Celebration Meals and Roadkill Responsibilities

Show Notes

On this episode of Huntavore. Nick steps into some deep thoughts. Do Sportsmen have a responsibility to salvage roadkill? He gives some explanation and his own opinion on the question. He also switches gears and jumps into his archery doe celebration meal, venison tenderloin tartare. How this preparation brought some excitement to an already celebratory meal. Roadkill Responsibilities: A week or so ago, Nick was tipped off to a killed button buck near the family farm. Without hesitation, he picked it up, gutted the animal, and hung it up to age appropriately. While most people who know Nick were not surprised by this action, a few folks raised eyebrows, and concern. “Why do you need to pick up roadkill?” While it is basically a free veni grab, it also hits home to the relationship I have with these deer. I put these animals in high esteem, and to see their end at the hands of humans who after the collision, leave the deer to waste away, saddens me. Nick’s personal belief of these deer is that they are a beautiful example of creation. Their existence with us doesn't deserve to be cast aside and a mere inconvenience to us. Nick pledges to himself to try and salvage what is wholesome and bring some sort of homage to this animal. Celebration Meal, Venison Tenderloin Tartare: A working definition of a celebration meal could be; a meal made for or by a successful hunter, that celebrates the hunt and usually involves the first taste of that particular animal. A few choices that are popular are organs like heart or liver, backstrap, and tenderloin. The route that Nick went on his own celebration meal was tenderloin, but with it also being served raw (say what?!?) In making a raw tartare some preparation specifics need to be taken. Meat has to be fresh and cold, and served immediately after being prepared. First an aioli has to be whipped up. The base contains; sherry vinegar, ground mustard, egg yolks, salt, and drizzle in olive oil to emulsify. When it gets to the desired thickness. Fold in; capers, chopped parsley, pepper, and hand chopped tenderloin. Dress with egg yolk and toasted french bread. Tappecue Meat Probes Instagram: @tappecue Website: https://bit.ly/2NIr0Xj Coupon Code 10% off: HUNT10  Huntavore is Powered by Simplecast

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