What The Heck Happened In Kentucky? Pre Rut In The Big Woods with Scooter Barnwell

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Us southern fellers like to wear a chip on our shoulder when it comes to deer hunting. You've probably heard, "If you can kill a buck in ______, you can kill one anywhere". Well sometimes you just need a big ol slice of humble pie, and that's what we got! Scooter Barnwell of South Carolina joins the show this week to recap the recent trip to Kentucky to hunt big woods bucks in the pre-rut. Out of about 15 guys in camp, not one tag was filled. We're talking about a camp that has some of the best public land whitetail hunters we know. It was a huge struggle! However, Scooter was in the top percentage of hunters in camp in his buck encounters. We just wanted to pick his brain on how he was breaking down areas during a time when bucks just aren't as daylight active as they will be the first week of November. We talk about big sign (scrapes and rubs), how deer used the topography, and what food sources they seemed to be keyed in on. Ultimately we came back licking our wounds, but what good would it do us to not try to learn something while we were there? Become a SGH Patron: https://www.patreon.com/SouthernGroundHunting Our Partners: Spartan Forge - Use the code “southernground” at www.spartanforge.ai to save 25% on your membership GoWIld - Use the code “southernground” on your gear purchases to save 10%  https://timetogowild.com/profile/RkFymLZ3lAc4odGNudd2Lw Tethrd - www.tethrdnation.com Nucanoe - www.nucanoe.com Skre Gear - Use the code “southernground” at www.skregear.com to save 15% on your purchase Southern Ground Hunting is powered by Simple Cast.

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