Cooking Wild Hog with the Huntavore

Show Notes

Nick Otto of the Huntavore podcast joins John this week on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast. Nick made the long trip from Michigan to Oklahoma last spring to help John with his wild hog problem and try to debunk a few of the myths around cooking wild hog. After the hunt, Nick butchered the hogs into larger primal cuts to take back home and work his magic. It wasn't long before he was sending John photos of beautiful pork that would rival anything you can buy in a grocery store.

Thick cut pork chops, bacon, cured hams, and whole smoked pigs just to name a few of the cuts he tried, and all of them turned out great. Nick also kept track of the size and sex of the hog just to make sure there wasn't any added bias in the results. If you have ever been interested in doing something with all those wild hogs other than throwing them in the ditch, you really need to check out this episode!

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