Compartmentalized Property Design and Better Deer Movement

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Jake Ehlinger (Habitat Solutions 360) discuss burning, observation, landscape design, and deer socialization. Jake and Jon discuss working on a hunting property all the time and the approach to putting pressure on the property and the impact it has and the way to approach improvements all the time on the landscape.

Jake explains the importance of bedding areas, timber stand improvement, rotations of change, early succession, travel corridors, licking branches as he details his own property. Jake explains an observation treestand setup that has given him key information to witness how the deer use his property. Jake discusses how deer remain spaced out on a property and how he can identify individual deer and deer groups. Jake explains with his known setups and bedding areas how to create more predictable deer activity and travel throughout his property.

Jake explains the importance of cover and how food relates to cover and the ideal setup to ensure deer are using travel corridors across the property. Jake discusses how deer relate to each other and the relationships that are present every day that we need to be keen on to better understand deer usage. Jon explains cutting bedding areas to manipulate wind patterns for better movement. Jake explains how deer use wind to support movement and how that might change in pressured hunting areas.

Jake and Jon explain how to build bedding areas and how to stack more deer in bedding areas and develop better cover. Both have further discussions around equipment to build bedding areas. Jake explains observations around buck behavior, individual activities, breakup periods, and how mature deer act during the hunting season.

Jake and Jon discuss the importance of starting with building habitat as a foundation to make a change. Jake discusses the experience of hunting, hunting pressure, gun season, and how to account for hunting pressure when developing a hunting property. Jake explains changes on his personal hunting property that connects food plots and travel corridors.  

Show Transcript