Wisconsin Deer Hunting Report with Jeff Pritzl

Show Notes

In this episode of the Wisconsin Sportsman Podcast, Josh talks with Jeff Pritzl about what can be learned from harvest statistics and hunter trends from the 2021-2022 whitetail deer hunting season. Jeff is the Deer Program Specialist for the State of Wisconsin. Each year, the DNR puts out reports based on harvest data and randomized hunter surveys. The DNR is currently compiling this information for release in March. Early indications point to good harvest numbers despite a slower opening weekend, low numbers of hunting accidents, and some interesting trends regarding hunters’ harvest decisions.

Overall, the last three years have been atypical for Wisconsin deer hunting. While there may be some conclusions to be drawn from the data, it’s simply too early to suggest meaningful trends based on the last three seasons. In this episode, Josh and Jeff discuss what can be learned from the data, how the state gauges hunter experience, and how YOU can get involved at the local level with County Deer Advisory Councils.

Show Transcript