Cell Camera Strategy with Rudy Nunez and Rob Nally of TACTACAM

Show Notes

The month of July is full of excitement for the deer hunter. Fall hunting seasons are just around the corner and the bucks are really beginning to show their potential for the fall. One really helpful tool for summer scouting that has come to market in the last few years is the cellular trail camera. These cameras provide you with real time data so you can make informed decisions when scouting and hunting. There are lots of cellular camera options on the market now, but none has been more reliable and user friendly with a better price point than the Reveal Cell Cameras.

In this episode of the How to Hunt Deer podcast, Josh talks with Rudy Nunez and Rob Nally of TACATACAM about using cellular trail cameras to scout for deer. The guys cover tips and tactics for setting your cameras to help you get the photos you want and need to make a plan for this fall. They also discuss a few other great tools from TACTACAM that can help you share your hunts with friends and family. Enjoy!

Show Transcript