Archery Tips with Pro Chris Hammond

Show Notes

If you have ever wanted to shoot your bow more accurately, this episode of the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast can help. Chris Hammond is a professional archer from Oklahoma who shoots for Mathews (as well as many other sponsors) on the pro circuit. Chris and John break down every aspect of a shot, from your grip to your release and everything in between. You'll probably find yourself holding your arms up and following along as you listen.

Not only do the two talk shooting form, Chris also talks about his battle with target panic and how it almost caused him to quit shooting competitively all together. He talks about how he dug himself out of it, and the training he did to get to where he is today. John also asks for some good practice scenarios for both target archery and hunting, and finishes with a tough question many have been asking recently. How far of a shot is to far?

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