Buck Talk with Nate Rozeveld

Show Notes

The south heads north this week on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast as John chats with his buddy Nate Rozeveld from Michigan. Nate is the host of the Michigan Wild Podcast on the Sportemens Empire and recently came down to join John on an Oklahoma hog hunt. John and Nate cover a variety of topics including how social media may have actually improved Michigan deer hunting for the better. John asks Nate about his thoughts on one of John's favorite topics, the one buck vs two buck debate. Nate also explains Michigan's varied landscape including the famous "U.P." or upper peninsula.

Being a podcast host himself, Nate does a great job of turning the tables and asking John a few questions about his property and hunting in Oklahoma. After seeing John's property this spring, he had some questions about how John sets up and hunts his family cattle ranch. The guys also talk about if you can have "too many mature bucks" on a property and ways you can prevent that from happening.

Show Transcript