Archery Set Ups with Sirius Archery

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This week the Paul sits down with Seth from the Sirius Archery company.  Seth isn’t new to the show, but leading into the upcoming archery Whitetail season, Paul wanted to sit down and go over some updates, reminders, and all things arrow set up.   This is a good old fashion archery BS session.

Not a ton of news around the state this week, but we are inching ever closer to the opening of our hunting seasons Some key dates to keep in mind:

September 1- Openning Day for Squirrel, Dove, Common Gallinule, Wilsons Snipe

September 2- Early Waterfowl

September 9- DSA Deer Archery

Have a great week and enjoy the O2 if you get out into Ohio’s great Outdoors!

Show Transcript

[00:00:00] And what's up everybody? Welcome back to the O two podcast. Got Paul and Andrew here today, big man. What's going on? What's happening, man? Busy. I'm in the remodeled camo cave here. I'm trying to get this thing, trying to get this thing dialed in, but looking good. We are just days away from being able to kill so animals and hunt animals in the state of Ohio.

So I was just looking at it. And we've got September, wow. June, I almost said June 1st. Okay, back up September 1st, big two. Squirrel and dove are big couple big ones there also some migratory birds. I'm not even gonna go into that. Not even gonna try. But then September 2nd, you got some early waterfall hunting going on, and then the d s A on September 9th.

Dear Archery. So we are closing in there, [00:01:00] man, but what a day. Still tuned. More time, tune in and stuff. I'll tell you what, my cameras have been relatively quiet. That would be lately. But then this morning they just lit up again. Nothing like super fun to write home about, but at least there was pictures and deer.

So I was excited about that. I've got my black cameras out, black gate cameras out on some public land. I even had a single buck. I thought I was in the money. Deer. I'm getting a tremendous amount of do, like they'll burn 'em in, put do all time, some coons I haven't found, and I put it pretty like in what I thought was like a buck bettinger.

I saw some signs, some, from last year I saw some scrapes and I don't know man. We'll see. See what happens. We're learning. That's why we're not experts, right? That's right. Alright. Paul Joy, we do a podcast only, we've got only dummies do podcasts don't listen to anything we say. Don't have a ton of else we got, don't have a ton of news from around the state.

Okay. And this week we've got your show that [00:02:00] is with Seth. You went down and talked to Seth at Sirius Archery. So O two Roadshow. So we'll get to that here in a moment. But real quick, thank you to our partners at Go Wild. Everything go wild. Time to go and all those guys.

Great stuff being put up. Lots of questions being asked and answered on the social media side of things from the on their little retail area. It's not little anymore. It's quite extensive, but great stuff. You, we picked up one of those alon bi tripods off there and that thing is amazing.

We light and well equipped. Can't wait to get out. Yeah. Oh I got an alon optic scope too from Gow Wild. Yes, you did. Those guys love 'em. Great. Love them. Great. Love you boys. Down in Kentucky, Derek. Thanks for listening. Rest of you guys. Step up your game. Listen to the show more. I love Derek whenever I get something from them and I get the little postcard and Derek's the one that's writing it.

Oh, that's good. They're just gold. Oh, it's I keep every one of 'em. Yes. Love you. Long time everyone, so love you. Long [00:03:00] time. Thanks to block eight cameras. We just talked about 'em. I couldn't be happier with the performance of that the ease of setting that camera up, that cell camera was fantastic.

The customer service has been great. Black Gate, find 'em on the internet, find 'em on Instagram, Facebook. They get a really cool community. It's just another tool in your toolbox to be a better hunter to keep track of what what you're trying to accomplish and catalog and all that good stuff.

So the app, I, you talk to those guys, dude, they're always grinding, always coming up with new ideas, new innovations. That's key, right? Innovation is key. The. The app is getting better. The app's really, it's really good right now. So I don't know what they're gonna do to make it better, but I can't wait to see it.

So check them out Black eight Find 'em on Instagram months. What's our code oh two podcast. Save you 10%. Oh two podcast. So you know, I, we're, no one's ever gonna see this video, but I've got my Timber Ninja shirt on. Beautiful. My first light for L I g h [00:04:00] T, mountain Hunter. Turkey. Turkey Turkey in the sunrise there.

So Timber Ninja Code Ohio. If you are a mobile hunter, saddle hunter, you're looking for new sticks, you're looking for new saddle, check 'em out. Code O H I O Made In America. You talk about innovation. Breeds excellence. These guys are all over that man, check them out. You find their products on Go wild as well.

I've used their sticks for a couple years. Love them. Ready to get in that saddle. See what that's trying it out at the a t a show last year, it, you don't even know you have anything on. It's so light, but yeah. It was legit. That nano was legit. Yeah. I got bi birthing hips, so I can't use that small saddle.

I got the big fella. That's funny. Oh shoot. Half rack, just launch the meat lug, right? So that's the half that rack, meat lug. Nice soft sided cooler. You can fit a fully de-boned deer in there. And really it's 80 beers, right? It's a lot of beers. What, how many beers is a de-bone [00:05:00] deer.

Just make sure you de-bone the deer before you drink all the beers in the cooler, right? 'cause that could be really bad using sharp knives and slimy beers, animals. But yeah, so really we thank you to those guys for their support and everything that they've done for us. We've got Midwest Gun Works Code is Ohio Outdoors.

Five, save 5%. Getting your guns tuned up. Do that before it gets cold out and everything. Paul, you just picked up a new one and I did, I picked up, yeah, I got the Weatherby Vanguard six five Creedmore hunting douche special edition. And I also bought a muzzle break for. For that rifle, which I get to shoot it, I shot it a lot.

I I had that scope mounted. My buddy Josh out at tactical Outdoors in Newark, Ohio, put that thing on and did the F L transfer. So thankful for his participation in that process. But man, that was fun shooting that thing, man. There's no recoil. I'm excited for you when we go up to Michigan, because that'll be like the true test.

I can't wait. It'll be great. It's [00:06:00] funny, I started looking at okay, what other states can I hunt a rifle with every state? No. Okay. That's not true. But yeah, other than a Ohio, I'll never get that. So yeah check the, check them out. Midwest Gun, Ohio Outdoors. Five, save yourself 5% on.

Your purchase and let's see, vission the all your thermal night vision, needs, scopes, range finders, what else we got there? Monoculars, all that kind of stuff. I'm going to try to get out this weekend if I get a chance. I had a coyote in my backyard last night. Dude, you always have for a lot of, he was there for a while and was he really?

Yeah. But I want to go elsewhere. And anyways, if you need thermal optics, you wanna try that out. Definitely worth the look over there at Vission and thorough. Super, thoroughly impressed with all that stuff. Yeah. Finally, what else is on the docket? First light. Thanks guys. First l tray system.

Hot weather. [00:07:00] Yes. Oh, look at you playing with your arrows. Yeah, look at that. Broadhead. Tough head. Tough head, Broadhead. It's beautiful. Listen this talk with Seth is, this is not a commercial for serious archery. Okay? This is, first off, these guys, their products are phenomenal, fantastic. We do love high quality.

We do love them. Yeah, man, they're podcast is good. They're all about like innovation. And we've said that a couple of times, man. Innovation, what is it? Necessity is the mother of innovation. Whatever that saying is, these guys get that man. They make quality stuff. They've got options for any spine that you want.

High f o c, moderate, f o c, whatever it is, man. Talk to those guys. Sirius This is just a really good conversation about just archery in general, bow tuning arrow setups. It's not super detailed, right? Because I'm an idiot when it comes to that stuff. So a lot of these questions that, that I was asking, I just from a curious standpoint, I guess on, on, on my end, but.

Dude, these broadheads, these tough head broadheads are [00:08:00] legit. We've both been very happy with them. The arrows, the performances arrows is second to none. And we talked about that on our episode that we recorded last night. That'll come out here in a few weeks for number 100. Just about how this conversation of like high f o c versus low f c, fast and flat versus heavy and whatever it's really a lot of people have tuned into, like becoming a better archer, become, caring about arrow setups, caring about broadhead setups, sharpness, bow tuning.

And that's what this is. This is just a conversation to make you a better bow hunter. So thanks to those guys for their time. I just didn't I can't say enough good things about that company and everyone that works there. And they're pretty close. Just down the road, dude, right out outside of Cincinnati, I'm just dropping Broadhead right now.

My serious Arche products strap. I do that during work calls. If I've got like a teams meeting that I only like half, need to like half pay attention to, dude, I drop broadheads the entire time. So got a nice little groove going on down here. Nice. So yeah, man. Besides that, I [00:09:00] think, thanks. Yeah.

Follow us on Instagram, the do o two dot podcast. Go wild. It's O two podcast. The website is the o two And leave us a review if you get a chance. Always looking forward. There's a gleam on that. Look at that. You see that? That's beautiful. You should shave. Yeah. Thanks for the support of our show, guys.

We really appreciate it. We're headed. We're just a few episodes away from number 100. So we it might be next week. I need to go back and figure that. I don't know. Yeah. Thank you so much. We appreciate you guys. We see the downloads, we see the listens, we see the interactions that we have and very grateful.

Very much so get out there this week, get practicing with your bone arrow and Get everything tuned up 'cause we are just a few weeks away. But take care everybody and be safe. See you guys

like that picture online? No. You're like, just tag it. I would down here in West Virginia. Yeah, exactly. I would say Alabama opener. Alabama opener. People would lose [00:10:00] their minds, man. It could be, it'd be 13 minutes. You'd have a game warden at your house. Yeah. Alabama was good. I like the saw out there.

You guys have been doing a lot of work, man. A lot of upgrades. Yeah. We've been doing a lot of upgrades. The that saw is a one of a kind never been produced for arrow hose before type saw. No kidding. It's, we wanted something to keep the heat down so that's why the water's going through. Yeah. And cut in square at the same time.

'cause. We have a last chance saw and it's fantastic too. But you're one at a time. You cut it, you have to square one in, square the other end, pick up the next one. This one cuts squares and keeps a hundred percent of the heat down, down off of the, because it's spraying water on those wheels.

Yeah. Yeah. I wasn't sure because I was watching Tyler run that thing and I wasn't sure how it was gonna operate. 'cause I've never seen anything like that. And it just like drops down and then just starts moving the arrows. Yeah. I like, in my mind I'm like, okay, like the blades are gonna come forward.[00:11:00]

Not at all. Yeah. That was so one of a kind, what was the innovation behind that was the idea behind that? So there was a a carbon tubing design that was very similar to that and we wanna see if we could adapt that to our arrows and a little bit of trial and error on that. We still have a little bit of fine tuning.

We occasionally still have to move. The saw blades just maybe a 16th of an inch or so to get 'em. Perfect. And so we're working on, I think, we started with servo motors and we'll, when you're gonna need to maybe change our motor or drive motors a little bit on it, but, worst case scenario, it takes an extra, 15 seconds to get it Exactly perfect.

But then yeah, when they come out, they're square and no heat's touched them. Which I mean, heat's the killer of everything. Electronics, carbon, all that friction. What is that? Just weaken the points for the half ounce? Is that what the Yeah, I mean on that it's probably negligible, but Gotcha.

We do everything here to the nth degree. That's what, we're an [00:12:00] engineering company that happens to make arrows. Yeah. So we're pretty adamant about keeping the heat down whenever possible. But, the carbon if you can touch the carbon, it's not too hot. But when you get it and you go, Ooh, that, that's hot.

It's too hot. Yeah. And you can start breaking. Really what it does is break down the resins, the carbon, it doesn't really affect the carbon at all. It's the resins underneath. Okay. But yeah, it's one of those things that it's a big time saver for us. Oh gosh. Yeah. And it, that thing you're talking about, it is dialed in.

Yeah. That's neat. You said an engineering company that makes arrows. That's pretty neat. So just with that machine, some of the other stuff like innovation is really at the heart of this company, I feel like. Yeah. And that's the way we lay the carbon so much different than everybody else. And it costs more to do that.

And people, we do frequently get questions about why is the carbon so expensive? And it's just, why are the a so expensive? Because we have more, a little bit more waste than everybody else. But it's [00:13:00] the way we lay it up instead of having. 10 thousand's a run out when you put the weight in and you're trying to find the high side and the low side of your carbon so that they launch perfectly.

We're at, say you take the Apollo or the Gemini or the Vulcan, and sometimes we can't find one thousands it's harder for us to try to spine align them because there's just, there's no movement. And so if you go to a big box store, you're gonna see 10, maybe even up to 15 thousands between their high side and low side of the carbon.

And we're talking sub two thousands run out. But that's amazing. It comes at a cost, there's just more waste. There's a 55 gallon drum out there. Oh, the ones that we won't sell. Yeah. Yeah. I look at 'em, I pick 'em up, I'm like, These look good.

Let me use these. And Right. You're like nah, chuck 'em out. Yeah. It's, when we send something out, we want it to be dialed. The big thing is that a lot of guys are going out into the field and they wanna know that every inch of their equipment [00:14:00] is a hundred percent spot on. And then if it's screwed up, it's them.

And that's who we cater a lot to those guys. We do have the supernova line, which is a little bit more budget friendly because it still has the same really tight tolerances. It, it doesn't have quite the durability that you're gonna get out of the Apollo or the Vulcan, the Gemini.

It's not, the carbon's not woven because it's not woven. That's right. Okay. Yeah. Not woven. So it's more, it's similar to what like visually looks like, what you'd get out of a box at. One of the big box stores, right? Correct. 'cause it's that smooth carbon book. The difference is you're gonna be picking up a 1000 straight arrow, which most box stores are three thousands or six thousands.

And that's a big, when you're, it's a big difference. Yeah. In the straightness it's a big difference. And that's why there's a 55 gallon drum full of them of stuff we've thrown out this month. Ah, that, does that break your heart when you're just like, yeah, you know what? No, this is part painful. I bet, man I just walk out there and see them.

I'm like, oh man, that's, and they don't just go to [00:15:00] we will donate those to kids organizations and Okay. That's pretty neat. Yeah. Any kid that wants to get into archery would just give them the arrows. It's, it's one of those things that we don't want them to just completely go to waste and then we use them.

We will use 'em for testing. So if we think that We've got a new, say Broadhead design, and we need to smash 'em up against the wall, that concrete wall back and we're gonna just, pound 'em into there. We'll use those arrows as opposed to using, brand new good arrows. Yeah, I wanna do that later.

We'll do that. Yeah, we'll do that. It's like the highlight of my Day, yeah. Is shooting. Yeah. Shooting arrows into it. Shoot the wall. So let's talk about some of the new, the newest, innovation that you have. And that's the warranty. Oh yeah.

That you just come out with Hunt Pro guarantee. Yeah, man, that's pretty cool. Talk. Tell me about that. Yeah, so one of the things when you're paying this kind of money for arrows, it sucks you, maybe you didn't get a full pass through and the deer runs off and snaps it off against a tree.

And or, you get a pass through and sometimes they step on 'em,[00:16:00] and there's just certain things that, that most of the time it's either you didn't get a full pass through and they run, snap it off against a tree or the other thing is that happens real commonly, especially now that guys, they're shooting fixed blades.

You're putting it up in the Vital V and you put it up in the Vital V and you just happen to sting that other shoulder and you bury it in that opposite side shoulder. The first thing that the deer's gonna do is gonna drop straight down. And when he brings both those scapulas down, snap the arrow. Yeah.

As it's stuck in the shoulder on one side, it's stuck in the body out the other side. And then you bring these two scapulas down from a 200 pound deer, you know they're gonna snap. So knowing that you're spending good money on 'em and that they're they're an investment. And we don't break a lot of our errors.

So we, we could make an unbreakable error, but you wouldn't wanna shoot it. So we have a guarantee. There you go. You break it and we'll we'll you, you fill out a little form [00:17:00] online 'cause we do wanna make sure that you were like ethically, legally shooting. Yeah. Whatever you're supposed to be doing in the state.

So if you tell me in March that you shot a deer, March 15th, were you hunting in South America? Where exactly? Where were you hunting at? Oh man. In my backyard. Yeah, it was in Kentucky. You were outta season. Yeah. But outside of that does the arrow have to have blood on it when they No.

Do they have send but we need to see you send a picture in of which you upload right there on the form. It's got seven or eight questions. 'cause there's a few things we want know. Yeah. Did the deer snap it off against the tree? If did it did you hit the opposite side shoulder? And the deer ran off.

Can, could run off of it that way, or it just drops down and breaks. Just a few little things we, so that we know, okay, we're seeing some breakage here, so maybe in the future there's, maybe there's a resin change between layers or something that might be understand maybe a little more forgiving or something like that in the future.

So a little bit of data we're collecting and then [00:18:00] all we ask you to pay for the shipping, and that's it. And that's the actual shipping. It's pretty easy. Most of the time it's eight bucks or so. But these are $30 arrows. Yeah, if you're getting a Gemini, fully built Gemini arrow. And when you do that it also comes with knock collars.

Okay, what's a knock collar? We'll put some on your arrows when we rewrap 'em, but they're just a three grain aluminum collar that goes on the back and the knock pushes straight through. But for guys who and we all do it, we always tell people don't do it. But when you're group shooting, And you hit another arrow.

That's about the only way you're going to, that you'll tear up our arrows if you start driving your knocks in the back end of the arrow. And then the knock collar does a lot to prevent that. So most likely you're gonna break the knock and you're not gonna drive the knock through into the carbon.

Gotcha. So it's just a little sleeve that goes over and it prevents the knock from damaging the carbon. Yeah. I, ill to say, I have tested every way [00:19:00] to destroy a serious arrow. I've shot my shed a few times. I've shot concrete blocks that I set my targets on, and I don't claim to be a good archer, and everyone that listens to this show knows that, I'm just a big, dumb animal.

Probably my favorite method it was the, it was. Like the first week of bo season last year, I shot at a dough, went right over back. I was on the ground, I was headed out. I'm like, oh crap, there's deer. And I just sailed it right over her back and I buried it into a tree. And I'll put my ego aside.

This is a funny moment, right? This thing, this serious arrow and this broad head is buried in this little, like four inch caliper tree. And I walk up and I took a video of it and I show my, I show the arrow in there and I just said, I made this funny face still, like my most watched Instagram reel or whatever it is, because, and so I just I cut this arrow 'cause it's coming home.

It's sitting right over there. I wrote tree on it. I saw that one in there. It's a tree That is I am determined to kill a deer with that arrow. We'll mark that one before we reflect it. We'll, yeah. So and so I actually don't have 'em with him, [00:20:00] but there's one in my barn at home that I wrote barn on, and it's still in the barn.

So every time I shoot something that's not an animal. Yeah. On the right. Yeah. What it is, I, I guess it was. Our first time that we'd filmed in Africa I shot a Kudu and it was I think 40. It's a huge animal, 49, 50 yards. And I just hit a little low, so I needed a follow-up shot. And on the follow-up shot, I buried it into this tree.

Oh no. And and Connor had a field day with that. It was a trophy tree. It was a, oh my gosh. It was a s c i gold tree for sure. And so we spent forever trying to get the broad head out of it. But yeah, that's the kind of thing that, that stuff happens. Oh yeah. And if you have a good story behind it you send it in with your picture and say, dude, I shot a tree.

I missed the deer all the way around. Yeah. Okay, cool. Look, we're cool. We get it. We'll send you a new one. Boone and Crockett tree. That was boon. I've got some of those. Yeah. Yeah. That's We all make mistakes. Sure.[00:21:00] Every one of us, every archer on the face of the planet makes a mistake.

I don't care if you're, Olympic level shooter down to some schmuck like me that's shooting trees and barns more than I am animals. I'll admit that. And one of the, one of the things that when, and I've had, I had some failures in the woods with my old setup lighter arrows, and we won't dive into that too much, but one of the things that really drew me to the heavy arrow setup is one, the quality of the, of arrows, quality of the broadheads.

But two, it's it provides a little more margin for error, yeah. And you hear people say, oh, field Point will go through a deer. Yeah, it definitely will. But field point's not going through the shoulder. And guess what? I've shot a deer on the shoulder. You've done it. Yeah, he's done it.

Yeah. Every it, it happens. So I think that, so address that, like that, when you start getting to those, those heavy arrows you really fine high tuned piece of machinery going down range. Yeah. That really that, that can be the difference between human error and then an [00:22:00] ethical kill.

So there's, we look at it as an entire setup. So when you're going to heavier arrows and then we have to define what is a heavier arrow, if you're somebody who shoots 375 grains and wants to hit. 305 feet per second outta your bow. We got the arrow that'll do that.

Yeah, no problem. If you are going to Africa and you're going to hunt elephant, we've got that set up for you too. So we've we've got something for everybody and we don't judge If somebody wants to shoot fast and light or if you ask our opinion, that's a different story. If you say, Hey I'm gonna go hunting the first day, we say, what are you hunting?

No. And but looking at it as an entire system, if you're looking, if this, and you're gonna shoot a a mechanical say that has low mechanical advantage. So you're gonna shoot something, it's got a two inch wide cut, you better have some beef in the front if that's, if you're insistent on that, because it takes so much of your kinetic [00:23:00] energy for those blades to open up and then penetrate skin.

And you have to have enough left to be able to get through the animal. And when they work great, right? So if you don't hit anything and there's, you've got enough weight up front and everything perfect they'll work great. When they don't work, they're a disaster. The difference is when you're shooting something like a good fixed blade that's really sharp, you have so much less kinetic energy required just to get through hide, and then you have so much more left for doing real work in the animal.

So on. Sometimes the animal moves after you shoot. There's nothing you can do about that. You can try to minimize it. And I see guys all the time if you had just learned shot placement, you wouldn't have to worry about X, Y, Z. Okay? Here's the deal that, yeah, you're 15, 20 feet up in a tree stand.

This thing just came first off. You see your 170 inch deer and it is [00:24:00] walking at you, and you are stoked, you're jacked, right? So first off, this probably could be the biggest deer you've ever seen in your life, and it's walking underneath you, and you get ready, you're getting ready to draw. He takes a few steps, so you wait and he takes a few more steps, and you wait.

Next thing, he's 10 yards out. Great. You draw, he takes a few more steps. Maybe now you're shooting pins and you're guessing just a little bit. What I'm getting at is that things change. You've moved in your stand. You may not even realize it. How many people are thinking of whether they're torquing their bow or not, when they're 15 feet in the air with 170 inch deer.

You're not thinking about whether or not your hands torque, probably like I, I guarantee you, you're jacked. That hand is torqued. Oh, for sure. Or you're having now to lean back behind you in a little bit of an awkward angle. 'cause it took a couple steps, but now it's a little bit back behind you and you're, and you've got that hand on there and you're, are you thinking about whether or not [00:25:00] you've got too much face contact with your string?

You're Jack, you don't even know there's a string there. You don't even know where your drum back. So at this point you haven't taken a breath in 30 seconds at this point. Exactly. So at 310 feet per second, you better be real precise. Yeah. Because you can do that when you're shooting at your target 20, 30 yards flat level ground.

You got your feet spread just the way you like it. You're anchored just the way you like it. That hand's feeling perfect and you let the thing go and it's awesome. Yeah. You're not 15 feet up in a tree trying to make a shot that's maybe slightly back behind you and you're jacked. Yeah. That's where getting that anecdotally, we know that.

The best air flight for our customers is, has come between two like 240 and 275 feet per second. Okay? So if you can get in that range, you're getting some really good arrow flight, and you don't have to be a super, super hyper tuner when you get up in these 300 ranges. You gotta be a hyper tuner. There cannot be anything wrong with your bow.

There cannot be [00:26:00] anything wrong with your hand because it's just magnified so much with that speed. So we try to build a setup that's gonna have something like, we like four Fletch. We're big fans of four Fletch here because it's forgiving. We put 'em on a hele. We don't like straight pick, left, pick, right?

We don't care. Straight is just doesn't give you as much forgiveness as picking one or the other. I. So we're looking at it from the back of the arrow. We're looking at the front of the arrow. If you're gonna shoot a big wide, broad head, we've gotta make sure you've got plenty of vein on the back, because if you don't, you're gonna have poor steering.

It's I'm gonna say it's kinda like Congress and Senate. The Congress is upfront and the senate's in the back and you've got Congress up front and they can ape up all they want to. They can make life difficult. But you did adults in the room of the Senate. The problem where you go off the rails is where you don't have enough of the [00:27:00] Senate to make the Congress behave right.

And that's where we go off the rails. It's no different with arrows. You don't have enough vein back there to make the front behave. And with really good single bevels, and I'm talking, when you're spending a little bit extra money and we all know what those are, you're gonna have better flight characteristics.

You don't have to worry quite as much about that. We like our tough head 200 grand wide. I prefer to shoot that with four of the tack 2.75 inch driver veins. They're a little bit taller. We are testing some new ones out that I think may be pretty promising. But yeah, I, you gotta have enough in the back to make the front behave.

And if you're gonna shoot light and fast and you're gonna shoot a mechanical it just becomes problematic. The math starts running out on you. Yeah, because even though you have what appears to be enough kinetic energy, you don't have as much momentum and you need some momentum. And I'm not saying if somebody asks me, [00:28:00] what way are you gonna shoot for dealers here, it's probably gonna be 5 30, 5 to five 50 somewhere depending on which broadhead I'm gonna shoot.

Yeah. If I'm gonna go for moose, I'm shooting six 50. It's not gonna jump the string on you. You're not gonna have a moose duck your arrow. Yeah. So I'm going in there because their bones are bigger. If I make a little bit of a mistake I've got a lot of forgiveness with that.

Yeah. When I watch the, I'll watch the videos, A lot of the criticism that, that a heavy arrow set up gets, I, I'll watch 'em online and I always laugh to myself because inevitably the people that are the most critical. And, I'm not here to bash anyone, man.

Absolutely. But they're, I can think of a few guys, like two guys that are really vocal about, anti, heavy setup. And I'm watching, I'm like first off you are literally, An elite archer. You are like Olympic level archer, right? You are, you live and breathe this good for you.

And two, like you're in your backyard shooting it like a foam target. [00:29:00] Yeah. So those are, a hundred yards. So those are the two things that like I see that I'm like, I'm out. Like I can't even, I can't even listen to that. Yeah. 'cause that's never I will never be as good as you, you're talking about shop.

That's just the reality of it. Those guys look for a mosquito on that thing. They're, and then they'll phenomen, they'll knock it off the deer, they're awesome. Yeah. They're so good. It's hard to take any kind of real life scenario stuff from guys that shoot like that because Yes, they are phenomenal.

We're not. Yeah. Oh yeah. I'll be the first to admit it, man. We're not, I suck as a bow hunter. You Yeah. I'm, and I'm not picking, I'm like, Levi Morgan. I watched this guy shoot, what was it? A ram from 160 yards of the bow. He's amazing. And he, that's an unbelievable. I'm like, my God.

Yeah. I just dead. That thing was dead as soon as that era was done. Yeah. That's amazing. I know. I can't shoot a freaking more morale target consistently from my deck. At 43 yards. Yeah. And so I, I don't know. I watch those videos. I'm like, come on man. Yeah. And I think that's, I do [00:30:00] like that.

You guys, you, like you said, you have an arrow for everyone If you wanna shoot 3 75 Yeah. Blazing fast. You got it. You wanna shoot a thousand grains 'cause you're shooting a freaking Yeti. Yeah. In the Yukon. Like we, you got that covered too. You got it covered. And, we were filming for series TV in Canada earlier this year, and.

We'd had a couple days where we were in a ground blind and it was a like a natural made ground blind. It was nice. And but they, man, the bears were acting really funny at this stand. They were over the, they knew what's up over the top. And so we thought it's already hide hard to hide sin of one person.

And then we did everything we could and the wind was great too. Then you add two embarrassing to have a natural sense. They know what's going on anyways, and they were just, but this was over the top stuff. So we moved to another stand, nothing. Then they said we do have a lot of activity at this one stand, but it's a rifle stand.

There was another natural [00:31:00] ground lined. It was really cool. But it was 56 yards. And he's do you feel comfortable with 56 yards? And I said, I practice a lot further. I killed a ram at 51 yards a few years before. And I practice a lot and I said I feel pretty confident that, especially on a bear sized target.

And so it happened, bear came in that night and got a shot on it and everything went great. And that was with our wide, but I could tell you that Wide broadhead. Yeah, the 200 wide. And but I would not feel confident. I'm just thinking, okay, so Levi Moore was almost double that distance. That was like on a bear sized target, 56 yards.

I was like, okay I'm okay with this, but this is the, that probably 60 would've been as comfortable as I would've been with that setup. And then you take Levi Morgan at 160 something, you're like double bad's. It's unbelievable. Yeah. Yeah. It's like uphill. Yeah. It was insane. Yeah. Those [00:32:00] guys are, and then you look at some of the stuff Tim Wells has done.

Yeah. He shot a, I think a mule deer or something. A well over a hundred no sights. That's amazing. Yeah. It's crazy. It's it is, it's a world that I'll never live in, man. No. And I'm not even gonna try I don't have the energy to practice enough. Yeah. To where I'm like deadly at a hundred yards.

Quite frankly, like hanging from a tree in Ohio. Yeah. There's not really a lot of options over 40 or, where most of the places that I hunt, you know. Yeah. They're right on top of you most of the time. And I don't remember where we saw, but there was, we were looking at an article here from last year, and I don't know who keeps these stats, but 'cause I've never been asked, but they said the average deer distance in the US last year was 17.5 yards.

17.5 yards. Yeah. Was the average deer taken? So you've got some out interesting west guys that are, they're shooting sometimes 40, 50, 60, 70 yards on deer. And you're not gonna be able to, most guys are not gonna be able to get a 600 plus [00:33:00] green arrow that far. No. That deer might be a couple steps away.

Yeah. But that's what one that you were talking about, common complaints. One of the things guys say my pen gaps gets so big, and it will, because your site is a really accurate measurement of time. That's what it's measured. But when you do the actual math and figure out, you're in hundreds of a second difference between a good high penetrating setup, especially if you're a guy that's shooting 40 yards and in just take your yards and multiply by three.

So 40 yards, 120 feet, divide that by your feet per second. That's gonna give you the time it leaves the string, till it hits the target. Do that for your arrow. Say it a good 5 25, 5 50 versus 4 25. You're gonna see it is. And it's, that's individual for each person because everybody's draw weight, draw length, the bow they're shooting is a little bit different.

On our [00:34:00] website, there's a very accurate, within two foot per second arrow calculator on there. And that was that was actually developed by SB Bow Foundation. We licensed that. But it's crazy accurate as long as you know what your draw length is. 'cause we have a lot of guys that will call in for some technical help and they don't know what the draw length is and they dunno how many pounds they're pulling.

But if you know those two things, the bow and what its i b o speed is, then it's within two feet per second. And it'll tell you, then you just do the math, just divide the distance by feet per second and you've, you're gonna have it and it's, you would be amazed at how little difference there is.

So when guys say, oh man, that deer dropped outta sight before my arrow got there. That's an easy, yeah. Math would say different. You were a, you were at 20 yards and the deer dropped outta sight. Now there can be some movement certainly, but we are talking mostly hundreds of a second.

Yeah. It's interesting [00:35:00] about the jumping the string and I'm sure you ever been jumping strings since birch bows and with birch Native Americans, they film with stuff going hundred and 30 feet per second, yeah. Abs absolutely. And I think it's just more prevalent now.

People are talking about it. 'cause we have slow motion video Yeah. With a cell phone, and man those things dear, they're jumping, you see 'em moving with anything. Yeah. Anything. And I know Dr. Red, he talked about, not, practicing shooting a moving target with a bow.

Because those critters, they're on alert all the time. You get, you hit 'em with a me, like they're really on alert. Yeah. Or if you rattled 'em in or grunted 'em in before they came in, they're already looking to fight. Oh man. They're 10. They're wire. Yeah. Yeah. That's just, I don't know.

So let's you talked about people calling in for technical support. I know Tyler has helped me a lot the last two years. Getting things dialed in. I got a new bow sitting over there, so we're gonna dive into that. Awesome. Yeah, I can't wait, [00:36:00] man. So the we've got a lot of listeners that have listened to this show have become serious archery customers.

Yeah. Which is great. And the one thing that I hear, they're like, oh, I did this or ripped some veins off. The service that you guys provide is exceptional. It really is. Yeah. And that, that's just, it really is. We joke that we cover the first set of tire tracks. We just don't cover the second set, if there's something that legitimately has a lot of guys, we find. Have never shot as accurate as what they're shooting now. Yeah. And it could be that they're shooting a lot more and they're taking it serious. And so they're buying serious, and they're taking it to heart.

And so they're getting better. A lot of it is too, that they've had, me, maybe mediocre success with some very low cost arrows, and that happens too. So now all of a sudden they're shooting, they were way better shooters all along. Now they're just, getting to the point where they're really good and they're starting to knock fletching off because we've gotten pictures in many times where a guy said, ma'am, my flexing just came off.

Can [00:37:00] you send us a picture? And that he's got holes through the fleshing. It's 'cause the field points from his other arrows are going through 'em, that, that kind of stuff. And we're like, yeah, you know what? If they came off or We'll send a call tag, fix 'em and send 'em back.

But most of the time and that was a concern that a lot of internally a lot of our folks had. When I said, Hey, I wanna do this hunt, hunt pro guarantee, and I was like man, guys are gonna be just holding their arrows and then turn 'em in during hunting season. I said I think that probably more honesty is out there in our community Yeah.

Than what you think. And for those that do that, it is what it is. Yeah. We'll survive another day and, we're not going out of business because of a guarantee. And you'll know those guys. You'll know those guys. Yeah. But don't be that guy.

Don't be that guy. Yeah. If you're listening, don't. But it's I think our community's pretty honest, yeah. Those are the same guys that are stealing cell cams off of a tree on public land. And they're probably not spending the money for serious to begin with. Yeah. They [00:38:00] started out as a little cult following, and it's become very mainstream.

Last night the hunting public released their video of their equipment for 2023, which was a really cool video. And guess what? They're shooting What? So you're Geminis No kidding. A lot of 'em are shooting tough heads. Yeah. So they're just, they're great guys. We don't have a contract with 'em, we don't have anything, any kind of money flown out there.

They're just like the product. Yeah. And so yeah, you've got two. I will send the marrows, yeah. Twist your arm. You got the big guy down south. T-Bone. T-Bone man. He's got a set on here now. Yeah. He's got a setup he really likes to put people in.

Yeah. And he thinks that is a really good setup. So that's a three or four Fletch with the flex Fletch veins and he really likes those. Okay. And so we said, Hey, let's just if you're gonna put people in him anyways, let's create your own setup and then guys can have him it's the Apollo.

'cause he really likes the 2 0 4. So you can get the Apollo or you can get the Supernova Small diameter or the ssd. [00:39:00] And so just that way, 'cause one thing I really like about T-Bone is he's cognizant of guys that might not have enough money just to go and plunk down hundreds of dollars for the Apollos.

So he wanted to have an affordable option. He call, I think he calls him Billy Joe lunch pail or something. He does, yeah. Billy Joe Lunchbox. Yeah. Yeah. He's and so he was insistent that we had the. The ability for them to have an affordable line. And, but even at that, it still comes with all of our small DERs come out with a half jacket system, which is by far the strongest of the systems for a 2 0 4 hands down.

Yeah. And they're made for us by Ethics Archery. The half jacket that I broke, I've got two of 'em now. From shooting concrete blocks. I used 'em to sharpen to St. Strap Broadheads while I'm Oh, the arrow broke. Yeah. Yeah. So I just used, I just, I was gonna say the half jacket would be really hard to break, but if you no, it broke off the arrow.

It broke the arrow, yeah. Yeah. So it's got like a nice little, like little handle on it, know. Yeah. I'm perfect for that. I telling Tyler when I'm on and [00:40:00] I'll say this, like when I'm on work calls or whatever Yeah. I'm just gonna half listening. I can sit, I can move my computer screen so I can just drop rods the entire time.

Yeah. Why I'm doing it. And I just, I love it. I when you see Connor and I out of town, we're. Constantly, they're just sitting around the fire. We're just sharpening. Why is it why is that so therapeutic? I don't know. It's, I don't know why. It's very cathartic. It's, I'm an antsy person you see me medicated today.

Yeah. Like I got my A D H D medicine in me. And and even at that, I'm not sure the dose is right. But so I've constantly gotta be doing something, gotta be moving until I pass out. Yeah. And then I pass out and I'm done. But yeah. Your hands are moving, you're talking, it can be social.

And we sit around the fire. I found a rock when we were on that Canadian bear hunt, a absolute perfect sharpening rock. And I sat there and just touched up the broad head and it was, I was just pulling hair off my arm like crazy. And when my girls, I have four, four daughters. That are [00:41:00] amazing, but they think I have the mange when it comes close to hunting season.

'cause I've got spots of hair here and spots of hair. That's funny. There's some missing on my leg 'cause I run out spots on my arm and Yeah. But it is it's a very therapeutic, yeah. Yeah. So Midwest White Tails, that's another group of hunters. You guys have just got, you got brought into the family battle.

Yeah, they got some serious products up there too. Oh yeah. All their people shoot their pro staff, all the guys on tv. What a great group of guys too. That's the thing I really love about where we are right now. There's nobody that I just have to hold my nose and say it's for the better.

It's for the greater good. They're all good people with, the guys at Midwest White Tail, they just wanna learn to be more efficient hunters. Yeah. T-Bone, he is efficient Hunter. He's about as efficient as you can get and he's wanting to teach other people. How to be that and, ranch ferry's out there with his kits, trying to get people dialed in and tuned in that might not have the best [00:42:00] bow shop just right near them.

And making them more lethal. So right now we've got a really in, I don't know what'll come with the hunting public in the future. They're shooting our stuff now. They're certainly not beholden to us, but what a great group of guys. Mostly public land hunting, and those guys are also another group that really is concerned with how much guys spend on their equipment.

They've gotta, they've gotta deal with bear. And they, that's a great bow. And it's not an expensive bow. It's not a, you're not gonna pay anywhere near a flagship bow for their bow. It's really nice. A great group of people around us. Yeah. It's about access. Get people out there, get 'em in, good equipment.

Yeah. Something they can trust. And I think that's, for me, that's the biggest thing, being able to trust. For years I was just buying arrows, buying broadheads with zero thought. This is just go in, the guy at the store tell me this is what I need. Okay. And it's not what I need.

We all did. And you see that failure in the woods, when you rely on the most and it fails and you're like, okay, there's gotta be a better way. And for me, that was getting into the, the high F o C [00:43:00] and Yeah. And into these products specifically they've, I've enjoyed it, man.

I've enjoyed the descent into madness. Yeah. We all got there. Most everybody that we talked to has gotten here the same way. I, my first trip to Africa I put good shots on most everything I shot and we still followed up on. Half of 'em with a rifle. Wow. You know what I mean? It was like, it, they would be good shots considerably.

I mean that when you're getting a two inch cut, you get a, you do get forgiveness. I was shooting mechanical, extremely light. I had the P Ss c X-force bow when it came out. It was the kind of, one of the first speedboats 350 feet per second probably was not set up right for me. I'm sure it wasn't.

Yeah. But if I put that, if I put that mechanical on there, buddy I could hit what my fuel point was. So we were good. It's all mattered. It's all mattered. And but we shot probably half of them with a rifle after to finish 'em off. We'd find 'em and [00:44:00] shoot 'em. And so that should have been the signal, they should have said, Hey, maybe we need to look for something different, but it wasn't. So then next trip to Africa. I did go with a different broad head. I think I had a little marginally more success. I don't think we followed up on anything but one animal. And then just after a failures on some deer of like you are watching back on camera, you're like, man, this thing looks like a should have been money.

Yeah. And then you're tracking 'em forever. You don't find 'em. So there's gotta be something different. So that's when I started down the road of looking for something different. And I was friends with Troy Fowler when he had seven followers and I think four of 'em were his family.

Like I owned two other companies at the time. Yeah. And they were not even the outdoor space. And I would talk to Troy when I was going from. To a different town or something, and we'd talk for a couple hours on the phone. He is Hey, I got this new stuff. I'm, he didn't [00:45:00] have a ranch, he didn't have anything, didn't have arrows and everything he said, but he had been talking a lot with Dr.

Ashby and learning from Dr. Ashby on a lot of the stuff. And so that started me down this path and I ran way heavy. I shot a dough one year with an arrow with a 778 grain set up. And I sheared the ball and socket into it. Looked like it had ta been put in a hundred ton press and just sheared off.

That's amazing. Yeah. And I realized, it's kinda like everybody, a lot of guys will run up real heavy and then they'll come back to where they are comfortable. And for most guys in the deer, it's 500 to five 50. Sometimes 5 75, and so when you call in here now for tech support and you can go online and make an appointment with us, it's a little harder this time of year.

'cause if you waited, now we give everybody 15 minutes for free. Yeah. Just call in and say, Hey, this is what my setup is. What would you suggest? We'll say, what are you shooting moose? Are you shooting pronghorn. 'cause if I'm going for pronghorn, I probably [00:46:00] am gonna shoot a 425 grain arrow.

Get it there quick. It's the size of a German Shepherd. Yeah. I'm gonna shoot my 80 pound bow, I'm gonna be shooting something around probably 4 25 ish. And I want to get there really fast. Yeah. Because I think the, I have a really good friend who's an outfitter and he said about 62 to 65 yards is what they average on their archery shots.

No kidding. Yeah. Okay. Because they do their spot in stalk, behind a decoy and that's so crazy. It's so cool. I want to do that so bad. And so yeah, they they do that but. You start getting inside that 60 yard range, you said it's like a force field. They start getting real antsy and they don't like it.

They don't like it. You stay at 62 and you can take all the time you want to shoot, interesting. Yeah. So cool. But yeah, they're gonna move, so I'm gonna go light and Yeah. My Cape Buffalo and giraffes, I've was like 1151 year and nine 50 another, so That's wild. That's, yeah. That's a long, that's a lot of drop, oh yeah. I've got a [00:47:00] oh gosh, like a 48 yard max or something, and then I'm out of my site housing for that. Wow. But P S C had built a bow for me incident. It was we thought we were gonna be able to do a hippopotamus hunt. And it just, it fell through, but it was, it's at 85 pounds. And it's screaming it, they built the levitate and it just, it screams.

And but still even with that, at 29 inches and and 85 pounds out of a relatively fast i b o speed bow, still at 48 yards on 1,150 grains. Yeah. But again I needed to be able to shoot adequately to 30 and the Cape Buffalo, I got full pass through. That's incredible. Yeah. On a Cape Buffalo, that's such a big, tough animal.

I had feathers on the backs of my f o C on that arrow was I think probably pushing 30% and it zipped right through. The only thing that hung up was the fletching for about two or three steps and then pitched it out and that was, oh wow. That was it. That was cool. I've killed [00:48:00] two Cape Buffalo. The first one I did not get a full pass through on, but the video on, that's cool because you'll see why we shoot heavier arrows.

I hit a branch. I don't have any idea how, I did not see this thing, but I was just so amped up 'cause we were so close, and I don't know how, I just wasn't in my side picture. I don't know, I, but I punched a pretty good sized branch and it skipped through and went in and still did the job.

I didn't get a pass through on that one. And I don't really know anybody that's got a pass through on giraffe. But I got on the Orion's, the first giraffe. I think we had about 28 inches of penetration on that one. And we had about 22 last years. But I hit a little bit more bone this last time. But it, it, both of them died within 140 yards. No follow-up shots, that kind of thing. So it was it was a lot to be said for it if you'd to. Shot the Cape Buffalo with a [00:49:00] 425 grain arrow. It would've been ticked, he's been mad. Yeah. And consequently, I don't think you need to go after deer with 700 grain arrows, shoot, shoot for for the number that's gonna be right for the animal you're shooting.

Sure. And that also depends on your setup, because sometimes we have shorter guys maybe, or ladies that, that are asking for us. They have a 20, we have people with 24 and a half inch draw lengths, real short draw lengths. And they'll say, oh man, but I'm shooting 50 pounds or 35 pounds.

We'll take a shot. We'll take a shot at him. I bet MUN is like a 26 inch Yeah. Draw length. Yeah. He'll listen to this and be like, 27, Paul. Yeah. Whatever it is, he's 25 and a half. But But no, you come in with that set up and we're gonna change our thinking up just a little bit. We're gonna get your f o c as high as we can, and we're gonna get you into a super sharp, broad head because it needs to have no resistance.

[00:50:00] Yeah. Going in, and and we're gonna change the weight up just a smidge because you do have to be able to get it there. Yeah. So it, it's all relative and that's why we give the time for you just call in because everybody's different. Yeah. So someone wants to get into it, and we've talked about it quite a bit in our program.

And what's the first step? Go to the website, do the f o c calculator. Yeah. Yeah. And if you're not already having an idea of what you're going to shoot, most of our guys are deer, Turkey, and pigs. If you're gonna go for deer and hog, trying to get around five 50. See what, play with the f o C calculator.

See, I would, I ideally we would love you to be. Add or over 18%, that's what we try to shoot for. But long draw guys like you that's harder to do unless you're gonna go to a Gemini or an Orion with a lighter g p i. Yeah, it was, Tyler had to walk me through that. Yeah. Getting that because I could not figure it out.

Yeah. I'm 31 and a half inches is my draw. So Yeah. And for you to get high f o c or [00:51:00] moderate f o c without a a lower grain per arrow, or the other option is you can really load up the front. But then again, we're getting into those ranges where it just doesn't make sense. Yeah. We do have options, like if you go to the Gemini you could probably, are you in a two 50 spine?

Probably, yeah. Two 50. Two 50. So you're in a two 50 spine at like 8.6 grains per inch or something about there. You're able to get, you. A lot more f o c with the same broadhead and insert weight that you would, if you were, say on the Apollo, that's 10.7. So for you, 31 and half ranchero, two grains per inch, you're taking 60 grains out of the arrow without losing much strength at all, and you're able to put that now back into your broad head and your insert set up.

So your f o C went up tremendously. But if you're shooting an arrow that's 28 inches and you're gonna shoot up, say 150 grand broad head and a hundred grand insert, you're golden. You can go with the Apollo [00:52:00] supernova, you don't have to go to these real light gps because when you go to the lighter gpi, you're.

You're starting to step up in price. Yeah. Because that carbon is really special. Gotcha. The Gemini carbon, that's we pretty much only fight a couple other companies and none that I know of in the a or in the aerospace and the rest of 'em are aerospace. Gotcha. We're dealing like bell helicopter with their Apache I think is, uses the same carbon.

So it had been a little bit more difficult and people have to be a little patient with this. 'cause with with the stuff going on in Ukraine that's taken up a lot of the weaponry system carbon. And that's the, unfortunately, the one that, that we use for the Gemini. But it's really light, it's really tough and consequently it's really expensive.

Yeah. Yeah. What's what's next in the innovation pipeline for Sirius? You can talk about the skunk work stuff. I can't talk about I think we'll be looking on the tough head side next year at probably looking at [00:53:00] a different weight on the wide. We have the 200 wide and it's done really well this year.

I think we're gonna look at a different wide we actually have some new manufacturing techniques right now. If you go by the dangerous game head, the 400 grand dangerous game head, that's a, that is a two piece that's w stitch welded on each side eight times, and then it's braised and then it's blasted, coated and then sharpened and then we chemically bond the insert into it afterwards.

It is a lot of labor. Yeah. And a lot of expense. And there's just some really cool technology that we're looking at right now that may make that a one piece. Glue on. And then if you wanna screw in, then we will have that as with a bonded insert in it still. So some really cool technology out there.

It's never been available before. There's some stuff in Skunk Works that would be using some different [00:54:00] materials besides carbon fiber. Oh yeah. So interesting that, that's interesting. That one's extremely hush just because if this works out, it's gonna be something that we're gonna have to get the patent on right away.

No, that's cool. Yeah. And then, we're probably look at maybe lightening up the Vulcan. The Vulcans are 2, 4 6 that's built like the Apollo. Okay. But it's got a heavier G P I because just the construction method on it right now. But there's an option that we may be able to lighten that up for next year.

If we do that, I think that brings a few more people into the standard market. There's a lot of people that don't want an out search system, they don't want a bag. Targets can be difficult when you're trying to pull your half jackets or your ethics outer system. Main thing with the sleeve out of so they want, they wanna have something where the inserts all the way just on the inside.[00:55:00]

Yeah. And so we've got that. And then we do have a target arrow that'll be out this fall. Okay. The galaxy X and no specific launch date for that yet. But it's been an r and d process for two years. Yeah. So when people say, oh, they, these guys just go to Alibaba and they buy arrows and they No.

No, they don't. No. It's impossible. And. So what we're, it's gonna start out with a 23, but the cool thing is you're gonna be able to use this spine is effectively from 50 pounds to about 67 pounds. Okay. On a normal 30 inch draw. Wow. So there's one, there's no need to carry a whole bunch of SKUs. And it's a whole lot less confusing for the end user.

You're by the arrow, cut it, square it, or we'll do that for you, whatever you want. Yeah. And so that's gonna give us the option to open up that [00:56:00] target market. And then we already have a 25 and a 27 in the works. But again, the prototyping process and then getting it just right and making sure that the spine consistency is the same.

'cause that's what those guys are really looking for in the target world. They need it to launch from the rest the same, every single time. Yeah. And This one's gonna do it. It's ready. It's in, it's going, it's in production now, so it'll be out this fall. And then that's yeah, good stuff. The Galaxy X, that's gonna be, it's gonna be big 'cause it's hard to be an error company that, that just it's hunter only because you have a lot of downtime.

'cause the, it'll start dropping off here soon. You get into first part of October, guys are all on the field. Yeah. Nobody's buying anything. We're, which is good for us. We get out to get out and do some beer breathing, get a little hunting done but we need to be busy in a sustainable model year round so that we can keep the r d going.

Yeah. Because that's and a lot of people just [00:57:00] haven't realized, I don't pull any money outta this company and in the company, I don't take anything out of it. We put every single drop of it back into employees for one. And that's why when you get orders and you go, gosh, I've never had stuff. This good.

All of our broadheads are dropped before they go out. By hand on leather. Tyler's doing that back there when I walked in. Yeah. Yeah. Dropping broadheads drop, you're talking tens of thousands of broadheads a year that are touched by human hands before they go out. Yeah. So we put money into our people 'cause we need them to turn out premium product and then the r d process.

Yeah. Cool stuff coming. Just costs money to do it. Innovation's at the heart man. Lot innovation at the heart engineering company that happens to make of turn out some awesome arrows and broadheads. You're dang right Seth. What's the website? Sirius And that's SS I R I u Ss.

I hear my Siri going off in the background. She does it every time. But no, it's www dot [00:58:00] ss i r i u s archery do com. Appreciate you, man. Alright, brother. Been good? Yes sir.