Big Woods Whitetails and Trad Bows w/ Cory Gulvas (pt 1)

Show Notes

This week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman Podcast we chat with a fairly well known Pennsylvania Native, Cory Gulvas.  For those who do not know, Cory killed the number 2 typical whitetail with his recurve during the 2020 hunting season in Pennsylvania.  Cory is extremely humble and believes there was a lot of luck behind that success story.  However, we believe that luck is something that follows those who prepare well, and Cory is someone who spends countless hours preparing for the upcoming deer season.

We start part one of the conversation by breaking down the progression of Cory's interest in big woods whitetail hunting, going from a compound to a recurve, shed hunting, and his philosophy behind the pursuit of his quarry.  One big lesson to take away in his message, is that the hunt is not about the kill.  In fact, he said he does not overly enjoy killing animals although it is part of the hunt.  Rather, he cherishes the road you take to get there and would rather pursue a mature buck and come home empty handed than kill a younger buck just to fill a tag.  We also chat about calling deer in big woods, shed hunting, and a few other pieces of strategy.  It will leave you ready for more, so be ready for part two next week!

Show Transcript