Calling and Decoying Turkeys with NWTF's Bobby Armstrong

Show Notes

This episode of the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast is the first of two episodes with Oklahomas chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation. In part one John is joined by guest Bobby Armstrong. Bobby lives in western Oklahoma and is the "Save the Hunt Coordinator" for the state, and also serves on the Oklahoma state board of directors for the NWTF. This weeks topic is mostly about hunting, with a little bit of biology and conservation thrown in at the end.

Bobby started his turkey hunting journey in Arkansas, and talks about how back in the 80's a successful hunt might be as little as seeing a turkey track or hearing a lone gobble. One thing about him is that he truly relishes todays hunting opportunities, and even with what a lot of people are calling down years, he reminds us that we are still very blessed. John and Bobby start small with beginner calls and basic noises and cadences people should be able to make before going into the woods. The two work their way up to calling in birds and how different situations need different approaches, and also tackle decoys and the ups and downs that come with them. John tells a story of the all too common gobblers hanging up on a fence, and Bobby gives his two cents on what he would do in that situation. Towards the end John asks Bobby's opinion on shooting jakes, and how the overall population in the state is doing.

Show Transcript