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Joining Nate Rozeveld this week on MIchigan Wild is Cam Carpenter. Cam is 18 years old and has found a ton of success hunting in his home state of Michigan. Cam has had the opportunity to kill and hunt some giant deer in the mitten state, including a buck in the 180s when he was only 13 years old. Even with tremendous success at a young age Cam has stayed engaged with hunting and his passion for the outdoors is ever present. Something that is refreshing to hear for Nate as he has tried managing getting his son involved in hunting at such a young age as well.

Cam talks about his success and gives all the credit to his father, family friends, and great neighbors. He expresses that he feels the only reason these big deer exist is because so many neighbors are on the same page with trigger control and doe harvest. Nate couldn't agree more because he has seen and witnessed the outcome of passing deer along with neighbors which allows deer in Michigan to reach an older age structure.

The guys also break down Cam's turkey season. He found some success early on in the season, by getting a double with his good buddy. He was also able to chase after turkeys with some close friends that led to missed opportunities and memories that will last forever.

Thank you Cam for hoping on Michigan Wild!

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