Bow Setup & Gear w/ Jim D’Agostino

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On this week's episode I made the trip to Allentown PA, to visit Antler Up team member Jim D’Agostino!  We had a full day of working on bows and getting some other gear setup for 3D and hunting season.  Jim is a bow technician and truly loves the process of building the ultimate shooting bow for any individual. From talking about my new archery setup, Jim’s setup and other pieces of gear we get into some really good stuff.

Kicking this episode off we discussed some of the new features of the 2023 bows and what we liked and maybe didn’t like.  We covered some of the not so glamor pieces that can make a difference in your overall shooting experience.  Although a quick hitter it is always fun to record an episode in person and get a chance to work alongside Jim as he prepares bows to perfection.  Enjoy this fun episode and see you next week! 

Thanks again for all the support and best of luck out there and Antler Up!

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[00:00:00] Welcome to the Ant Antler Podcast, brought to you by tethered. The world's best saddle hunting equipment, and we have a fun show for you today. On this week's episode, I made the trip to Allentown, Pennsylvania to visit Antler up teammate Jim Di Augustino. We had a full day of working on bows, getting some other gear set up for 3D and hunting season, and Jim is a bow technician and truly loves the process of building the ultimate shooting bow for any individual.

From talking about my new archery setup, Jim setup, and other pieces of gear, we get into some really good stuff to kick this episode off, we discussed some of the new features of really all 2023 bows and what we liked and maybe [00:01:00] didn't like. We covered some of the not so glamor pieces that really make a difference in your overall shooting experience.

Although this is a quick hitter, it's always fun to record an episode in person and get a chance to work alongside Jim as he prepares really any bow and especially my bow to perfection. Enjoy this fun episode. We'll see you next week.

Thanks again, everybody, for all the support really means a lot. Thank you for all the messages this past week from my success from Ohio, as well as from Pennsylvania and. With that, if you like what you hear, please. Leave a five star review on either iTunes or Spotify, wherever you find it. And if there's any guest or any topic that you would like us to cover, please let me know.

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Jim, what's going on? Not much brother. Just enjoying the day. I'll tell you what I love coming down here because couple things usually happen. One, we get a lot of good. Cool photos and videos and things like that of our bows and just things like that, right? But also, we go out to eat, we get a chance to hang out.

Cause obviously we [00:05:00] live two hours and yeah, two and a half hours away from each other. But when I come back home we're obviously closer being on the northeast side of things, but it's always good to be here, man. Yeah. It's always good to have you, dude. It's We finally get a chance to like just let your hair down or whatever, if you will.

Yeah, you just, us just doing what we love to do. Tinkering on bows, shooting bows, and just hanging out. Dude, we've shot a lot of bows the last couple of weeks. Recently. We've put bows to the te through the tests, man, between setting up and shooting bows that like, some of my other customers have brought in to ones that we've shot out at the.

Great American outdoor show when we were out there for, working with tethered to the bows that we personally own. We've shot everything that's out there right now. All 2022 and 2023 models. Yeah. And I brought down the PSE Fords 30, which is the new 2023 BO for them. That's taken the XF series.

That's what I shot last year. Yeah. And this bows, [00:06:00] I would pretty much, other than the accessories and the new cam that I'm running, pretty much everything stayed the same with it. Obviously 30, 30 inch axle to axle, the new upgrades to the accessories. Type things. We'll dive into that, but that bow I shot really well, the xf, right?

And I felt very comfortable with that. I feel like that 29 to a 32 max is my bread and butter for a t a, but I feel like a 30 inch is my sweet spot. Yep. I agree. I agree. Jeremy's a 27 and a half inch draw on most bows. Yeah. And for his draw, his height, everything, it just works out that's a very, it's a very stable.

Forgiving. Just comfortable. All round shooter for him. Yeah. And for most, and I, and then for other bows, I am a 28 inch draw. It, like you said, it varies. Yep. I think like when we test it out, the Matthews phase four, I'm pretty much a 28. I can make a 27 and a half inch work. But I think a 28 is probably without me.

Yep. Adjusting any type of [00:07:00] form. Yeah. Is what fits me best. But no it's great. You have a, I know we've talked about it last time here on, on the podcast when I was in here and we did one live. It's, you have it all. You have all the leading high end draw board, your. Your bow press and the space in general, like you have a perfect setup of shooting, you could, yeah, we could a paper tune and I could shoot 15 yards down here.

Yeah. I try to have all the top tools and instruments needed to make sure that all your equipment's dialed. It's what I'm passionate about, not only for setting my own stuff up, stuff for my wife, my son. But for, obviously I do it on the side, as a little extra income to help pay for the hobby. So I make sure that you're doing well with that. Yeah, I'm doing really well. It's at the point now where it's like I don't really advertise or anything. It's just like a friend of a friend or, word of mouth type of thing. And I've had to turn some people away.

Because, I have a full-time job and I have a family, but I'm trying to take care of as many people as I can. You, and just to quickly, and if you haven't missed, Jim has his.[00:08:00] BoTech mission certification as well. So like you, you're not just Yeah. Not just an at home bow like tinkerer guy.

Yeah. That's how it all began, right? That's how most people begin. And you know what, there's probably are guys out there that don't have the documentation that are probably better than I am, and that's fine. Yeah. But I did go to school for it. There's, it's a week long course, and then you get certified in the whole deal and there's some tests involved, but.

I wanted to have the paperwork to back it, not only to maybe learn something in the class that I didn't necessarily pick up throughout all my years of tinkering personally and with my dad and other people. But but I also wanted to have the documentation that if someone, that I'm not, I don't know well, where to come to me, I could say, they could feel more comfortable maybe knowing that I have some time talking doubt.

I like it so well just a quick. Run down the bow here. The PSE fours 30, 30 inch axle to axle. I'm running the EC two cams, which is the version two of the evolv cam. Yep. Which a lot of people, you have that on your e, ev, e, ev L. I shot your E V L we [00:09:00] talked about on the podcast before when I drew back when it was 80 pounds.

I was like, holy cow, that's smooth. And held it really easily and. So I still went with 70 pounds. I let my daughter Nora, she picked out our string colorway this year. I wanted to bring some good luck, hopefully to myself running these change the vibes up a little this year. Yeah, I did. I definitely it's really neat.

So she picked the pink and black Speckled Platinum Series strings and. While we're down here, it's a charcoal color bow, and I'll get into some of the features. But the look of it, I went with a, because of the new accessory, they have a pico tinny mount, and I'm loving the things that the guys over at Dialed are doing.

So I'm running the dialed AOS Pico site, and I have the, it's an all black, right? The only thing that's different is the void dial. And that's a pink to match the strings. But as we were here when we were setting this bow up, We threw like different accent colors. You've been on an accent [00:10:00] color?

That's like my jam. Yeah, that's your jam. More so recently and we threw up the highlighter. Hi, like lime green. And we gave it that big league chew watermelon vibe to it. Yeah. And obviously us playing baseball and having that baseball background, it hits home like on that side of things and it pops.

Man, it really looks super, super cool. It's a slick looking bow. It's one of the best looking ones I've put together yet. Yeah. So I got a green D d lube green on my vapor trail. Integrate eight ac. X rest, I have that as the rest cord is the green. And then the tying into my peep was green, so it just, it all flows together.

So I'm really ecstatic how it turned out, like I said, charcoal color, so it really pops. And yeah, if anything, it's a show stopper. Yeah, I'll say that. You'll definitely get some. People are stopping to look and say, oh, lemme see that thing. Yeah. And we dropped it, we shot last year's bows at 90% let off.

We were tinkering around with 85 and we ended up going on 80% let off. I snuck [00:11:00] one in on Jeremy. I put, I turned his bow to 80% let off and I just wanted him to like, Feel how it was without me telling 'em what I did. Cuz sometimes that's like a mental block for some people, they're like, I'm gonna be holding too much weight.

I don't wanna do that. But you need to just feel it out. And I let you draw it and feel it a couple times and it takes the complete hump out of the back. And not that there was much to begin with, but No, not a problem. Whatever was there, it's completely gone. So it's, it just stacks all the way through right into your, to the back wall and.

I love shooting it that way, and I think you're gonna too. Yeah I'm ecstatic. Just from ripping a couple shots here, there's a couple things. Now they have that new shim kit. I need to get that because I do need to had a, we had a left tear on it. Yeah, we had a perfect up and down right out of the gate, but we had a slight left tear.

So we wanted the shim, obviously you shim towards the tear. We did that with the shims that were given to us on the bow. Yeah. But it just wasn't quite enough. Yeah. We'll get the, we have the rest dead center, all the arrow, everything is straight down the pipe Exactly where we wanted.

I don't want to move the rest or anything. Yeah. But going back to allowing you, helping me [00:12:00] be more comfortable working on my own stuff. That's it from watching you and. You show me what I will need to do, which is basically put it into press. Once I get the kit, it will have that tool, so it's actually gonna be even easier than what you did.

Yeah. Yep. Which is super easy. Yep. I'll just be able to pop it out, put the right size in and get it going and we should be money. I can't thank pay PSE enough for. For guys like me that work on bows all the time. Because you, this is, like you were saying earlier, this isn't your full-time job. So time is money, man.

Time is money. Time is important. Yeah. Yeah. So that's huge. So yeah, so that's the sh the bow set up. It, honestly, it feels just as good as last year's bow. I'm not gonna sit here and say it's groundbreaking. It's really cool. They're doing things to. Keep things innovative with, to pick a continuum mount, doing things like they added that little stubby stabilizer, they added the limb pocket dams.

A new grip, which feels really nice. It feels comfortable to me. It's a flat streamlined. It's it, yeah. And that's, The kind of grip that I like. I'm glad I went to the Evolve two type cam, [00:13:00] the e c two cam, because I don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed that S two cam. I had nothing wrong to say, nothing bad to say.

The only thing kind of gripe, I guess you, I could say about it is as the year goes on, yes, I still shoot my bow, but not not as much as I normally do. Yeah. So on those colder days, and that's, again, I'm a bow hunter at heart. This is what I love. This is I'm, you shoot. 3D torments. Yeah.

You like, you go for money. I don't do that. I love going out chasing whitetails in the big woods. So my bread and butter is gonna be, I wanna be able to control it. I wanna be able to drop back when it's the heat of the moment on. Sure. 15 degree weather. That boat was easy for me to pull back at that point in time.

In the heat of the moment I'm hoping I would've been, I could sit here and say, I could have done it. Sure. Fine. Yeah, I'm sure I would've been fine, but I'm glad I went with the EC two cam because it's butter. Yeah, it is. It is butter. Hundred percent. Yeah. And then we tried out other bows.

We've tested out, we shot the Hoyt RX seven. We both shot that. Yep. We both liked [00:14:00] that bow. That was a great bow. Carbon bow. Carbon bow. Yep. Did not shoot the new VTM 31 or whatever that it is. We didn't shoot that one. I didn't. At least I shot that at the Great American Outdoor Show. How would you think of that one?

It was basically like the one that we had a couple years ago. Okay. Like the veto? The veto. The veto, yeah. Vem to me, that's exactly what it reminded me of. It's been so long since I drew that other bow to say that if one was smoother than the other. Yeah. Yeah. But just in the feel and the hand initial thoughts, it's, I feel like they're finally coming back.

Yeah. I like we had that discussion, amongst us where. Hoyt's a great product, a great brand. A good shooting bow. But there, it just seemed like they were stuck. Yeah. And they weren't doing anything different enough to separate themselves. Obviously they did like the whole picket tinny thing and stuff too.

I think they were one of the first ones. Yeah, they were the first, they were the first ones there. And doing like the stubby stabilizer thing, those little things that are neat. But they didn't, the whole shooting experience didn't change much. Yeah. And for Hoyt guys, They don't care. That's what it is.

And I've said to you I, I [00:15:00] look at. I always enjoy looking at archery talk and seeing what bows are for sale a lot. And you go, why? And I said this to you, man, you do not see a lot of newer hoyts on there. No. So I, people like 'em. They're, they are a great shooting beau.

And I, again, I have not, I have nothing really bad to say and I've said that on a podcast before where, People that have that RX seven freaking love it. It's a great bow, dude. I'm looking at your, that your buck right now? Holy shit. Like on this angle. Yeah, he's, it was a good deer. A fucking hammer.

Yeah. That was a good Pennsylvania mountain deer. Sorry, I got totally squirrel there, but I'm trying to think what else we shot the bot tech carbon bow. I didn't shoot the, their aluminum bow I shot that SS 34. It's a screamer as far as speed I thought for a 34. So that was probably there.

Because I know they do have the performance. That's probably what it was. Yeah. I don't remember exactly. I should have took pictures of it as I did it. Yeah. I'm bad at the reviews, but we were rushed there. Yeah. When we were, yeah. Trying 'em out. And then the phase 4 [00:16:00] 29, I thought that was a great bow.

We put extensive time into that one. Yeah. Yep. And you work on a lot of Matthews? Yes, a ton. I've done quite a few over the years that for back when I first started doing this, the vxr were out. So it was the vxr all the way up through to the phase four. Yeah. I've done quite a few phase fours already this year.

And that thing is just like we tinkered with one today Yeah. That someone had. And yeah. I wanted you to feel out like at your draw length, like the whole thing. So we like went through the whole tuning process to see what it's like to tune a PSE versus a Matthews. Yeah. As an example. And that bow just worked out that I had that thing like, Dead nuts, like first shot bullet hole, and I was like, oh, maybe it was a fluke.

Shoot it again and again. And we just, yeah, kept ripping bullet holes through paper. It's great. Great bow. Great bow holds. Good for, especially for that shorter axle version. Yep. It's dead quiet. Dead in the hand. Yep. Everything that everyone says about it on YouTube it's true.

Yeah. Yeah. It's, honestly, man, it is so hard to go wrong with the bow, I think, and it's a personal taste. I [00:17:00] think if, I've, we've heard AJ say it. He told us on the podcast, you gotta like what you're looking at, right? And as long as you like what you're looking at and it fits you and it, you shoot it then stick with it, right?

Yeah. It's like that old saying you shouldn't judge a book by his cover, but if you don't like the cover of the book, you're not gonna open it to read it. One thing you, we just said talked about tethered and we out on our drive home from anything else, like regarding the Bowes before we transi transition Because we said this would be a quicker one.

But yeah I, like I said, I'm really thankful what PSE upgrades that they made. I think this bow is gonna be a, it's gonna be a little bit slower than what you were shooting last year, just cuz of the cam change. Yep. Which you're okay with. We're okay with sacrificing a little bit of speed cuz Yes.

Honestly, we're splitting hairs these days with bows. This bow's still gonna be plenty fast enough to do things from tack all the way to Hammer and anything in North America. Yeah. But the, yeah, they made changes in the right places. So I think that's it. Yeah. I don't have a lot of time behind this at all.

Really. So I can't really speak on this specific bow. But as far as the gear goes, like I said, I've loved that xf, so last year's Bow was a [00:18:00] great. Great bow. Nothing really bad to say at all about it. So when I look at what this bow here today and I look at, I used the Axo regular Dovetail site last year.

This year I'm obviously using the Pico mount system since it has that capability. I really enjoyed. Those dialed sites. I know there's things that they could, people say they hope, they wish they could improve on, like little things, but man it's a great site and like I said, it's they're the sexiest sites on the planet in my opinion.

Yeah, they they're definitely as far as like a style and look overall they're the best out there. Yeah. As functionality and stuff from what I've used, I think they're great. I haven't put enough time behind it to Really like beat, beat them up or not. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The only thing that I'll say is I know Scott is trying to, they're looking at their.

They're looking at other things to make it better, obviously. Minor improvements, whether it be the fa the fiber that they're using to make it [00:19:00] brighter. Cuz that was the one thing that I told him early on, like here in Pennsylvania where we're hunting in the mountains in the big woods and the canopies. Darkened things up and if it's getting last light, it's not as bright. Even with that thing wide open. Yeah, their point 10 pins seem a little dim. Yeah, I know that's a smaller pin anyway, but yeah, that's a one nine, so and I was like, Hey man, I, let's get that light going so I know that light's coming.

So they, they got the lens out for people. But yeah, I'm really enjoying the site pitcher. I love the bubble on top. Really, Ah, man. I know people say is it worth the price? But it's made here in usa. It's a newer, they're good guys. Really love Scott. Scott's been a good friend of mine, so over building since over the last year and a half.

Been, been a guy that just will shoot the shit with me and all that stuff. Doesn't even have to talk about hunting. Yeah. Or the site. So it's been really cool to, to talk to him. But yeah, check them out. Tolerances are really tight. From what I can tell, everything is, everything's what you expected from a [00:20:00] high-end, expensive American made product.

Yeah. I'll tell you what, too, we're shooting the, those exodus MMT arrows. Man, for someone like you and I love the tinker. Yeah. We'd love to, you make b you make arrows for people. For. For their hunting for 3d. From indoor shooting paper. All the way to, yeah. So you know what you're doing.

And I really. Appreciate the guys from Exodus going out on a limb and trying something different, right? You're entering a market where, for an average guy, and I know this is like going to put it's not putting you out of business, but for people that, Hey, Jim could you make me arrows?

And you're like, Hey, I'm actually, I'm deep man, I can't take you. Like you said, you had to refuse people. Yeah. A great option. Because I, honest to goodness, I'm not talking bad about any specific, actually, the pro shop that I'm gonna have a bad experience with, that I'm gonna bring up is no longer around, but I brought arrows to a bow shop, cuz I didn't know yet. I wasn't tinkering in that. That side of things. I just [00:21:00] began, dude, I, these arrows were shit garbage, just straight garbage. I couldn't believe the work and what I paid and how long I had to wait just for a dozen arrows to be built. It wasn't like I was waiting, whatever, but the guys over at Exodus.

If you go on their website, you could type in which bow you're shooting, your weight, your draw length, all that stuff. And you're gonna get a great set of made dozen arrows to you and they spine check 'em, all that stuff. And pretty awesome guys over there at excess to, to do that. Yes. From the arrows that I've shot and watching, seen and checking the tolerance and some of your, and Aaron, they they've definitely got it going on.

It's definitely something not to overlook. Yeah. Yeah. Just so you know, like I said, if you're in a pinch or something like that, and they're, you could get a made incentive. If you just want a solid, versatile hunting arrow, you should not overlook them. Yeah. That's great, Tim. I wouldn't say that they're gonna be like the top end if you're like a big time target person, but, or either they're not gonna be like, like the, some of the victory TKOs or some of those other more little more expensive arrows, [00:22:00] but they're right in that middle.

Ground and I would say they're like the upper tier of the middle ground. So yeah. Good. Versatile overall honey barrel. Yeah. Yeah, no doubt about it. And what I like too is customer service is awesome. Good dudes. Yeah. And so it, it makes the products a lot neater when the people behind them and like what they stand for and who they are personally. Yeah. They're just regular dudes too. Just people like you and I sitting here. Yeah. And yeah, they'll answer you honestly. We had fun conversations with them at the outdoor show. Yes, we did. But on our way here, so after we got done stuffing our face at the diner we were talking about.

Our setups when it comes to hunting and our comfort level and confidence level. I've been confident and there's things that we're tweaking and I talked about it on the two weeks pod, two weeks ago, two weeks ago on the podcast about that. I'll still be using sticks, but I'm gonna repel down and actually someone.

Messaged us on, messaged me on Instagram and said that's what they do, and they love it. And I appreciate [00:23:00] that comment. Because that makes, that fires me up. So you're gonna try something new, but it makes sense. Yeah. And it's, I'll have confidence in it. I'm not, it's not that I won't have confidence in that.

So really looking at that I'm hesitant. I know the lockdowns coming out. I know I do sit more. I know that's gonna cut my ass a little bit better. But I love my phantom. I, I just, I love, I say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, man. Yeah. So I probably we'll see.

We will see. But you got a nice little, I made some tweaks to my saddle that Yeah. I took inspiration from the lockdown hands down, as everybody knows, like those, the pouches that you can get from tethered or various other companies, They work well, the drawstring, but I wanted something that, like the lockdown that you, it was like more a fixed, more fixed, no flop to it, and without having it stitched in like the lockdown and and to be able to work it with one hand. So I got to looking at some of those pouches that, get can, you could put on those hunting vests or hunting belts.

The that fit into the [00:24:00] marsupial Yeah, the mo the Molly webbing. Yeah. So Marsupial makes a bunch a marsupial. Andar would make a lot of good stuff, but I'm partial to Marsupial. They're, I forget what they're called. It's like an, it's like an add-on pouch for like their packs. But I found one that is streamlined and fits the tethered saddle like perfectly. I'll have to get some pictures of it posted and stuff. Yeah. But it is, it works exactly like the lockdown does without having it stitched in. And I can customize it now cuz I could buy different size pouches depending on what I'm trying to do and move them to where I need them the best fit.

It's slick, but the whole thing is very streamlined. So then you said though, now with that you'll, you feel a hundred percent dialed in. A hundred percent. That was like my missing piece. I was always just a little uncomfortable, like a, I had more weight on us. I was sagging on one side of my saddle versus the other.

Just because I put some mileage on when I get it right, when I get out there too. It's not just from being comfortable sitting. It's about getting there. And you picked up the new eight mill ropes? Yeah. Yep. I was always running the big ropes just because I always [00:25:00] had a good purchase on my hands with those and stuff.

Yeah. It was just very It just, it was comfortable for me. You know what I mean? But obviously I needed to do something there. Cause they're too bulky and heavy. Yeah. Which is crazy. Yeah. You say that real. I know. Now we're, we've reached that point when it comes to gear that we're nitpicking, like things that don't matter.

Yeah. Hey man. In the big woods though. Yeah. Ounces mean pounds. Yeah. Dude, I'm so fired up. What else do you got going on? That's pretty much it. As far as like the gear goes, I think there's nothing else that, I finalized the last of my my, my clothing with first light. Yep. I pretty much got all that set up now.

I made Theran, I was making the transition from Cipher to Specter for. Archery into the gun season. I still keep some of my safer for some of the later season cuz that camel pattern seems to pair well with some of the darker timber. Yeah. Npa and it has more white in it too. So for cor, correct.

Yep. Yeah. So for that sky breakup. But but I, yeah, I got my clothing all dialed up. I'm still on the hunt for an insulated pair of Crispies. I picked up [00:26:00] a pair of Crispies laptop. Last year was the first year I actually got to run a full season. And Crispies. I know everyone out there has been running them for a while and that they love them and there's reasons for that.

I just didn't make the jump until last year, and I'm so glad that I did. Della, I don't know where made you do that one, huh? Yeah, pretty much. So after I was in, we put some serious mileage on hunting Outta State two years ago. I was like, I need better boots. Yeah. For that type of, because you hunted then too, also, that was your first year going up with Billy.

Yeah, with the with our PA camp. Yeah. You were like, this sucks. Yeah. You're putting enough mileage on, you need serious footwear. I told archery challenge comes and then boom. There you go. Which ones did you get again? I can't remember. The brick stale? Or did you get those are the Wyomings I think.

The Wyomings. Yeah. Yeah. I think you're no, those aren't the Wyomings. They're right there. I don't know what they're, yeah, they're not the Wyomings, they're the higher. Top of Thor twos. They look like the only reason why, cause I had the Wyomings. That's why I know they're not those ones.

Yeah. I don't know what they are. Yeah. I want to get it now cause I want to know what [00:27:00] it is. I think they're a bricks tail. I'm pretty sure that was, I'm gonna get it right now. Oh my gosh. I'm gonna get it right now. Here. You keep talking. All right. I'll keep talking. But yeah, so talking about the whole, what's your hunting kit and everything.

Now's a good time to look, go through some stuff, sell anything that you maybe don't use or did not use and purchase something else. Yeah, check that tongue. Idaho. Idaho. Yeah. We're both wrong. Yep. Yeah, the Idaho is dude, great. Yeah. Great. Great boots. You can't go wrong. We're crispies.

All right. Sorry about that. It was gonna bother me that I don't know the names of the boots that I'm in love with. Yeah. You wouldn't be focusing at all. I know. Idahos. Yeah. You got any 3D shoots coming up? I have three scheduled That doesn't start till June. Yeah. But I have three local tournaments that I'm gonna get into.

Yep. In the tri-state area here. And then in addition to that, I'll be shooting the R 100 again this year. That's like more of [00:28:00] a, national tournament. We're not shooting tack this year, we're not shooting tack this year. So we decided to switch it up. We've done tack for quite a few years in a row.

Although it is one of the, like one of our favorite events of the year, we decided to switch it up. Just give a break from it and try something different. So we're gonna do mountain archery f Yep. May 6th. May 6th. Yep. Which, Works out a little better cuz it's like closer to us. Yeah. And it's just a change of pace, change of scenery.

It's like total archery challenge, but just maybe a little smaller scale. Yeah. And they got some cool novelty stuff going on. Yeah. I'm really excited. So the, we're shooting the world record course. Which is w was it 25 or 30? I think it's 30. I think it's 30 targets. Even if it was 25, either way, I think it is.

I think it's five more than I think you're right. That's why I think other one jumps out at me. Yeah. But they have all the like world record like from sheep to [00:29:00] whitetail to elk. All the world records in those classes, they have like shots mimicking those shots from and the antlers too. And the antlers are basically molds that they.

Made in exact replicas Yeah. Of those. So it's cool. You get to all, when you go to pull your arrows, you can go, wow, that's world record from wherever. Yeah. And it's cool that you're reliving some of those shots, I think that's awesome. It's gonna be neat. Yeah.

It's gonna be neat. So I'm excited. That's the, it's gonna be a good time. It's at Camp Freedom. So it's Northeast Pennsylvania. Yep. Then there's another one in June I think it's the weekend that. Tack will be out in Michigan. So it's the weekend after to Archer Challenge. They'll, it'll be at Montage Mountain like the first two days or something like that.

So we might try, might run into him. Yeah. Cause we're trying to shoot that one. We'll see Mike and his group out there while we'll be shooting right behind him, I think. Yeah. Yeah. Trying to, we still gotta book that one. We gotta figure out that one. But. Yeah. So couple chances to get out there, shoot some foam.

Just different, it's like we said, we are, we've usually have gone to total archery [00:30:00] challenge the last couple years. I'll be there for a couple days with tethered. But and also for the people that weren't able to, cuz you know if anyone's done total archery challenge before, the registration is a freaking nightmare.

Yeah. Trying to be, I've for the last few years, I've been fortunate enough, I book an Airbnb like a year in advance. And I'm always on, I'm on it like the very second that website goes live. I'm on it. And even then, it's difficult to get the timeframes that you want, but we've, we were fortunate over the last few years.

But if you weren't so fortunate and maybe you just didn't, couldn't make it work, don't get discouraged. Because some of these other shoots are of the same caliber. Same. Yep. Same kind of people, same atmosphere. It's gonna be just as fun. Ready. The bows, man. Ready? The bows. That's it. I like it.

Sweet dude. Dude, today was fun. I like just coming down here spending time with you, doing dude stuff. Getting the bows together. Who doesn't like, if you're into archery in any form. Yeah. Who doesn't like, Tinkering on the bows. It's we're like big kids. We just playing with toys.

[00:31:00] Yeah. That just shoot sharp sticks. Dude, I just, I love though cuz it's like you, you got. I know you're proud of them and you frigging should be proud of them, but I love seeing the mounts in here. Just seeing, the racks, the bone. You got some old vintage bows hanging up on the wall.

It's just, yeah. I got my pier. I got one of my first PSCs ever. PSC mock eight. Yeah, right there. Killed a lot of deer with that bow. Things are freaking giant. Now we're starting to get back to those longer axle to axles. Now it's funny how we go like full circle with everything. Oh man. It's crazy. But yeah, so it's wrap things up, man.

Like I know this is gear talking and just catching up with Jim, can't go wrong with any bow. Just find one. Heck, even if you're in the business of trying to save money, you get one within the last couple years. I, yeah, I got my wife PSE Alara. Yeah. And that thing's charcoal with black limbs.

It is sharp, it's quiet as shit. It is super quiet. It is super light. That thing drives tax. And I'm not lying to you for, I think it, it was a $500 bow. Yeah. [00:32:00] And if you're in, don't look past that one either, dude. There's a lot of sleepers out there. Yeah. Yeah.

It doesn't need to be the flagship, right? Nope. That has the p b s tuning system, like all of our flagship bows. Yep. That's got, it's almost got it all. Yeah. Yeah. So when it comes to that, like I said earlier when Jim was trying to find his, the name of the Idaho boot from Crispy, again, if you're on the fence of go through your cabinet, go through your your bin of hunting clothes.

Hey, I didn't wear this the last two years as much as I thought I would. Go throw it up on a Facebook group and try to sell, make some extra cash, put it towards something that you would, that you need. Maybe not even hunting related. That's just the case and he what a buck that was.

Yeah. You talked about it a couple episodes ago when it was me, you, Dimitri and Bill. This was the first time you got to see it. This was the first time I got a chance to see it in person and. Yeah. Yeah, man. Super proud of 'em. Hopefully we could do that again, if not better. Five miles deep again and again.

Yeah. Yes. SW bird, what was, what's your favorite what's your favorite piece of gear on your new bow? [00:33:00] My favorite piece of gear? You gotta pick one. Because you, I'll just name a couple of things. You already said a bunch of 'em, but I'll just name a couple things that you might, you missed on there, which was your Titan Archery products roller guard.

Yeah. Great piece. Yep. You got your dialed Axo. Pico Tinny. You got your a, a e stabilizer. Stabilizer. Front rear. Yep. Which you haven't really run a back bar much. No. Cause I run, I still, I swap out my stabilizers as a lot I, I love the stoker eyes. Staus, M one Which kind of gives it that back bar feel to it.

But I mimicking what you got going on for your balance and everything like that. And that just balanced it really nice. Yep. Yep. You got your vapor trail rest. That's the new one. That's the yep. It's integrated. That's right. The new integrated. Yep. So it works with Matthews, it works with pri, or I'm sorry, works with Matthews.

It works with any piece that has the integrated model to it's hoit and obviously pse. Yep. And I think that's, I thought that was super easy to work on. Yeah, I did too. We worked with their, some of the [00:34:00] rest in the past in the. Weren't, I would just be honest with you. Yeah. They weren't quite as easy.

Yeah. They weren't quite as adjustable and they over through time they gave us some problems. And these, this one seems dynamite. Yeah. I really like this one. Yeah. I'm really happy with this one for sure. That's it. Of course your American Best Post Strings Platinum series, which that's always our favorite.

We can't even, I will forever put those on. I was putting 'em on my bow. Before I even knew any of those people over there. And now that I know them and I've built, and I know them personally and they are just that's what's funny about our relationship, like as building a friendship is we are already running the same shit.

Yeah. It's super funny. Yeah. Yeah. We're using the same stuff and Yeah. But now knowing the people behind it. Yeah. Brian and Christine and them, it's just I've putting their strings on my Bowes is like a personal thing now, yeah. I like, it's neat. Yeah. Yeah, no doubt about it.

But no, I've so far, man. Like you said, this is a shooter and I'm, I can't wait to, so pick your favorite piece. Pick one piece out of the whole bow. I You're running the hams ski ha a raptor peep [00:35:00] too. Yep. Yep. Ah, man. It's gotta be the strings. Gotta be the strings. The strings are the sight and it pops.

Yeah, that, that sight is I just love the fact that you could swap out the mag, run a different mag if you wanted to. Now I'm running, that's not the three one. Just because that's the one that I had originally on, on that, cuz when I got the three, I was in moron and I got the point 10.

So I went back to the 0.1 on it. But yeah, it is, I don't know man. I really love that site pitcher. Do you wanna know what my favorite piece is on my hunting rig for this year? Yeah. Yeah. Which by the way I'm shooting the Omen. Yeah. Again, I shot at the end of last year cause that came out towards the end of last year.

And now I'm gonna hunt with it again. It's, I hands down my favorite hunting bow. I do run the S two cam so people think that I'm crazy cuz like I have the super fast, super aggressive bow with the most aggressive cam. But I have it set 80% let off and that thing is a. Absolute rocket ship and I love it.

Yeah. Cuz it hammers, it just [00:36:00] hammers animals. Yeah. Again, with that bow set at 70 pounds, I'm getting 10 feet a second. Faster, more performance than I was outta my previous bow at 80 pounds. So why not draw less and shoot faster? So super revved up about that. But my favorite piece on there, of course my American Express bow strings, but my favorite piece that I put on that bow to hunt with this year that's different is my total.

Titanium mar products. Total setup. I have the total tap out rig on there from the roller garden bar down to the the string stop. The string stop. Yep. Everything is total tap on there. And for that bow, people that don't own that bow because it is so fast, with speed comes some sound, become some vibration.

All those things that really don't matter cuz the arrow's already gone anyway. And that thing is just ready to eat. But it does quiet it down and dam it down significantly. And the, it made that draw cycle even that much better with the roller guard. I'm not even I noticed the sound even shooting in here when we were ripping a couple shots.

It's, it is yeah. I wouldn't have said, oh that's the [00:37:00] Oman. Yeah. Like before, correct. Yep, it is. Yep. So super. Like you knew was the Oman super pumped about that. So if you're, If you guys are a pse sh specifically PSE shooters, I would highly recommend looking up the titanium mar products.

That guy makes quality stuff and they fit, they seem to fit the PSCs like perfectly. Yeah, no doubt man. Everybody, this kind of wraps it up. I got a long drive. I'll get home a little bit before 10 o'clock at night, but is that what time is it? Seven. Seven o'clock? Yeah. Wow. Hey, man. Time flies when you're having fun and time flies when you're having fun.

Man, this is, this was a good day and I appreciate you spending time and hanging out and setting up bows and doing fun shit. I will say this though, you are pretty good at this shit. Thanks, man. Appreciate that. I will, I try really hard. I will say that when it comes to this I, that's hard to beat with you.

I'm I, This is not a shop. If you want to, if you want to come in and just get in and out this is not the kind of thing Yeah. This is not a shop where you come in and you oo and i over the things on the wall, even though I think you did a little bit. Yeah. But this is a place where it's all about the product [00:38:00] that comes outta here.

Yeah. I promise you when you leave here, that thing is gonna be the best shooting. A piece of equipment that you own. Yeah. And if not, you bring it back and I'll make it that. Yeah. Yeah. So that's just what it is. I like it, man. Let's end it there and thanks again everybody. See you next week.

Ant We're up.