Habitat Solutions, Management and All-season Hunting Tactics

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Jake Ehlinger (Habitat Solutions 360) discuss Jake's hunting season. Jake breaks down how he hunts and manages his property. Jake and Jon discuss trail camera data and the use of cellular cameras versus non-cellular cameras, and trail camera placement.

Jake explains his hunting season, frequency and timing of hunts so far and how this October has been unique compared to most. Jake identifies how he has improved his food plots and problems he’s experienced based on the growing conditions with soybeans. Jake and Jon discuss habitat improvements during hunting season and why sometimes it's necessary to support productive hunting. Jake discusses water utilization and water holes during dry or draughty conditions and the benefit to property design and hunting.

Jon and Jake discuss including observation tree stands locations into the property designs and how these can help survey deer. Jake discusses use of chicory and clover around his switchgrass areas and how food plots direct movement to trail cameras and hunting. Jake converses about individual deer behavior and how certain deer become more challenging based on their habits. Jon discusses aggressive tactics he has taken this season to catch up to a mature buck.

Jake discusses agricultural impacts on the landscape, acorns and other factors that impact hunting. Jake and Jon discuss barometric pressure and the ability to hunt specific areas based on environmental factors. Jon discusses strategy around neighboring pressure and gun hunting. Jake explains his concerns related to deer density and how his property produces great late season hunting.

Show Transcript