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Hey everyone, welcome to episode 168 of the Antler Up Podcast!

On this week's episode I was joined by Lane Housner from In the Presence. Lane is a PA native that runs the YouTube channel In the Presence Hunt. He and his crew hunt all over and film their awesome hunts. From PA, MD, KS, and many more states! These guys get the job done and have a blast doing it. Lane and I just have a straight up BS session of what is going on currently for him and what to expect for next season!

When we kick off this podcast we chat about when Lane first started to film his hunts and get into his internship with the guys from the Untamed. Lane gave up a lot to take this position so he shares things he learned from the filming side and the hunting tactic side. Following this, Lane shares what he is up to currently for scouting and how he breaks down pieces for scouting with boots on the ground and e-scouting. From here we get into how he manages to hunt a bunch of different states come fall.

We also get into listener questions from what food sources Lane keys in on in the big woods and various states he hunts, what his dream hunt schedule looks like and recapping a few hunts from this past season! Be sure to check out what Lane and his crew are doing come next fall!

Thanks again for all the support and best of luck out there and Antler Up!

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Show Transcript

Jeremy Dinsmore: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Antler Podcast, brought to you by tethered the world's best saddle hunting equipment, and we have a fun show for you guys today. What's up everybody? On this week's episode, I was joined by Lane Hausner from the In the Presence, and Lane is a PA native that runs the YouTube channel in the presence hunt, and he and his crew hunt all over and film their awesome hunts from pa, Maryland, Kansas, and many more states.

These guys, I'm telling you, get the job done and have a blast doing it. Lane and I have a straight up BS session of what is going on currently for him and what to expect from him. Come next. We kick off the podcast with chatting about when Lane first [00:01:00] started the film, actually his Hunts and from middle school and in high school to where he is now, and talk about his internship with the guys from the Untamed, which was really cool and he gave up a lot to take that position.

So he shares things he learned from it from the filming side, as well as the hunting side of things, and following this lane share. What he is doing currently right now for scouting, how he breaks down pieces for the big woods and getting boots on the ground and also eess scouting. And from there we get into how he manages a bunch of different states to hunt come fall, because I'm telling you, this dude gets around in an awesome way with.

Visiting different states and getting, again, filling these tags. We also get into listener questions for him about what food sources he keys in on the big woods, various states. He hunts his dream hunt schedule and recapping a few hunts from this past season. So be sure to check out Lane and his crew what they're doing over at in the presents hunt and what they got going on now and come next.

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What's up everybody? Welcome back to the Antler Podcast. I'm joined by Pennsylvania native. We got Lane Hauser on the other side from in the Presence Hunt. Dude, welcome to the show.

Lane Housner: What's up buddy? How you doing?

Jeremy Dinsmore: Living the just like we said, living the dream, living some type of dream, whether it be a nightmare or something good.

But it just all depends on the [00:06:00] day,

Lane Housner: yeah, no doubt. No doubt,

Jeremy Dinsmore: dude. What's going on with you? What you just said, you're getting ready to go for a hockey game. What's life looking like right now for you?

Lane Housner: Pretty stressful. Just working a lot, now that hunt season's over, pretty much working started lifting again, so I've been doing that.

It probably takes up two hours at least, yeah. And just hockey, man. I've been playing a lot of hockey. That's

Jeremy Dinsmore: good. Keeping yourself active, right?

Lane Housner: Yeah. Oh yeah, man. I'm probably on the rank, I'm probably like at least three, four times a. Nice, like playing games. So it's, yeah, it's fun, man.

Yeah. It's roller hockey, but it's with a puck, so it's dude, it's a blast.

Jeremy Dinsmore: Yeah. Yeah. That's great, man. Where are you coming out of here in Pennsylvania? Do a introduction about yourself, you know where you're coming from and what your in the presence, hon, is all about, man.

Lane Housner: Yeah like Jeremy said, I guess my name's Lane Hausner. I run the channel in the presence and yeah, I, man, I've been doing it man. Dude, I've been filming for a while, man probably ever since middle school. I think when I first picked up the camera and then kinda fell out of it in high school [00:07:00] and then picked it up as soon as I graduated high school, like my mom bought me a dslr and yeah, pretty much just piqued my interest, man.

Shot my first deer on film then. Dude, ever since we've been rocking with it. I did an internship with the young team, which was pretty cool. Oh, cool. And like after that, dude, our our channel just freaking blossomed, dude. You know what I mean? Yep. It just took off, it went from like 160 subscribers to like, I think right now we're at like 21 k.

You know what I mean? Yeah. Yep.

Jeremy Dinsmore: Dude, you put out a lot of content. You do a great job. I've been it's funny because a couple years ago I was. Indulging in a ton of videos during the season and everything like that. And then once the season's over I'm like, oh, what the hell am I gonna watch?

You obviously Turkey videos and gear things. Yeah. But what I've done the last two seasons, and I'm very happy I've done it, is I hold off on anything that's posted during the year and I wait until like now, that way I could get my, my, my whitetail fix on now. So yeah. Dude, how was that internship and what did that kind of consist of with Josh and those?

Lane Housner: [00:08:00] Yeah, it was a lot of fun, man. Like basically I, I dropped outta school for it went out, went down there. Dude. I was behind a camera every single day, like bear hunting, yeah. White tail hunting, like we just every, pretty much every single day. But there was some times where like they'd be like, all right, we're not hunting for three or four days.

I'd probably hunt by myself, yep. Or just take a little relaxer. But yeah, for the most part, just like running all over West Virginia, man, Southern West Virginia, it was fun. That's hunting on the ground. That was like my first time ever. Like I was out west before guiding Yeah. For elk and stuff, but I've never actually whitetail hunted from the ground until then I'm, dude, it was insane, man.

Especially like the bucks, it was like just crazy dude, white in the

Jeremy Dinsmore: world. Whitetail, hunting's difficult to begin with. And then you add that dimension to it's impressive when people could get that done. I'll say that. Oh

Lane Housner: yeah, no doubt dude. Ever since then, dude, I've been hunting from the ground a lot.

Dude. I've killed a lot of deer from the ground since then. Yeah. Like he's kinda opened my eyes to it and. Yeah.

Jeremy Dinsmore: That's fun. Let me ask you this. So not only did you probably learn a ton, I, let's break this up because I think it's really good. I love people that are very [00:09:00] consistent when it comes to filming, because I'm not, okay.

Yes. I admit it. There's times I give it a shot. There's times where my ba like my gear is in my bag, but I do not take it out. That type of stuff, right? On a filming side of things, how did that maybe help you progress to what you're doing now from filming it to even chopping it up and editing it, to put it out there for everybody?

Lane Housner: Yeah, so I knew the editing side of it before I went down there, but it was mainly just like the storytelling side of it and just like never putting the camera down. Dude, this year I meant the only time a hundred was without a camera. This past year was like one day during spring, Turkey season.

Okay. The rest of the time, like I filmed it like. Whether you guys see it on the channel or not. Cause a lot of times, you're sitting there, nothing happens. Or saying big buck comes by, oh dude, it's heartbreak time. You know what I mean? So like the camera footage yeah, maybe it's a little subpar, and then I'm not gonna like just show people all that.

You know what I mean? I feel like no one really wants to watch that. I feel like everyone's all kill. Yeah. So I don't know, like we've been putting out a lot of just kill videos, but maybe going forward, like [00:10:00] I'll start trying to incorporate that more. But yeah, man.

That's pretty much it. Yeah.

Jeremy Dinsmore: That's the thing about the whole storytelling process, because I feel I don't see enough of cool shit to. Film all the time, right? There's those moments where I'm like, damnit, I should have had it out or started filming when I saw this deer X, Y, and Z. But in the grand scheme of things, it's I guess what you really want to get out of and tell.

And that's, like you, that I'll go through phases when I'm personally like watching I, and sometimes like when someone does not kill as long as you, like you said you got a good story behind. It's interesting, right? Because you could, as long as you feel relatable in a sense of wow, I'm interested to see what happens.

You can really, to get a feel for that hunt, I guess you could say. Yeah. Now the other side of that, what was. Maybe some things you learned on the hunting side of tactics, strategies that those guys use. Like you said, obviously hunting from the ground, [00:11:00] something totally different.

Yes. Unorthodox from what you grew up doing. How did, what did you learn and take away from that opportunity? Yeah. So

Lane Housner: like I said, the ground thing was probably number one. Number two was I never really hunted with Hounds before at all. Yeah. So that was like a totally eye-opening thing.

And it's not just everyone I think online thinks that, just you go down there, you let the dogs loose, dude, they true. Barely kill it, and it's just nonstop It's not like that at all. There's days where you ride around the truck all day long and don't turn up anything, don't cut the dogs loose at all.

Or say you cut the dogs loose. I meant there was one more in an early season, dude, the dogs ran the entire morning and like it was like getting 80 degrees, nine degrees. We pulled 'em, yeah. Like we never did treat the bear, yep. And another big thing was I'm an, obviously I was a guide before out west, like no sun control at all.

But like growing up, man, I had no one in my family, hunter at all. I only got into it really Cause I'm a buddy, so That'ss how, how I started hunting and I, at first I was a total like scent Nazi, everything dude and I couldn't drive back when I started [00:12:00] hunting.

So like my family would take me up to the cabin and I remember like taking a scent free shower and like having all my stuff packed outside and a scent free tote and just running outside butt naked. You know what I mean? Getting changed real quick and then running down, making sure I didn't touch anything.

And then it. Dude, ever since then they were like, dude, we don't hunt. Like we don't hunt at all with scent control products. Nothing. It's all wind, and I meant like ever since then, I don't do anything. My hunting clothes are sitting probably in my laundry room right now, like under stuff. I think I still got some stuff in my van, yeah. It's a mess right now. But yeah, ever since then, just the whole wind thing too, that's probably the main like factor of success from being in the white to woods, yeah. No

Jeremy Dinsmore: doubt about it. So what do you got going on right now? When it comes to hunting for scouting, planning hunts?

Because I. And we'll get into this. I know you get around a lot when it comes to hunting different various states and everything like that. So what's on the docket for you from, obviously we're coming into April, you know what's, yeah. What do you got going on?

Lane Housner: Whole lot of scouting, man.

I meant, [00:13:00] like you said, whole lot of planning. Like it's It's a moch boss stuff. Like anything I can find time to do. All right dude, I'm gonna be out in the woods. You know what I mean? Yeah. So like I've been putting on miles and honestly, I've been pretty low key this year because I found out there's a lot of snakes online.

And dude, to be honest with you, I'm not trying to like just burn out spots before I even hunt 'em. So I've been like nonchalant and posting about it. But dude, I've scout nonstop. That's good. Yeah, just like every little piece I've pinned around me and the thing about me is, dude, I'm not afraid to drive it all.

So like from my low area where I'm. Dude, I'll drive two hours if I have to. Two and a half, and hunt in the evening. Like I, I got time at least in hunt during hunt season, yep.

Jeremy Dinsmore: Nice. What what upcoming, this was actually even one of a listener question, what is, what points do you have anywhere?

Things that you're planning on, hopefully the draw next

Lane Housner: year. Oh yeah, Kansas probably gonna be hunting honest to God is probably gonna start out in South Dakota for antelope. I think I'm going out there like August. 28, so the 31st or something like that. And then heading right back, hitting [00:14:00] me, hitting Delaware.

Cause Delaware opens up the 1st of September. Gonna try to shoot a velvet buck there. And then I think Maryland opens up like first week of September. September there. Yep. So Probably bouncing over to Maryland, and then once PA starts and pa hard, I probably won't hunt Ohio this year.

I'll probably just if I fill out in a couple states and then swing over there and hunt it, but I'm not really gonna spend a lot of time like. In Ohio, unless I fill my

Jeremy Dinsmore: other tags. Yeah. Now, so here's a good, here's a good segue. So you just named three, four different states that you plan on hunting.

How are you, oh yeah. How are you accomplishing this? As far as your time, do you designate multiple trips for these, because you're going only at maybe a couple days. How do you attack this? Because, some people might listen or watch and be like, man, how the heck is he doing all that within maybe, like you said, like working a lot, all that.

Lane Housner: Yeah, so I'm pretty fortunate, like I've built my life around being cheap. So everything I have in my. It's cheap, dude. Like my mortgage is cheap. I got [00:15:00] my own house. I got it all before that Covid bull crap. You know what I mean? Yeah. So it's all my interest rate, like dude lot low, and then my vehicle is a beater man. You know what I mean? You're like, I'm not even gonna tell you my vehicle because everyone's just gonna laugh. But dude, it was like 1500 bucks, man, yeah. It took me out to Kansas this year. Like it, it can run, as long as you take care of it and then yeah, basically.

Yeah. Shit. I've told every boss I have, like even the boss I'm working for right now dude, during hunt season, I will not be there. I will be there every single other day, but I will not be there like during certain like little bits during hunt season. Yeah. Yep. Like I think. I went out west last year to Idaho and Elk hunted from September 4th up until September 28th.

Then I think I worked five to seven days in November. Yeah. Just dude, just swinging. Yeah. I'm not making a ton of money, but I'm living cheap, dude, and it's not pretty, like I'm sleeping in the back of my car, not paying for hotels, like eating cheap food, bringing stuff from home, anything I can do, save. [00:16:00] Sweet man.

Jeremy Dinsmore: Hey, if you want to do it right, there's sacrifices that you have to make and sounds like you, you got a good little routine now and fortunate enough that, like you said, you're lucky to have a boss that I guess understands that. So that's

Lane Housner: pretty cool. Yeah. Yeah.

It's worked out, man. I like it. Like I've always, I don't know, a BA a couple years ago I messaged Zach Farn Ball from the hunting public. Yeah. And just asked him a couple questions. He was like, one of the things that really stuck out to me, he's dude, I've always just hunted and just made it work.

And I was like, that's like hit home and just how I like, made my life so far. I've got a girlfriend, so my bills are picking up a little bit. Hopefully she's not listening to this, I'm still, yeah I don't know. I'm still just living like a kid, to be honest with you, but dude, it's working out.

I love it. I'm not changing for anything, so I

Jeremy Dinsmore: like it, man. How many pieces, like you said, you are scouting a ton, yes. How are you, how many pieces are you scouting, keeping track of and like, how do you prioritize these pieces into trail cameras? Do you go, okay, this is a, I know there was a buck, maybe I found sheds on this one.

I'm putting cameras. Is there any [00:17:00] particular. Way that you categorize things or keep track of certain pieces?

Lane Housner: Yeah. Like hon, honest to God, the farther away pieces, I'm probably gonna start running some like cell cams at least some of the pieces that I've found a lot of sign at. Like I found this one piece, I found a ton of scrapes, dude.

There was this huge scrape line of six, seven scrapes right in a row. And I meant it just set up perfect for the wind. So I'm probably gonna go down there. I'm not running atrial cams right now or nothing like that. Like I'm not, I'm not target. I'm like, don't get me wrong, I meant if a big 180 inch deer like walk through, oh dude I'm gonna smoke it.

You know what I mean? But dude, I'm probably, I'm targeting like 120 inch bucks, 130 inch bucks. That's, that's what makes me happy. Exactly. But yeah, so pretty much just, dude, just bouncing around, like checking out. Nathan's saying, that stands out to me, like topography wise, access wise.

Really anything, dude. And then I don't really, I'm not running cameras till probably after Turkey season, but I'll I'll camera hunt a lot of the pieces. Like I won't actually step foot in them, I'll just like camera hunt 'em [00:18:00] this year and then next year if I get some good intel poop slide in there.

Jeremy Dinsmore: Yeah, I like that. What about you just said like your entry route, exit route, that's been something that for me, it's talked about sometimes it goes under the wayside for depending on whatever media you're consuming, right? But yeah, it's something that I've, this past, quote, unquote, off season wanted to look at a more private piece that I do hunt back at Northeast Pennsylvania of just okay, how could I get in a little.

Advan, have a little bit more of an advantage getting in there compared to what I've been doing. And so there's different things I'm looking at, what are lessons learned or things that you really try to hone in on when it comes to your entry and exit routes.

Lane Housner: So for me, really just monitoring people, man.

Like anything I can do to get away from people, boom. I'm doing it. You know what I mean? Yeah. Whether it be parking far away from my spot or Yeah, like taking boats to access it. Like water cuts out a lot of people, [00:19:00] I hate saying that, but it does. Oh, no doubt. Yeah, another thing, just watching how you walk in, don't walk where you think the deer's gonna be going to or coming from, or. Gonna be down window pretty much. You know what I mean? You can thread the needle a little bit, but really, like ground scent is the number one killer in my, in like for deer, for me. You know what I mean? Yeah. If they come past my tree and on that like, Where they're gonna hit the ground set.

Dude, nine times out of 10 they hit the ground set and that's over. Yeah.

Jeremy Dinsmore: Because that's the hard part. I think you, you hear people talk about scouting in season, right? Like we're fi finding that precious sign and there's only one way to do that, and that's to walk around the woods. And I think that is like the toughest task when it comes to finding that quote unquote freshest sign and hunting over.

Lane Housner: Yeah, no doubt. I'm doing a lot of that too, so it's tough, but you just gotta look from afar, man. Use binoculars. You know what I mean? I'm a big, I don't ever take binoculars into the woods, quite frankly, but my eyesight is pretty keen. So like I can just slowly still hunt through the woods, can [00:20:00] look up ahead.

All right. You know what I mean? There's a couple scrapes. I think I'm good. Yeah. Cross that up,

Jeremy Dinsmore: Yeah. So I know you, you put out a lot of videos and the one of the. Early ones are the Maryland ones that I've been diving into, because that's a state, obviously it's nearby, it's easy to get to.

It's not that far. What, since I've never, I hunted Delaware before, but I've yet to hunt Maryland. Share your experience for that because I'm interested in that. Brandon Miller from the Everyday Outdoorsman, I know he and his buddies, they hunt out a ton and I've talked to him. I'm just trying to get a little bit more perspective on your experience hunting Maryland and like how it compares to Pennsylvania.

Lane Housner: Yeah. I hate saying it cause I know it's just gonna drive crowds down there, but it's pretty good. Yeah. Like it down there, there's a lot of deer, you know what I mean? Yeah. Pretty much any piece you go to, you're bound to run into some deer, yep. And the nice thing about Maryland is just a three buck limit, or if you get your bonus buck, so you can kill three bucks. And then also it's like pretty much unlimited dose. I think it's, I think the total number's like 26. So it's pretty [00:21:00] friendly. And the nice thing about Maryland too is the season runs. The entire time. You know what I mean? It's not like PA here where it like stops, for a little bit. And then rifle season goes like it's bow season, then rifle season, muzzle load, yeah, Maryland's set up well and yeah, man, same thing. There's a lot of pressure, don't get me wrong, like you will run into people down in Maryland, but you just gotta be able to think outside the box.

You doing something, no one's willing to do. What's the terrain features?

Jeremy Dinsmore: Compared to what? What we deal with up.

Lane Housner: Oh, it varies, man. It's almost like Delaware where it's like just flat, sea level, you got tidal water, but then you go out west and it's all mountains, yeah. So it's really, that's the nice thing about Maryland too, is you can hunt like, different kind of features. You can hunt really, whatever you want.

Jeremy Dinsmore: So here's, so let's backtrack to bouncing around to all these other states. And when it comes to, and you're, you've shown that you've been very successful in a bunch of these states.

I'm sure you're using Spartan Forge and looking at the topo, and are there things that you really have [00:22:00] keyed in on when it comes to that, that you've found a niche on that you're like, okay, this is the first thing I'm looking for, trying to find, and when I go in there, get boots on the ground while I'm hunting?

Because again, like we, we are limited regardless of. Like you said, when we do go out of state to hunt, and sometimes hell even here, right? If you're going to a different piece here in Pennsylvania, you are limited to if it's a Saturday, just Saturday, until you Yes. Take another trip up. So what, how do you tackle the whole eess scouting thing and translating that to getting boots on the ground?


Lane Housner: Obviously I do a lot of ESS scouting, It meant, again, it just, it really just depends, man. Like the pieces I hunt, people named PA are way different than say, like the pieces I hunt in Kansas. So Kansas is a totally different tactic, yeah. But as far as if we're sticking straight to big woods and like mountain stuff due to anything with if you see a little bench or you see a little flat, coming off a point dude, the hots are, it's probably gonna be a little hotspot.

Somewhere where they're gonna go or little like where all these ridge systems come together at, like little hubs. Dude, that's [00:23:00] always money too, yeah.

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A another listener. Yeah, food sources and hardwoods and pinch points. So I'm assuming they're asking like maybe what are some of the food sources that you've found keyed in on, and I'm assuming maybe finding pinch points what, how, what are your process of with that?

Lane Housner: I meant obviously if you find a white oak three, it's probably gonna be hammered.

You know what I mean? Yeah. I, you [00:24:00] can just, there was like one time in Maryland, I'll never forget, I went down there. And I went in and I meant you can just see where these deer just destroyed this white oak tree. And I meant there was like one little white oak tree in this whole bottom dude.

It was tore up and it was right on this little bench. Oh man. It was perfect, dude. I sat there probably four or five times. I could not, I probably saw 25, 30 deer. Wow. So boy, Duke's really obviously a big one for me. Briars too, dude. You see 'em where they're feeding on the briars a lot, dude.

Like anything where that deer eating and like the freshest sign possible, you wanna be hunting it. So it doesn't really matter to the food source for me, as long as I go in the woods and I find one, all right, boom, that's where I'm sitting. And I'm not afraid to walk until I find one.

Jeremy Dinsmore: I think that's a key aspect that I, myself, Have taken a more direct of like conscious effort of Wow. As I'm Mount scouting, to also look at, okay, what are deer eating? Because, we're so focused on like, where's the scrape? Where's the rub? Where's trails? Where, doing that instead of, as you slow things down, like you said, [00:25:00] finding green B Greenbriar, our ends knocked off list of finding the hot oak tree and whatever else,

Lane Housner: nope. Yeah, no doubt. I like that. As far as pinch points go I mean everyone we post those drive videos, right? And You get a lot of good comments, don't get me wrong, but you get a lot of bad stuff where it's oh, drives aren't you ain't hunters for doing drives and blah, blah, blah.

And don't get me wrong, dude, I'm not just doing drives all season long, but they do really help with escape routes and, finding pinch points and how kind of deer moves. I always take that into consideration. So we're

Jeremy Dinsmore: gearing up for next year, you said all those other states that you're looking to, to hunting.

How out of those states that you've hunted before Yeah. What lessons learned that you hopefully either want to capitalize on that maybe you did not have success with? I, like I said I hunted only Delaware once before, and dude, that's a tough state, especially on public land. I know a lot of, oh yeah, I know a good amount of people that have had success there.

It's nine outta 10 people. It's on private land. So[00:26:00] how's your game plan for a state like Delaware?

Lane Housner: I hunted Delaware before, but like I just did it on a whim. You know what I mean? I spent four days and I just, I saw the first day you almost shot a buck. And dude, just going, just honestly, just eess scouting and finding where like edges are, transitions, dude.

It's huge, man. Especially down there when it's all flat, yeah. And then just put yourself in the deer shoes. All right. I'm gonna be eating and then I'm gonna be walking pretty much back to bed. So you gotta find like where that spot is or where you think. And try to set up on it. That's, that's pretty much how I tackle outta seat.

So at least that's how I would tackle Delaware. This year it's gonna be a little different because I actually spent some time scouting in Delaware. So I'm going down there with an actual peace in mind and like kind of an area that I, yeah I feel confident in, and that's how every state's different from me.

Piag got a lot of historical spots seen with Maryland, so Dude, I don't really have to go down there and do a whole lot of scouting. Whole lot of scouting. I feel confident I can just like slide back into the spots, maybe tweak it a little bit, but like for the [00:27:00] most part, like slide back in there, like my scouting right now is finding pieces for a couple years down the road, and putting cameras down and stuff.

Jeremy Dinsmore: Yeah. I like the, how you just said, it's for that future aspect because I think. A lot of people are on either like myself, there's some areas now that I'm scouting for possibly, this upcoming year. But also, okay, this is, could be more of a long term spot, like you just said, letting things soak.

And then there's other areas where I've been hunting and I just want to really fine tune it. Really know it like the back of my hand just cuz like you said, historical data, just seeing more deer move and it maybe changed also this year because of a different food source maybe pressure, all that type of stuff.

So I just try to also recheck boxes to say, okay, come next year if I'm back in this area, here's what the historical data has been. Nope. I know for the Delaware hunt, there was a time when it was getting to last light. We were, I was actually like one of the [00:28:00] first times hunting a field edge for me cuz growing up in northeast Pennsylvania, living here in central Pennsylvania, I don't never really hunted fields, right?

It's always been the big woods, the big mountains, everything like that. And I'm on this field edge and I just see something catch my eye out in the middle of this tall. Field that basically I was hunting outside of where it was a picked cornfield, I think, or beans, I forget and all of a sudden I put up my binos and there's a couple deer, dude.

They're just like, beded right in the center of this field. I'm like, oh yeah. Oh my God. It is just a challenge of things. If you don't have that experience doing that, you learn and man I want that opportunity to hunt Delaware again because I know for a fact maybe I wouldn't kill, but I know I would at least I think, put myself in a better position to hunt and see more deer basically.

Yeah. Yeah,

Lane Housner: a hundred percent.

Jeremy Dinsmore: That's a tough state, man. Delaware's a tough state. And it's funny because we have a couple Delaware people listening or people that hunt Delaware and are always like, quit talking about Delaware.

Lane Housner: It's a good state. I know. [00:29:00] I hate talking about it, dude.

I hate talking

Jeremy Dinsmore: about it. I don't think it's a sleeper state anymore, man. I think a lot of people know about it now.

Lane Housner: It's the nice thing is it's expensive to hunt. You know what I mean? So kind keeps people there. Yep. And as. Pretty much a dip too, at least coming with some of those spots that I hunt.

You know what I mean?

Jeremy Dinsmore: Yep. Yep. What how was your past year, those of that maybe don't follow along or anything like that. What did this past season look like for you?

Lane Housner: Yeah. Like I said, went out to Idaho, spent a whole month out there. The dude I was with killed a bull like one of the last days.

Wow. I did not, but it was still a fun trip, it was incredible just living off your, back doing it. Like we'd come out every four or five days, every suck, it was just, it was awesome doing it. It was my first time like, Like that, pretty much back country, all by myself with a backpack, yep. Like 10. It was cool, man. Like I was a guide before, that was like horseback stuff and there was a big tent set up, and then ho Lodge, but, and then I came back here, a hundred and pa and really I, my girlfriend like [00:30:00] just got into hunting here, so she's never killed a deer.

So my main focus was her this year. I wanted to hunt, obviously, but like early on I was trying to get her to do dude, we had so many close calls, dude, where it's just I don't have a kid or anything, but I've never had to like actually walk someone through how to like, do it and like we messed up a lot, a lot.

But finally it came. For her. I forget when it was. I think it was like middle October and she smoked one and we got floated out, which was cool. And then I shot my PA buck, I think October 29th or 30th, something like that. And then I rolled out to Ohio, spent a couple days out there hunting, and then went to Kansas, shot my Kansas buck and rolled right back to Ohio.

Hunted there again. And then Kaylee. She was watching my dog and dude, it would been like three weeks at this time. You know what I mean? So I was kinda getting some plaques for it. So I went home and there was that Sunday that you could hunt back here in [00:31:00] archery. So we went out on Sunday and she shot her buck, which was awesome.

And then, I was on, I was out of the doghouse pretty much. And then I went back to Ohio, shot my Ohio buck. And then started hunting Maryland hard. Had a couple close encounters in Maryland and then pretty much just shot a dope at the end of the season. That's pretty much my season meant pretty

Jeremy Dinsmore: good season, dude.

I wa So I want to backtrack a couple and like you said you were a guide before, so you had that experience of being out there, having the equipment and like you just said you are, trying to live that minimalist kind of lifestyle so that you could afford these opportunities to go about that.

You lived off your back. What are some ex essential pieces of gear? I guess that, there are things maybe where you are, you could. Cannot live without basically back there. And then other items that it's okay, you don't need to have this $500 blank compared to an $80. This basically.

Lane Housner: Yeah. I didn't have to buy my tent, which was nice, but a good [00:32:00] tent would be ideal, like the 10 I had was awesome, man, and my buddy let me borrow it. So really thankful for that. But yeah, I meant. Jet boil, obviously. Essential. Essential. Yeah. And another, I've tried to, so the biggest fallback for me, I'd say was I tried to go cheap with my food.

So I ended up like making all my own meals. So I got ramen noodles, I put two packets of ramen noodles in, and then I was doing, I was mixing some bacon bits in it, and then I dehydrated some. Veggies, mix that all in. And I also dehydrated some chicken, some potatoes. I made some fruit leather. Just got, I went to, if you're going to go out west and do it like I did, I would definitely recommend going to Costco and just getting a whole lot of bulk stuff saved you a lot of money, and then just packing it.

So I basically ate an oatmeal thing, or two oatmeal things for breakfast. And then I had a couple granola bars. Some fruit leather, some beef jerky that I made, or deer jerky I guess. And then for dinner I'd had that, like [00:33:00] concoction that I made. Towards the end don't get me wrong.

And then when we got down off the mountain, I definitely went into the grocery store and got some instant mash paints, and dude, that was a life changer

Jeremy Dinsmore: that, that first McDonald's burger or chicken nuggets

Lane Housner: too. So dude, it's different, man. It's different. It's different.

Jeremy Dinsmore: Dude. How was going out there for elk?

I, like you said, obviously guiding and doing all that, but yeah I've yet to go on an elk hunt myself. So what, how was going out in the back country and going out for that elk what was that experience like?

Lane Housner: You do sick man it, it's wild. Cause once you do it and you like are out there, it's like everything that you think of that you need back home, like money, like your phone, I don't know, just like any little necessities that you think you need, like it, it doesn't even matter out there. Like all you're focused on is just food or like eating surviving water and finding elk and killing elk, and then just, dude, it takes you back to your like primitive roots [00:34:00] dude. I felt so connected to the earth, dude.

Like I felt good. Yeah. I was probably in the best shape of my life during that ocon yeah, I lost some weight, but I meant, dude, I was putting on Six to 10 miles a day. Pretty much. Sometimes when you're glass and you ain't doing that much, but for the most part we were hiking around just like exploring, yep. I think we camped eight and a half miles from the actual trucks, and then that's where we were like getting into elk, obviously. So like we just pretty much stayed there the entire month. Like wherever do Idaho's nice because there's people say there's not as many oak. Like Colorado, but man, I meant we didn't have any problems like running the elk, man.


Jeremy Dinsmore: That's awesome dude. I hear, I can only imagine hearing just that first bugle and, oh dude, it feels so

Lane Housner: good and you, and another cool thing about that is like doing it how we did, where it's like you hunt the whole basically season and you get to experience like. The whole change, man. Like at first you got out there, it was like 90 something degrees as we're walking in, we're just sweating dick. Like it miserable, dude. You're just down in just water. Just, just even thinking [00:35:00] about it, this dude didn't like, Then, and it was also fires out there at the time. So yeah, everything was just like, I've ne I've never felt like my throat, like it felt like I smoked two packs of cigarettes a day, dude.

It was just disgusting, man. Like I was spitting mucus, it was just like gnarly. And then we got off the mountain restocked. We, I think we spent like a day and a half in town at McDonald's just sleeping and just like working on like computers and stuff, like editing and freaking.

Then we'd go back up and then the next time, the wallows Dr. Like at first dude, the wallows were just on fire. If you weren't over a wallow, you weren't getting to elk pretty much. And then the second little bit was like, All right, they're now, they're just starting to bugle a little bit more, and you're getting on bulls, just bugling and cow calling and stuff. And then that third time we went back at, dude, it was like just a fool on rut, man. Like the aspens changed, like I meant, it was just screaming nonstop. Like we, I meant like hood deaths killed bulls multiple different times, yeah. It was just nonstop, man. So it was [00:36:00] pretty cool, like seeing it all like transpire like that and just like living out there, yeah. Having

Jeremy Dinsmore: that experience. Have you ever gone out from mule deer?

Lane Housner: Oh yeah. I got it in, yeah, Montana, and that was for like elk and mule deer. Okay. But it was like, it was all private stuff pretty much.

So It wasn't like super, super hard. Y your doing is basically riding around trucks and spotting them and shooting them, like it wasn't like this where you're like walking around. I definitely wanna do one of 'em. High Als dude, like mule deer hunts, dude, that's like on my bucket list

Jeremy Dinsmore: for sure.

Yeah. I have a couple friends that, that is on their bucket list and have eight to nine points for it. So it just, I know last year two of my good friends, Tim and Tom, I think they had. I think last year and they had a pretty, the unit that they were trying to apply for in Colorado, they had a good chance and they did not draw it.

So they were bummed. So ho. Hopefully this year could be the year for them. And I know, I think Tom is going out for Elk and I think Tim is as well. It's just a matter of what unit and all that jazz. So yeah. That's cool. What about Kansas? Because Kansas kind of has [00:37:00] that, that obviously, big buck state.

Yep. You have last year it just seemed like it was what, from what people were saying, it was just pounded. What was your experience? Because that was a that's a state I have two points for. Just because I haven't had the chance to really make it work the year that I would want to draw it.

And I was thinking about it this, for this upcoming season. So what was your experience like when, what like you said you went I would say what the early November-ish timeframe. Yep. So what was that like? Too

Lane Housner: pressure city. It was just non Simon yeah, pressure for Kansas is hammered man.

And mean, I ain't gonna lie, like there's people everywhere, but it's still, big buck Central. So like I shot my buck on public and honest to God, I was like, oh dude, I can go right back to Ohio and shoot a book. You know what I mean? Yeah. So I was all jazzed up and yeah, I probably shot a little bit small.

I was punked at the time, you know what I mean? But looking back on it, it wasn't like a super big buck. So I'm not saying I'm disappointed by any means, but I feel like that's just a public land buck versus dude, if you can get on private out there, oh my [00:38:00] God, man.

Like I stayed a couple days after that. We ran into a dude at a gas station and ended up like becoming friends with him, me and my buddy Tim. And Dude, he freaking just let us hunt. So I was just filming Tim the entire time, pretty much. Like for the like three days or something like that. But dude, just the bucks that we saw on private versus public night and day difference, night and day.

Jeremy Dinsmore: Okay. So say, I'm going out next year, first time going, yes. I know they have those pieces where you could have like that walk-in access and everything like that, did you do any of those pieces at all and, and anything like that? Oh yeah. Yeah.

Lane Housner: Yeah, that's all. That's all I was hunting at first.

Yeah. Was just them, just dude, find out where I thought didn't think people were gonna be.

Jeremy Dinsmore: Do you think this whole trail cam ban or anything will limit, or do you think they plan on the Kansas, game commission of some sort will change how many people draw?

Or is it just, Hey man, keep giving us the money with all these.

Lane Housner: Yeah, dude, I don't know Kansas that much. So I, I don't really, I can't really put my opinion in it, yeah. Yeah. I didn't, to be honest with you, I didn't use a trail cam at [00:39:00] all when I was out there.

To me, it's not, dude, it's not, I'm still gonna hunt Kansas, dude. It's just a fun state. You want to talk about hunting big bucks in November in the rut, in the Midwest, dude, there's, everyone has to experience it at least a little bit,

Jeremy Dinsmore: yeah, no doubt.

What's your favorite timeframe here in Pennsylvania to get.

Lane Housner: Probably like October 20th to October 30th, 31st. If there even is the 31st. I don't even know. Yeah. Halloween. Yeah, whatever. Yeah. Halloween, dude, that's I love that time of year, man. The leaves are like starting to go and it's just scrape city and dude bucks are just up on their feet moving, man, that's, I usually, that's the window that I kill my like pa bucket.


Jeremy Dinsmore: What all right, so let's go. I want to ask this question. This is something usually like early on when I ask you like a little bit about yourself, I, I'm, you're a big sports guy, you just said playing hockey, doing all that stuff. So when you look at the back of your. Hockey card, and if you play NHL on video game system, maybe you have a [00:40:00] power boost or attribute. You know what, you just mentioned to scrape things. Are these. Is scrapes one of the biggest signs that you really key in on and set yourself up to try to have success when in and when it comes either to the trail cameras or hunting over?

What would you say would be your power boost when it go, comes to Pennsylvania hunting?

Lane Housner: Yeah, probably the scrapes, but it all depends on the time of year, you know what I mean? Yep. And what sign I'm finding like if I'm, if I gotta say or say I gotta. In the summer, I got a picture of a big buck in this one area.

And I'm probably gonna be spending a lot of time in that area, and I'm not seeing any scrapes or something. Alright. I'm finding food if it's early, yeah. Or going off of where I think he's vetted and we're the closest thing he, he'd be feeding on.

I try to find that and break the distance, it's set up pretty close. Yeah. Once it starts shifting, and the scrapes will really start getting hammered. Oh dude. I'd be like, if I find a scrape line or like just a scrape that's getting demolished, dude, I'm sitting over it.

You know what I mean? Yep. Yeah. And then when rut comes, if I still got my tag, [00:41:00] if it's a huge funnel or I minute, it's just, dough be, and the downwind side of it, dude, probably gonna be a buck I'm cruising on by, you know what I mean? Checking it out. So it, it all just shifts. It's not just like, all right, I'm just focused on scrapes.

You know what I mean? Yeah. It's not just like that. It all, it depends on the time of year what I'm finding. I guess that was totally

Jeremy Dinsmore: off topic, but no. That was good. It's exactly. Yeah,

Lane Housner: just, I guess being versatile would be my power move. Not being afraid to do something like, whether it's kayak access and finding something, or just like hiking around, going for a ridiculously long hike.

It doesn't even make sense. But just doing it I don't know. I'm not afraid to get up 11:00 PM and go in. You know what I mean? Yeah. Yeah. I am afraid, dude.

Jeremy Dinsmore: Yeah. Spartan Forge stands at the nexus of machine learning and whitetail deer hunting to deliver truly intuitive and sign space products that saves the hundred times spent scouting, planning, and executing their hunts.

You have deer prediction, journaling, and the best maps on any hunting app platform there is. Use code antler up to save 20% off your Smart and Forge membership at Spartan. [00:42:00] Dot AI when it comes to filming, and I know you said you, you've brought your camera and you had it rolling at all times. Yeah. We, I've asked this question to other various guests that film hunts and do things, and just because again I personally am always off or on when it comes to that.

What kind of camera setup are you using? And you know what? And what's some advice that you would give some people that are either already doing it on the fence about doing it and that Yeah.

Lane Housner: If you're gonna do it, just make sure you love it. And if you're not gonna do it, hey man.

No, no problem there. You know what I mean? It's the film and stuff like it definitely over the years is definitely like kind. I want to say lessened the hunt for me, but like it has definitely, I found like at one time, I was definitely like, oh, I gotta get on camera.

And then I was like, dude, this is stupid man. Why am I even out here? You know what I mean? Yeah. So it definitely you just gotta really wanted if you're gonna do it and I'm running a Cannon X A [00:43:00] 40 and like couple GoPros, GoPro setting in, got two of them. It's like pretty much that's it.

And then I got low wolf pocket on too, which I'm mobile, so like dude, that helps my setup so much. Biggest I'd say biggest tip would. Just make sure you tell a good story, man, if you're gonna do that, want to do it. If you're just out there just to film like the kill shot and then you know, it really just what you want out of it, pretty much.

Jeremy Dinsmore: That's a great point is just get, do what you want out of, do what you want to get out of it. Because there's, like you said about killing, I don't know how many times if I just put in like Pennsylvania archery season and it's a four minute video, there's no intro, it's literal. You'll just see a deer walking.

Oh, I know, man. It's just, you'll see a deer walking and then there's a shot, and that's it. And that's fantastic because that's what that person wanted. And all they're looking for. No, man. That's good. All right. So last question. When it comes to a listener question they were like, ask Lane what his dream road trip hunt schedule from September to FE February looks.[00:44:00]


Lane Housner: a dream one. Alright. Probably starting August to be honest with you. Okay. South Dakota like I'm doing. Then dude I don't know man, like anything early man, like it'd be awesome to get out. I think Wyoming o opens early. It'd be cool to get out west and do one of them hunts and try to shoot like a pig velvet buck out west.

That'd be awesome. Then, I. I don't know, man. Just just wait till hunting a lot. Definitely hitting Iowa. Once I draw Iowa, man, that's that's a dreamless hunt right there. Yeah. Yeah. Just like dude, just going everywhere and just living it up, man. I don't know

Jeremy Dinsmore: How many points in Iowa

Lane Housner: do you have?

Two. Two. Yeah. Yeah. All right. So I'm probably gonna wait till five, but hopefully it's like still five when I wanna draw, three years from now, I might be six, like seven. Who knows? This

Jeremy Dinsmore: year will be four for me, and I'm, yeah. Some people are like, oh, you could draw with three in certain units, and like you said, I wanna wait till I could get a.

The, one of the better units for sure. And take the time and really put in the time and the effort and the work out there because I don't want it to be a four [00:45:00] day trip. I want that to be until I fill a tag, is when I want to be leaving that state.

Lane Housner: Gil Turkey Hunter at all, or no?

Jeremy Dinsmore: I have I was when I was younger and then I coached baseball this year's, my first year in a decade that I'm no longer coaching.

So this, and obviously during that whole covid year was awesome because I hunted Turkey almost every day. Which was fun because we didn't have a season. But this year, since I'm not coaching, I've, I'm all fired up, man. I'm ready to go in the Turkey woods and get after it. How about.

Lane Housner: Last year I spent a lot of time turkeying hunting, but it ended up like biting me in my butt because I couldn't spent as much time, way till hunting this year, just cause of finances. Like I had to I took off like a little too much in springtime, so I think this year I'm gonna cut it back a little bit, but dude, who knows, man, I'm gonna do it. I'm just gonna do it. But I'll probably just be hunting like Maryland, pa, yeah.

Last year I went to t. It started real early for me, but yeah. I ain't doing that this year.

Jeremy Dinsmore: Yeah, I, it was always one of those things, like I said, for with coaching, I didn't have the time. [00:46:00] Yeah. We'd have Saturday games and, sometimes if I wanted to take off during the day or the morning or something like that, I was just, I wanted to sleep, it was just, I don't know.

It was difficult. So now this year though I'm all jazzed up. I'm fired up. I'm ready to shoot one right in the face. That's for.

Lane Housner: Yeah, I hear that, dude. So yeah, I meant yeah, like dude whitetail hunting over Turkey hunting any day though. Oh my gosh.

Jeremy Dinsmore: Yeah. I don't get me wrong, it both are so unique because like you said earlier, when that late October happens and you got the orange, the yellows, oh yeah.

The tree, it's just magical. And then now it's, same with the spring though. Same. The green's coming up and you hear that hammer, gobble and oh yeah. It's awesome. But it is different. And I'm with you though, whitetails all freaking day long for me. What what's one of your, this is my last question, and I this is for four listeners Yeah.

To go check out your YouTube. What would you say is your favorite video that you have posted on your.

Lane Housner: So we got a lot of cool hunts. Like it's not just me, it's like you, I got a couple buddies, film with me too. But probably my favorite, at [00:47:00] least that I've been a part of is probably my Sika one where shot my six point tag or.

Dude. Even this year's buck like PA Buck was, dude, that's I feel like I told the story well. Like I feel like it was just a good hunt. I don't know. Like we got a bunch, dude Kaylee's hunt. I feel like it's cool too, like her buck, it's not the biggest buck in the world, but dude, she was so excited.

I was afraid her order, so like the footage quality is just sick, like she smoked frontal shot, just like dude, just smoked ci. It was awesome, yeah, dude, we got a lot of good hunts, man. I can't just pick out one there. There's also some attempts or like some of crazies that are just like, dude it's insane.

Like I'm working on Crazy's Cat video right now. Dude. It is like probably gonna be the best video we have on the channel as far as Cinematic goes, or kinda like a cool video. I think so I'm kinda looking forward to posting that one.

Jeremy Dinsmore: Exciting man. That's awesome. Lane, where could people tune in to watch you guys and follow along with what you guys are going on?


Lane Housner: so if you type in on YouTube, if you type in the presence hunting, it'll pop right up for you. You can watch all [00:48:00] our hunts, like pretty much every hunt I talked about on this channel or on this podcast. And then on Instagram you can follow me just Lane Hausner or in the Presence Hunt.

That's pretty much what we're on, like the channels on in the presence hunt for my personal ones in the presence. So follow both if you

Jeremy Dinsmore: want. I like it, man. Dude, I appreciate your time coming on the podcast and have fun smashing people into boards tonight.

Lane Housner: And I know man, it ain't no contact, but it is Redding.

So we'll get chippy. Don't keep me wrong.

Jeremy Dinsmore: Awesome man. Dude, I appreciate it and everybody check him out. It's fun stuff. Like I said, I've been really in. Diving down the rabbit hole of watching what all the videos that these guys put out. It's fun and very relatable. So check them out and we'll see you next week.

Antler up.