Building The Perfect Arrow

Show Notes

This week on the O2 Podcast, Ohio’s Outdoor podcast, the guys sit down with Seth and Tyler of Sirius Archery. The guys at Sirius were extremely gracious with their time and expertise. We discuss may different topics from the beginning of Sirius, to the current state, and what to look forward too. Seth talks about the ins and outs of arrow construction, product selection, and all things arrows.

Andrew is got a good dose of dumb birds making him look even dumber this week. More details on that hunt next week, and Neander-Paul is out traveling again. Paul also has some stories to report back about some of his recent hunts but we wanted to get that all together in one show. Be on the look out of that one next week.

The weather has broken, Redwing black birds are out and about, Spring is Here (FINALLY)!!! Get out and enjoy the great state of Ohio and all it has to offer! Enjoy!

Find out more about Send it Slam on July 9th !

Show Transcript