Big Woods Whitetails and Trad Bows w/ Cory Gulvas (pt 2)

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This week on the Pennsylvania Woodsman we pick back up where we left off in last week's conversation with Cory Gulvas. Cory discusses a little more whitetail hunting strategy which then leads us into what he is truly most passionate about: traditional archery. Mature mountain bucks in the northeast can be an extremely difficult quarry to encounter in the first place. But connecting on one with a stick bow inside 20 yards is a whole new level of difficulty!  

Regardless of the type of vertical bow in hand, archery is a mental game. It's easy to develop bad habits that require practice schemes to break them. Cory shares with us that he has experienced target panic to such a degree, that during one particular season he hoped he would not see a shooter within range due to his lack of confidence behind the bow. Cory describes his journey of breaking this habit and striving to be the best shooter possible, whether that is in 3D competition or in the woods!

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