Beaver and Otter Trapping w/ Tom Keller

Show Notes

Diehard trappers have already been hitting the field hard, however, those that think about deer hunting commonly start thinking about trapping now.  Bobcat and Fisher season began earlier this month and is over halfway through, Beaver season is underway, and Otter will open in February.  On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, Mitch chats with Tom Keller all about trapping, specifically Beaver and Otter.  Tom is the state furbearer biologist who has a wealth of knowledge for trappers and outdoorsmen.

We begin our conversation by updating everyone on the PA Marten Restoration Project, which Tom reviewed with us last year around this time (ep 12-9-22; Should Pennsylvania Reintroduce the American Marten?).  From here we dive into trapping.  We start with general trapping information, and then work towards some specifics of Beaver and Otter trapping.  This includes understanding food sources, scouting, homeranges, trapping sets, and many tips and tactics.  While this episode won't have enough time and information to have you ready to gear up and hit the woods for these critters, it will give new trappers information and old trappers a recap.  

Show Transcript