Arron Bleise: The Fall Podcast

Show Notes

The week on the show the guys get to talk with Arron Bleise, host of The Fall Podcast about his two year quest after a buck nicknamed "Super Six". Some of our listeners may already know about this deer and story, but we thought the story about the hunt and recovery of Arron's deer was too good not to do another. This hunt and recovery is the epitome of seeing a hunt all the way through. Many people who shoot and injure a deer give up trying to recover it way too easily, and Arron's story is a good example of perseverance and doing everything in your power to recover the deer you shot. This story is full of ups and downs as well as some great learning points for all of us. Thanks to Arron for coming on with us and telling the story of this hunt again. Be sure to check out Arron's episode about it as well as his show with Working Class Bowhunter at the links below.  

The Fall Podcast Episode 188 About Super Six

Working Class Bowhunter Episode 483 With Arron

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