muscle it up. And that kind of stinks. But for the most part, you don't, you just take out where you put in, which is really rare for kayak fishing unless you're doing a lake. But yeah. It's a lot of fishing, so once we get passed this weekend, I will.

Try to plan out. I do want to hit the Green River again too. We gotta get those two in before the summer's over the Green River. We need to do an overnight Oh, I'm sold on that. Yeah. Yeah. Because we, that's the other nice thing about kayak fishing is you can load up a ton of gear and you can glam camp.

You can be like stuff that you would never carry on your back out into the woods and strap it to your kayak. Yeah. And And go out in Green River, you can camp anywhere on either, either bank. I've never done that before, so I would love to give that a whirl. I have. That was fun. That was a trip. I bet you have a microwave and like a TV and solar panels that power the whole, you're just geared out who kayak actually turns into a microwave.

It's a [00:31:00] pop-up kayak. It's got actually like a bathroom and a shower. That's not dry storage. That's my microwave. Yeah. No, but my kayak can hold 600 pounds. So I literally, we, me and buddy went camping on. I can't remember where Taylorsville Lake, I think one time. Oh yeah, I remember you telling me about this Taylor Lake and literally I had so much just junk stuff.

We were like cots and sleeping pads and fans and just everything loaded up that I had to have either leg over the sides of the kayak in the water because there's so much stuff between my legs just. Just strapped in. So did you realize on this kayaking trip that Braden has never seen deliverance Because your story just reminded me of that you've never seen?

I guess I'm not super surprised. I bet he did. Do you know anything about deliverance, about the plot of deliverance? No, because sometimes I go and he's I dunno, I'll just sing along. 'cause I know how the song goes. Get it. Isn't that dueling banjos? Yeah. Yeah. Oh, that's not, yeah. But from deliverance, if you're became [00:32:00] popular from deliverance, if you're on the river and someone does that.

Yeah. I think it's funny, right? Yeah. But really, we're those people master, like we're from Kentucky. It's filmed in Kentucky, or not filmed. It takes place in Kentucky, so going to Indiana. And we're like making fun of people. It's no, we're the Kentucky people up there. They're the ones that scared of us.

You're the people. Yeah. Yeah. But no. Yeah. And also just before we get off, Dan misses alarm and showed up an hour and a half late. Yeah, you gotta get that. You gotta get that. I'm sorry. I left that out. Guys. Literally braided calls me when I'm supposed to be there. No. 15 minutes after.

'cause I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. Yeah. It was six 15 and we're ready to get in. So really at six 30 I called Dan. So really. It's their fault for not making sure. I was yeah. When they were leaving it's our fault we didn't for trusting. No, you're right. And you'll never make that mistake again.

I won't. And so how long did it take you to get there? An hour and a half. Wow. But literally I was so confused and my wife set an alarm too. I. And your wife's setting an alarm for you? He goes for me, Dan because I'm a sleepy boy. I called him and he goes, I [00:33:00] don't know what's happening right now.

I was like, were you in a car crash? What do you mean you don't dunno what's happening? Oh. It's I was like, woke up to Brayden calling me and it's six 30 and in my foggy head I'm like six 30, I'm supposed to be somewhere at six 30. And I go, oh, I guess he's calling me to make sure I should be hitting the road at six 30.

And so I pick up the phone more like forward, and I'm looking out the window and it's like full on, bright out. And I'm like, why is it bright out and bright? It's like, where are you? And I'm like, what? What? What did you think of that moment? Were you like mother. Yep. I don't think, I don't think I need bingo.

I, I bet it's been five or six years since I've slept through an alarm. I've slept through an alarm, like the first alarm or the second alarm, and woke up late, snoozed it or whatever. But I've never like hour and a half, two hours late. I have before in college, but it's probably been five or six years since I've.

Done that. Please don't do that to me And Dan, we found fireworks. We almost blew our hand off. And it's all, all [00:34:00] because of you being late. Did you all not wade right there while you were waiting? You couldn't wade there, but we did fish there for a while, which stinks. 'cause that's what I was thinking.

I'm like why don't you guys like just fish right there? And we would've left. But he, Phil was borrowing one of Dan's kayaks and Phil was with us. So then we would've just ditched Phil, which we didn't wanna do. Double screwed. Yeah, it was it was, but. I was worried like, oh, we're gonna have to rush through.

We're not gonna have time to fish. And the water flow was so high it didn't really matter other than them. Yeah. That's what you can tell yourself. Tell yourself whatever makes you feel good, man. Yeah. It turned out for the good. Nope. Yeah, we definitely wouldn't have caught more fish at the best time to catch smiles, that's for sure.

We would not have. All right. So I didn't give you all this crap when we did it. I didn't wanna make you feel that. The other thing that's funny was actually pretty chill. It's A random aside, and I don't know the full backstory, but I loaded up my truck before I left and once my truck's loaded up, I can't fit in the garage because I got 12 foot kayaks, two 12 foot kayaks out in the back of my six foot [00:35:00] bed.

That's six out six foot. So I'm like, oh, do I want to leave it out in my driveway overnight? I'm like, no one's gonna steal like a 12 foot, no one's gonna happen to come by two in the morning in a truck and be like, oh, they're kayaks. I'm going grab one. So I'm like, okay, I'll just back my truck up to the garage up until That'ss a great opportunity and and I'll get, I'll be getting up at four 30, so that's really only four hours.

I was gonna bed at midnight. I'm like, it's really only four hours. And slept through my alarm. Oh, no. Came out kayaking. Everything's there. Hit the road. When I get there, Amanda texts me. And goes. She woke up before work and she texted me and she goes, Hey, it was a good thing you didn't get up when you were supposed to because our neighbor direct across the street from us had their car stolen last night, and if you got up in four at four 30, you might have run into those people.

I go, that's a good point. I didn't even think about that. So I told Braden that, and Bray goes, so not only were you late, [00:36:00] Because you didn't scare off, because you didn't scare off those people. Your neighbor's car got stolen. They're like, oh, that's a pour. So much blood on your hands. That's, I didn't even think about that.

If I was out there piddling, they probably would've just. Proven on by. So we still had to get the sorry, neighbor. Next. You can get redemption next time. Yeah. If we invite you. Yeah. All right. Make sure y'all log this episode on. Go Wild. Get your points. Big rewards coming out this summer. Tag Dan Hood.

Give him some feelings about how you would feel if he showed up to the boat. Ranch two hours away. Answer a question. Is drum a carp? No. Maybe a drum can be a carp, but a carp can't be a drum. I'll save you a Google. It might be something like that. Alright, see y'all Rectangle situation.