Clothing Systems for All-Day Rut Hunting

Show Notes

In today's episode of the DIY Sportsman podcast, Garrett breaks down clothing for the rut. The rut entails two major considerations - wild ranges of potential temperature and weather along with sitting all day. In just the last couple of years in the upper midwest, temperatures have ranged from as warm as 70 degrees to below zero. True all day sits don't give much of an opportunity to recharge your metabolism throughout the day, meaning that it's easy to feel like your clothing warmth is underperforming if you don't plan correctly. 

Garrett covers keeping your feet dry and warm, choosing appropriate base layers, layers worn into the woods, and layers packed in along with accessories to keep hands and head warm and dry. For the purposes of the rut, Garrett's general plan and recommendation has shifted somewhat over the years from being more efficient while packing to being more functional while in the tree while making minimal compromises. 

Show Transcript