Big Sheds Lead to Big Bucks

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater of Whitetail Landscapes discusses with Steve Sherk of Sherk’s Guide Service the process of finding big buck sheds. Jon discusses his recent shed find folly. Steve and Jon discuss how to hunt sheds, versus just find sheds, especially in the big woods.  

Shed hunting can be just as rewarding for some hunters and targeting a specific buck and their sheds can lead to excellent data for the following year. Steve discusses mistakes that shed hunters make and Jon identifies specific habitat features that support winter preferences to help attract deer to the areas we can hunt. Jon explains how a client has gone from no sheds to over a dozen based on the strategies that he employs on his property.

Steve discusses timing of antler casting and how the winter can dictate a good or bad shed season. Jon explains why deer drop their antlers. Unexpectedly, Steve explains that tough winters lead to better shed hunting. Listen in to all the shed tips and tricks Steve and Jon use to be successful. Steve and Jon end with a future saga and give insight into upcoming podcasts where Steve will be breaking down his target deer for next year.

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