Helicopter Hog Hunting

Show Notes

On this episode of The Western Rookie Dan talks with Landon, Brandon, Tucker, Cody, Victoria and Tyler about Dan’s recent trip to Texas to chase hogs with thermal hunting equipment and helicopters.

Landon and Brandon own Rogue Texan Outfitters, a guided hog eradication company where they host people from around the country. RTO uses out of the box strategies that most midwestern hunters only dream of. Cody is a rancher, guide and TikTok influencer that loves Texas and all the hunting opportunities it offers. Tucker is a US Marine that came all the way from Boise Idaho where he works for Eberlestock just to chase after feral hogs. Dan and the crew talk all about the events from the weekend where they had guests from 5 states in for the sole purpose of killing one of the most invasive species on the planet. Tucker, Cody and Dan share all about their experience vs expectation for their first pig hunt from the air. This is one of the craziest BS session/hunt recaps that Dan has ever been a part of.

Show Transcript