Brandies and Whiskey with Tierra Distilling

Show Notes

This week on The Average Conservationist Podcast, Marcus welcomes in Brandon Getchel and John Keeley. Brandon and John are employees 1 and 2 from 2% Certified Tierra Distilling Co. The group talks about any and everything related to making and distilling various brandies and whiskey. What started as Brandon experimenting with some distilling equipment in his basement 10 years ago has turned into a full on micro distillery that is just about to open its doors to the public. Brandon and John talk about the journey of finding and remodeling a building during the height of the pandemic and what it means to not let anything stand in the way of your dreams. Along with that, the guys are taking a unique approach to choosing their fruits and grains in order to minimize waste and lessen their footprint with the environment all while giving back to some great local conservation organizations. If you're in the greater Chicagoland area, be on the lookout for them as they plan to open their doors to the public later this spring.

Show Transcript