Arrow Integrity w/ Day Six

Show Notes

Brian Broderick joined Michigan Wild this week. Brian is the owner of Day Six Gear and in this episode Nate and him talk about the start up of Day Six, why Day SIx is different from other arrow manufacturers, the Dragonfly knife and why Brian made it, and some insight on his broadheads along with his take on single bevel broadheads. 

Brian feels his arrows stand apart because of the overall system starting with the broadhead and the components. It is a sum of all the parts and setting forth with the correct mindset within Day Six that has helped create a structurally sound arrow that performs consistently. Brian also dives into the story with the new knife that has recently become available and the story to go along with it. The Dragonfly knife is a first of its kind and was made because Brian felt there was a need for it, not only for himself but for other fellow outdoorsmen as well. 

Check out Day Six at and take advantage of all the info and years of experience they have to offer. 

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