Black Bear Knowledge with the State Biologist

Show Notes

Black bears are one of the most intriguing animals in North America due to their high level of intellect.  Across the nation the most popular way of bear hunting is by baiting or with hounds.  There are a number of states that do not allow these forms of bear hunting, resulting in the ultimate chess match between man and beast.  In Western states, however; the landscape and topography allow for spot and stalk situations as well as long range shooting.  Arguably the most difficult place in the country to harvest a black bear is Pennsylvania and the surrounding Northeastern states which do not allow baiting or hounds.

On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, Robby and Mitchell chat with Pennsylvania Black Bear biologist Emily Carrollo.  As Pennsylvania's bear seasons continue to modify based on data and research, Emily shares some of the data management associated with making hunting season decisions.  In addition to addressing public concern, we dive into food and cover habits typically associated in fall and how the age and sex of a bear may influence its home range.  This episode is not only informative about the species but has plenty of hunting strategy ques to pull from.

Show Transcript