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In this week’s [UNCENSORED] podcast by GoWild, Derrick talks all about his recent fishing expenditures within the last few weeks. Walleye, Saltwater, & Bass fishing! Talk about the ultimate trifecta! He covers three different states in three different weeks, spending a good bit of time fishing at each. Find out which was his favorite to fish! Brad goes into depth talking about his recent run in with a gator in an absolute sweet fishing spot. Who do you think stood their ground for the fishing hole? Brad or the gator? Brad finally connects on some surf fishing on the beach after a lot of trials and tribulations. Word of advice: always listen to the locals!

 We spend some time talking about upcoming trips that everyone is looking forward to and what game we plan on chasing after while we’re gone. We also go over our travel/outdoor pet peeves, what are some things that bother you while traveling?

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[00:00:00] It feels weird. Haven't been here in a while. Same. Yeah. Welcome back. People probably think I don't exist anymore. We're back to the 2018 theory that Zach was fake. I think people still think you exist because you're good at scheduling out LinkedIn posts and you don't die while you're actually gone.

No, I'm gonna die one day and like my LinkedIn's just gonna post for three more weeks. I get on Facebook, I get friend requests from my dead grandma because they're like hacking. Her account or, oh, I thought you meant she had service up there. No. Sorry. Is that too soon? Nom Never too soon. Never too soon.

No. So it's dola. Her name was Dola. This is weird. I remember when my my mama anime was like 83 years old when she got Facebook, and I was like, this is it. That's the end of Facebook for anybody that was still on there and left on. Erica likes it. You still you, but you like with your [00:01:00] family and stuff.

It's like how you keep up with them. Yeah. Yeah. That's about it. It's overwhelming. Facebook marketplace. That's what it is. I do sell a lot of stuff on Facebook marketplace. I just utilize people I know who have it, cuz I don't use it at all. Erica means she would, she thinks about selling on there, that if the IRS is listening, she's never sold anything, right?

Facebook marketplace never sold counterfeit boots. They're hiring up all these people now to be able to investigate the little man. We don't talk about that

You and I talked a little bit before the show, Derek. But I'm now confused cuz you said you've been fishing in Tennessee. But you were also in Florida. I was. Which are not necessarily close to each other. They're not. So I was thinking about this the other day in the course of what was three weeks at the time, I had fished everywhere from Lake Erie all the way down to the Gulf.

That's pretty good because we started up in Erie on our walleye trip, and then the week after that I was fishing in Florida. At Panama City Beach. And [00:02:00] then about a week after that I was doing a bunch of fishing in Tennessee. Going down there and visiting my dad, cuz he's moved down there now.

So they're living on a lake down there, small lake. And then we also met up with Caleb from Goil, Caleb Goss, Appalachian assassin. Yeah. Yeah. And did a little creek wade one day for small mouth. Also, Caleb is like, whenever he gets tagged on a post, I know that the most insane knowledge is about to be dropped.

Oh yeah? The dude knows his stuff. Oh yeah. No, he's very knowledgeable like Jacob. No offense. Like I tagged Jacob and I know I'm about to give her some really good answers. But then Caleb comes in and he's like talking about the breeding habits of like in, in the nucleus of the, the eggs being, I don't know, I'm just making stuff up.

Yeah. But it's insane. It's another level. He goes to another level that I didn't know existed unless you were like a field biologist, level of nerd. Yeah. He knows his stuff. Oh yeah. Yeah. He went to school for a lot of it too. Okay. This is making sense now. Yeah. He went to school for a lot of it and work.

Quite a his job more or less now deals with all that too. Does it Okay. You know him better. I only know him through his go wild content. Yeah. [00:03:00] Which is never like professional, he's just talking about all of his fishing and It's fun. Yeah. It's fun. Oh yeah. Fun stuff.

And I, I think probably only half of what he actually does makes it on there too. Oh really? That's the other crazy part. He's just, he's always at it. Versus me lately where I'm like, I caught this blue gill and guess what? It's going on my time log. Cause that's all I've gotten to do lately. Wait, so you guys met on Gow Wild?

Yeah, that's how I met Caleb initially. But then we've met up in. And hunt and fished and stuff. How does that happen? Like you guys just talk on post and then all of a sudden you had just slide into the dm. It's the same way that, Mike Larson ended up hunting, Turkey hunting with Rick and they stayed at another go wild member's cabin.

Was that Nick? Nate? Yeah, Nate. Nate. That's who it was. Yeah, just it's what we do. Very organic. Very organic. Yeah. But short of Alabama, I've fished in every state. In these last, month basically from Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee didn't hit Alabama, but then Florida. So draw a straight line from Erie to the Gulf.

I've, I guess I need to go to Alabama real quick [00:04:00] and do some fishing. Yeah. The irony, I gotta go back to this. The irony of you asking him how it happened is like he started posting on there and then he ended up working here. He just got sucked in that way. Yes, true. Like it's really from all directions.

Yep. It's very true. You missed Alabama, huh? Yeah. Missed Alabama. But I guess I could always swing down there real quick. So the PCB thing's interesting cuz you fish pretty close to there quite a bit. Yeah. A couple hours. Yeah but it's like similar, more so than, like, when I'm asking you about South Carolina, they're very different.

Because Clearwater and we were talking, it's Atlantic versus golf, right? Current, there's a lot of things that are different, but the One of the biggest things I've noticed from like fishing on the Gulf and when I try to surf fish in South Carolina is just like how muddy look in the water.

Like the water's very opaque almost coming through compared to what you're fishing in. So I wanted to hear a little bit of, like I first tell the listeners, Derek, what you were doing and some of the fish you were getting into. And I just wanna hear Jacob's commentary on it. Cause he's done this so much and he is really probably the best surf.

Angler. I know personally, [00:05:00] like there's a bunch of people on Go Wild that do it that are probably, more advanced cuz they do it all the time. But like in Kentucky jacob's one of the guys that does it the most that I hear. So I just wanna hear his feedback on what you were up to.

Yeah. So we were just down there on vacation. I was just fishing in the morning for two-ish hours. Give or take every morning, wake up before everyone and get down there and just do a little surf fishing. The. What was the biggest problem I had while we were down there the whole time was the algae was very bad.

The whole time we were down there. There was one morning even the algae was very bad and it was very choppy that morning. And I got out there, got one rod set, and by the time I got the second rod set, the waves, even with that three ounce sinker on it, had washed my line completely up to me and it was just caked and algae.

So that morning I was like, ah, I'm not getting any fishing in this morning. But every other morning was fine. Short of the algae, but what do the fish do? They like move back behind the, is that kind of caught up in the surf or what do you, what would you do in that situation? Not fish the easy answer.

You go to the bay side. Yeah. It [00:06:00] really, it depends on what the vegetation is. Sometimes that stuff will keep Carrie with it. Microorganisms that then bring in like the fate fish. So on and so forth. So it just depends. Honestly, it's more frustrating as an angler because that stuff is constantly getting on your line.

Yep. And you're, you're pulling through all that crap. And I don't think the fish. Can see it as well if your stuff is up in all the grasses and everything. And I would definitely just pull it in at that point. Go to the bay. Yeah, try to find somewhere that's cleaner water, which if I was down there more for me and just fishing on a fishing trip, I definitely would've done that.

But this was, the girlfriend's family's vacation. I'm just the tag along there. I have a couple hours every morning, so I'm just gonna run down to the beach real quick and yeah, fish for a little bit. So I had all intentions of having one rod out like surf fishing, and then I was gonna be doing a lot of casting, spinning with another rod.

Jacob got me hooked up with all the stuff I needed for that. I found out very quickly mainly due to that algae, like this wasn't gonna work. I needed to get [00:07:00] out past that algae. So what I do, I ended up rigging up the other rod as a surf rod also, and I just used basic Pompano rig, three ounce sinker on the bottom of it.

Bought the first night we were there at Walmart, bought some fish bites, which I know hit or miss. But it was something, and what I would do is I would wait out pretty much as far as I could wait out. Usually like almost up past my shoulders and then cast as far as I could. And you get a good cast with that three ounce sinker on the bottom.

You're throwing a bowling ball out there and then keep the bale open, walk all the way back to the beach, close the bale. I had two rod holders set 'em in. The rod holders get just enoughs sl tension on that line where they're just going straight out, set the drag real loose and just wait. And it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be actually.

Caught. A few whiting and I ended up using the whiting as bait, was just cutting them up and putting 'em on the Pompano rigs and then caught black tip shark that we were talking about. And then the last day we were there, I hooked into something huge, no idea what it was, fought [00:08:00] for about a minute, saw it splash on the surface one time and then it cut the line completely off.

Never saw it again. And I'm thinking there was some bigger sharks in the area that day, cuz later in the day when we were on the beach, Like helicopters are flying around a lot. There's people with pickup trucks driving up and down the beach, looking out with binoculars, dudes with jet skis way out past everybody looking for something.

And then, what are they, the ramir, is that what they're called? The fish that attached to the sharks? I don't know what they're called. I just, I wanna say they're called Ramirez is, they got like a really crazy looking top of their head and that's like how they attached to the shark. But that morning, like several of them were washed up on the beach dead.

I'm like if these guys are in the area, you have to think that probably a shark is too. Yeah. Where were you? I thought he was a firefighter, but he sounds like a detective. Panama City Beach. Okay. That's where you were there this week. No, this was the beginning of this month. This has been, yeah.

Nightmares. Occurrence. Yeah. I was gonna say, Donovan was just there last week. Okay. Yeah, no, this is the beginning of this [00:09:00] month, and then the next week was when we were down in Tennessee visiting my dad. What'd you catch in Tennessee? Lot of bass. Yeah. So the lake that he lives on has tilapia in it actually.

They stock it with tilapia and so I was trying to catch them and I thought it would be easy, and apparently it's not. But I also didn't put a whole lot of effort into it. I only took the kayaks down there. I think if I had taken my boat out and actually got out further on the lake, I probably would've had better luck with it.

But we caught a lot of large mouth on the lake that he's living at. And I was telling Jacob I was it's a tricky lake cuz it's not very, it's not one of those lakes where you cast and you're gonna get a bite every few cast like you had to fish for a while. But when you did get a hit, it was a nice sized bass.

We caught several, probably three ish pounders and then some, a little smaller than that, but not a whole lot of fish off that lake. But the ones you did catch were quality. Dang. And then we went and did the. Creek Wade one day for small mouth, and that day it, it rained the whole time we were down there.

And that's a [00:10:00] joke with me and Caleb. Every time we go hunting or fishing together, it's just always flat pouring rain. So I was like, am I even here if it's not raining? So we were doing that creek Wade and just getting dumped on and at one point when we first got out there, I mean it was thunderstorms, we just took cover for a little bit and let it pass and then got back out there.

But, Really nice small mouth fishing on that lake. Caleb caught probably six or seven. One was very nice. I caught. A decent one and then some smaller ones. And then my girlfriend was able to catch her first small mouth and it was a really nice one too. So really good, efficient. So when you going back for Alabama?

I don't know. Tomorrow I got work. You could make it. Yeah, that's that's the only one I didn't hit in all those states, but yeah, I already told so guys of the story, but I'll tell it again. My, my funny vacation story was like, we get there, we get unpacked, and my wife has been like sitting over in the corner on her phone while I'm unpacking.

She's laughing. She's look at this video. She hands me a video [00:11:00] of a guy in South Carolina in the city we're in, and he is fishing in a pond. It's a brackish pond. And all of a sudden, You see this gator swimming like full speed at this dude, and then he's. 10 feet from the bank. And then the gator is out and it's the full run.

Like not that lazy walk they do on like he's got legs out. Yeah. And full run. The dude sprints away, the thing probably chases him 20 feet. And she's yeah, that's crazy. I'm like, yeah, that is crazy. And that's all we talked about. And then The next day I didn't fish. I think that was the night we got there.

I didn't fish on Sunday. And I we're standing next to this brackish pond, which I didn't know was brackish till last year. I thought it was fresh. And then the, I'm texting with Jacob and I'm like, yeah, I think like this could be really good because we're, I'm showing him on the map. There's all these channels that come into it creeks and like all these different ways.

This is connected to salt. And I'm like and the The fish are just like, there's mullet coming out all over the place, and I'm telling Jacob about it, and he's [00:12:00] dude, like he, I can hear Jacob getting excited through the text messages of we're talking about, I'm sending him pictures of it.

And he's yeah, man, that's gonna be really good. So the next morning I'm like the. The lady last year when I was down here told me to fish with either live or dead, like frozen shrimp on those brackish ponds, which was different than I was fishing those frogs and the cooter snacks like that, fishing like a bass pond.

And she's no, that's not what you wanna do. So I get the frozen shrimp. I walk out at five 30 in the morning, real happy with, or maybe six, six o'clock, like real pumped. Catch some fish. I cast three times. I get a hit. But, and I had to rebate. And on that last cast, I'd look out and there's a gator sitting right in the middle of the water, maybe 30 yards from me.

And I'm like, oh, that's weird. He came outta nowhere, like I didn't see him before. And I cast a couple more times and then he starts slowly coming in. And then the third cast, like while it's still midair. [00:13:00] All of a sudden I can see the full wide strokes of his tail and he's probably six feet.

Not a monster, but also like I'm six feet and I'm like, I'm very outmatched in this. It's like this doesn't end well for Brad. Maybe there's something that people that fish these kind like you're talking about like maybe Corey, right? Or Caleb, sorry. Like maybe people that fish around Yeah.

Do this more often, would know what to do. I'll tell you what I did. I left. So I'm just like, Nope. I just saw the video of the gator chasing the dude out of there. And at the end of it is the game warden saying like a fed gator's a dead gator. If they're coming, if they're swimming at you like this, they're going to be aggressive when they get to this, like the whole thing.

So like, all right, I'm out. So I left and I get back at the house to get my one wheel to go down to the beach. And my wife's what are you doing? I'm like I was out back and the a gator kind of ran me out of the pond and so now I'm gonna go to the beach. She's I thought you were going to the beach the whole time.

I literally showed you the video of the gator chasing the guy to tell you not to fish back there. I tried to warn you. [00:14:00] Yeah. Yeah. It's, and cuz last year I had probably told the story on here of I was fishing with those frogs and my. $12 frog got stuck in that tree. And I was like, why I've casted with this thing like maybe five minutes, I'm getting my frog back.

So I waited up to my thighs in the water and I knew there were gators back there to get the frog loose. And I got in trouble for that too, cuz I came in and she's like, why are you wet? That was last year. She's like, why are you wet after fishing back there? I was like there's this situation.

This is two years in a row. Oh my God. Because then it was a $12 frog. Yeah. I was like, it's 12 bucks. And I just bought it. And then the next, like later that morning when I went out there where I had just waited through, there was literally a gator sitting where my foot stepped, looking at me down this embankment.

Anyways, Brad's forbidden from fish in the brackish water. The pond behind the cabin anymore the beach house. But I ended up, I finally caught something surf fishing. Yep. After years of trying and having no idea what I was doing, I first started this with fish bites. On 30 a little bit, I believe it's North from [00:15:00] where you were.

Yep. Originally and did horrible. Had no idea what I was doing that year. It was 2019, and then I've been back to South Carolina a couple times, but at first, Was trying fish bites and trying like a lot of the casting stuff that I think Jacob has done and it sounds like you were trying to do in the, in, in the Gulf. But the guy last year finally told me, he's dude you, he's you can, but there's no structure over there. And the water's really dark. And he's you're pretty much gonna have to just use. N dead shrimp or live, live bait it's just, it's so much harder cuz the scent is all that matters.

And so I did that this year. I finally listened to the powers that or the people that know of the, the local guide was telling me last year to use shrimp and I didn't do it. And then my fishing guide, like the actual guy that took me out on that fun trip last year. George TLOs out of Fripp Island told me finally.

So I finally just I'm gonna buy some shrimp and just leave him in the freezer. And that was the hot ticket. So caught a hammerhead one morning, caught a stingray and I [00:16:00] bet that was really funny to watch cuz there was like, the whole thing where we are is like always watching for Stingray cuz there's so many of them.

Yeah. And I get that thing up on the water and I sent Jacob a picture of just the stingray and the surf and I'm like, the, and you can clearly see my Pompano rig on it. And I'm like, the moment you realize you have no idea what you're doing. Yep. How do you take off Exactly Erica. And like in the moment I'm like I don't wanna kill this stingray, but also I don't know what I'm doing.

So I didn't Google it. I just carried it up to my bag. And flipped it over, which I later learned is controversial on if you should flip over a stingray on its back or not. Don't they have the tail that is gonna stick? Yeah. They have a barb. Yeah. Now that would be like crazy rare, but it is apparently, I.

Very painful to be stung by one. And you have someone was telling me, Earl a few weeks ago, you, to get the barb out, you have to sit in scalding hot water and let it soak and to get, I don't know. I've never done this, but that's what I was told. Oh you have to pee on it. Yeah, that's, yeah.

No, it's. Stingray Poop. Jellyfish. Poop. Oh [00:17:00] that has to be runny poop. So it's gotta be after like coffee. Wait, someone poop on. But no, I said I basically flipped it over. I put my bag on it. This is so overkill. After like after I did it, I realized how stupid I probably looked, but I'm like, I don't know how much they flop around cuz the only stingray I've ever caught were last year on that boat.

But these, those were like massive stingrays, super scary barb situation and we didn't even mess with 'em. He's just cutting line and like you can have the hook right. But this was my only, only popping over R and I'm like, I'm not giving it up. Also like I just felt, I was like looking at it and I'm like, I can get this out if I can get him flipped over.

So it came right out. And then I was in its mouth. Yeah, it was a good hook set and everything okay. Everything was perfect. But then I was like, Oh, I gotta get this back to the water cuz I'm an idiot and carried it all the way to my bag. And I'm like trying to pick him up by my hand. And I couldn't really, it wasn't a big stingray, it was fairly small.

He's like this pipe light if you can't see and you're not watching the video. But so then I'm like, ply carrying him back, which I'm [00:18:00] sure wasn't great. But it got him in there and he lived, he didn't float up like the hammerhead did a couple times. Oh. I didn't see him anymore.

So I don't know. It's the ocean. Nothing goes to waste. Probably figured it out. Yeah. But then I caught what Jacob thought was a blue, a small blue. Yeah, a little blue fish. Yeah. Which I didn't even, he's those are fun fight. And I'm like, I wanna be honest with you. He hit hard and then I thought he was gone.

I didn't even know. My three ounce weight felt like more of a fight than I think that fish did. Blue fish, they get pretty well. This was a super small one too. You saw my picture. I've got, it's like the, it would've been a small. Bass. I mean it was not a big fish. So Yeah. But I actually caught some stuff which like one fish per day, which is better than normal.

See I haven't had as much luck fishing on the Atlantic side in the surf as I have on the Gulf side. Yeah. And I think it has a lot to do with that, that there's more visibility. The fish are hunting a lot more like visually and so you can get 'em to chase the paddle tails and stuff from the beach.

Yeah. But on the Atlantic side, like it is hard cuz it's those sometimes the. The surf [00:19:00] is so much stronger. Yeah. That it's just difficult to fish fishing. And the beach I'm fishing too is I did go out like we talked about in trying to find those troughs where the like I found those at low Tide and it looked like, I didn't check the date on the Google satellite imagery, but it looked fairly recent cuz it was lining up pretty well still where they close.

They were pretty close. Yeah. And so I, I was, when I didn't know a spot, I was banking on that, but I was still on Derek. This beach at low tide is a hundred yards, so I know there's a trough in there, but you imagine with water over it, trying to pick the 10 foot spot where there's a trough on a football field, right?

And so I'm casting and I'm like I'm basically just experimenting with it cuz from what I understand, this is interesting to get your feedback. For a guy one year in Florida told me, he's now you wanna be casting in the surf. Everybody thinks you need to cast out past it for the big fish, but the big fish are actually in the surf.

This was a local guy that seemed to know what he was talking about, and so I've always thought about that. I'm like, if I'm getting too far out there behind it, the, there's no activity, right? The fish are coming in for the bait fish in the surf. So I'm trying to stay there, but I'm also like I think I'm [00:20:00] past this trough, which is where Jacob was saying the predators would be coming through.

It was a little, it's a little challenging cuz you have such a wide, it's not PCB where you have the we, the tide doesn't even move. Yeah, I noticed that pretty quickly when we were there. I'm like, the difference between high and low tide is not much. Yeah. The good thing about on the Gulf side where we have been going the last few years in Florida is that if you find fish one morning, it's not going to change a ton over the rest of the week.

And so usually I will go straight to that spot. And the way the troughs are and the current and all that stuff they will be back there the next day. But I'm the ocean on the Atlantic side is so much stronger that it, yeah. I think it affects a lot more than the Gulf.

I'm just happy I finally got something. But the, where I was hitting the best, kinda like you said, it was the same spot. So this tide pool where we were setting up on every day for the kids, it was awesome. It's truly like the best beach spot we've ever had. We had this deep tide pool, and then when High Tide came in, The kids are like getting swirled all over the place.

Like they loved [00:21:00] it. But what was happening was that tide pool was draining out and it had cut a trough on the drain too. So I was, that's where I was getting the, having the best luck on getting bites. But man, the only thing about fishing I was shrimp is like the tail will stay, but I was cutting 'em in half.

I don't know if it's what you're supposed to, I was just making it up as I go. But if I didn't cut 'em in half, it was too much weight and they were flying off. Cuz you, like Derek said, you gotta half this thing out there. And so I would cut it off and then try to, the last day I finally developed a proprietary way to hook the top of the shrimp to where it was staying.

And I was getting like, I would, five minutes, bring it back in just to see if it was still there, and three cast out of one. Top and that was like my big win, man. Figured it out. Yeah. Like the last day, which is literally the day we were leaving, I convinced my wife to leave a couple hours late to fish that morning.

So that's it, man. That's my story. I can't wait. It's not even that good of a story. But I was pumped cuz it was like finally put [00:22:00] something together myself on the beach. We'll be down there at the end of this month down in. In the Gulf again, and I've already got like my spots scoped out, the oyster beds that I'm gonna go fish with the kayak.

Yep. I can't wait to get done there. Dude, I was thinking about it after I'm gonna, next year I'm gonna do a little bit more satellite on the. Research cuz I think I could get down to, before you've told me, it's like down at the point you're like, man, that's where you should go. But I was like, I don't know man, I to, that's a long way on the one wheel in the dark, but on the beach.

I think I could cut that. That's two miles. I think I could cut that pretty quick. And like I'm moving, I'm doing like 12 miles per hour on the beach with that one wheel. It, I'm telling you, like for where I am, cuz that sand gets compacted. It is the ultimate surf rig dude. Like I just load up my backpack.

If I was carrying like multiple rods and a wagon like a lot of these guys do, I wouldn't be able to do it. But you could. I was popping around. I would fish here for 20 minutes and be like, eh, I don't know, maybe I'm not in a good spot. And I'd move like [00:23:00] 150 yards down and I'd be there like that, yeah it's awesome. Yeah. You should go hit that jetty for sure. Yeah, I'm thinking about it, so we'll see. But a good time. But now my I'm that, that I don't have a big, any like excursions left in the ear We'll see, I was gonna try to do something new for hunting this year, but I don't know.

All right now I'm living very day to day, week to week, just yeah, doing some local bass fishing. We're gonna go do some fishing in North Carolina. Yeah. Dan Braden and myself here soon. Species is still up for grabs. We're gonna wait and see what the weather's got that trip and then the Florida trip will be my, cuz I, I do what Derek Sands.

The, the kids, my kids wake up early, so they're usually up about 6, 6 30, something like that. But I'll get up at 5, 5 30, get the coffee, get out to the beach fish for a couple hours so that by the time they're done breakfast, now I'm loading up the chairs and going out to the beach, and that is the best time of day.

I've caught more fish during those first couple hours of. Daylight than anything else. So [00:24:00] that would be my week here in a couple weeks, that's what I was doing. But my kids were waking up early and driving my wife nuts. And then they're waking up the youngest and so Derek's yeah, it's two easy hours.

I'm like, there is no easy, like once my kids are up at six or six 30. It was over cuz they wake up and it's light and they're, I mean it's 6:00 AM and it's light outside. And where we've been going, we stay on the beach, which is extremely helpful. Cuz then my wife can just send the kids out. Like the boys will just come out and Yeah.

That's cool. Hang out. They not possible where I was. Chase crabs. Yeah, it does help. We're really fortunate to be able to do that. We did do some crab hunting a couple nights. I never experienced anything like that before. Oh yeah. The little ones. Yeah, just the little guys. Oh dude. It's fun. It was fun.

Yeah. It's nuts. Yeah. Freaky. Yeah. Yeah. You went to, yeah, you and I stayed at the same place. Different times. Like she's been, did you know that Erica's been to that resort too, though? You were asking about Oh, the big one? Yeah. Yeah. She was there like a few months later, I think. Yeah. The but the Panama City crabs are crazy.

I didn't know it. There's a lot of ways you could interpret that. Yes. Spring break, but I didn't know what was going on. And [00:25:00] it's like the first night, I guess second night, cause the explosion of flashlights on the beach the first night was. Really rainy and we just stayed in. But the second night I'm sitting up on the balcony, out looking.

I'm like, why? It looked like a scene rescue. Scene rescue. It almost looked like a scene from Apocalypse Now or something. Yeah, because like way down to the beach, someone had this huge bonfire going, so you could see this fire burning and then there's just like lights everywhere on the beach. Flashlights, everyone's scan.

I'm like, what is going on? Like you're crab hunting. Somebody lost a baby. Oh my God. Did they did they not? This is a super ignorant question, but like South Carolina is very diligent on the sea turtle protection. And when I went to Panama City, I'm like, there's no amount of that. Do they not?

Nest there is, I don't know. Cause we saw some, where we go in St. George Island, it's the same way. They're diligent about the lights, even the lights on the house there's, which I think is good. Yeah. Yeah. They want you turning everything off. But p like the light is awful. Yeah. Yeah. They just written, they, yeah, they got red [00:26:00] lights on the outside of the building, but like they, it's the city, the, it is just like the lights freaking everywhere.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Okay. Very touristy. Yeah. But we did see some sea, I assume they were sea turtles, if know turtle turtles out in the ocean. So I didn't realize you were going there. I would've sent you to Authentica, which is a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant that I sent Donovan there. Yeah.

And he's dude, that is the best. It was. He's it's stumbling distance from my my hotel. We did we did a lot of eating in, which was good for a lot of reasons, but a few times we would go out and hit like the real touristy spots. He would go hit or whatever, go to Sharkies or whatever, but yeah.

But Authentica, I remember that they're walking around with a platter of tequila shots. You can get lingua. Oh, so that's always when you know that's a good place, yeah, dude, it was awesome. Oh yeah. I'll have to remember that if we go back. Yeah. My sister had Covid there.

She's I ate half of her taco and drank half of her margarita. She didn't want it. And then she's it tastes funny. Turns out she just didn't have taste. I didn't get covid from her [00:27:00] though. So maybe the lingua, yeah, maybe that saved me super food. Yeah. Or the tequila. It's a little known fact about Leewood.

It awards off it's te Where's the tequila? Oh dang. We're going up to Michigan in a couple weeks on Lake Huron. Big camp in adventure. And we're talking to some like charters or gods up there to take us out. I don't have one solidified yet and I also dunno what we're fishing. I just want to do it.

Oh, that's what I was gonna ask. Ask, how are you, your walleye? Any of those would both be great to eat? Yes. Yeah. Okay, good. Those are the top two. Small mouth is fun, but if you're gonna eat 'em. Yeah. We, apart from Walla, we have a large group of us going up, like maybe five different families, and we were talking about it this weekend and we were like, what are we gonna do when we get him?

Like, how are we gonna bring him back? And they're like, no, we'll just cook 'em over the campfire. You dummy. And I was like, oh. Yeah. Yeah. You should put 'em in a cooler [00:28:00] ice too. That's how you get 'em back, eh? Okay. No. We'll just see them. Not a big cooler fan. That's too much to bring, so they don't like coolers.

Bring back, no pack. I don't know. Like when you're packing your camper up there, you're also packing like a bunch of stuff. Oh, I don't wanna pack like a colorful fish. We saw a guy come back from South Carolina and we're just getting going. And I have this thing where like I get super annoyed with people that, I don't know why this is the stupidest thing to get annoyed by, but if you drive around with a cargo container on top of your car and you do not pack your car to the brim to where you needed that it annoys me and I don't, it's just cuz I'm like, you're losing gas mileage gas.

They're loud, they're hard to get into. So I like, I don't understand people that refuse to pack the car to its max potential before going to that. So this always comes up, every trip. I'm like, just look, you can see straight through this car. Like obviously did not even try to pack it.

And I'm sorry, Erica's eyeing me. Maybe Tim does this, maybe Tim's a no. They [00:29:00] have a camper so they just don't, there, there don't have a cargo thing. But the, so this is like an ongoing thing. But then we were coming back. And I'm coming up on the crv and this dude has a, one of those Yeti coolers that's a bag cooler, but it collapses down to a flat point on the top.

He's got it roped onto the top of his car. And I'm coming up on it and it is like real weird looking. And I said, I told my wife, I'm like, look at this guy putting stuff on his roof. Like you can clearly see there's nothing in the back. And then she's I don't, that's weird. I was like, yeah, plus whatever's in there, it's gonna be cooking.

The whole time he is going back, this cooler's gonna be like, if he's got ice in there, it's gonna be nothing but water with whatever he is got. She's maybe it's fish, maybe it stinks. I was like, That's possible. But if it's fish, it's really gonna stick, like wonder where he's going? We get up and we see the Indiana license plate.

I go, this is starting to make sense. And then we get a little closer and he is got a u a University of Louisville sticker on the back. And I'm like, me? I'm like, this is all coming together. All questions answered. [00:30:00] Yeah. Yeah. Like they, that's why they don't know to do better than that.

I was eyeing you because I was. Thinking of something else that also irked me like that. Do we have time for a five minute story? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. We went to Greece a couple weeks ago, brag. But when we did that, I feel weird saying we went to Greece, Indiana, Greece, Indiana, Greece.

I don't know if that's a thing. I made it up. Nope. There's a John Prine song there. The first part of the trip we went to Crete, which is an island on. In Greece. And we did this hike, and it was supposed to be a 10 mile hike. Somehow it turned into a 13 mile hike. It went from like 4,000 feet down to sea level.

It was, there were, it was awful. It was amazing and awful at this same time. That's the best kind of experiences. Yeah, because it wasn't like the National Parks in America where there's For real paths, it was like rocks everywhere. So imagine 13 miles of not [00:31:00] gravel, either like boulders and also rocks that were maybe like eight inches big.

And the whole time you couldn't really look at the. What you were actually trying to see, like the vegetation and the wildlife and the big gorge. Like you had to look down the entire time at your feet and like where you were stepping that night. All four of us dreamt of like foot placement because we had done it took us six and a half hours to do it, commitment, and we were one of the first people that finished it.

So it was beautiful. We hiked down the scorge and it went from like beautiful Trees and evergreens, and then down to this very hot ravine where there's like a gorge that's thousands of feet up. And it was beautiful. However also every mile or two there was like a bathroom where it was basically a wooden.

Area and there was a hole in the ground. So say hole in the ground. Yeah, there was a hole in the ground. So we get, and there was also spring water going through it so you could fill up your water [00:32:00] container. So we get to the first spot and basically everyone, there's like thousands of people, not thousands.

I'd say there was hundreds of people that were probably going through it this day. It wasn't like we were around people all the time, cuz it was 13 miles of it. But, The very first stop, a lot of people stopped cuz you don't know where the next one is and like you drinking water, whatever. So a bunch of people are stopping for this bathroom and I'm in line and I'm gonna, I've already told Jacob this story, I'm gonna be a real jerk for talking about this family, but here we are.

So there's this family in front of me in line and it was like a mom and a dad and three or four kids and they were all between probably 10 and 15 years old. Maybe three girls and a boy, and they're ahead of us. They're in their like Patagonia outfits with their shirts and their shorts. I'm such a bitch.

And it looked like they were one of those families that had the sweaters like tied over their shoulders, right? Preppy. Okay. Yes. The preppy little Patagonia family, which is great. I'm glad you're out hiking. I wasn't judging them at that point. Okay. [00:33:00] At that point's coming. So we're in the line for this bathroom, and I did not know it was a hole in the ground either.

So the boy goes first and he comes out and tells the rest of the family Hey, there's no toilet paper. And I don't think anything of it because that's just life and I'm not trying to take a poop either. Whatever. And the three girls look back at mom, the dad's, he's not in line and they're like wide-eyed holy shit, what are we gonna do?

And the mom is like wide-eyed too. And she goes I think we should turn around and not go to the bathroom and I'm just over here and there's what? And so the two girls, two of the three girls get outta line and they turn around and go to dad and then one girl goes, I. What do you I have to go and the mom goes I think if you don't really have to go, you should wait for the next one.

And meanwhile you don't know like when the next one's gonna be. This is Tim, or if it's gonna have toilet paper. Yeah. Like [00:34:00] you don't wait for what? Yeah. And also there were. There's no just stopping a squat on the side of this trail, like that's just not gonna happen. There were people coming and going you better go to the bathroom now.

And so the mon goes, I. Listen, daddy has napkins back there, but it's it's not enough for everyone. And so if you don't really have to go we shouldn't use it. We should basically, like times are tough for the Patagonia family. Yeah. We should basically conserve this napkin for the rest of the trip and the girl goes, I still think I'm gonna go.

The mom goes, what about chafing? Oh my gosh. And I was like, what in the hell? This was loud enough for everyone to hear. And I was like, chafing, what are you doing? And the girl goes what is that where that comes from? And the mom goes, yeah. And so the girl was like, whoa I still think I'm gonna go.

And the mom like, turns around and leaves or whatever, and [00:35:00] I'm just like, don't look at them. Don't look at them. Don't look at them like I can't do this. And finally the line continues to move and the mom comes back up to the little girl and gives her like this little inch. Worth of napkin. And she was like, here you go.

I got this from daddy. But listen if you don't have to use all of it, don't, because we really need to conserve it. I would've messed with that poor girl. When mom walked away, I wanted to be like, I'd be like, I never used toilet paper. You're okay. You're, yeah. I wanted to be like, it's okay. You're not gonna unless you just pee all over yourself you're gonna be fine.

It was the weirdest. And so at that moment, I knew that this was probably their first. Hiking. I want to see their Instagram post from this trip talking about how I see their outdoorsy. They are, yeah. It was bizarre. Like I'm glad that they were getting out and doing the thing. Cause it was a pretty intense Yeah.

Hike. But also I was like, is this conversation so out? Is this happening? That's where those outrageous reviews come from. It's like the scenery is beautiful, but there was no toilet paper. No toilet in the bathroom. Yeah. One [00:36:00] star. Yeah. My, our family had to share one square. I went to France in 2005 with as we were graduating and like it was a bunch of kids.

It was one of those educational tours we had France, Italy, and Spain. And in France we hit one of those bath public bathrooms that had the whole in the ground. Were a bunch of American idiots hitting this wide open. Everybody's oh my God, and this one of my redneck Classmates comes back out of the bathroom and had ripped his shirt sleeve off What he's walking around with wood shirt sleeve on.

Cause they're like, they didn't have toilet paper. It's so I think he ended up ripping the other shirt sleeve off, if I remember correctly. Just rocket. Yeah. Like at least balance it out and, Not create as many questions. We were already obviously American. It's funny cuz they tell you like that they're like, don't wear big logos of brands cuz that's how they spot the Americans for [00:37:00] Pickpocketing.

And then after being there for five minutes, I was like, you don't have to have that kind of flag to know that we're the idiots. There's a lot of other stuff about us Yeah. That says we're the Americans. Yeah. Johnny doesn't have sleeves on. Yeah. That guy's nickname is boo bear.

So that really starts to, is he a big boy? No, I think that is a little ironic in the, yeah. Yeah. I have a picture in my mind. Yeah. I'm picturing Boo Bear and I don't think it's right. All right. Let's wrap this one up. Appreciate y'all listening. I'm glad I got to come back on the show. I've been on for a while, so Yeah.

You've been absent, man. Been absent. I've been here, but not in here. For the podcast. So it's fun to get to come on and bs around with you guys. I don't, you guys may have changed the sign off rules now. I don't even know it's been so many episodes, but I'm gonna do what I always do. Thanks for listening.

Make sure you log this on. Go wild. Go to the Plus sign, hit log time outdoor podcast. You can find this podcast up at the top. Have Derek, Erica, Jacob, and myself, Brad on here. Give us a tag and let us know what you thought of Erica's poop story. Or pee story, maybe [00:38:00] shaving. It's chaing story. Yeah.

We didn't really know where it was gonna go. It's not a's not an uncensored episode if it's not a poop story. Yeah. You let us know if you think it was a poop or pee situation.