Better Trail Camera Data Management with Jon Livingston

Show Notes

Time to get those trail cameras deployed! Everyone loves to ogle trail cam photos of velvet bucks while dreaming of cool fall days that are mere months away. So we work hard, hang cameras, check cameras (sometimes too often), and obsess over any edge the images our cameras capture can give us. But are we really using our cameras to their fullest potential? And are we getting the most out of the intel they collect? 

In this episode of the Wisconsin Sportsman podcast, Josh is joined by Jon Livingston of DeerLab to discuss how DeerLab can help you tag a buck this fall. DeerLab is the number one trail camera app for hunters and land managers. DeerLab allows you to filter photos with ease, create profiles to track specific bucks, and even generates heat maps to help you get the drop on your target's favorite areas. Sign up for a 30-day free trial at After your free trial, enter code WISCONSIN to receive 20% off of any plan.

Show Transcript