Arrow Myth Busting with Jeromy Chamberlain

Show Notes

There are quite a few "experts" out there these days when it comes to arrows. But one major problem is many of these experts don't seem to agree on much of anything. Some say you need to shoot 750 grain arrows or you're doing it wrong. Others opt for a 350 grain speed demon. Some swear by mechanical broadheads. Some won't shoot anything but a 200 grain single bevel head. Some are sticking by the tried and true standard diameter arrows. Some insist that micro diameter arrows are the only way to get good penetration and minimize the impact of wind on the arrow's flight. Who's right????

In this episode of the Wisconsin Sportsman, Josh & Pierce talk with JC from Pappa's Trading Post to bust some arrow setup myths. The guys touch on arrow weight, shafts, spine, FOC, and of course, broadheads. Along the way, toes are stepped on, myths are busted, and some crappy products are just straight called out. If you're looking for folks folks to shoot your straight when talking arrows, then this episode is for you! Enjoy!

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