B.S. Session with Mark Drury

Show Notes

On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan is joined by Mark Drury for a good old fashion B.S. Session. We kick off this episode by talking about Mark's youth  in small town Missouri running the river bottoms of the Mississippi River and the impact his uncles and Boy Scouts had on his outdoor foundation. As you will hear in this episode, Mark says he likes deer hunting, but LOVES turkey and talks about some of the life-long connections he has made while partaking in turkey calling competitions. 

Mark talks about the early years of Drury Outdoors how the first VHS tapes were manufactured by prison inmates on work release.  He also gets in to the the evolution of his strategy and explains how they started targeting specific bucks. This is an awesome episode that showcases Mark's true passion for the outdoors. Enjoy! 

Show Transcript