Coyote Dog Days Of Summer

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This week on the Missouri Woods & Water podcast we have our buddies Russell and Austin back on, this time to talk about summer coyotes.  More specifically we talk about Austin getting into using a coyote dog after they got a puppy about a year ago.  Ausitn talks about the process and the differences in how he hunts now when he is using the dog and when he's not.  Thanks for listening!

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[00:00:00] What's up everybody? Welcome to the Missouri Woods and Water Podcast. I'm your host, Nate Thomas. Here to do the intro today for today's show. Today we got back, Russell and Austin, our buddies. From our show a couple weeks ago where we talked about prairie dogging with Russell, we actually had both of them in studio to record what we thought was gonna be one show ended up being two.

So this is the second show we recorded with Austin mainly to talk about summer coyotes, spring, summer coyotes, and really more Austin getting into having a [00:01:00] coyote dog. Got a, I guess he's still a puppy dog named Tate, where he's doing decoy dog and coyote dog stuff. So we talk about that.

More than anything. We talk about some other stuff, but that's the main topic for today. You'll have to forgive me if I'm not. Full of energy on this intro, but I am sitting in my basement at midnight getting home from a softball tournament on a Sunday night in Nebraska for my daughter.

And so I'm dead ass tired, but I'm getting a show out to you guys. So I wanted to get it done tonight so you could have it. So anyways. We, let's just jump into sponsors real quick and jump into today's show with Russ and Austin. Also. Micah and Andy are in the same show as well. You'll hear 'em.

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But I think that's the sponsors for today. Yeah, I got 'em all. Sweet. Let's just get into the show, man. We got Austin, Russell, me, Micah, and Andy screwing around, talking about some summer dogs and Austin getting a decoy dog. So let's get into it. This is the Missouri Woods and Water Podcast.[00:10:00]

All right with us on this one, which we're recording five seconds after we stopped with Prairie Dog Russell on Prairie Dogan Prairie Dog. Now we're gonna talk about spring coyotes with Austin mainly. Obviously we're all gonna talk, but Austin's been doing some different stuff than we've had before.

You did different stuff. Yeah. Yeah, that I only honestly know one other person in this world that does it. I don't really pay attention to who does it. But the only person I know that has a, I'll say decoy dog or a dog is Joey Hartley. With Mangy Dog tv. Yeah. I've seen videos and things like that.

I think they're out there. They're definitely more prevalent than I realized Once he started doing, he started paying more attention, I think. Yeah. But our buddy Austin has a dog. Yeah. It's it's gotten wild. I guess it was last July we drove to Grand Junction Colorado, which is like 28 miles from Utah and picked up a nkc registered Blackout Kerr that I have come to find out, is a, I knew it beforehand, but I didn't know the meaning of it.

[00:11:00] It is a Ladner blackout Ker, which the Ladner bloodline, which is a very reputable bloodline inside the breed is pretty badass. That's just the easiest way for me to put it. So obviously so I'm assuming like, so you have the history of the dog? Yeah. So what was his relatives doing?

They were, they're anything from hog dogs to squirrel dogs to bear dogs to cat dogs. They do it all. And it's all of it is it's been really easy for me because it's genetically ingrained in them to where the training has come down to. I had to do all the prior training, nothing to do with coyotes.

That's what I was gonna, and we'll get into this deeper. Yeah. But I asked, like a couple weeks ago we were texting. I'm like, I didn't realize you were even training him. I know he had been out with you here and there. He's I haven't done shit. Yeah. I literally, he's, he genetically knew it All right.

And I. From talking to from buying this dog. When I bought the dog, I was, I found him on Facebook. Whoa. Let's step [00:12:00] back. Okay. Sorry. When did you decide you wanted to go down this road? Because you've been, you're by far probably our most diehard coyote hunter. We know you're, youre borderline psychotic, let's be honest, right?

Yeah. I really like shooting coyotes. Yeah. It really just popped up like about a year ago. We were talking about getting a dog for Owen, my boy, who's just turned six to where he had some sort of responsibility. He's gonna be an only child for forever, so he wasn't gonna get a sibling. Super smart.

And he needed to have something else. The kids guy was Ford. He needed to have something else to have in his life that he could call his. And so we thought he needs to have a dog, so he has responsibilities yada. I. I'm not a person that likes inside dogs. Like I've been around him a little bit and I'm like, no, I don't want an inside dog.

And I was die hard against it until I stumble upon this litter of decoy dogs, pups. And then I was like, okay, if he's gonna serve a purpose, I can justify it in my brain. [00:13:00] And of course the other two, my wife and son, they're all for it. So it just came on a whim and I thought worst case scenario, the breed is known for being very protective of their family.

So I've got a good per good dog to be there if I'm not home one night, right? And then it was like I'm gonna emphasize trying to get this done. And it literally took me next to nothing to figure out. So that's how it all came about. So kind come on, show guys. Austin did nothing and that's about it.

I, Kyle's dying shit. I did. I did. Done like the. The training him to, just basic obedience was the, like recall? The recall was probably pretty big. Yeah. A recall was big, but it was pretty simple. Like it was literally get a good Garmin collar that can do any of the functions you needed it to do.

Like it's got vibrate shock and tone and he only gets shocked if he's doing something really bad. But like the vibrate, I could, I train the dog to get, leave shit alone just off of vibrate. I remember when I got my first eco with Trigger, [00:14:00] the lady that his, the breeder that he came from and he was a stud for, I remember she said, don't ever say shock.

What did she say? You say vibrate or stu? No. Switching the guns to stun. It was like, it was some other word because then the the softies out there don't think you're actually doing anything bad. I'm like I'm gonna say shock still. And God, I wish I remember what the word was. Dogs are dogs.

They're gonna do stuff and get in trouble. Sure. It's just part of it. And teaching them not to like, Hey, there's repercussions for my actions. It's just like a kid getting his butt spanked. But so the tone was probably the biggest thing as far as all the decoy dogging stuff. And I started it real early.

Like he was, we had him for maybe two months and he already had a collar. And we had, my parents have cleared the timber behind their house. They have a trail through it that you can drive it side by side down. We'd walk it every night just for something to get [00:15:00] outta the house and go do, and we'd walk it and I'd take treats with me and he'd follow around or he'd play out in front of us.

Every probably five, 10 minutes I'd tone him. He'd hear the beep, he'd come over to me. I'd give him a treat. And it literally took three days and it was done. Like he, he knew, Hey, I need to go over here. And it's always been something that he gets out with my parents' dogs and he'll go play with the labs and this and that.

When I tone him, he peels from whatever he's doing and comes to me because he knows that's what he's supposed to do. And to be fair, Austin's probably modest, doesn't realize it, it's normal to him. His uncle or my uncle, his dad has always had dogs. He's trained where they're law enforcement dogs.

Yeah. Hunting dogs, whatever it is. So training dogs has been around his family. To me, that's all I wouldn't know how to train a dog, do that stuff. I've never trained a dog to him. That's just normal stuff that they did. Yeah. And I guess I should go into that a little bit because I didn't really even think about that, Andy.

So my dad, whenever I was little, would train. [00:16:00] Canines. Like he would get, he would buy shepherds or labs or retrievers and he would do, he would train them for all the drug work and then he would send them to Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania to a guy named Bill Castle who would do the finish work on 'em, treat, teach 'em the bite work if they were going to be a bite dog, stuff like that.

And Dad was actually a can canine handler for eight, 10 years, something like that, for the city of Higginsville prior to becoming the sheriff of the county. Yeah. Yeah. It's been in your family? It's been around and bird dogs. We've had so many bird dogs and beagles, stuff like that. Run rabbits.

We've always had dogs and they've always been working dogs. So Yeah, I guess it's kinda always been one of those things that's some like they have a purpose, they're gonna have a job. And you're gonna teach 'em what their job is. So you got his name's Tate, right? Tate? Yep. You got the dog Tate and yeah.

Did some basic obedience and then just recently, Is when he started going, it finally clicked. He's probably been coyote hunting a few times before you started using him, but just recently this year is when you started[00:17:00] using him in hunting situations. How about that? Yeah. So the first time I took him, I know like how the first time went.

What was that? The first time was really cool. Are we gonna talk about Simba at some point? We'll get to that. We'll get to that. Sure. So the first time I took him was actually in October and he was too young to be going. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. But he was still, I wanna say he's 10 months old.

Maybe not. No, he was six months old. Cuz he was born in May, but sorry about my math. But anyway so he had no clue what he was doing. He was just out on an adventure. And I called the coyote in, actually, we were, I was setting up at, and it was still dark and I could see the coyote, the field, the coyote saw him.

And what had nothing to do with it and left, which thought it was over with, called the coyote back. I got it pissed off enough. It came back and I had no understanding of what I was supposed to do. And really this process has been a lot of training me on what's supposed to happen. And I just thought, there's a decoy dog, let him run around and he'll figure it out.

The dog's hard left to me on the edge of a cornfield cut cornfield, [00:18:00] and the coyote had been behind us. It had hooked down wind. But it knew the dog was there, and I found that's big thing you can throw a lot of stuff out the window when it comes to coyote hunting, if the dog's there. I called this coyote back around and it came right up the edge of the timber.

So my gun obviously at 90 degrees from the timber edge pointing out across the field, and I see this coyote and I look at it and it's at 10 yards, but it's looking through me like I'm not even there. I thought that's gotta be an interesting feeling. Yeah. It's hell, I picked my tripod up and this coyote all of a sudden sees me and spins around, but it doesn't leave like it instantly looks over its shoulder.

Being a guy who calls coyotes just like you guys are. You know your window's narrow with a coyote. I gotta shoot this thing right now. Kyle Coyo there. You kill the coyote. Knowing what I know now, if a dog is present, shit, you got 10 minutes. It's you. I've literally, that's a odd feeling. Yeah it's weird.

I've gotta go with you soon to Yeah. To see that happen. It's wild. I'm sure like everybody you've taken the first time is what are we doing? So Andy's really the only one who's gone with me, besides Owen. Yeah. But [00:19:00] Andy's like that dog's leaving. I'm like, no, it's don't know. No, it not. How many times I've done that.

It's not Austin, that dog's leaving. We gotta shoot that dog's leaving. Let's go through the progression before we get too much into the Yeah. The first time was like that. And did you, so you killed that dog? Yeah, I sh so I shot it and it was nasty. Like I, I felt bad the way it got shot.

It ended up losing part of its head. But so I tate and he hears the gun goes off and he's what the hell's going on? Comes over to me and I instantly get up and we go to the coyote and you get up there and the minute he gets to where he can see that something's there, every hair from the back of his head to the tip of his tail is standing straight up and he's still, he's half the size he is now.

Whenever all this is going on. He had no clue what was going on, but he knew something that probably didn't like him, was there, and he sniffed around it a little bit and it was almost like he wanted nothing to do with it. And that's when the light bulb came. I was like, he's too young to be out here.

I'm gonna get him hurt. I need to keep him at home because I don't want him getting bit and ruined. So fast forward, we go through all of our winter hunting. Tate started going with me about the middle of May, maybe the beginning [00:20:00] of May. And the coyotes weren't ready for Tate. Cuz in Missouri you can't hunt basically the month of April.

Yeah, pretty much. That's right. Because with Turkey season, all that stuff, Turkey season and then they march, thermals in March, but from or April 1st or April 10th or something like that, you can't unless Turkey, unless you use, no, there's a time period even before Turkey season, you can't kill 'em during the day.

Yeah. And then when Turkey season's going on, you're only allowed to kill 'em with Turkey hunting methods. Turkey hunting method. Yeah. Which is weird to me. I don't know why we have it that way. Yeah, it is. I'm sure a lot of people don't follow that rule, but I think there's a window in there where they try and get the coyotes that are denting and having pups in the broad spectrum window.

We all know that there's a big area in there, but I think they're trying to get the bulk of them. The pups established and before the parents start getting killed and stuff like that. Super smart idea. I assume that, but I really don't know that. Yeah, that's speculation. Yeah. So fast forward to the beginning of May, we're able to start decoy or coyote hunting again and still, so he's about a [00:21:00] year old.

Yeah, he's on, he's right at a year. He's pretty well grown. He's gonna gain some more muscle mass as he gets older, but he's about as big as he's gonna get as far as I understand. Picked up right where I left off. He has no clue what he's doing. He's just there hanging out and actually killed one coyote while he was digging five feet to my right.

Tate was digging a hole because he wanted to dig a hole. But so yeah, it, I didn't really figure things out. I got actually, you're talking about Joey. I've, I reached out to Joey shortly after getting Tate. I was just getting ready to say we need to get you and Joey hooked up. Yeah. I've talked to Joey a lot.

We've been. Sharing a few snippets of videos and stuff like that. Joey's got some amazing stuff coming up. Oh yeah. But which he may, that may have already come out as far as I know. But so bouncing ideas off him, asking questions. And I started stumbling upon social media groups that were about decoy dogging.

And I like to do a lot of live Facebook hunts, just, it's fun to do. So I started doing live decoy dog hunts, and I would put a post in that group, Hey, I'm [00:22:00] going live on this Facebook page at this time, if you guys wanna watch. And I met a guy named Stacy Moody who watched a hunt. I did. And I was getting up, getting frustrated because I had killed like five different coyotes with Tate there.

But Tate had no understanding of what his job was. So he'd be playing or running around and would never know the coyote was there until I shot it. He wasn't, cause the coyote was, yeah, he wasn't doing like what you were envisioning. He was just. And so I stumbled upon a few tricks from talking cuz Stacy just straight up messaged me.

He goes, I know how to fix your problem cause I've been there. Call me whenever you get back to your truck. And I talked to him the whole way home that night. And I've talked to him many a times since and showed me how to fix what was going on and how to get Tate to pay attention. And it was as simple as making a six inch long leash on Tate's collar for me to hold onto and make him sit with me the whole time.

And he said, literally take put your hand under his chin and turn his head where the coyote is. And once he sees it, he'll know. And the first time, the first time was a little rough. We gotta get into that. [00:23:00] So Andy is this it? This is the Simba story. Yes. So Andy and I go into a farm that we've hunted many a times.

We know there's. Butt load of coyotes there. And we set up a little bit different from how we usually do with our You've been there, red barn? Yeah. Oh, okay. Red barn. Yep. So we set up with our backs to the waterway where the coyotes always come from. Yeah. Thinking if we put the call between us and the barn, they're gonna hook out on the hill.

No, the coyote comes from hard. On the other side of the real deep waterway. That's, it's like, it's a levee on either side and then a low spot. And Andy's I got a coyote right here. Like I couldn't move, like I just happened to turn my head and we were wearing Gilly hoods. I just happened to turn my head and it just shined.

I was like, there's a coyote like 30 yards over my right shoulder right now, Austin. He's does it see us? Nope. So I always keep Tate in my, at my left because it's easier for me to hold onto his collar and run my remote if I happen to be the one calling. And so I'm asking Andy, [00:24:00] I'm like, okay.

Cause Andy's to my right. And I was like, can I get Tate? And sneak, like crawl up this levee to where the dog can see, he goes, oh yeah, do it. He goes, the coyote was hooking behind us. And so I roll over and I got this dog by its leash, or it's the little tether and climb up this levee. And I'm laying down flat holding this dog up.

And I'm asking I've got both hands over my head. And Simba, I'm holding Tate up, like Simba, he's got with his, he's holding the dog up over his head. He's got dog ass in his face, Tate's flipping out like, why the hell are you picking me up? Yeah, he's doing bro, he's looking at both hands that like, I've got a hand on either side, behind his front legs.

You know how you pick a cat or dog up? Yeah. And they start flailing back and forth. So Tate's doing that. Austin's down there with dog, but in his face can he see it? Can he see it? I said the coyote sees him, but he ain't seeing the coyote. So this goes on, I finally, I crawl up a little higher to where I can see, and I'm straight across like I'm 25 yards from this [00:25:00] coyote.

And it, it sees Tate and it does not register anything else. So it hooks. And crosses the waterway about 25 yards, 30 yards to our right or to my right then. So it'd be the east be my left from essentially where we set up. Yeah. So where we originally started, it would've been hard left, so it hooked all the way behind us seeing the dog.

Definitely would've smelled you at this point, right? Sure. Oh yeah. It had us. I Tate then sees when it gets on the same levy as us, he sees it and I give him the, that's our cue. Hey, there's a coyote, you need to get it. And he bolts. And they're like as he runs out of our life forever, there he goes, ha.

Have you ever seen like the, it's not the Kentucky dealers, horses, but over dur, like the dog races, the Greyhound races. Yeah, the Greyhound races. That's what it looked like from my perspective, that Coyo was like, oh shit. It's like the coyote hit turbo mode and Tate had turbo mode to go with him.

I didn't know Tate was that fast, cuz he was like gone catching this cuz Kyle had probably a 40 50 yard head start and 300 yards. Tate caught it. Just a rock. [00:26:00] They, and that whole time you're like, that dog's about to die. What? What were you thinking? Oh, really I had no concern of Tate cuz he's about, he's a little bit taller than a coyote and his whole his genetics, what I've found out now is to agitate and divert.

So he's. He's, it's ingrained for him to agitate him. And if he has to screw up and fight, he'll screw up and fight. He proved that, but he doesn't wanna fight. He wants to run out there, chase him off, and then come back. And he wants them to chase him. Yeah. He doesn't really want them to chase him, but if they chase him, he's gonna turn around and chase him back.

It's just a tag game. It's so amazing. Like the blood or the genetic of that, or genetics of those dogs. We talked about Trigger, which is a, he was ager, a purebred German Shepherd. Yeah. He'd be the worst coyo dog in the world cuz he'd just run a coyo down and kill it. Yeah. That's his, there'd be no calling it off.

It would. That would be that. And it's just so crazy the different types of dogs. What Joey uses, I can't remember what Joey, oh, I don't know what Rip is. What Rip is, but but he's gigantic. I [00:27:00] don't, he's a big dog. He's got long hair. I, at one point I knew what he was, but anyways, just the, it's just so interesting to me that he took off and like that was that like and yeah, he knew what to do. And I don't understand how he knew, but he took off chasing this coyote. And obviously if a dog's gonna chase anything that'll run from it. So this coyote takes off running and right as they get to about the 400 yard mark, I hit the tone button and it was like, you instantly, it was like setting the hook on a bass as it's run away from you.

It instantly he wheeled and came straight back. It's funny cuz he's holding the remote going we're gonna see if this works. That's the thing right there. Cuz if it don't and he just takes off, who knows how long he's gonna run. He'll run until he can't see it anymore and then he'll come back.

But so yeah, he spins around, he comes back thinking he's just ran this coyote off and it's a done deal and here comes the coyote right behind him. The coyote wasn't what, 40, 50 yards from him? Maybe corn was probably, I don't know, eight, 10 inches tall. So the coyotes, bouncing, doing that bouncing thing through the corn.

Yeah. The corn was just a little bit too tall. Al almost we, we caught it. Yeah. We were trying to slip back in there [00:28:00] one last time before we could. Yeah. Is my corns script and lost few head. No. So that one it didn't really go the way I wanted it to. Cause he really only engaged the coyote one time.

Is just that one time. And then the coyote lost Tate and Tate couldn't see the coyote cuz the level, the level of the corn. Yeah. When, what, shooting at about 30 ish yards. Yeah. Something like 40 yards. But the Cote still did not care where we were. We yelled at it. It just just stood there, looked around.

It could, I think, seemed it could see over there where Tate was, didn't care. Yeah. And since then it's snowball affected and it's gotten to the point now where Tate will sit with me and the coyote will come in and I'll send him on the coyote. And they'll take off outta sight and you just start hitting the tone button and he's kinda getting a little bit to where he doesn't want to come a hundred percent back every time you tone him because he knows the game.

And so I've gotten to the point where I let him just work. I don't even tone him cuz he knows once he hits that threshold of distance, he's gonna hook and [00:29:00] come back. And we've got some, he's got he's got his own plan now. Yeah. Yeah. He's pretty much doing his own thing. Stop it, dad. I don't need to, does he engage before you send him off?

Because I watch the video, so I hear the he will. And really the six six sick is me trying to ingrain that in him still. Okay. And like he, when he sees him, I let him go and let him engage. The last one we killed, oh, it was Sunday. I think it, they were coming across a wide open hayfield at 200 yards and he picked the coyote up about 175.

And I just let him go and Yeah, they he'll play the game with them for almost as long as he can. But he needs some cardio is what he needs cuz he needs to get some stamina. But after about three or four minutes of back and forth, he's pretty well done. Which our fingers are itchy by then anyway.

Yeah. We're ready to shoot a cayo. So this point to him, I'd like to make one thing clear. We're 22 minutes into the show and just so everybody knows, Russell is here for Russell. Russell, any thoughts so far? No, I'm [00:30:00] just learning. This sounds pretty cool. Soaking it up. It sounds pretty cool.

You think Liz could do this? No. So I don't, you talking about like the, if he six 'em all or the 6 66. So watching some of Joey's stuff. RIP doesn't have to necessarily be there. He and he can say it and Rip starts looking for coyotes, right? That's the premise that, that's what I'm trying to establish.

Yeah. So that, that, that's what you're trying to say is whenever you say 6 66, there's a coyote Yeah. In the area. He needs to pay attention. And with Tay, I, if he wants to lay down while we're hunting, I don't care. He can do whatever he wants, but he's gonna stay right here next to me, so that way if I need to grab ahold of his collar and point his head, I can.

But if I, if like even hearing back on the Facebook live hunts we do. Cuz we'll watch 'em in the truck whenever we get back to the truck. He'll be sitting in the back seat and he'll instantly perk up the minute he hears me say six six yeah. Cuz he knows what that means now. So like he said, he gets lazy coming back, like coyote standing behind him and Austin's talking to tells like, Hey, turn around dummy.

Yeah. Don't get him. Yeah. Because we've had a couple [00:31:00] times we had one, I guess it was probably the second or third coyote that we got Tate to actually engage in work. Was a big male that wanted nothing to do with it and had decided it was his field and then nothing else mattered. And poor Tate had a rough time.

He he goes back and forth and fights this coyote for probably 30 seconds when he goes to make a hook and come back up to me. I was sitting on top of a different levy, a different area, but didn't know it, but about five feet behind me was a hot wire. So he gets the shit bit, bit out of him for the first time.

And he runs by Coyote. Yeah. And he runs into a hot wire after that. Tate was done, Tate went to the truck. He was like, you got good luck. I'm going to the truck. Fuck you guys. I'm out. Screw you guys. I'm going over. And that's the whole story is so weird because that coyote made a loop out and it was looking at me the whole time, but it still came back hard, left to go find Tate cuz it wanted to fight Tate again.

And by then I was like, he's gone. And I shot the coyote, I end my hunt cuz I was live on [00:32:00] Facebook. And I start toning him. And I look at the gps, what it shows him at the truck. So I'm like I'm not gonna tone him anymore if he's at the truck. I walked halfway back to the truck and called him back to me like, I'm yelling, come here.

Come here. He comes back to me, I praise him up, check him over, make sure he is not hurt. And I found, that's when I figured out that he hit the hot wire. Cause I didn't know prior to that what happened. We walked back down there, I go out and of course one thing I guess I did do with training Tate was I would give him coyote tails when he was a puppy.

Like last winter, I'd cut a coyote tail off or I'd skin the tail out, one of the two and I'd let him play with it and he'd carry it around. He'd shred the damn thing in about 30 minutes, but he'd pull all the hair off of it and carry it around like it was a toy. And which it's really gross looking back on it, but it worked.

It served its purpose. Yeah. Now his thing is he'll go up and grab the dead coyote by the tail and shred its tail. And now he's starting to get ahold of him, shake 'em and stuff like that. But so we go walk up to this coyote. I. I'm taking video of it and all this stuff, and Tate's messing with it like, all right, time to pack up.

I walk back over, I'm [00:33:00] about 10 feet from my gun, and I turn around and look. A second coyote has come outta the timber and sees me, and it bolts right back into the timber thought. Okay, I know it's all Tate. It saw me. I walked up, sat down, turned pup distress on. Kyle, comes back out. I figured out later it was the female and the females are way smarter than the males, especially this time of year.

But Tate, I get Tate, he sees it, he engages it. This one runs straight away. It's done. It doesn't come back, which it happens. You actually scare off more kios than you kill with a decoy dog, because not every coyote is an aggressive coyo. Yeah. And so it was like, okay whatever, all the altercation and all that stuff, it just reassured me that Tate doesn't care about any of that, all the negatives we just had because he just reengaged and.

Since then, I've started being more mindful of how things go and it's really been more of a training process for me than it has been for the dog. And that, so we've had Joey on our show. Yeah. And that's the only person [00:34:00] we've ever known that's, and we've never physically seen Joey. Work with a decoy dog. One thing I was curious on is what have you noticed, Joey talked about what he can do and all that, but what have you noticed that's different than what you used to, we've all hunted coyotes a lot. And like a lot of us are like, don't freaking move.

Oh, we gotta, we gotta, I gotta swing. But, you're really careful with your movements. What are some of the things you've noticed that are just totally different with when Tate's involved? So you can take everything and throw it out the window, you know about coyote hunting.

Whenever it comes to the coyote coming in when a dog's there because the minute they see the dog, nothing else matters. We set up Saturday morning last week with me, my little six year old Owen and Andy. It's an island of timber in the middle of a field. We sit on the edge of it. Owen's sitting in a big camp chair right between us.

He's got cameo on, but he's pasty white little boy. And we're [00:35:00] sitting there. We don't have Gilly hoods on, we don't have anything on. The coyote comes in hard left and this coyote was in front of us for four or five minutes, just screaming It's head off matter than hell. And it finally came in at 37 yards, wasn't it 37?

30? Yeah. It's 30 something. Yeah, 35. I shot it with a 22, a suppressed 22 pistol. Just because I like, I wanna try and do this. It stood there. Look, Tate was in between me and Owen. It stood there looking at the group of us while Austin literally drew his pistol. Took the safety off and shot it. Yeah. Whenever the dog first engaged it, Owen starts talking and clapping.

He, he was cheering both hands in the air. But yeah, take getting the coyote and go, take, go Owen. Be quiet. And you they throw a hundred percent of their attention at the decoy dog and don't give you the time of day. Yeah, we, I really think we could probably stand up and do jumping jacks.

And they wouldn't care. They wouldn't care. And they might even see you. Oh, a hundred percent. But they still don't care. Every coyote, every cut we've killed over him, that, that worked, has seen us, and probably half of [00:36:00] them have smelled us. Do you think that'll change as the seasons go? So from everything I've been told, from the guys who know, who've done it and have been advising me and helping me figure it out, I've got a window from now until about August, September-ish, and then it's done.

Because the aggression comes outta I remember Joey saying that. Yeah. Yeah. The aggression comes out of them because they've raised him. We've raised him up. Family breakups starting. Yeah. Care. Yeah. They start getting to the point where they can take care of their own. They don't, the parents don't have to have the parental instincts on high all the time.

They go less territorial, more food and Yeah. Other things which, and you talking about that, I haven't played a prey distress since like May 9th. That's it's just been strictly vocals. I wonder if Joey said pups will engage. They won't as they get older. They'll be submissive. Okay.

Because they'll just straight runaway be done. They'll straight disappear and be done because they're probably getting their ass kicked by their parents most of the time too. And other siblings, yeah. They start establishing that hierarchy. [00:37:00] But I wanna go with a bow.

Can we do, can we make that happen? Talking about that the other, can we make that happen? Let's make that happen. We're just talking about that after shooting that one with the pistol I really think you could sit there and draw a bow. Oh. But the problem is that if they break it's instant, like all of a sudden take takes off.

They, so it's a pretty quick scenario when they're that close of, but at the same time, they may stand there and all of a sudden you think they're about to break and they just scream right in your face. They just bark at tape trying to come back out here, type deal.

Yeah. They wanna fight. And it's been weird because you have to look at a completely different set of circumstances because, We've had, had hunts where it's I could kill that guy right there, right now. And you get ready to get down on your gun and all is this dog's head right in front of you.

It's you, cuz you have to be so mindful of the dog because he doesn't know what's going on as far as you're getting ready to shoot. You can't say move left or anything like that. Yeah. And so all I can do is tone him back to me, which that's one thing which then makes the coyote probably move.

So everything changes anyway. And a lot of times if they're they'll hit a window, like the, oh, it was a couple weeks ago, we went to the farm, read that double, the double [00:38:00] that came in. They saw us, they knew we were there and I think they actually got to where they could smell the call and they were done, but they didn't wanna leave because of the dog.

So we we were able to tone tape back to us and we had both coyotes and we just, we couldn't get the double killed because we were too worried about the dog. So I we killed one. I missed. Because that Tate was in front of us, but he was running to us. But those coyotes were just about to disappear over the edge of this hump in a field.

So I wouldn't have been able to see. And so as he's running, I look in my scope, I see Tate coming. You look up, make sure he's clear, but by the time you go back down, you're getting ready to shoot. And that coyotes right at that brink and I shot straight over the top of him. It's like you need a extra spotter just to be like dog clear, dog's clear, ducks clear or something like that.

And it's really, it's full blown chaos when if the Kyle shows up. I've seen the videos. They're badass, man. Yeah, they really are. I wish I was better at keeping the camera on the action. Me too. Because[00:39:00] it's so hard because you're trying especially with it being live, you're trying to keep the action in the picture.

My phone's attached to my rifle, so you either pick the tripod up and move it. I have an idea. I, let's hear it. Joey is so successful with what he does because of what? His wife. His wife? Oh, Kristy would do it. Kristy would do it in a heartbeat. But I'm just saying you need a camera person to go live.

I could volunteer. Yeah, I'd do it. You just what do they make those phone holders that, the gyro, yeah. That keep it like stable. You don't have to be like a high end, camera. It could just be like, this is a new iPhone. You they got pretty good cameras. Oh, absolutely. You know what I'm saying?

Yeah. It would it'd be pretty interesting. That's what I found. We talked about like the whole hers, like from our coyote tournament hunting stuff to, there's I gotta kill it. I gotta kill it. I grabbed my phone. Yeah. Now it's milking every ounce of footage outta, and so now I, I ignore my gun until we decide and I'm holding my phone so I don't get on my gun and try to shoot the kay like, I'm gonna videotape this until it's time [00:40:00] mean about the way that we hunt. It, majority of it. Not the majority. We do a lot of tournaments. So you wanna do fast, fast. You wanna kill 'em fast, you wanna get it outta the truck. You want to go fast, fast, fast. Even outside of the tournament though, if you're hunting without a decoy dog and machine's, as you get a good shot, yeah.

Because your windows get your wind, your windows narrow. You've got maybe five to 10 seconds of that coyote coming in when it's committed. And a lot of times in Missouri especially, they're on you that quick. They're inside of 60 yards and you're seeing 'em for the first time. They're at 60 yards.

They might run at the call and get to 40 yards and you're still trying to get your gun swing. They swung to 'em. And they peel off and they're gone. But like I noticed, if you have to pay attention to wind to get them in a visual area. Yeah. Like he said, once Tate engages and that Kyle sees that dog and as long as he, the Kyle wants to engage it's game on. And something that we figured out was that the call. It matters a lot. So if you can, once you get the coyote there, you may as well just open your library to any of your pup distresses [00:41:00] and click on the first one. And when that coyote, you think that coyote might be leaving, hit play.

And cuz a lot of times we don't even have any sound cause they think, yeah, they think there's a pup right here is fucking up that pup tate's a lot. Lot of times what I've noticed Austin do is whenever Tate leaves the coyote and the coyote has ran off, and if it hasn't turned around and chased him yet, like he said, he'll turn that distress on.

That dog's not here. It must be over there kicking the shit outta coyotes. Yep. I'm going back and it'll loop towards the call. Then here comes tape back after him. That's why it's so effective right now. Cause I shut the P's being on a ground, then I shut the pup distress off. So you'll get maybe two or three turns outta that pup distress when you roll to the next one, you'll get two or three outta that one.

And I, my finger trigger finger has not allowed me to make it to like the third or fourth pup distress because by then it's like, all right, I wanna shoot you. So it, it would be cool. Like I said just to see cuz the only hunting, the only hunting I've ever done is call him, kill him.

You call 'em. [00:42:00] Now, there have been times where we've let 'em work, we've hunt together where thermal stuff three together, where we let them a little different all the way in. There's been times, but a lot of the times it's like, Hey, we're at one 50. He stops. Let him have it.

Yep. Yep. Other times you're like, we should have waited a little longer on that shot there, but most of the time it's, you shoot when it's when you got a shot. Yeah. It'd be really weird. Especially the first time to be like, no, don't shoot but he is like 30 yards.

Oh yeah. Nope. Don't shoot. That is the hardest part. So the guy who owns Tate's dad, his name is David Beach's. Super good dude. He has given me so much hell on Facebook. He's man, why'd you shoot that coyote? If you would've just waited? He would've worked for another 20 minutes probably. And I'm like yeah, probably.

But I wanted to shoot, I didn't get to work. He barked at me at 20 yards. That was it. I've always wanted to shoot one in the face at 20 yards. Yeah, it's it's definitely opened up a whole different way of reading body language because it helps you learn a lot about chaos. Oh yeah. And like we had the other [00:43:00] morning, right at daylight, big ass thunderstorm rolling in and we're looking at radar, there's rain on top of us.

And I was like we're here. We're gonna try it. I let off three. Hows they responded back And instantly you could just tell by the way they responded. It was like, Oh, they're mad, they're gonna come. He was mad as shit and it's a matter of him finding that right trigger to get him there. Yeah. It took us about, oh, probably 10 minutes to find the trigger that was gonna get him to cross the creek and come to us.

And when they did, it was like here they are. The minute the dogs hit the open field, it started raining big fat raindrops. So Tate runs out to engage 'em and poor guy, he just had a rough time that one, cuz he came, it was the same spot that he got bit real bad at. But he runs down the levee out in the field where the field sets right on a flood plain and it's a hay pasture, so it's got naturally rolling hills in it that are like maybe three foot elevation changes.

And. He comes down the first one up to the high spot and you could just see it. He instantly lost all balance and all understanding of where the ground was, and he's rolling end. [00:44:00] Over end. He just tumbles. He jumps up and I could hear Andy commentating the whole thing. He's oh, Tate. And then Tate jumps up.

He looks at us and he comes running right back to us like, what the hell Just happened? The kite sees him. Got him. Yeah. He, the coyote bolts right towards him, and then he goes, that'll work. Kayak come in and engages a little bit and figured out that it was not where it wanted to be, but it was too late.

And the second one had slipped into the field and we had our buddy Pat was filming it and Pat Whispers, I've got both of em in frame and it's raining. Yeah, like drops were, you know how it's not pouring, but the drops, gases, they're like golf balls, size drops is what they felt like hitting you.

Like it's about to come down. We were about to, yeah. So we did the countdown. Tate, of course Tate was already back up by us. He had made his loop out and had come back and we did 1, 2, 3, and bang, all three or both coyotes dropped down dead. And it's like, all right, hurry up, let's pack up before we get soaked.

So that's pretty cool. Yeah, a lot of fun. It's just neat to see the coyotes, like you're talking about the loop Tate ran, they run a loop too, and when [00:45:00] they trot, like they like bounce right in front of you. And when they do, they're looking at Tate and you can tell you're not done yet. And that's when It's hard to just hold still because you're gonna, you have to let that coyote run off.

Knowing that Tate will go get him. Yeah. You have to trust that Tate's gonna do his job. Or the first instance where Tate first sees the coyote you called one in. Okay. There's chi right there. You send Tate and he disappears into the timber or disappears over this, and then Tate comes back and you're sitting there like, where's the coyote?

Where's the coyote? Where's he gonna come at? Where's he gonna come at? Is he gonna come back? And all of a sudden it gets to be, what feels like minutes, it's probably 30 seconds. And he'll come, the coyote bouncing around looking for Tate, just this coyote just just, that little bounce, that pounce type deal.

They're looking for ram, across the field. It's cool. You just, you get to learn them a lot more about a coyote. Kinda like Tory. Oh, dude I've listened to every podcast that he's been on, especially your guys'. That was that awesome podcast. He gets to live with coyotes.

He literally knows coyotes better than 99.9% of the, he [00:46:00] single-handedly he's changing the game for coyote hunting, in my opinion. And then, you're getting a little I guess what am I trying to say? Sneak peek into how coyotes operate. Taste better than if we were hunting normally because we would never have coyotes running in front of us for 15 minutes or five minutes. Yeah. Normally. And you never see their aggression. Think about the way what's the longest you've had a coyote in front of you, normal hunting before you shoot it the longest prior to Tate 60 seconds tops.

And that's watching it come, I bet you from is the time we were together. That one that worked. All me, you and Pat were together and we, it worked all the way up down that terrace and then we all 3, 2, 1 at the same time. Oh yeah. And that aggressive, that's probably the longest I let a Kyle work. Yeah. And that still was got to one 50, somewhere in there.

Yeah, it was. How long do you think the longest one ever, during the day and time, at least we're looking at you, Russell, probably that was one over at Darrell's. We watched him in that fence row. This Oh yeah. The very last tournament. The one where we popped them [00:47:00] at or tried to shoot 'em at 900 yards.

Oh yeah. Okay. Yeah. Sure. It's probably a hundred yards that we watch them for. Yeah, 20 minutes probably. We called to 'em and they just still, yeah, they didn't care. Care sit out. They laid down in the middle of cut people. People at that point, coyotes that are cullable and coyotes that aren't cullable are two different things.

Yeah. We've all had them. Ones like that, that stand out there forever away and they, they're never gonna come. Keep looking at you, but never make a move. Yeah. I ain't stupid. Yeah. I ain't going over there. All we needed was a dog to start running at him. But yeah, that's just, that's what's cool is I wonder get to see that.

So have you talked to anybody about, I know you said your kind of timeframe, so they don't even, when like coyotes start pairing up, they don't want to deal with it. I know guys who take their dogs year round and they've told me that in the winter months and breeding season, it almost turns into a race for them to get the coyote shot before their dog gets to it to try and work it because their dog's gonna turn it and it's gonna run and it's not gonna come back.

It's just, Joey's the same way. Joey doesn't run. Yeah, he don't rip. And his [00:48:00] dog's. Yeah, basically half the year. And then the rest of the half he's running his dogs. Yeah. And it's, I don't know it's a weird aspect to try and figure out because I don't know how many, I called it a triple in.

It was hell, it was beginning of May it, what really wasn't far from your house, but Andy. But I called a triple in and had him at 60 yards. And all I've got is three heads sticking up out of corn. And I hold Tate up to where he can see 'em through the corn. He takes off, he engages the first one, he makes his loop, he comes back, comes right back to me, but he can't see 'em anymore and they can't see him.

And I watched these coyotes work around in the waterway towards the call and then turn and go down the waterway the other direction. Next time I saw 'em again was 500 yards. They were done. Yeah. They realized, Hey, there's a dog over there. And let him have his name. Yeah. He, they just, they weren't aggressive coyotes.

How many cuz you've only, how many times do you think you've hunted with Tate Total? Probably two dozen. So let's say 25 times. Yeah. How many of those 25 [00:49:00] hunts has he, has it been successful compared to not when there's been a coyote. Cause I'm sure some of those you didn't haves dry stay as far as Well, and there's some of 'em where I kill the coyotes too soon.

Sure. The coyote would see Tate that would count as successful, yeah. But the coyote would see Tate, but Tate wouldn't see the coyote. So I'd shoot the coyote and knowing what I know now I would do things different. But I've been on a hot streak really, regardless of whether the coyote or the dog's there or not.

Yeah. Knock on wood. But I wanna say probably 75% success so far. And a lot of it's just I'm itchy on the trigger. If I were to let the, let Tate try and work every single coyote. Okay. But in that situation, like the itchy trigger situation would you have killed that coyote without Tate?

Yes. If it was Okay. So yeah, like a normal hunt in that situation. Yes. Everything's been normal Hunts with the exception of Tate being there and Right. So Hunts where Tate has engaged with a coyote, how many of those have been successful compared to [00:50:00] the coyotes dipped out? You haven't been on one with me yet, Andy.

That hasn't been successful when the coyote shows up. Have you

one got away? That's cuz I missed so that, that doesn't count. That didn't count as well. We talked about the other day, and I don't wanna jinx you, but I believe seven for seven, right Now's the last seven hunts. It's nice. Yeah, I, so I had some buddies of mine on a YouTube channel called mid Mo Reapers and they came and wanted to film with Tate.

And had this big day planned out, we were gonna hunt as long as we can. It was whenever the weather was still decent. It was like a high of 75 or something like that. Very first stand. Coyote comes from 700 yards across this field to us. Tate works it. You could tell it didn't wanna work that much, but it still had to figure out what was going on.

End up shooting the coyote like two or three minutes into it because the action wasn't really working. And we hunted that stand from then on. We didn't [00:51:00] see another coyote the rest of the day. But this time of year, first light and last light have been amazing. Sure. Unless you can get right on top of 'em, then during the day you can pull stuff off and we, I've struggled, which is pretty typical of Bunning this time of year.

Yeah. Yeah. But aside from that, I think, I don't know that I've had a dry stand, like a first light or last light. I think I've been pretty well, a hundred percent as far as coyotes coming in. But as far as the success rate with Tate, It's been really high, but a lot of it I think has been luck so far because I'd say probably eight or nine outta 10, if they come in, they're gonna die.

But I've been What's the farthest you'll send him? If you see a Kio, if he can see 'em, usually it's 150 in N. Oh, okay. But if he can see it at 200, I'll send him and, because if they can, if he can see them, they can see him. So theoretically speaking, you see a cow at 500. Yeah. Would you, if he could see it, would you let him take off if it's, say it's beans that are four inches [00:52:00] tall?

Yeah. I'd go regardless whether he can see it, and I'd turn on a pup distress because he takes got, because then that coyote would see what's going on. Yeah. And see he's gotten to the point where I've got certain sounds I play when I know there's a coyote there. Oh God, yes. And he loses, like he doesn't lose his shit, but it's like he, he goes from a level five to a level 12.

Like he's on point, his perk up and he's, he knows something. Something's getting ready to happen. So I'd put one of those sounds on and I'd send him, cuz what I know the minute that sound comes on, he's gonna jet to the call. And then I could either tone him back or nine times outta 10, he'll come back to me once he runs around the call.

And that's all it would take that Hyatt would see that and it would engage. And then once it got within 200 yards, I know he'd see it. So the farthest one he picked up was right at 200. That one time we called in. Two, but it wasn't a double. Yeah. Two, two singles in the same spot. But he picked it up that 200 yards.

It stepped out and he, you could tell he immediately seen it and was on Yeah. On the Facebook videos. You can always tell whenever he sees the coyote, because he always runs into my tripod as he runs off. Yeah. So [00:53:00] my gun's shaking going nuts. Yeah. It's quite comical. I don't know. That's just really cool.

That's what I was like, the first time I saw it, I'm like, Hey man, he's must have been really putting some time in. And when we talked you're like, dude, it clicked. It just, he was just finally old enough and he saw the iyo finally. This dog, he's been completely different from any other dog I've ever been around.

Like usually you got with, you get this hyper energetic puppy that is biting everything and you gotta roll their lip onto their tooth so they bite themselves know, Hey, this hurts. I need to not do that. Stuff like that. And he doesn't play that game. If you swat at him for biting. He just, he cla he clacks his teeth at you.

He's not gonna bite you and hurt you. But he like a little defiance deal and I felt I can shame that dog and just, what did you do? Like stuff like that. And he'll tuck his tail and lay down and just put his head down. It's completely different cuz usually dog's I don't give a shit what you think, I'm gonna do what I want.

But when it comes to training him we had him crate for the first week whenever we were home. If he was going to, if we were going to [00:54:00] bed, we'd put him in a crate and it was terrible. You know how the first adjustment period, a little wine for hours and it was like nothing worked well.

A buddy of mine was like, you need to put a bell, hang a bell off the door and teach him to ring ring it every time you let him out. It literally took three days. The dog was potty trained. He'd walk over. He still to this day does it. He'll hit the bell bells with his nose. You open the door, he goes outside, goes to the bathroom, comes back in.

And like I know like clockwork three 30 every morning I'm getting up to let him out, or Christie's getting up to let him out and he rings a bell. He goes outside, comes back in. Dude needs to make it a little bit longer. Yeah. Work that bladder bro. He's still, technically he's still a pup, right?

Yeah. Usually dog pups old. Is he now? He's a little 13 months. Yeah. He's still young. Yeah. It's at 13 months, like three days child, 13 months, what's the, when's the point where we quit doing the month year old? We're having our 14th month pictures. Yeah. And I only say that because it shows the progress he's made.

I know I'm giving shit. I know you are. But yeah, it's 36 months. No, we're not three years old. No. 36 [00:55:00] months. Oh, that's hilarious. He's already so good or he's got a lot of potential. Just think another year, if I get year, he's gonna be awesome. If two, it's gonna be hell on wheels. That's cool.

Yeah. He's gonna be freaking sweet. Part of me challenges keeping fresh coyotes in front of him. But that, and that's really, that's 90% of it is keeping coyotes in front of him. And funny thing is I was checking my schedule. I'm actually open Saturday morning. I won't be around this weekend.

I a bitch, we can look into next weekend, like next Sunday, no, I'm in Nebraska. See, I'm not, my schedule is never gonna work for me. This summer, me and Mike have been fishing. I'm never gonna go fishing and I'm never gonna get to go hunting with the dog. It's just, F my life. I'll just keep doing podcasts and not doing anything fun.

Just write the checks, bud. Yeah, we'll tell you about it. Yeah, we'll let you know how it goes. Send you the pictures too. Snapchat that we're having fun. Fuck yourself. Hey, you made this life okay, that's all your fault. What does that mean? You're the one that Four products, the children.

There's four. [00:56:00] Yeah. I thought you meant the podcast life. I'm like, no, I'm talking about when I regret every minute of it. You were the one that decided to have four children. You were the one that decided to push them into this. Who the hell made 'em? Athletic? Yeah. Athletic. Nope. We gotta do tournaments every weekend.

I wouldn't say I pushed them into anything. Four different practices every other day and yeah. That's your life. I complained about coaching coach pitch this year. You had it rough. You got four of them. There's not, there's only two of 'em in sport Really? Three I guess, but one of 'em is not really busy right now, but Yeah.

Had to do competitive though. That's had to do competitive. He gets that honest until you get busier. Oh, I'm not saying I guarantee you my life's gonna get busier too. But you act like it's like our fault that you can't have fun. Just, it's just Hey, I'm good tonight. No, we're not going tonight.

We're tired. How about tomorrow? Nope. Can't do it tomorrow. I'm good. Sunday night. No, we're not going Sunday night. Why? Whatever you do. I [00:57:00] cannot go Saturday night. Hey, you guys wanna go Saturday? It is. Yeah. That's, we'll have to figure out cuz I do, I want to I almost don't even wanna take a gun. I just wanna really for the first time see it like, you almost don't need to like just.

To make yourself watch him. And Austin, I'm not gonna put words in your mouth, but I would think you wanna be pretty particular on who you take with you because you don't want your dog to get fucking shot. And and Andy and I have talked about it so much, it's man I want all these guys to get to see how cool this is, but at the same time, I want 'em to understand it.

And that's where Andy was like, you need to tell 'em no gun the first time to let people see. Because our first few times were straight up chaos. It was like, oh, we can't shoot. Okay, now we can shoot. And I was like, no, let's just wait and see what happens. Figuring it out. Once it clicked it, it clicked to where we knew.

Okay, Tate's coming this way, way now. Shooting time. Yeah. The other night I'm counting. When we had this double, I'm at two and Tate is running in front of my barrel at two. We shoot, we can say 1, 2, 3, [00:58:00] bang, but gauging it as Tate's running Tate was 30 yards to the left of us. Whenever I pulled the trigger.

Maybe I don't want to go. So it's just, you have to know it and talk about it as it happens. Hell, Andy and I are sitting talking the whole time. I'm just making fun. Work your count up. It's a countdown, not a count up. No. 1, 2, 3, go. It's 3, 2, 1. It's not 1, 2, 3, go. It's a racer, but we call it a countdown.

I, no, we're gonna go fast and we're gonna go last. 1, 2, 3. Green light. First or last boy? It's first or last. Oh man. And it's, yeah, I don't know. You have to be willing. He's gonna do a countdown with me. He's gonna go one bang. You were at one. Every once in a while we do shoot on two just to piss each other off.

And Micah just does it just because. Yeah, that's just my thing. Three, two bang. Jesus. We've done that in tournaments a couple times to each other because if one of us doesn't get to shoot for like a couple coyotes. All right, you guys ready? One, two, you. [00:59:00] That's funny. Jared got us one time and we just looked at it like, oh, Jared, I shoot on two pregnant.

That's funny. That's, I don't know. That's really cool. What I never thought one of us would be. Decoy dogging. I just, even when you bought the dog, I didn't even think that's what was gonna happen. And that was like, I knew me and Andy been looking at him thinking about getting a pup.

No, that guy's got another litter coming. Yeah. Don't, do not care. I knew whenever I got you, just write the check. Write the check. I knew when I got him, that's what I wanted him to do, but I had no understanding on how to do it. And that's when I reached out to Joey, I was like, Hey, what should I start with?

And he, Joey sent me in the right direction. And then I met, ended up meeting the breeder, or one of the breeders that owned the bloodline that Tate is. And then made some more friends. And like I was drawing resources from all kinds of people. So I can't say that I, oh I trained this dog to do all this stuff all by myself.

The dog really helped train me on what I needed to pay attention to, essentially. But I have really noticed a lot [01:00:00] of I, I've started doing homework on coyotes now. Andy and I were talking about, yeah, we're gonna go hunt this farm and this, and this. I pull it up on Onyx and look at it like I'm driving over there.

I go drive an hour to go look at a farm. He's scouting coyotes now. I do I called Andy and the corn, they got corn in this field next to it, so we're gonna be drawing 'em outta the corn if they're in the corn. Only part of the field's mode. I just, stuff like that. But it matters. And it's one of those things you're gonna, you gonna get out of it, what you put into it.

Tory locates, coyotes. Yeah. The night before he'll hunt. Because he wants to know where they are. I've done that a few times and Almost thought I ruined a spot because I would just park my truck and kill it, have my window down. I'd set on the I'D roll, get outta the window like the race car drivers do, and I would howl with my diaphragm right from there.

I did it and they're in the field with me, like they weren't 200 yards from the truck and they're challenged barking at me. I was like, oh, I need to leave before I screw this up. Fucking driveway away. Wait a minute, I'm turning right.[01:01:00]

Hey, sometimes you gotta turn right to go left. What was that, Russ? You had something to say. No, go ahead. How dare you interrupt him. It says four words. I'm the audience here. Russell is the audience in this one? Hey, we got a lot of talking at him In the Prairie Dog. In Prairie Dog. Yeah. He covered it all.

It's probably the most talking he is done in any of the episodes. I think that's the most talking Russell's done since I've known him. Did we do a Tales of the chase on river Monster ever? No. It's probably pretty short. We should probably do that one someday. So is there ever a need for two dogs?

I know a lot of guys who do it, but I don't. Joey had, Joey has two. Yeah. What's the other dog? I don't know the other one's name. It's a Weer Ryer. I think she then he or she doesn't do more of a house. Just a house. Yeah. A hair. It tags along. Like it, it will engage the coyotes a little bit, but not nothing rip steals a show there. Sure. The, some, the breeder that I got mine from, he usually runs two dogs at one time, and of course he's out. He's in Colorado, or no, he's in New Mexico. But, [01:02:00] Coyotes here, I don't think are as aggressive as they are out west and too much spook them.

Yeah, I, that's what I worry about. Joey mentioned Kansas dog I think he, in our show or maybe some of his videos, we've, he's talked about, Kansas dogs that Yeah. He wouldn't run his dogs with him. Yeah. Cause you know, they're just not, I think I made Joey nervous because we'd be talking and I was like, dude, I know you make a trip to Kansas every year, Missouri's on its way.

Add an extra day and I'll open the fricking gates. You can come hunt any of my stuff you want. I think he was concerned that I was wanting to hunt over his dog, and I was like, no, I just wanna be a fly on the wall and you do your thing. Yeah. Because I wanna learn. Watch it. Yeah. So it's worth watching.

Yeah. It's he's got an open invitation in Missouri whenever he wants it. Yeah. I think he knows that. But yeah, it's just one of those things of taking the time to do it. Him, Tory John. Yeah. Cory. Cory. Cory. You just gotta drive up a little north to have us come a little south buddy. Yeah. Teach us how to kill some bobcats.

Jesus. Yes. He put em down. Cool Dozen this year. I think it was that, or was it 13? [01:03:00] 13? Might have been 13. Oh, Baker's dozen, huh? Something like that. Yeah. I can't remember. Oh, gr doesn't, there you go. Old gruff doesn't. That's awesome. Yeah it's a lot of fun. I could see if there was a double come in, cuz sometimes I've seen it.

Tates obviously young. Yeah. When the double came in, he wasn't real sure about trying to take on two coyotes. Yeah. His circle got real small when that second one shot as confident, maybe Uhhuh, I could bring Hazel. She'd come back. That'd be a case kill dog. She would be, yeah. I was gonna say she would not do good I don't think.

I think she would do amazing. Tango would do terrible. Tango wouldn't make it to the call. He's pretty old, but Hazel, she'd do good. She would've, how do you feel, how do you see Hazel being good at it? She's not a very prey driven dog, but she recalls and listens very well. But she's not a bitch. Like she's not gonna bitch up when a cow challenges her.

She's not gonna back down. I don't think you're talking about pit bulls, Greg. They're bull pit bulls. Pit bulls, yeah. I, yeah, two pit bulls. I don't, I see if a challenge, like if a couch tried fighting [01:04:00] her, that would be, that, I don't know. I'd be, in my opinion, there'd be no snipping each other course we could try sometime.

See happens. She, I mean she's, by far, I've had a few pit bulls and she's the least aggressive one I've ever had other than her bark. No. Yeah, she's got bitch bark. Bitch bark. Yeah. She's got bitch bark. Sounds like Tango's only barked twice in his life that I've heard that dude's gotta bark.

Oh, does he? I've never heard it. And you never will. I'm just saying the dog is even trigger very similar in that aspect. Is trigger barely ever barked either. Yeah. Tango. The only time I've heard him bark was they were both with, when Brinley was little she was out there just, we were out in the yard playing around and she was.

I don't know. She 50, 60 yards away from me and she's just playing and all of a sudden tango just starts freaking out barking, which really shocked me. I'm like, what the hell's going on? I go over there and he had a snake. Oh. And then she was, he was right there. She was right there playing with a snake. My daughter was pretty much, and so he killed the snake.

Nice. Super. Thank [01:05:00] goodness. Yeah. I got a big backyard, I could see her, but it took me a second to get over there and the only other time I heard him bark was the same scenario, a little closer, but there was a big ass snapping turtle that my child was around. Yeah. He's very protective of the kids.

That, that's what you want, right? Yeah. He But he won't bark. He just doesn't bark. Yeah. So it. Funny really. But yeah, he's an old man now. He is he wakes up about 10 o'clock and that's just removed. That's just to move from my bedroom to the couch out in the front yard. And he's there the rest of the day.

So he hold down the fort from here? Yeah. Yeah. He's an old dog. So Hazel's guy old too. She's as old. She's nine. Turn on that fish show. Turn on that show. Yep. Yep. For sure. That's pretty cool, man. Is there anything else we need to cover on Hunt with the dog? Man, I don't know. I'm sure there's probably another hour worth of stuff I could talk about that might actually be interesting and important, but I don't know it off the top of my head.

Okay. One last here's, so we talked about how [01:06:00] you if the coyote's starting to dip out you'll turn on pray distress or pup distress or pub distress. Me, I meant that. And that works. Is that about the only thing you've really changed with your calling sequences when Tate's with you?

No. So like the beginning, have you changed anything at the beginning either? Yeah I've really, I've changed my entire call sequence because it, my sequence personally would change depending on the time of day. So if it's first light, I'm gonna start with a couple Hals. And what I'll do is I'll let it how once, I'll mute it, give it probably 45 seconds, let it howl again, mute it, same thing.

I'll let it get to three and then I'll wait and I'll either change and do another series of single hows, or I'll go into a serenade or a pair. How, and before, what I would do, I would howl a couple times and I'd roll into some prey distress. And I really, with prey distress, you're gonna, you could call in any coyote.

You could call in a submissive coyote. You could call in, right? A aggressive coyote. You're really with a decoy dog, you [01:07:00] only want the aggressive coyotes because the submissive ones aren't gonna stick around anyway. So I just run vocals like I'll how I'll give it a few minutes. And silence has killed more coyotes for me than anything cuz you give it a little bit if they respond, especially this time of year, they're dead.

It's just a matter of getting 'em there. And if they respond, you stick with what they're responding to. So if say you howl one time and they howl back, just unmute that howl, let it howl again. See what happens if they, how back again you, you just keep playing the game with them. But then they're gonna shut up cuz they're gonna be coming.

So when they shut up, give it five, 10 minutes and then roll back into it. And I rushed it the last one when it was getting ready to rain, because I knew the rain was coming. So I started rolling through and I finally got 'em to re vocalize to me and knew, okay, they've moved, they're coming, they're gonna come out exactly where we think they are.

Let's go ahead and start pray distress. And I went in, or not pray, excuse me, pub distress. And I went into a sound they hadn't heard [01:08:00] yet and they were running in. So it's mainly, it starts out as a single how, then either a pair or group, how, and if I haven't got a vocalization back by then there's probably a good chance there's not a coyote around.

But I will roll through probably three or four different pup distresses. And I'll start exactly like Tori says. I'll try and start with the smallest and work my way up. But a lot, some of my stuff I don't have all the mfk stuff. I have some of it I do. Yeah. I'm jealous. We're, we might swap calls sometime, but so I'll roll through what I know from the Fox Pro side from listening to John Collins talk about everything.

I'll play the canine puppies and stuff like that and roll through until something's gonna trigger 'em. And for me, like I haven't gotten, I've got a lot of the mfk vocals, but I don't have a lot of their pup distresses. And I coyote pup screams pup distress number three have been fricking fire for me lately.

So nice. Yeah, I think the pup dis pup three 14 [01:09:00] or is that pup three 14 is what we got them in on last time. That's the one that tape flips out on. Nope. Pup Screams. Screams one of those. Yeah. He knows Pup screams cuz he knows. That's been my go-to. So he knows when he hears that the dogs are gonna be there in the next 30 seconds He does you, you'll be watching it back in the truck.

And that plays like he, all the other sounds can play. That sound plays and he's on your shoulder look like what, what's happening? What's going on? Yeah. Are we getting outta of the truck? Yeah. Where's these dogs at, bro? Where's these coyotes? Yeah. As much coyote hunting stuff as I watch at home, he's pretty much desensitized to hearing hows, unless they're right outside the door.

Yeah. So tell us I'm due for a binge. Yeah. That's what I do about the same thing too, because I haven't watched I need to watch Joey in a while. I haven't watched Joey in a while. I haven't watched like any of your old lives. Yeah. Because I literally never watch any of your lives.

Yeah. Or Heath Bakkers. Like I never watch any of 'em because I'm always moments The challenge is moments take a long time. Yeah. Sometimes. Yeah. So then I, and you never know when the actions happen, go back through happening. So you had Yeah. Yeah. That, and that's [01:10:00] one thing too that I've noticed, used to it, it could take an hour for me if I'm there with Tate.

And it's 30 minute mark. I've already killed the coyote, gone out, videoed it and I'm coming back because I forgot to turn my remote off. Because Andy and I were there. The, not this last one, but the one before we did with Owen, it was 36 minutes when I turned the remote off, and that was after I had my six year old drive coyote was 14 minutes and like 50 seconds or 30 seconds when, whenever the coyote came out.

Yeah. Yeah. I remember that. And that, I thought that took forever. Like I was like, oh, the coyote should have been here by now. We're probably not gonna kill one. And then boom, it showed up right next to us. It never vocalized, so that way you're thinking oh crap, we're not, we're, dry stand.

Yeah. We're thinking of the next place. Yeah. Sort thing. And it's funny because I was there the night before and was sitting in a truck with binoculars, looking at this field and looking around. There's tracks all over where I pulled my truck in and all of a sudden, here's this cop comes out of a slow spot.

I was like I know they're here. Yes. Tell everybody where they can watch the videos at. So I have a Facebook page. It's Predatory Instincts is the name of it. [01:11:00] And so much better than the first one. Yeah. What was the first name? Preying on Predators. I liked the devil entendre because, we all know what we do to those type of predators, but but yeah, predatory instincts is where I do all my live feeds at now because I try and be discreet on.

Per my personal Facebook made granted, we're friends, so we all see each other's stuff, but I don't like doing all that on my personal page. Because I got some people who aren't into that. So I'll share it to where if they wanna see it, they can go to the predatory instincts page and do all that.

So Nice. Yeah. That and that way whenever someone's hating on me, wanting me to shoot myself, they they can see that there. And have you had those comments before? Yeah. I had a gal from Canada who did not approve of me Cayo dining. I saw that one. She was sweet. You were much nicer on the replies than I thought you would be.

Or I'm trying to be politically correct and tell 'em to fuck off politely yeah. You could say it that way. Yeah. Fuck off politely. Yeah. Can polite. I said with all due respect,[01:12:00] just say all due respect and say whatever you want it. Absolutely. A hundred percent does. That's what that means.

Sure as hell does. But yeah, it's been a lot of fun. I'm trying to grow a platform there, but really with all the irons and the fire, I'm just happy to be able to get out and do some live feeds and do stuff like that. Because I've been building a house myself for the last year and a half, and God, that was a mistake.

Almost done though. Oh man. We're close because I, if I'm not in by August 1st, I'm gonna be, did Chad do your drywall? Yep. Yeah, sure did. And Chad was talking about that. I'm like, oh yeah, Austin, that means, yeah, Chad offered me a job getting close to getting done, doing driving. He said, yeah Nate's been trying to get me to give him a job and why don't I just give it to you?

Yeah, okay. Just so I can tell Nate, give, did he give you 150 a year in free truck offer? That's what I keep telling him. Hey Chad, I'll come to work for you. He was telling me that I just brought that up to give him job. I just need one 50 a year and a free. F two 50. No big deal. That's all I need.

Big deal. He's thinking about it is what he said to do. Drywall. Considering it, huh? No, just to be, just to run the business. I'm just gonna be the man, take care of it. He's gonna be the face of it. So in other words, he's gonna run it into the [01:13:00] ground. Yeah. Because he got a face for you speaking, which, if you need drywall, done, be any drywall out of Dover, Missouri.

Awesome. Yep. Awesome job. Do they do amazing work? Can't say anything bad about them. Would Mike approve? Who's Mike? My dad? Yeah. Oh yeah, definitely. Mike and Chad's dad did drywall together for 20 years. Oh really? Yeah. See, I didn't know that they worked for Bill's drywall together. Yeah. Be damn.

Yeah. I love that story. I'm sure I've told all this, me and Chad, when we were kids, hung out together and didn't realize it until we were like in our late thirties. Y'all didn't realize y'all hung out? No. Like my dad and his dad used to do these, like we would go to hay, wagon rides and stuff like that.

The falls. And then of course his dad left and started his own business at the time, and then they stopped hanging out. But, Yeah, 30 years later, Chadron wait a minute. I know you kinda funny. I think your mom told me cool story guys. Yeah. Yeah. Nobody gives a shit. This one's, this one cracks me up cause it just talks about your dad.

He was, I think they were on vacation. Yes. Henry and your mom. And he was sitting there watching YouTube and watching drywall videos on gosh. [01:14:00] And on vacation. On vacation. And she goes, what are you doing? He's I just wanna make sure they're doing it the right way. I was just like, what? It's even better on vacation.

The dude used to get the phone book out and look up drywall companies. Yeah. Just oh my gosh. To look. That's funny. Yeah. Lowe's drywall. Anyway. All right. Austin, thanks for coming on and talking about that. Absolutely. Russell, thanks for just listening for a good hour. No problem. You did a good job there.

Yep. Proud of you. Yep. He asked a question, he participated. Yeah, he did a good job. About, about average for you. Honestly. Most shows Yeah. About normal for you. You balanced it out. Just kidding. There's still guns involved. Russell, you can still shoot him. Pew. All right, we're done.

Done. We're out hitting the stop button.