Conservation, Mentoring and BHA with Jeff Hintz

Show Notes

You never know how or when you'll cross paths with awesome people but when it happens, you can't help but feel lucky. That happened for Pierce last week as he met Jeff Hintz at the BHA Northern Icebreaker Banquet, after raffling off a guest slot on the show to raise money for BHA. 

Jeff is a lifelong outdoorsman, hunting mentor, and current member of Wisconsin's Conservation Congress. In this episode, Pierce & Jeff talk about Jeff's upbringing in the southeastern corner of the state, how he got to be a pretty darn good shot by shooting rats out on the farm, who Jeff's mentors were and how he's transitioned into serving as a mentor himself, BHA, and the inner workings of the Conservation Congress and how folks like you can make your voices heard. All that and more on this week's episode! 

Big thanks to all members of the Wisconsin BHA chapter for putting on such a fantastic event to bring outdoorsmen and women together to share stories, build camaraderie and raffle off some awesome prizes for a great cause!

Show Transcript