Targeting Specific Deer With Blake Garrett

Show Notes

This week on the Missouri Woods & Water podcast, the guys have Blake Garrett on to talk about targeting specific bucks. Blake talks about some management things he does on his property that helps get certain deer to an age they like to see and how managing for competition has worked for him. By removing some of the younger bucks fewer make it to an older age, but Blake talks about how he thinks that increases the chances of those older deer staying at home because they are the only mature deer on the farm now. He also talks about how he conditions deer each time he enters the farm so that they associate his presence with something positive. He then gets into how he targeted a buck nicknamed Little Left and how he used his trips onto the farm coupled with what he saw on camera to get on this deer and ultimately kill him. If he didn't change what he was doing and hunted him the same way he did the year before there was no chance he was going to be successful. He also talks about mineral sites and his strategy in using those. There is a lot of interesting and outside the box ideas in this show with Blake so enjoy.   Missouri Woods & Water is Powered by Simplecast

Show Transcript