A Day in a Life on the Drury Outdoors Farm

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Perry Battin (Drury Outdoors) discuss a day in the life on the Drury Outdoors Farm. Perry discusses his daily farm manager activities on the farm and the recent projects he has been working on. Perry focuses on the wins and snags that occur when you aren’t prepared to get a job complete.

Perry discusses a recent box blind build and setup. Perry explains how he makes box blind setups mobile and why he chooses to make a mobile verse a more permanent setup. Perry and Jon discuss screening options for treestand setups. Perry brings up giant miscanthus and its benefits when considering a screen for hunting purposes. Perry and Jon discuss treestand access, timing and circumstances. Perry discusses food plot planning, planting and fencing. Perry breaks down seed options to use for the upcoming planting season to establish more green food sources this fall.  

Perry and Jon discuss the number of farms that are being managed by Perry and how he handles the logistics of farms over multiple counties. Perry discusses the equipment that is being used on the farms and how that tends to create difficulty when performing work. Perry discusses the largest farm that he manages and why the Drury Outdoors owners have decided against having large farms and the benefits of smaller farms. Perry explains why big equipment can be problematic and what equipment works best for his style of management based on the landscape. Jon and Perry focus on tips and tricks that will help afield. Perry ends with his top recommendations and consideration for treestand and hunting setups.

Show Transcript