Planning a First Time Western Archery Hunt

Show Notes

On this episode of The Western Rookie Dan talks with his good friend Linnea about their upcoming archer mule deer hunt.

Linnea grew up in smalltown Wisconsin where her love for the outdoors and adventure began. Linnea currently travels the country with her dog Akela in their converted Ram ProMaster van. Linnea has been living a nomadic lifestyle for over a year and a half which has only increased her love for wild places and becoming more involved in the outdoors. She picked up fly fishing which sparked a new curiosity for being connected to the land through the pursuit of wild game as a food source. Linnea recently bought a Mathews VXR and plans to hunt her first deer with it this fall. She successfully drew a buck mule deer archery tag for Utah. Dan and Linnea dream about what’s to come in the few short months leading up to both of their first western archery hunts.

Show Transcript