Breaking it down with Carl Kossuth

Show Notes

Hey everyone, welcome to episode 158 of the Antler Up Podcast!

On this week's episode I was joined by Carl Kossuth from Tethrd. Carl is the Chief Designer for Tethrd.  This was a fun one to record because out of all the relationships that I have been blessed with since we’ve started this journey Carl is one that happened spontaneously.  We actually quickly mention that in this episode, but we also dive into when Carl got the bug to shoot with the longbow and his passion for that.  This was a fun conversation because we haven’t explored that yet on the podcast.  After relistening to it, I just might have to fiddle around with one this spring!

In this episode we cover Carl’s successful 2022 season and what led to that success.  We dove down some in season scouting techniques that Carl really focuses on to put himself in the best position to kill a buck.  This episode also wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t discuss some gear.  Carl shared information regarding the new Tethrd Lockdown Saddle! I can’t wait to try this out myself at the GAOS in Harrisburg!  Hear also what Carl is most proud of when it comes to developing gear for Tetrhd. I hope you enjoy this episode and if you are heading to the GAOS make sure to stop by the Tethrd booth on the weekends to say hi!

Thanks again for all the support and best of luck out there and Antler Up!

Show Transcript