How to Get the Most Out Of Your Trail Cameras

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Here in mid-June, many whitetail bucks are starting to pack on inches of antler growth at a steady rate. That means it’s time to get your trail cameras ready and in the field so you can formulate your game plan for the fall! We all love getting photos of big bucks, but are you really getting the most out of your trail camera photos? What if there’s a way to learn more from the data you collect? This episode is all about maximizing your trail camera data. 

In this episode of the How to Hunt Deer podcast, Josh talks with Jon Livingston, cofounder of DeerLab. DeerLab is a trail camera app that allows you to store, organize, and analyze your trail camera data. It’s packed with tons of features that allow you to filter images easily, create tags and profiles for specific animals, and even generate reports based on aggregate data. At the end of the day, DeerLab can help you be more successful by allowing you to make data-driven decisions based on the deer you’re targeting. Check them out at DeerLab, and use the code HUNTDEER for 20% off of any plan. 

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