Artisanal Deer Scrapes

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Today’s show opens with us talking about the group's most recent outdoor adventures. We go over our recent weekend fishing with Charles Wesley Godwin. While he may have left us thinking that none of us know how to fish, he let us know it was a much needed break from touring and interviewing after releasing his most recent album Family Ties. Dan dives into his recent scouting trip preparing for his hunt at Land Between the Lakes. His crazy trail camera experiences have continued over the past week. He put some good miles on his boots going to check his camera, maybe even an extra mile that he didn’t have to put in. He decided to hang a second camera, but the camera woes hit again. Pro-tip - don’t trust Amazon branded batteries. Listen in to this episode Sponsored by to hear all the possible things that can go wrong when checking your trail camera!

Next up Brayden goes into his recent weekend public hunting for whitetail. Complete with an awesome set of oaks to hunt, perfect wind, perfect weather, it was building up to be an awesome morning in the woods. Unfortunately, the morning hunt didn’t go as planned, but he and Phil had another plan to hopefully induce some success. They headed to an old tree orchard with perfect lanes, taking it slowly looking for deer. His first time ever hunting for whitetail on the ground produced some heart pounding moments. Make sure to tune in to see exactly how it all panned out. 

Closing out Brad talks about his recent weekend deer hunting. He had his slowest day yet, and still managed to see seven deer! Deer after deer after deer showed up on his afternoon sit. A few small bucks showed up with a few does including a real nice six-point that is going to be a stud in a few years. He held tight and then even his target buck showed up, make sure you listen in to see how crazy his evening got! You definitely won’t want to miss this one.

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[00:00:00] That actually wasn't my photo. I saw it on Twitter. Oh, really? Yeah. So I found a very, uh, promiscuous. photo on Twitter and send it to the, the guys, uh, the O2 guys and some of the go out guys. And that's what Jacob was talking about. Something you found in the woods. Something that had a little more context.

Yeah. It was not me. I thought, I saw that picture. I thought you'd found that. No. And I've been looking for that. Uh huh. We'll move on. We'll keep this, we'll keep this semi kid friendly. Uh, but anyways, I believe you guys, uh, at least, oh, three of us got out. I don't know what Jacob did. I just finished my broadhead tune.

Nothing exciting, but, well, and you're recovering from being under the weather. Yeah. Yeah, can't be out in the tree stand hiking, which Derek has passed it on to him. I think he's starting to get it, and he's like, I don't know, should I hunt tomorrow, or should I try to make sure I don't get sick before his South Dakota trip on Friday?

And I'm like, dude, don't. Don't make yourself [00:01:00] sicker. I would not hunt right now. If I had a trip coming up this weekend, I'd make sure I was in peak condition. He's got plenty of time to get his back. Oh, but you and I, uh, I don't even think we've told, I mean, not that we caught anything. You caught one fish, but we got to fish with Charles.

That was cool. Yeah. Yeah, that was fun. Charles who? Charles Wesley Goblin, the singer songwriter. But Jacob and I went, we've had a good run of music actually, cause I haven't heard about Colter. Uh, but Jacob and I saw Nick Jamerson and Charles Wesley Goblin on Wednesday night. And then we took him fishing on Thursday morning and thought that we were going to be.

into, uh, some good fishing over at the Falls of the Ohio and we were not. Well, there is, uh, we have a nemesis on the social medias that hunts that spot all of the time. And he's constantly catching huge hybrids on the fly. I'll, me and Jacob will look at it and be like, where is, we're like trying to like ID like the trees in the background.

Where is [00:02:00] he? How is he doing this? Because every time we go up there. Well, I've been there when he's there. Yeah, we've seen him. And still cannot figure out, when we were there this week, and it was so low, I thought, okay, now's my opportunity to see how he's getting where he's getting. No idea. It was, dude, it was like two feet lower than when me, you and Braden and Derek went last year.

So we were actually, we walked out to the middle. I walked all the way to the other side. Oh wow. And you remember where you were catching the drum? Yeah. I walked over because I thought that pool would be deep compared to everything else we were seeing, which was super shallow. And over on the far side of the wall.

Was the deepest spot and it was loaded with a bunch of little, you know, bait sized fish. And I'm thinking, I'm like, all right, I finally found something. I'm going to be able to catch something. I didn't get anything. So we, it was a bust. Uh, Jacob hit a small mouth right out of the gate first cast, I think.

And we were like, Oh yeah, man, this is going to be it. And then it was nothing. I got a couple bites and that was there, but that you could tell it was all small. So Charles Wesley Godwin thinks we all suck. He didn't care. He's like, dude, I've been touring for six weeks [00:03:00] straight. I haven't had a single day break.

Just with all the activities and interviews. His album just came out. It's so good. Listen to it if you haven't. He just wanted some slow down time. Yeah, he's like, I could just sit here without a fishing pole and be happy right now, so I had a good time with him. Good perspective, Charles. Yeah, we won't talk about it too long because we didn't catch anything, but if you haven't checked out Charles new album, I think it's the album of the year.

I think it's absolutely the album of the year. It's fantastic, so. Yeah, if you've watched West Virginia play football, you've heard him cover, uh, It's not a cover, that's uh, it's called Q Country Roads. Is that the one they're using? Yeah. I thought they were using actually the Country Roads. Okay, yeah. Q Country Roads.

They might be playing them at the game, but um, Q Country Roads comes on the album right before his cover of Country Roads, which. I'll go as far to say that I like more than the original. I'll say it. It's my favorite song on the album for sure. Some John Denver fans gonna be bringing some heat to me, but I'm just saying give it a shot.

It's good. Yeah. John Denver fans. They're out there, man. Especially my mom. I don't think they're bringing the heat. Well, but they're very chill. They're bringing the icy hot.[00:04:00]

That's actually a really good joke. I like how every uncensored, I just find a group of our listeners too. So pissed off. We're just Jeep guys. Yeah. And now it's John Denver fans. John Denver fans. It's probably more Jeep guys than John Denver fans though. I bet. I bet there are a lot of cheap guys are on.

Yeah, I was gonna say , the correlation, the Venn diagram is tight. Yeah. So how was your scouting trip? Uh, it was wild. It was a comedy of errors. So I had set one trail cam out on this property on a logging road and was getting some good traffic. But I could tell the deer were coming to and from some place.

So I bought a second trail cam. You know, it's peak season and we have... A partnership with Tacticam, and I still couldn't get one of those Tacticam lithium batteries. So I ordered, like, the lithium batteries on Amazon, and Amazon's like, Oh, these are, you know, charged [00:05:00] from, you know, when you get them, they're already charged up.

And I'm like, great, put it on my camera, turn on my camera, at home. Full battery, great, cool. On the AT& T card, SIM card, put the Verizon SIM cards in my bag. Extra SD card, card reading, little plug in, what you recommended, instead of bringing my laptop out, which was a good, uh, suggestion. So I go out and I'm like, okay, I'm gonna go along this ridge line, along this logging road, grab the old camera to move it and take the new camera and the second camera.

And so I'm walking along this logging road and I'm like, man, I feel like I should have seen this camera by now. Like I should be on where this camera was. I'm like, I've been walking for at least a mile. Um. You didn't do a pin drop on your... I did do a pin drop, but it's not in the logging room. I'm like, I'm going to see it.

So I pull out my phone to see where the pin was, and as soon as I pull out my phone, it was like, you're attacked at camp. It has a new image. And it's just me. Walking right... Walking right by it. And I was already way [00:06:00] past it, so I'm like, I've got the other camera in my... in my backpack, so I'll just set up the other camera, loop back around, grab the first camera, and set it out.

So, my whole deal is... I have, you know, I, I don't have a ton of experience in my second season hunting. Still don't have a super good idea of what a good scrape, a good rub looks like, where to find them. I've been listening to a lot of podcasts about it and I'm just walking through the woods and I'm not seeing any deer sign.

And I'm probably about two and a half miles from my truck. And then all of a sudden I come on this deer super highway next to a field at the bottom of some ridge lines. Deer superhighway, kind of muddy soft ground, I can see deer prints everywhere, and I come across this rub that is so aggressive, I'm questioning whether it was like set up man made and it's got splinters of wood on the ground on top of deer hoof prints.

So I know this isn't like an old thing and then the deer have been stepping on the chips. It was like [00:07:00] super duper fresh. So I put my new camera on it and when I turn it on it goes 50 percent battery. And I'm like, what? It was a hundred percent battery. When I left and I opened my, my, uh, backpack, unzip a pocket, get the, the strap to do the camera and set it up, walk away.

I'm maybe 10 minutes away from it and I get a ping from Tacticam. It's like, your Tacticam's at 20 percent battery. And I'm like, they're not fully charged. Amazon told me they're fully charged. I don't trust Amazon batteries. And it's just dropping super quick. So it's out there on this rub with 20 percent battery.

So then I walk way around along this Creek bed. It's more of a Creek bed. It's more almost like a river bed. I mean, the Creek is. Eight foot wide at some sections and probably three foot deep. And this is leading out, this is laying between the lakes, so it's leading directly out to one of the lakes. And I come across another area that's [00:08:00] tons of bedding opportunity, but nowhere to hang a saddle.

So I'm thinking, okay, if I don't hit anything in the morning, I'll walk over here and set up. And I've got images, I'll have to show you the images. So anyways, so then I loop all the way back around. It's probably a four mile loop. And get to the first trail cam that I walked by on the first try. And I... Uh, go to, I open it up, get the little dongle, put it in the dongle.

It's not working. And it's like, you've got to format your card. And I'm like, I don't want to format my card. Cause I got all these images and videos I want to download. I'm like, luckily I brought another SD card in my pocket with my other two SIM chips, my Verizon SIM chips. And I looked down at that pocket and it's wide open and I stick my hand in it.

And everything all that pockets gone. No, yeah, and I'm like, oh no cuz I found out that these trail You can't just buy another SIM card. Those SIM cards are matched to that camera. I [00:09:00] am ER. Yeah I'm sure you could reach out to tactic came and get some replacements, but it's like well not helpful at the time And I go so I've already looped around once so I go I bet that That when I set up the new trail cam, I opened that pocket to get the strap.

I bet I left it open and when I pulled out the strap or put on the pack, they fell out right there by the new trail cam. And I'm like, if I don't get it now, if it gets rained on or anything, they'll be ruined. And it's only three o'clock and I'm like, am I going to do a whole nother loop? I've done four miles at this point in the woods.

And for you just listening, I'm, I'm pretty athletic. I'm not quite the super athlete that I once was in my 20s. Four miles is a lot for me. Eight miles, eight miles is even more. And this is, you know, not easy terrain. This is a lot of hills and I'm at the top of the ridgeline and I'm talking about going all the way [00:10:00] back down to the river valley and then all the way back up to the top of the ridgeline.

I'm like, all right, I'll do it. So I, so I grabbed that camera, the old camera to, to move it. And I come across on my way to the second camera, like the most perfect scrape. And I just showed you images of it, but it looks so good. I think a person did it. It's got, it's probably about the size of like a card table, like maybe four foot by four foot.

And it's got like a perfect fan shape where the hoofs are. Just drew a line, and then it's got a wet spot of buck pee in the scrape. And then on the other side of this tree, this little sapling with a licking branch, there's another one on the other side. And it's similar, it's a little bit smaller, but similar.

So I set up my old trail cam there, and then walk another two miles. Did you pee in the scrape? I didn't, because there was already pee there. I would have peed in it. So the rub, [00:11:00] where I set up the first camera, I tried to make a mock scrape and peed on it. But this looks so good. You put a scrape by a rub?

Yes. Is that natural? I've never seen. I don't know. I don't know. Hey, we're gonna find out. Why not? I've never seen a scrape next to a rub, but neither have I. Maybe you're just creating like, you just discovered something. You created like a supernova. You unlocked a cheat code. These deer are like, hey Tommy, Tommy, have you ever seen this?

Come here. Come here and look at this, Tommy. I'm gonna have it on trail cam and it's gonna be rubbing and scraping at the same time. I think you're gonna see a Bubba out there with like a shovel. You know, like gonna be attracting more. He's got like a deer leg that he's dried out and he's out there.

That's what I was wondering. I'm like, this would be artisanal if, if someone artisanal, artisanal and artisanal scrapes someone, if this was a mock, there's the episode name artisanal scrapes. Just looking at that image, I can't imagine that effort being put forth by human. Yeah, I don't know. [00:12:00] That's my hand in there.

So you see the lines up there? Yeah. I, I've never seen. I don't know. I'm, I'm not, we're all a bunch of goobers, but I've never seen that. How would a, a person have done, they would have needed a large stick. I mean, that would be a level of effort. Yeah, I just don't know. We're gonna have to share that with Dwayne so people can see what that looks like.

We'll have to share that out there. What do you think? Yeah. Yeah, and the other thing was, was this ground was wet. And so, someone had to, if it was fake, someone had to have done it that day or the day before. And my trail cam was on the logging road, that's the only access into that area. So if there was some bubba out there that just set that up as a fake, I would have had him on trail cam.

I didn't. I'm thinking it's real. That being said, I did not get a picture last night. Did you find your carts? No. I walked all the way down to the camera, so now I'm six miles in. No cards. And I think what happened was when I was walking around, I got stuck on the [00:13:00] wrong side of that creek. And I had a monkey man across the creek on a fallen limb, so I was kind of like horizontal.

Oh, that's cool. I'm like, I bet they... I would like a video of that. It sounds a lot cooler. That sounds really athletic, Dan. It wasn't. Sounds athletic. Have you ever seen like a, like, footage of like, um, like a wildfire and like there's an old orangutan that's like trying to escape and you're like, oh no, this is very, oddly specific.

That's what I look like. I look like I was thinking more like the people that show up to Frogger and think they're mildly athletic. Or like a, uh, Floor is lava or ninja warrior. Yeah, you know, they think they're athletic and then they find out very quickly They're not what you've forgotten. Is it Brad and I did a rugged maniac with you last fall?

Yeah, we know how you monkey out of places. So I got a good visual. Yeah, I was yeah I was behind Dan on the monkey bars and he was about to finish and I was about to fall in and I see that He's gonna finish I'm like, no, I am not letting Dan best me on the monkey bars, but he's [00:14:00] so long he had the advantage Yeah, I did built like an orangutan.

I did do a little Gazelle leap across one of the riverbeds, like, with like one leg out and hit my leg and I was like, ooh, I landed a little bit weird. Didn't believe that. Oh, I did. I did. So, I did the second loop, which extended the time my wife thought I'd be out in the woods. I was like, I'll probably be like three hours.

She calls me at five, and I'm going back to the truck, so I'm going up the ridgeline, and my leg is on fire. I'm like straggling. And, and I was like, where are you? Are you close? And I'm like, Oh, I'm still in the woods. I'm almost to the truck. And she's like, what? And I'm like, it's a long story. She's like, are you okay?

I'm like, I might have screwed up my leg. Mostly. She's like, but you were mildly athletic. So today I can't lift my knee to 90 degrees. So it's your quad. Yeah. It's the inside that, that I think. It's like, no, it's like the adductor. Like, it's not the [00:15:00] back of the leg, it's like almost to my groin. Um, so, my leg's all checked now.

But, so anyways, got two trail cams set up. Wait, can you get up your climbing sticks? I wouldn't, uh, I'd be able to now, I'd just have to baby one leg, but by the time, Oh, you've got like two legs. Sitting in a saddle, though, like that for 12 hours. Yeah, I got the inside of my leg shaved, and then one of my wife's, period.

Icy hot pads. Salon pass pads on the inside of my leg. So I'm, I'm treating it better. Interesting. Uh, so anyways, so, got two cameras set going on there. I'm just going to breeze right by that. Yeah, just not even going to edit a mental image for you guys. Let's not dive into that. Your poor wife. Uh, my poor wife.

Uh, so I got two trail cams set up, one on a, one on a rub with a man made screen.

So we'll see how that works. I cannot wait to see [00:16:00] the bubba's you got coming through. That may or may not just be... Me and the Bubba slowly, slowly,

slowly tricking each other. I'm going to come back. They'll be like a perfect... Bubba's going to come back and be smelling your pee. They'll be like a perfect... pile of acorns right there, and I'll be like, I didn't know deer stacked acorns like that. Right next to us, right? You make it bigger, you add acorns to see him like tasting your dirt to see if it's fresh.

That's great. So we'll see how that works out. It has a trail cam on it that has 20 percent battery, brand new trail cam, 20 percent battery. And then I've got uh, an artisanal. Natural, natural free range. Depending on the bub of traffic, your 20 percent might make it till you go back out. Hey, you might just bring in the largest bucket in the area.

Like, I, just knowing the way this stuff goes, man, you might have just... You [00:17:00] might be on. Well, you're hunting. You're, you're like mid rut though, right? Yeah. So it's, it's all going to be for not cause the deer are just going to do nothing that they're doing now. Um, it's, it's more just for mental preparedness of, I know there are deer.

No, I know. I'm just saying, it's going to go, sideways. I mean the, the big, if you have does, you got a good shot. Well, did you, you covered eight miles. So it's not like you're just walking, staring at the ground. Like you're figuring out the area. True. But also I'm coming across, I came across a climbing stand out there.

I came across a blind out there and they both look old. And I was talking with Derek and I'm like, who's leaving this stuff out there? Somebody dragging a deer out. And they just don't feel like going back to get it. It's my guess. Or they forget until they get home and they're like, Oh, that's three hours away.

It's toast. That, or I'm wondering how many people are just like every year during the quota hunt. They don't even enter the quota hunt. They just walk out there and they're like, yep. I drew the quota hunt And it's like, you [00:18:00] know, they that's just their perennial spot. Yeah. Did you did you hunt or scout?

What were you doing? Me? Yeah. Oh, yeah, I hunted Anything? Uh, we went to a spot we turkey, well, answer your question. No. Uh, I'll give you a direct answer on that. Um, we did, we did some cool, like, stalk hunting at the end, which was fun. Uh, or still hunting, I guess you'd call it. But, we went and deer hunted a place that we turkey hunted.

Which, uh, I told a story about Phil pulling the trigger on his shotgun on a turkey's face and it not going off. We were like, probably like 500 yards from where that happened. And it's a really cool spot. This is your public land spot. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, and, uh, it like borders some private in a really cool spot.

It's actually like a hunting lease. Um, there's like hundreds of acres of hunting lease around the area. And it's like a lot of oaks and stuff in this area. And there's another place we call the Oak Flat that's not far from [00:19:00] it. And like from everything everyone's talking about and we're reading like white oaks right now are kind of like.

They're the it thing during the October lull or whatever So we knew there were some in the area and it's it's really tough hunting oaks cuz like Deer will pick and Phil was telling me about this I always think about deer like just kind of grazing through the woods, you know, but like apparently they will pick They say, I don't know how you could prove this, maybe they track them, but like they say, the same deer will pick like one oak every 300 yards and graze that same tree, like they call it the feeding tree, right?

And so like you'll find a lot of deer poop around like a specific tree and then you'll have bucks that cruise downwind of it. Um, and, like, they'll kind of, they'll kind of do a question mark around that feeding tree. Um, so they say. I don't know. I've, I've never experienced that and obviously don't have years of experience or anything.

Like, but, we'll, we'll see. Uh, so we get out there and get set up and... [00:20:00] Didn't really see anything all morning like great weather Like perfect wind felt really good about our sets. I got from my last saddle set saddle setup I had like a much better setup this time and felt great about it And actually when the Sun came up there was so much like visibility Around my tree that I actually realized I wanted to like move my platform to have like my strong side shot at this like I could Tell there's like a clear deer trail, like 20, 25 yards in front of my tree.

So like, I kind of Spider Man down my tree tether. Have you ever done that before? Like to adjust. So like you have your lineman belt, right? Like that's what I use to like work while I'm putting my sticks up in my platform up when I'm like climbing the tree and I was up there and I was like, I want to move my platform, but I don't want to like detach the tree tether, put my lineman belt on and like down climb a step and like navigate my.

Lime and rope around my platform. I was like, that's just too much. I wonder if I have enough slack [00:21:00] to be able to get down to my third step, third stick to get down there and work and move my, my platform. And so like, I just grabbed that Prusik knot and like loosened it and basically went like, climbed, navigated down and like basically got all the way down to the knot at the end.

And I had plenty of room. And so all I had to do, I just kind of like Spider Man'd down. Like it was almost like repelling a little bit down to my stick. Moved it like. I don't know, like five or six inches around the tree. So I had like a better shot at the trail and climbed right back up, tightened up the Prusik knot and boom.

I was like, I mean, five minutes. So like that kind of for hunting a place where I had never, like, I'd never deer hunted it. So I didn't know like where my shooting lines were going to be cause it was dark. Uh, and like being able to do that was kind of a cool thing. I figured out, um, I'll be more confident in like going down and doing that quietly in the future if I need to adjust.

Um, But, yeah, so we, we don't see anything out there, and me and Phil, like, neither one of us, he was like 200 yards, or, I don't know, [00:22:00] maybe 150 yards, 100 yards, something like that behind me, uh, and neither one of us saw anything, so we get down, we're texting, we get down, and we're like, let's scout around a little bit here, and then get out and go, there was this old orchard, it used to be like a private orchard, and now it's just public land, so it's like all overgrown, but all the trees are like in lines, um, and so he's like, let's go still hunt, and That and kind of like work through those lines.

It had rained. So the ground was real quiet. We drop all of our gear off at the car and we head out. And I'd never done this before, um, and so I was like just trying to, he took one side, I took the other, and he's like just take like a few steps, be quiet, like try to look out ahead, use your rangefinder to like, you know, just as like a little bit of glass, just to see a little bit ahead of you.

I'm like, all right, well, on our way in there, we walked through like just tons of doe bedding, which we knew was like roughly in the area, there's a lot of bedding, so we kind of walked through all that, and you can just see there's just trails going into this like orchard, [00:23:00] there's just. tons of deer sign and everything.

And so we like are still hunting through. I could kind of see him like on the other side, but then we ended up separating. And so we're just like slowly moving through with our bows and just like take a step real quiet and kind of watch and try not to make any like step on sticks and make a bunch of sound.

And all of a sudden I see a deer kind of bound off. I see like the white tail, like taken off through the woods. And I was like, Oh crap. Must have bumped that one. So I just kinda like got on a knee and just like sat there and just waited for a couple minutes. And I got up and I started going again. And I'm going like real quiet but in my head I'm like that thing just bound off.

I got some room here to like make up. So I'm moving a little quicker. And I don't know, ten minutes go by. And next thing I know, like 15 yards to my left, deer pops up right there. And like, I see it. I never could tell if it was a buck or a doe. It shocked me so much. I was like, Whoa. And it like literally kind of like shuffled one way, [00:24:00] shuffled the other way.

And then like took off like real, this one I could tell like went real far, but the first time when I bumped it, it did not go very far at all. Um, But, yeah, if I had, like, known what to expect in that situation, I could have maybe, like, meh, or something, like, to try to get it to stop, and I, like, might have had a decent shot, I don't know.

Uh, but it was cool to, like, get that close, like, on the ground, and, like, actually, I know that's something you used to do a lot, like, hunting on the ground. I, I've never been that close. Um, on the ground before, um, like trying to hunt one. So it's fun. Yeah, it was, my heart was pumping. I bumped a deer when I was scouting and I could, I was same thing.

I saw the white tail and then it just turned around and looked right at me. And we just stared at it. I got some video of it after show, putting some room between you and it. Yeah. But for five, five minutes. Literally five minutes. Wow. I was like looking at it. I took videos of it I was glassing around it to see if it had, it was a doe, see if it had Babies or if there was any other deer nearby just staring at it looking [00:25:00] directly at me Just doop a doop a doo.

So I don't know if that means used to seeing people. What? If it means used to seeing people or it has never seen a person before in its life. No, they They're, they're, it's putting distance to run from a predator. Yeah. You know, that way you don't have striking distance to it. So it's just checking you out at that point.

But I mean, I've bumped deer before where they see me and they take off. I've never had one just stop and just look at me. I've, I've bumped deer that do what Brayden said and then don't run. You know, it's weird, I mean, everyone's different and every situation's a little different, so. Yeah. But basically, like, the time we were doing that, it's like...

1045, 11 o'clock. So, I mean, it was sleeping, like, in its, like, secondary bedding spot, I guess. So, uh, yeah, that was cool. Um, while we were up in our tree, our initial tree, like, hunting, we got a picture on one of the cameras out in another public spot, and I sent it to some of y'all. Uh, we ended up getting a video from the camera, too.

There's this dude, like, with a gun, like, just [00:26:00] strolling through, like, This is our spot for the row, like we have giant bucks in this area. And so initially I'm like, what the heck? This dude's freaking like deer hunting with a gun right now and like our buck spot, like what's going on? And. So I like, I texted the video to Chris Powell, and he was like a conservation officer for like, it was like 30 years or something.

I'm like, dude, there's a guy with a gun, like, hunting, like, he's poaching, and on this property, blah, blah, blah. He's like, well, he's like, could be turkey hunting, could be squirrel hunting, you know, like my head, I'm like, full deer mode, and he's like, well, not necessarily, and it's also not illegal to carry a gun on public.

So like, yeah, what do you, like, What are you gonna, he, he said I would call it in because sometimes they'll know like from looking at him, like that as a poacher and they'll kind of like go and work the area. But then I was like, well, if he's not, I don't want them going parading through, like, we're going to be there in a couple of, yeah.

I was like, ah, but we ended [00:27:00] up getting pictures on camera of deer like this morning and stuff. So it's not like he like blew up dairy or anything. I don't know. I'm sure the guys are so funny. I see. Forums on like Reddit of, of, or this argument of like, you shouldn't go squirrel hunting when it's deer season.

I'm like, it's public land, bro. I know. It's like access is access. Access is access. Like why is your deer hunt more important than his squirrel hunt? It's not. Or his Turkey hunt. You know, it's not, yeah, but I hear, I feel your pain. I was kind of like bummed. But yeah, that's what me and Phil were like, it's.

As much his as it is ours, that's the game we play. Like, it's the extra element of difficulty of trying to hunt public, so. Um, we're actually going to go out, um, Friday. I'm taking a half day off work, so for the afternoon. Brad already knows about this, everybody. It's not, I'm not breaking that to him right now.

I'm not asking. No, I'm not worried. Hey, Brad, I'm leaving work. I'm ready to go. No, um. I, there, I was scouting, like, on Onyx last night, like, a lot of times I'm just messing around, like, looking at different stuff around. [00:28:00] And I actually DM'd Squatchbot, like, just a random question to see kind of what he would say.

And I was like, um, Are there any public spots that other people wouldn't notice? close to me. My zip code is this. And he goes, I don't have zip code information, but here's some ways to look for it. And I was like, okay, well, I live in this town in Indiana. And he goes, oh, sorry for the confusion. Here are some public places that you could check out like public parking.

So he listed a couple. And so I went to the Indiana DNR and they have an interact interactive map. And I was like, When I think of public, because I'm just a noob, I'm thinking it's like a big block of land, right? No, it actually, it looks like somebody dropped like a big paintball. And it just looks like, pfft, and there's little splatters all around, where they're, whether they're expanding or they used to have a big plot, and now it's...

private or something like that. But there's these little chunks of like 400, 500 yards all around some of the big public areas that we [00:29:00] hunt. And so I started looking into these little ones and I was looking for ones that don't have parking lots. Um, like of, okay, like maybe these aren't ones that people are going to stop by.

They're going to go to the main like proper area, go park in the parking lot and go hike out. So Friday afternoon we're actually going to go hunt one of those little tracks and it's like the spot where hunting is. Like in total, it's probably a, it's a rectangle. That's like 700 yards across where there's a road that cuts it in half.

We're hunting like. It's maybe like 200 yards total across like long wise and like maybe 150 wide. So it's not very big, but there's like a couple of nice inside corners on like there's a private property just on the edge of like a nice big ag field. Um, so we're going to go Try to hunt one of those little splatter spots and see what we can, see what we can find during the October lull before we go hunt like our actual, you know, big spots for the rut and everything, so.

That's, that's our plan. I, uh, in the spot I'm in, I've [00:30:00] twice now thought about getting down. And spot and stalking because the wind has been right and uh, it was windy and I'm like if I could get my boots off without them hearing me, I should have, I should have done that the last, that hunt I did the, the challenge I'm running into, and this is a good problem to have, but there's so many deer.

You got eyeballs looking everywhere and I'm like, well, and the leaves are on the ground now to not out there. Um, no, um, I could, I could get around the leaves. The, um, the, the way, so I'm hunting a suburban spot. It's a nursery tree nursery. And, um, multiple times the, the buck I'm looking at and want is about a hundred yards away.

But with the two of my three hunts, the wind has been blowing behind me. And he's in front of me and I'm like, I got the wind advantage. It's super noisy from the [00:31:00] wind and it's suburban. There's car horns. There's all kinds of noise going on. They're kind of, they're very at ease with all the noise. Now I'm cracking leaves.

They would obviously look up, but I, I ha I'm not familiar enough. Like I know the property very well, but I'm not familiar. Like from where I'm sitting, I can't see the exact trees I would need. Like I'd probably have to swing out 70 yards. And make a play coming in to use those lines to my advantage. But I was looking on it on my walk out last night.

I'm like, man, it looks like it'd be a good idea from the tree. But once you get down there, even these small trees are still six feet to the base of the leaves. Um, you know, if I had a row of evergreens totally could do it, but I'm, I'm now thinking after the story that I'm going to tell you guys, I might try a new spot and ground hunt this property.

So I've been out there last night was my third night out there and it was the slowest night, which meant there were only seven deer instead of 16, um, in 90 minutes and it's a, you know, we're [00:32:00] talking 30 acres, so it's, it's a compact, um, experience. It's last night. you know, I had, I had, uh, actually my target buck came in last night, but he came in, there's, there's four spots.

They come in two of them are right next to my stand. There's one 50 yards down and then there's somewhere they're coming out. Just, it's an open fence line down there. So they're coming out somewhere in the corner of the property, but not often. It's either middle or where I'm at. And my experience is the big ones are coming out near me.

Now, last night proved that wrong. Because he came out in a different spot and I've only got three times sitting out there and I've got a couple of trail cameras. So I'm kind of putting together where they're coming. Was it a different wind? Uh, it was, um, than the last time when I saw him. So Friday's wind was going total opposite direction.

So he came in, um, in the middle. Uh, but I, I actually don't think I saw him. It's confusing because there's a lot of deer that look similar from mass size. And then you kind of see him up close. You're like, Oh, that's not the one I thought. Uh, but when he first came out, I thought I have a, [00:33:00] like, I'm pretty.

Heavy mass six point that looks really good at first, but then you realize it's like a very narrow rack He's just not a mature deer. He's gonna be a stud next year or the year after but I thought it was him and then 45 minutes later. I see the this big body out Towards the middle of the field heading towards the pond and I arrange him and just with that little bit of magnification I could see the g2 was huge And that's the deer I'm targeting.

And I had a new deer come in, um, Saturday night that I wasn't there Saturday night. And this, this is a mature deer too. So I've got two, at least three and a half year old deer that I'm targeting. Friday night, dude. I, so I left here at like 440. I think I was talking to one of you guys when I left. Um, you were still here, Dan.

I left and by five Oh five, I'm in the tree. It's awesome. That's awesome. It's awesome. And that was even talking to the guy that works there for a couple minutes, 'cause he was leaving as I was coming in, um, because I've still got all my [00:34:00] stuff set up out there, so I'm not messing around at all. I'm like right up in the tree.

That's awesome. And like I'm, I'm even just pulling up my bow. I've, I've, I'm wearing my bag all the way up 'cause I've got hooks. It's super clean and quiet. And it's so funny, man. I mean, it is like, it's like, A city bus came and dropped off the deer at six o'clock and they just start piling out six 20.

They start coming in. And I honestly, there was, I've hunted out there three times now. So it's all kind of blending together. The first. Cup. Okay. Now I remember I had two, uh, young bucks, like literally a year and a half, but like really for that young, they're not spikes, dude. I mean, these, these deer are like hefty four point deer at a year and a half.

Uh, I mean, I mean like mass to them. Um, and so I saw them come out and they're even stocky for how small they are. Just really good gene deer. And I see them, um, and they come out. And then there was that, what I thought was that six point that was beefy come out and I was watching him and I'm like, [00:35:00] I don't know, he might be bigger than I think he is, but I can't really tell he's at 50 yards.

And I sent you guys a picture the other day. I'm looking through leaves. I don't have good visibility, 70 yards that like in front of me, um, to at least in front and to the right a little bit. And then it's just deer. Deer deer, I think I had gotten up to about nine deer that I counted out in the field. No no real shooters that nine point I passed on the other night had come in.

And the, the two, um, young bucks go, they hear something and they go in and I'm like, well, are they leaving? Cause it's a big buck. Are they chasing a doe? And I see them go in and I had lost that big bulky six point. Don't know where he went. And I, cause I couldn't see again, cause I'm looking into tree farm, there's rows of trees and once they get under them, I can, they kind of, you know, I'll see legs every now and then.

Um, I had no idea where he was. I see them go back and they chase out a doe and, uh, she comes out with. three yearlings and, and then I [00:36:00] see them behind her. And then I see what I'm, I think is the six point coming back around. And I'm like, Oh, he doubled back with them. And he's coming out now too. And I had my hand on my bow cause I wasn't sure what was going to come out.

And I, I. just from the first night. I knew that last 30 minutes of daylight is just nuts. So I actually was standing, hanging in my stand, like Braden said, strong side, like ready to go. They're coming to my weak side, you know, where I can't, I can't turn to shoot this way, which doesn't matter. It's kind of covered anyways.

It's perfect right now because they can't see me very well. Um, so I see him coming and by the time And when he gets to my left side where I could shoot, I realized it is not the deer I thought it was. And I'm like, I need to shoot. And I'm like going and getting ready. And then he hits my scent wall and he looks up at me and this is him staring at what we'll, we'll put this on the video too.

[00:37:00] This is him staring up at me. That's the one. But I am looking at him and I'm like, Oh, crap. That's the wrong deer. That's a different deer. That's the right deer. That's the deer I've got on trail camera coming through at 12. Remember I told you guys he hasn't gone daylight yet. He hasn't gone daylight yet.

Oh no. So I'm like I'm not horrified yet because when I'm looking at him, I'm still, so he's staring at you like that and you're just froze. I'm totally, I'm not even blinking and I'm just, I'm dead holding my bow out. Um, and that goes on for about a minute and a half and look down and then we're done.

Yeah. He wasn't looking at me, but he was like trying jerks. This is what's so great about hunting suburban is like the scent wall locked him up. And if I had been drawn, he'd been dead deer dude. Cause it would have been perfect. He hit my scent wall and it was like not moving for a minute and a half at all the time in the world.

But I couldn't draw on him right then he would have bolted. So he, he turns and I'm still like the angle. I was looking at him at, this is what happened to me a couple of years ago. I'm, I'm. [00:38:00] Notorious for making this dumb decision, but sometimes when they come out and that angle, you're, you're above them and the racks look shorter.

And this is why I passed on that deer a few years ago that ended up getting killed out there. And it was this huge, tall monster because the way it was angled, I couldn't tell until it was too late. But once he got out to about 30 yards, cause he walked out with his head down. So I couldn't really see his rack, but when he stood up and then I saw this massive G2, I'm like, Oh my God, you're already stuck.

I can't do anything at that point. I'm, I, I'm not. I'm not going to take a 40 yard shot on this thing. And he, the angle was off. Uh, it would have been a bad idea anyways, even if I could, I wouldn't have taken that shot with a gun. Now I could have eventually got him with a gun, but. Um, he, I got a picture of him once he goes out and starts grazing at like 50 yards and I'm watching him and I texted you guys.

I said, I think I've made a mistake or something like that. I don't remember what it was. And then I got a picture of him, which will drop in the podcast too, through my range finder. And he's look, he's standing up and he's got the belly and I can [00:39:00] see that he's not like trim, like a two and a half year old.

Like he's starting to get the big deer body on him. He's already getting his neck is kind of swollen up. Um, he's got a bigger head that G2 on this picture is just unreal for, for what I've, you know, some of these, yeah, sure. It's not like a, you know, seek one deer. But for me, that would have been not only probably my best year ever, definitely would have been best through with a bow.

And I'm like, Oh, you idiot, you idiot. Like you did it again. I did it again. I should have been drawn and ready. But when I saw him, I was like, Oh, that's the six point because just cause he's coming through leaves. And I thought he had doubled back. I made such a big mistake. So, I watched him and the whole time I'm like, can I get out there?

But this whole time more deer coming out, there were 16 deer that I could see in the field or had watched come out and they're coming out the other side too. Last night I got busted by, um, three, a doe And two yearlings that I didn't even know were out there yet, you know, so that last night, I guess I had 10 deer out there.

Actually, last night, I [00:40:00] watched seven come in and there was actually 10 in the field, but I watched him, uh, mosey off on Friday. And then last night it was, it was him last night, but he just came out in a different spot, but both night, all three nights there, no matter where they come out, they're, they're congregating up to about 20 yards from the front of the tree line where it stops.

And I'm like, if there's a spot, if depending on the wind, if I can get in there and hide next to some of those bigger trees, I just, the only thing I need to really hide is the draw, right? Like the actual draw of the bow. And if I can do that, I might try it. My fear, I might get stuck in there and not be able to move until nine o'clock at night.

Cause I don't want to bust them out. And so, cause I mean, dude, there's, I'm having to sneak way around to just try to get out of there quietly. I've been busted every night when I've left, which I don't mind it if I'm away from my tree. But if I was in a hunting spot, I don't want to like, blow out of my spot.

Right. So, you ever see those dudes hunt, uh, rows of corn? Mmm, I'm, no. Where they like, so, like, they [00:41:00] know there's like, a buck in the corner or whatever. And they'll, they'll sneak in, and then they like, draw one row over. And they like, pop out. Doonk! You're kind of like, hunting those rows of trees. It's the same, man.

It's kind of like, you just don't have the cover of like, the lower body. That's, but that's what I, I need to get out there about an hour earlier. There's literally no worry of a deer showing up at five. I, they just don't, they know. I mean, they figured out, and it's like, I could get out there and look.

Because they're used to workers being there. Workers are there until five, and they start showing up at six. I'm telling you, it's like a bus drops them off, man. It's wild. They start pouring in. And the food source is so good, I would be less worried about busting that spot up. Like, it seems like they would be quick to forget.

They're probably getting busted all the time. Yeah, they're quick to forget. But I don't want them to find out my tree. No. Like, that, that, I'm very protective. I've waited. Every night until I'm sure there's nothing around me because then they might start all coming out in the middle, which I can move to the middle.

There is a good tree over there, but there's even, uh, out in the middle. [00:42:00] They've got, I told you guys, I didn't want to set up a blind the other day. They've got buckets set up over there, these big buckets for those trees and they move around all the time. I'm like, dude, I could build a blind right there in the buckets.

I've got a lot of creative options behind the buckets. That's what I was thinking. Yeah. Well, that's what I mean. I could just put a bucket on your head. Yeah, make a bucket blind. But I could just put holes in the creeper. Just like Toy Story with the cone. But see, even the thing about that is, if I was hunting with one of you guys, one of you guys wanted to go, that's what we'd do is put one of you guys either on that tree or over in those buckets and I would hunt here.

And then the far corner, you, you could cover anything in between me. We could cover, and if they come out near me, we got it. But they're all going out to this pinch. It's not even a pinch point, it's just where they're going. I don't know why the, I can't, maybe it's 'cause they're staying away from the barn.

'cause there's more human activity over there and there's really nothing. There's really a vision thing. There's nothing to eat over there too. Um, but they're just hammering that grass all the way up to the pond. And if I can get in there, I think I'm going to try that next, I think, so. Yeah, dude, you're going to shoot him.

Oh, I, [00:43:00] I was texting Mike Larson. He actually... He was five minutes from my house. Mike, Mike texted me, uh, last night. He's like, tonight's the night, man. Just, you know, envision your shot. He's like hyping me up. Uh, but I told him, I'm like, dude, if I can just stay patient, I'm going to get a big buck. I mean, as long as it doesn't get, like, run over by a car.

Are you able to ID that buck any other way that, like, you keep... You say you make the mistake of, like, thinking the antlers are smaller than they are. Like, do you notice anything about him that you'd be able to, like, say? He's just big. I could tell. Even from up in the tree, you could tell he's not a six?

Last night, when I saw his body last night, I knew it wasn't that six. Okay. I mean, it looked like a cow was out in the field. Yeah. And there was actually another buck out there that was that body size that might have been the one I had on camera Saturday. I couldn't, it was so dark, I couldn't see him at that point.

Um, but. I just made the last night when, or that Friday night when he was coming in, his, his right side is not as big and I think, I guess I saw that cause I, I just, when he was coming in, [00:44:00] I didn't realize what he was. I should have drawn though. You might just need to commit to like big bodied deer with antlers is getting shot.

Or, or I draw and wait, you know, like that's what I should have done. That's the mistake I made. Yeah. It is. And if, if the wind was what it's been, most of the two out of three times, it's been blowing perfect. Cause it's blowing back towards the houses that are 50 yards away and they don't come in on that side probably cause it's too close to those houses have more activity.

I mean, there's kids playing last night. Like you're like, they just, they're so used to all that though. So weird. It's fun, man. I'm like not used to putting together this puzzle. It's like, it sounds like I'm hunting fish in a barrel a little bit and it's, it's not necessarily that, but it's like you, you have some advantages.

Um, there's a couple disadvantages too of like, you know, uh, you know, the fact that I'm hunting in the back of the property and got to bust them all out and everything, but I mean, it's fun. It's a little different. Yeah, it's different. I miss, I miss being like total woods, but, um, I, I am enjoying it this season, so.

You're gonna shoot a big ol tree farm buck. It's gonna [00:45:00] happen. Oh, I mean, I've already thought about, like, if I get one, I'm gonna take a picture right in front of those trees. I'm not gonna, like, drag it over to the side. No, no, no. I'm gonna proudly, like... Absolutely. I might put the houses in the background.

Yeah. On the gravel. Right. Yeah, like, I'm not gonna hide the fact that, like, I mean, I think it's cool. Yeah. It's really cool. I'm helping my buddy out too. Well, my, my wife at first was like, why are you waiting for this? Like, just shoot one of the decent ones. And I'm like, honestly, the big ones are the ones that are shredding his trees to shreds.

Like, I mean, I've seen the damage and like shooting with that nine point wouldn't have, I mean, he had some stuff on his antlers, but you all have seen, like when you see a good rub on a tree, you put a mock scrape next to it. Yeah. I know they say you can't tell like size of deer, but like you just, there's no way that The little deer are tearing up like these big ones are.

So there's a, there's a difference. Yeah. So I'm, I'm pumped though. And it's so convenient, man. Like my wife doesn't care. Like it's cool. It's like a few hours, you know, it's like I went out to dinner with somebody. [00:46:00] Sweet. Well, when are you getting out next? I don't know. I honestly, I don't know. I got a lot going on right now.

Um, just trying to juggle personal calendar with work calendar and, you know, get out when I can. It's starting to get cold. I think they said this last weekend was probably going to be our last 80 degree day of the year. Yeah. So all seven, highs of seventies, lows of fifties, that sort of weather. Well, last night was low fifties.

I thought they would have been out more than they were last night, but there's obviously other factors. So when are you, when are you going out again? Probably one day this week. Talk Gotta figure out how the family schedule lines up. And you're going out this weekend. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Tucker just got back.

He was out west. So, we're gonna, we're gonna go Sunday. I don't know if, Pastor Phil, I don't think Pastor Phil's gonna be able to make Sunday hunts any more this year, but he gets Friday off every week, so hunt with him Friday, and then Saturday, Sunday, we'll see what we got. See how it goes. Cool. All right.

Well, uh, Dan, I can't wait to hear about Bubba next week. Yeah. How many Bubbas you get on camera? [00:47:00] Peeing in your scrape. I just love the idea of like Dan and this guy both peeing on the same scrape to like, you have a, you've been brought to, you're like blood brothers, but through piss now. It would be, it would be amazing.

Piss brothers. But it is, it is three miles from. Uh, the closest parking spot. That's what he's thinking too. Is he as athletic as you to make it back there? Did his pee smell athletic? I don't know. Well, there was no pee there because there was no scrape there. I put a scrape there. Oh, that's right. That's right.

He did the rub. You didn't smell like protein powder? No. Okay. We'll see. We'll see. I could be on to something. Cool. All right, guys. Thanks for listening. We had Jacob Knight, Dan Hood, Brayden Ware, and Brad Luttrell on here. Make sure you log your show on GoWild. Go to hit the plus sign, log time, outdoors podcast.

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