Hunting On A Budget

Show Notes

This week on the Missouri Woods & Water podcast, with the return of Andy, we get to sit down with Tracy Breen and talk about hunting on a budget.  Tracy has been an outdoor writer and marketing consultant in the outdoor industry for over 20 years and became a pro, especially in his younger days, at learning how to pull off hunts he wanted to go on while on a tight budget.  To start the show off, Tracy floors us by telling us about something he does that we have never heard of; turkey hunting with dogs.  Then we get into things like skimping on food, over indulging on footwear, and the importance of a pack.  We also get into the importance of clothes, which transitions us into a conversation about Hunworth and their new Heat Boost line of cold weather gear.  Tracy has perfected the art of hunting on a budget to the point that he actually wrote a book about it.  It is titled "Big Game On A Budget."  Check it out on his website  Thanks for listening!

Show Transcript