Death Metal, Youth Softball, and E-Scouting

Show Notes

On his episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan is once again joined by the one and only Tony Peterson to discuss their crazy lives, and e-scouting. Not sure why Tony keeps coming back as a guest but he keeps "YES". This is great, because Dan can't find anyone else to hop on the show. The guys talks about Tonys mental state and how it is affected by the hate-filled death metal he listens to, how horrible of a softball coach he is, and what it's like being managed by someone who is younger and less experienced than him. Dan expresses his opinion on Mark Kenyon's facial hair, practicing baseball with his son, and how many dead bodies they each have seen.

Then, for the last 20 mins of the show the guys take a deep dive in to how they approach e-scouting public public for out-of-state hunts. Anytime Tony hops on the show, it is full of randomness, exciting topics, and complete nonsense . Enjoy and Share!!

Show Transcript