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This week on the Missouri Woods & Water podcast the guys get to talk with Alex, the host of Talk About It Outdoors podcast about night hunting coyotes. First we get into how Alex got into night hunting and how it grew into thermal hunting from his beginnings. We also talk about some of the differences between day and night hunting and what Alex likes about both. We also discuss how calling coyotes at night is rapidly changing with the increasing popularity in predator hunting and how he keeps pivoting to be successful. Alex also gives us some of his favorite rifle calibers and some of his favorite sounds. Thanks to Alex for coming on and thanks for listening!

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Welcome to the Missouri Woods and Water Podcast with your host, Andy Micah. And Nate. Hello. What's going on guys? Andy, are you tired? I am tired. Did you do a little hunting there last night? I did, but I was home by 11. Oh, okay. That ain't the who bed. No, I just have a son that doesn't sleep. Yeah, that makes it hard.

We're, I think we're all tired in here. In theory. In theory, you go, the whole concept of night hunting is, you can go, everybody else sleeps. . The problem is when you get home from night hunting and you need to sleep, it's kind and they're not sleeping. Yeah. It makes it pretty tough.

Especially with the newborn. Does he wake up quite a bit or? A good night is three times. A good night is, dude, I do not miss having a baby. A good night is he goes to bed at eight, wakes up at 11, wakes up about like 1 30, 2 o'clock, then wakes up again around four [00:02:00] o'clock. That's a, that's an average night.

I say a good night would be, wakes up at 11, wakes up at three. Damn. How old is he? Six months. Six months. Oh, not quite seven. Trying to tell his little ass to get a job and start sleeping a little better. You're telling me, , I didn't sleep for shit last night either, and I totally reason I like, I have it bad.

Like I don't get up. Like I'm not the one getting up all those times. , right? I wake up probably about every time I take my turn, but she does the majority. See what he said? Turn, turn. See singular. I'll get up once I, I was blessed Amy. She took that on. , she, anytime any of our kids woke up, 99% of the time she was the one getting up.

Yeah. Because she, they were, all our babies were breastfed babies except for Lawson . You ain't got the titties. Yeah. And I ain't got no titties, so I do, they just don't do nothing. What you, they're pretty much get your useless ass nipples outta here, , dude. How did how did that go? [00:03:00] I don't remember

No. I was like, I think I was given the sympathy, Hey, do you want me to do anything? What are you gonna do there with your useless nipples or something? Something along there. I'm like you ain't wrong, that's funny. But she was amazing when it came to the babies. I didn't sleep for a whole different reason, but yeah.

Yeah, we kinda a rough one. Yeah. That's a sad deal, man. We talk about it in the show, but yeah. Losing a, losing your dog unexpectedly like that. It's it's a shock. It's, I'm, it's like losing a loved one. You, dude. I'm a be, yeah. I'm gonna be honest with you. I did not realize.

I cried like a bitch the last day and a half. Yeah. That just he's, that one. I think I'm good now so I can talk about him, but he's that, just that once in a lifetime dog, people talk about I can probably own dogs for the rest of my life and I'll never, if I were to write down what I wanted in a dog, he checked every single box I would've ever had.

He was, and he was mine like, or I was his, I was his person. Yeah. So [00:04:00] he followed me. You guys would see it. And he'd be a little bit annoying when we were recording cuz he always have to be right here. And then he would get in your seat far all the damn. Oh my God. He was a stinky, he was a stinky, but he's a good dog though.

I ain't gonna find another one like him. So he's a good one. It was a rough day yesterday, but I did get to be home with him, or I did, I had stuff go on personally, my wife's car had problems, so I spent $500 on her car. . But as a result, I ended up not working. And so when I come home, at least I was able to be with him.

Yeah. And before he died, so , I did not sleep very good last night, and cried like a little girl. So I'm even more tired. Apparently. You get tired from crying. I don't know. . Yeah, anyway, I don't know. I would say ask Chuck Norris, but Chuck Norris doesn't cry. Rest in peace trigger.

Yeah. Anyway. Was that your joke? I just came up with myself. I had another one. Hold on. I, me in there. Yeah. . I had another one playing, but I felt like that applied, but it just didn't hit. Michael was trying to lighten it up for his [00:05:00] time to lighten up there. I like that. Yeah. Chuck Norris doesn't cry.

The original joke was, lemme see here. Outside of pets, dying and kids not sleeping. Usually when we don't sleep, we're trying to we're trying to do some thermal hunting. Do some thermal hunting, which the show today is about. If you told me let's go tonight, I don't think I would.

I wanna go to bed. I wouldn't go just cause it's a muddy son of a gun out there is raining there. I just, that don't, that doesn't sound fun at all. No. If it would freeze, that'd be one thing. But it doesn't look like we're gonna be getting cold weather for a little while. Yep. But yes, we are talking about night hunting.

Yeah. With Alex Deboard, Alex on the board. Alex off. Nice one. I like it with talk about it Outdoors Podcast out of Georgia. If you haven't checked them out before, you should. Yep. It's an awesome show. They do a good job. , but we're talking about, night hunting, how he got, how they got into it with lights.

And then into thermals. We talk about gear, we talk about my [00:06:00] expectation, how he kind stuff just, the way that he does it. And it's interesting because I wanted to have 'em on the show because they're in the southeast part of the country. You know how it maybe do they do things differently than we do as far as thermal hunting.

They get to do it year round where they're at. Yep. We get two months. They've been doing it for a long time as far as it being legal. We've had, this is our third year. Yeah. So you know what differences there are. And I like it. He's one of us. He's a budget guy. Yeah. That's all our ballpark is the same one he's dealing in.

Yeah. I agree. Feels good. We don't have the $18,000, 1280. pee, whatever. Would I like it? Yeah, I'd take it if, yeah, I could. But yeah, like we say in the show, it's not gonna make you kill more dogs, I don't think. Fair, true. Yeah. For the ti I mean in the experience, the limited experience that I have night hunting, I can't see a situation where that would've made a difference.

I mean you would've a thermal at that point, so sure. That would be nice. Yeah, that would be nice. [00:07:00] That might help you kill more dogs. May It would help me. It helped me a hundred percent. , Mike is just thinking to himself. Actually, you guys both just got scanners, so I do in fact have a thermal now.

Not really. Cuz y'all are gonna have helmets and then you're gonna have the gun so it ain't Yeah, but then you're like, gimme that helmet, . It'll make it to where everybody at least is looking through a thermal. Yeah. Which we pretty much do kind all the time now, but there are those times where, yeah, you got didn't meet us three went out last week or something.

It was four. No, just us three went. On your degradation tag. Yeah. Oh, so you one of us didn't have yeah. Or no, that was the beginning. That was the first night. Yeah. So one of us didn't have the the rifle. So let me look through the third person was just gonna do. Yeah. Yeah.

Kind of twiddle on your thumbs a little bit, but that's all right. You guys wanna jump into, run through our sponsors and get to the show? Yeah, let's do it. Yeah. Who you wanna start with? Midwest Gun Works. Talking about shooting stuff. Ain't no better place to get the parts and the guns and, yep. Everything else involved.

Alert. [00:08:00] Our discount code has changed with them. Still 5%, but it is now Woods Water Woods. Spell it out. That's our new discount code with them. Woods with an S water with no s Wasn't that the old one for a. . Yes, because we've got a new one for a it's still the same one for Alps, but different.

Different, and Alps isn't on this week, so we'll talk about it next week. Cameron's been dropping some good videos, doing man, new stuff coming out. Like his production value has definitely went up a lot. Like they got the new studio and stuff. It's putting out some, check 'em out on YouTube if you have it.

Midwest Gun Works. Yep. Cameron, tell your wife that baby needs to be coming soon. Yeah. Maybe by the time you listen to this, that baby be here, so come home with us. So congrats ahead of time, but yeah, use, check 'em out. Midwest Gun Works. Actually I'm gonna get on there. Yeah. Maybe not tonight. When we get done, I'm going to modify my tripod.

Oh, are you? Yeah. Okay. I'm gonna find a [00:09:00] thorough lever. There you go, Aaron. Nice. Nice. You do it. Nice. Our boys at Athlon. . Nice. Segueway, Nate pat yourself on back. Ridiculously Justin. Good. Optic Justin over Athlon showed me a, like a sharp, tight and priced just right. There it is. Ooh, I like that. Did you just come up with that one?

No, it's on their shirt. No, it's on. Check them out. Athlon I just came home with a Midas tech today. You're welcome. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah, you'll love it. Although highly recommended. I can see a Kronos circling me right now. Yeah it's one of them rabbit holes. You can get deep in it.

Yeah. The Kronos, I did not know that the Kronos has the same optic as the Midas tech. Yeah. It's the same, what do you call that? The same radical. Radical. Thank you. Yeah. As the tack. And I'm like, Ooh, that's, they're nice. It's pretty sweet. They're nice. So yeah, check them out. If you don't know of any dealers hit us up.

We love Jesse Bunger with Explicit Outdoors. He's a dealer of Athlons. . There's some other dealers out there. I don't know of any cuz that's what we use. [00:10:00] But Yep. He's in the Harrisonville, Missouri area. Great dealer. He shifts very knowledgeable. Yeah. He's a user of their stuff as well.

Yep. If you're looking at an athlon scope, ask us what you think or any of their stuff. Ask us what you think or I think between all, I think between all of us. I think we got one of each style almost. Yeah. We got a good segue in 'em. Yep. Yeah. So check 'em out. Athon optics, cut it back. Digital. Yep.

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It is fine. I have slacked a little bit. Not that this time they're not really hitting it too bad. Anyways. They're still hitting my spot. Every once in a while I'll get a picture here. There. I'm still seeing 'em. Yeah, I put some out. Just been just after season was over. And they're still, still hitting it but yeah, we love their stuff.

I need to get my hands on some of the freak factor. Get that out there. Yeah, that would be nice. Feed all the raccoons. Sure. Onyx. Use code M WW 20 for 20% off. Right now we're using it hot and heavy in the coyote season. Definitely making the plans for our stands and looking up landowners, contacting people, making sure we get permission.

Yep. Staying within your boundaries. Darryl's got a pretty damn sweet setup with his OnX. He does, he's got it where? He's got an iPad, I don't know what iPad it is, but it seems like it's bigger than mine. iPad. It's a big iPad, but, and then he's got like a deal. He can put it in the truck, so it looks like an Apple play screen or whatever you wanna call it.

Yeah. [00:12:00] But it's pretty sweet so we can all get up there and instead of everybody having their phone out, trying to find the same spot, big screen, got one big screen, okay, we're gonna hit here, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, it's pretty awesome. Go through. The only thing he does that kills me is he he does a lot of turning of the screen.

Uhhuh. . And before I know it, I'm like, which way? North? I'm mixed up. Yeah. Luckily I was up front so I could tell. Okay. And the arrow was pointing north. Yeah. Yeah. So it was a little easier for me. Pretty damn sweet. And that's what's awesome about OnX. You can use the app on your phone, your iPad computer, you can get on the website, you can actually, if you have Apple Play on your vehicle, you can do it.

You can do it through there now too. I have Apple Play. Wait, is it Apple Play or what the, is It's a gmc, it's car play. I think that's the same thing. Is it? I think so. So you should be able to hook it up and get the app on there. How do you do, Hey. Oh, you can get the app? Yeah, you get the app through there and then you do it.

Huh? Look in there. There's some way how to do it. I don't, it's not like I'm gonna use the, I drive a tinfoil truck. I don't know exactly. I've just seen the commercials and my car that has that app is my [00:13:00] work car. It's not like I'm gonna be hunting with that. Sure. El Coyo caddy does not have that. No.

That's all right though. But check 'em out on xm Black Ovis. I was on there last night actually. I was looking at some different things. So they got a lot of man, they got a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff. So if hunting related, you need it. They got it. Yeah. Hunting, camping, all that sort of stuff.

M ww 10 for 10% off. Yeah. And less but not least. Camo fire. Yeah, the flash sale. Rotating door of deals. You guys got some time to kill. Check 'em out. You might have something you need. Had a really odd experience with camo fire today. Explain. It happened during my afternoon shit instead of mourning.

So that was new. Cool story. I didn't have a morning poo today cause I had to get out so fast that it happened in the afternoon and I got on cam fire. It felt like I needed to, it was pretty awesome. So you [00:14:00] didn't shit in the morning. See I have a, no, I had I have a strict routine. I wish I could have, but I had to be on the road by five 15 this morning.

So I got no shit. I woke up at five Exactly. No shit. . There was no shit. I woke up at five and was gone by eh five 20. I was maybe a little behind. Yeah, it was pretty quick. So I didn't have time to So you had to stop at a hotel on the way there? No, I actually made it all the way home. I take that back.

It was, I was a jstack. We, I was a jack stack. We had to pick up dinner. My wife's Hey, everybody's had a rough day, blah, blah, blah. Why don't you pick up food on the way home? So I stopped by there to pick up food and it hit me . So I handled business. Took care of it. Yeah. All right.

Let's get into the show. I think I've talked about that for enough . Yeah. Let's what about our Chuck Nos joke? I already did one. It didn't land. It'll be fine. I'll do it next, next time. Okay, so let's get into our show with Alex. We'll talk about it outdoors then. See ya. This is the Missouri Woods and Water Podcast.

[00:15:00] See ya.

All right with us tonight. Special treat cuz we've been talking about, talking with this guy, no pun intended for a while, but we've got Alex Deboard with talk about it Outdoors. What's up man? Pleasure to be here. Listen to you guys forever. Y'all do a great job of your show. Y'all were an inspiration to us when we first got started.

Y'all came up a little bit before we did. Did we? Really? It's been, yeah. Yeah. Y'all were, y'all were right there. I think y'all had 30, 40 episodes right before we got out, so man, it really took a lot from you guys and what y'all did with your show. Now I'm starting to feel bad because my teachers are right.

I was a bad influence.

Now I'm starting to feel bad because I'm pretty sure. Let me get to your show here. You're on episode 1 53 now. . That's right. So how many do you put [00:16:00] out a week? We're on 1 45 next. So they've passed us. Yeah, you've already put out more shows. I know for at one point in time you were putting out like two or three shows a week, weren't you?

We would record at least three times a week, most weeks, if not four. We were trying to get a lot of content, a lot of backlog. Nicholas and I put a lot of time and effort into that early on. Now we're back to one a week, so we just record on Tuesday night. There you go. It got a little hectic there for a while.

It's cutting in on everything. Yep. Yeah, I can understand that. That's killing it, man. That's awesome. Yeah. That's really cool. Before, before we get into it, why don't you introduce yourself to everybody, who you are, where you're from, and give 'em a little bit about, talk about it outdoors, and then we'll get into to the topic for today.

Yeah. I'm nobody's special. I'm just the dude that loves hunting. My name's Alex Debor. I'm from down in North Georgia, born and raised. I'm a son of a chicken farmer. Grew up cattle farming. And just spent all my time in the outdoors as a kid. I deer hunted and squirrel hunted and still got squirrel dogs.

My dad [00:17:00] does, and we run 'em all over the country and was very blessed to have a dad that got me in the outdoors at early age and spent a lot of time traveling with him. Once I got older and we got a little bit of money. We didn't have much growing up, but we had enough and we hunted and we fished and there you go.

Did everything we wanted to do. And a few years ago, a buddy of mine Nicholas Wiltz, my partner on the show, he said, why don't we start a podcast? And I had no idea what that was. I listened a little Joe Rogan, that was about it. And he said, man, you like to write stories and talk to people and I'll talk to a fence post.

I don't care. I love people and love meeting folks. So it, it was a hand in hand kinda endeavor for. . So we went into it and it was all she wrote. We brought in my, one of my best friends and my biggest influence in, into predator hunting Cody Watson into the mix with us. He's my road dog, my traveling buddy, and we'll get into more about that later, I'm sure.

But it's been a fun ride, man, this whole podcast and thing's been a, been more of a blessing than I could ever imagine it to be. It's opened [00:18:00] up doors that were probably there. I just was too afraid to go and open and giving me a chance to be able to meet people that I never would've met otherwise.

I just, I'm a happy guy. Try to be positive and there was just wasn't enough of that out there to me. And so I wanted to do a little bit something different with it and, make something that people might enjoy. I just, I've got a ton of stories and , I got some stuff I probably shouldn't share on this show a lot of times.

It's all good. We've had a lot of fun over the years doing it and it's been a blessing for sure. Yeah. Not to get too sappy, but, I've known Alex apparently. I always thought they were before us, so that's how, so how much I know. But yeah, I've known Alex from a personal and professional level a little bit since I felt like we've started.

I don't remember how we got hooked up, but we were on a Instagram group together and then we started talking on the phone here and there. And I'll try to get through this without being a baby, but Alex almost dating kinda started, almost sound like a dating story here. You're right. . [00:19:00] Almost a year ago today Alex released a show in between their 85th and 86th episode titled There's Never Enough Time a tribute to Jericho, and that it was your dog that passed away.

My dog passed away yesterday and I actually went back and listened to that, which was a bad idea today, by the way. Yeah, probably. Honestly, you're probably not the best. Yeah. Time I went back and listened to that while I was on the road today for eight hours. And it did help. I'm still upset and all that and it's I'm not over it at all.

But you know that short five minute episode that you put out boy, I bet it touched a lot of folks, just the way it is. It's just a little five minute tribute to your dog that passed away. But if anybody's out there that recently lost a dog or hasn't a pass, you should really go check out that little five minute tribute he did to Jericho.

It was pretty good. I don't know how the hell you made it through that the same day he pass. I didn't make it all the way through . You did better than I would if I can promise you that. Hey, I sat in my driveway and wrote that down. I'm bad to write [00:20:00] in a journal. I've got one that I write in a lot and I've got stuff that I written and.

I did it in, a little five or 10 minutes there. I wrote it down and I was gonna make a post on Facebook like I usually did with it. And I called Nicholas and I told him, I said, Hey man, we were recording in his basement at the time and I said, Hey, I'm gonna come in the back door. I said, just gimme a few minutes if you don't care.

I got something I wanna record. And so I went down there and cut it. And that was for me, I grew up with hunting dogs. I had just, like I said in there, dogs didn't, they were working tools to us. You just didn't get attached to 'em. My dad taught me that at an early age. It, you don't get attached to 'em cuz they could be gone in a split second.

And that was the first dog in my life that I'd had from. A puppy all the way up. He grew with us, moved with me and my wife, and he was our pet. He was my best friend for a lot of years in a loyal companion. And people's you was mean to that dog. You'd run him off the porch. And I'm like my dad ran me off the porch and he didn't hate me.

So he didn't worked out pretty good for the both of us. But it was and I, like I told you earlier, when I text you, sorry for you to lost your dog, anyone who's ever had one that meant a lot to [00:21:00] him, it, it sticks out man. And it's a tough thing to do. And, but give him the best life you can while they're here.

And I'll say, don't wait too long to fill the void. I waited several months and I went and got me a new one. And Copper. My, my new dog he's my new best buddy. He's right there with me all the time too. So fill the void cuz, cuz it'll you'll think you don't want to, but a new one makes it a lot easier on you.

I will tell you the weirdest thing, wa yesterday was just a whirlwind, him dying. I had to, I rushed him to the hospital and all this stuff and. . But today I walked in from home and he's my shadow. So right wherever I'm walking, he is a few steps behind me no matter what. . It was really weird walking through my own house just with nothing behind me, we're gonna move on before I start balling like a little girl on the show. Can we talk about killing dogs? Let's talk about killing coyotes. . . Hey, I want to get on that baby , but so yeah let's talk specifically about night hunting. If nobody knows [00:22:00] this. In Missouri, our night season opened a few about six days ago, I think now.

Today's the seventh, right? Yeah. Or the eighth? Today's the eighth. Today's the eighth. It opened a week ago. Today, Missouri has a two month season, basically from February 1st through March 31st. And but in Georgia, where y'all are from, you have. The entire year, basically, it sounds like 24 7, 365.

We pile 'em higher than the car deck son. We try to, anyway, , so the, the sucky thing for us is, and we've only, this is our third year too, of having the ability to hunt with thermals or artificial lights. You've been doing this for a long time. What, how did you get started into night hunting and then we'll graduate into what you do, but how did you get started and what started the whole night thing for you?

For me, I was always wanting to do something different and never really looked at Kyle hunting as a sport or anything else. Nobody was in it, it's probably been, oh goodness, probably [00:23:00] 2015 when I first started, and Cody Watson, I made mention of him. He was a big time day hunter, and he was good at it and, He started wanting me to go with him and we tried it out a few times and there was a tournament that came about in Georgia and he said, man, I want you to hunt this tournament with me.

I said, all right, what I gotta do? He said, you need to buy you a lot a, a bright light. He said, we're hunting restricted division and we cannot use thermals or net vision. We have to use slots. I said, okay, cool. So we go out this first night and I'm a pretty high strung individual. I can stay up with the best of 'em.

And after listening to him blow that damn rabbit call for 14 hours or however long he blowed it. That night we were in, I thought this is craziness. We didn't kill anything that night. Shine flash lots all over. Hell, my eyes was bugging outta my head and I thought, this is craziness. , we wound up going day hunting the next day and killed a double right at daylight.

And I'm like, all right, now we're getting somewhere on this and. We hunted all day, wound up killing [00:24:00] two more and got four. And we show up to this tournament, hunted that night with lights again, didn't kill nothing. And we show up to this tournament and I'll never forget this, and I don't know if you boys know 'em or not, but Benton Bowman and Kyle Kirken Berger, they were pro staff for Fox Pro.

We met 'em on the road where the parking was or where the weigh-in was for this tournament. And they had a Tahoe, and I can send you the picture, Nate. It was piled the front of it, slap full of coyotes and a roof rack, slap full of coyotes. Then I thought we got four in the back of the truck. We thought we was doing good.

So we thought we was on it. And these boys show up with 28 coyotes. And at the time there was nobody around killing that many coyotes. They just did. It wasn't on the internet, it wasn't happening. It wasn't popular. . So we go in and they course win the night division and they get counting off the dogs of who's in the day division.

And I'd be damn if we didn't win it with four coyotes . So we won the Georgia Coyote Predator Hunting Association tournament down there. So it kinda locked me in and made me wanna do it more. And we went, we, I [00:25:00] bought the, I bought a Tony Tubbs or Tony TVs, however that you say his name. I bought a light kit that he made and strapped it on my gun, put together an ar, had this big grand scheme.

I was going kill a bunch of coyotes. And I think I wound up shooting four with that thing. And probably a year worth of hunting. Just lights suck. They just, I don't see how anybody does it with 'em. And that was, that's what that kind of started. Have you ever watched, was it Chris? What's Chris's last name?

The night. we had him on last year. I know you're talking about it. I don't know his last name. If you ever get on and watch the night crew. His name's Chris and I can't remember his last name off the top of my head. , they hunt lights you talking about they hunt with lights and they just killed it straight and they can lay down some awesome footage.

Yeah. And they hunt with white light, which is, that's right. Cooler. But anyway, I digress. Keep going. Sorry. No, I mean it was that whole mentality of hunt with lots that infatuated with me getting out in the dark cuz I wanted to do it and it was just something cool to do. And so then we screwed up, went with these boys that had some night [00:26:00] vision and dude, that stuff was awesome.

Hell, you could see and these big fields you could see all the way across. Some had big illuminators on them. And if y'all used night vision, once you get to the wood line, you're done. You can't see nothing. Pass that right. Bought an atn whatever it was, I don't even know what kind of night vision scope it was.

The batteries had burn up. I'd spend $200 in batteries for a weekend hunt and didn't kill anything with it. It sucked. I thought, this is killing me. Then I went with some boys that had some thermals and that was all she, you wrote, it was a game over for a Alex. I waited a while. I waited about a year before I actually bought a thermal.

Cody and a friend of ours his name's Cody too, had thermals and they had bought 'em and was running them, and I'd go with 'em and scan, and they were the original Pulsar trail that came out, which was at the time the top of the mark for, that three to $4,000 range scope. It was about as good as you could get.

There was Pulsar and then you had flir, and of course [00:27:00] you had Tricon was the next one up and that was it. That was the only scopes on the market. and I talked myself into it, worked, busted a few pieces of firewood or sold some junk or whatever I had, and I bought me a scope and I bought a pulsar trail.

And from there we started, I, we missed a bunch of coyotes. I can tell you that with lights though, we didn't see Jack crap with lot cuz we went out first night. We were stomping on 'em. Hard. And that's where it began. That was the train that led me to the path I'm on today. And of course I'm running a whole different set and a whole different set of scopes.

But those old p pulsar trails were the golden ticket for us. There you go. Yeah. Yeah. I mean I, that's a similar story for us except for the whole we just went right off the deep end into thermals. I don't even think, we had Russell yeah. We had a brother-in-law Russell. He, when did he buy his first?

So Russell has, and I don't even an undisclosed date in the future. Yeah. Or in the past, he, I know, so his newest thermal, he has two, [00:28:00] he has an AT and Thor four, but before that he has one of the original what would you call it, thermals that came out. I don't even, the brand, they don't exist anymore.

It's like a military Yeah. Thing. And when you look through it, it almost looks like you're looking through like a fishbowl. It's super clear in the middle, and then it gets almost like a haz fish eye. Yeah. Rounder going out. And I remember he spent, I will not disclose this amount so that he's not embarrassed, but he spent a lot of money on that thermal back then.

But that was, at least, I guess he, yeah, he had that way before it was like real popular. Yeah. And when the season became legal in Missouri, yeah. He was ready. We went out and oh man. It was just like, this is awesome. So I think even between the three of us, we talked about do we want to just buy some lights?

Do we wanna try to, cuz you can get into it a lot cheaper with lights, , you're talking 200 bucks. Yeah. Jumping up to three grand, four grand. There's a [00:29:00] big difference That's right here. Yep. And we didn't Andy and I have spent a we don't want, I don't wanna say too loud cause my wife's upstairs.

I've never been known to half-ass anything. . Micah luckily has still not spent anything. Yeah. Has been mooching. Mike is the smart one of all of us. Yeah. But yeah it's just been, it's crazy. What do you love so much about hunting with a thermal. There ain't, , there's nothing hiding from you.

You're not wondering, is that a co or is that a fox or is that a house dog or is that a coon or light eyes with lights and with that thermal it just, it opens up the door for you to be able to see so much more and you're so much more efficient and effective with a thermal than you ever are gonna be with a lot.

Those guys online that are doing it that we talked about earlier, hats off to 'em cuz they are doing something special and they do lay down some amazing footage. But I, you could teach me anyway you wanted to and I wouldn't go back to a lot. The biggest thing for me is we hunt a lot of cattle [00:30:00] pastures and a lot, most everything we hunt is cattle pastures.

And to be able to walk up to a farmer and say, Hey, do you mind if I come out and cow hunt your property? . I had a guy, they always say this I had a guy a few years ago shoot a cow in my past. I really don't want you hunting at night. You can't tell the difference. Pull out that cell phone.

You show him a video and you've seen me post stuff online of cows and there's a cow there and you've got a cow. And he's maybe you can tell the difference. And you being able to show them that and share that with them has opened up so many more doors for us to be able to hunt so many more properties.

And that's a big thing for me. Yeah. I think it's, one of our buddies I think says, and if I do accidentally shoot a cow, I just bought a cow, just bought a That's right. Just bought a whole beef . Yeah. , you still gonna probably gonna lose that land. You're gonna lose that spot. But hey, probably gonna lose that spot.

Yeah. And that's for, I think for us, and I'm sure it's part of this for you, I don't even [00:31:00] try to compare, cuz people always ask us what's more fun day or night, it's do different ball games. They're so different. It's almost not it's almost like you're not even hunting coyotes.

You know both ways you are, but it's almost like a totally different sport, I guess is what I'm trying to say. Day hunting a coyote is so different from night hunting them with thermals, especially that I don't even know how to really compare the two. I feel like day hunting, you're tricking 'em.

You're on their level. It's more of an even playing field. Night hunting. . I feel like I'm the freaking boogeyman. Like I got your ass now. . Yeah, that's, yeah. Cause don't get me wrong. I Go ahead, I'm sorry. I was just gonna say, night hunt, day hunting, 99% of the time you're calling those coyotes in.

night hunting if you wanted to, you could just be sneaky and go out there and, pop a few without even bringing the call out of the truck if you wanted to, if you had the right spot. We've run into it at one of the places I have. If you wanted to, you could just walk out in the field and see 'em.

You don't even have to bring [00:32:00] the call. It's just, it's different. A lot different. Yeah. I still love day hunting and I say that and I don't do it much anymore, but I love going out and throwing that rabbit out there and letting it, and having a decoy and you watch that dog pop out of the woods at 3, 4, 500 yards and comes blowing across that field To me there's an excitement level there that's just not there at night.

Now, don't get me wrong, I haven't day hunted and I don't know how long because we can hunt all night, but being able to watch that dog work in. It's kinda like bow hunting and rifle hunting. You're watching a deer from a long way away. Generally work in with a bow or if you lucky enough to get one to surprise you or you ain't gotta watch it, so you don't worry about that.

But hey, something about that day hunting and the boys that's real successful with it. Y'all had Big Al on, you've watched John Collins, we watch Heath Baker, these boys, they do some amazing [00:33:00] stuff during the day. Absolutely. And a lot of that has to do with their mindset on providing quality entertainment for who they're out there with.

And I think they'd be just as successful at night, but I don't think they'd have as much fun. No, I agree. And just like you were saying, night, it's just a different game. I think one who, which one of you said it's like a video game. I usually say that. Yeah. But it, and it is, but like day to night, day hunting, to me it , I guess there's more nerves involved.

Like you have to worry about more things. I think more tactical. More tactical. You gotta, you y'all always gotta watch your win, but you gotta watch your movement a lot more. You can't be as mobile, you gotta be careful. So night hunting, you can get away with a lot more. Yeah, you and I picked up and moved 200 yards, right?

At coyotes. Yeah, right at 'em. And you don't, you're never gonna do that during the day when they're out playing in a field or whatever. You can't move at all. Yeah. But the biggest thing for me with not hunting came about after my [00:34:00] son was born and I was fishing a lot.

So my son was born and I fished, I was fishing five, five days a week. And my wife is a saint. She has supported me in anything I've wanted to do in the outdoors and always has. And I pray to God she always does. Or probably going be a divorce . But I was fishing. Just about every day. And for the first time ever, she came to me and she said, look, she said, I know you're enjoying yourself fishing and everything.

You're wearing 'em out, catching the biggest bass of your life right now, but something's gotta give. I need you at home. You got a kid now. And it slapped me in the face and I thought, I'm being selfish with this boat. I'm fishing all the time. So I wound up selling my boat and I looked at cow hunting as a way they're going to bed.

I ain't going to bed. I'm gonna sit here and watch tv. Why not go kill some cows serious, and kill kicks my ass at work the next day. But the opportunity to be able to do that was totally different. Isn't that nice? That's what's I love about it, is I don't get in trouble for night hunting.

Because [00:35:00] yeah, she's in, she is a early go into bed type of person. She's in bed by nine 30 most nights at the very latest. . And I'm a night owl, so I'm gonna be up till midnight at least. Anyways. . Why not go hunting , and now here's the interesting thing, and I think we're starting to see this year, but what I want to ask Alex, because they've been hunting them, for how many years in Georgia now?

I feel like our first year in Missouri, it was just no holds bar easy pickings. Those coyotes were dumber and shit. Just they'd run to the tip of your gun last year. . We saw a few instances where they circled us or were a little smarter, and now this year it almost is reminding me of day hunting a little bit, where they're just as smart or they're acting the almost the same way they would during the day as they are, or they're doing it at night the same as they would during the day.

What have you noticed with educated [00:36:00] dogs? When it comes to night hunting, do you feel like over the years they're getting smarter and do you feel like if you screw up a dog at night, you are in big trouble compared to if you screwed a dog up during the day, you might be able to get at 'em at night.

What have you noticed over the years just when you started doing it out there? When we first started going, you could pretty much bet we was gonna kill something every night. And that was back in, 16, 17, and we would go and we would have great success. They'd come run into anything. We could play, I think a Alan Jackson song on the radio , and they'd come running in.

It seemed we was just lucky in that regard. Kyle Hunting has become one of the fastest growing industries in the outdoor space that has come on in the last several years. It's become affordable, somewhat, don't get me wrong it's become, but it's become a social media craze where everybody and their brother wants to be run out and spend three or four grand and buy ather.

They can buy a good call, they can watch it on YouTube. None of this stuff [00:37:00] was out back then. . So now you've got this whole social media space of people putting it out there for others to see. Now with it, when we first started hunting, we weren't playing vocals. I never, I didn't play any vocals.

We might play a how here and there. We might have a it was, but it was rabbits, that's all we knew. We live in Georgia was play with Cottontail and we would kill with it. Then it started getting where you, they ain't coming in. They ain't coming in, or they're hanging up at four or 500 yards and they're just not breaking that field wide open like they had before, educated cows became a problem.

And they're still a problem here because you're battling everybody else in the dark that may not be educated on what to play. And that's the problem for us. You got guys that are going out and playing a rabbit or playing four or five house or staying on a stand for an hour or playing everything in the songbook.

They're educating and that's all they're doing. So then it makes it harder for the guys that might go out and kill a coyote [00:38:00] ever trip or ever other trip to call in those quick ones. And so we've had to adapt and change and learn new tactics. And I got some shout outs. I'll tell you, there's some secrets that we've learned.

If you want me to or you don't, whatever I can take all the secrets you've got. Go see. Yeah, let's hear 'em. Do we need to stop the recording or ? No. I posted all over social media about what we're doing different. We and let me preface this with saying we probably missed as many codies as we kill at night.

I'm, I got some good old boys that hunt with me that are like me. They ain't probably ain't the best shot in the world. They can get it done and if it stops, we're pretty good. We killed 'em on the run. We've got lucky and knocked them down, but. . We killed 50 coyotes last year and that number, we hit it right in the middle of December, and I guarantee you we missed 40 or 50 more.

That just, yeah. We just ain't that good a shot. And I'm sorry to say it, or I'm not afraid to admit it, that I ain't that good of a shot. 200 yards and in it's dead. I feel like if it's standing [00:39:00] still, they come in running, they come in getting, so we've stopped shooting at him. At every instance, if we get a dog that comes running in, they don't give us a good shot.

We pass on him, we let him go on, we'll come back another night. Kill him. And we've done that so many times. Whereas before, if it was at 400 yards standing still, we'd send it, Hey, everybody get on it. Let's count down. Let's must at it. It runs away. Yeah. And we've sent 'em, I mean that, we've done that a bunch in the past, but we don't do it anymore.

We've stopped doing that and we've stopped playing things that everybody else wants to play. What's the most popular game call on the market in your opinion? As far as electronic e callers, I'd say Fox Pro. All right. Who's Fox Pro? Just partnered with Mfk. All right. So what's everybody and their brother out there playing?

M F K? Hows they're playing? They're playing little bru. They're playing all these sounds and stuff that every coyote in North Georgia has now heard. Cause I can promise you, all I gotta do is tag a [00:40:00] picture on Facebook or Instagram and they're saying Alex is running that Fox Pro again. Alex is running those Mfk calls and Alex ain't running, which, because they do sound badass.

So that they do? Yeah, a hundred percent. They do. I started researching and trying to find somebody different that had some calls that I'd never heard of and I stumbled across James Bostock. . . He owns Boss Predator Acoustics, and James and I spent a lot of time on the phone together discussing different calling tactics.

James is one of these guys he worked for, I think he worked for, oh, what's the computer manufacturer? M something Microsoft. Yep. And he was a programmer for them and he comes out and wants to start killing more cows. James was using an old thermal scanner that you held in your hand. It was as big as a, it was this big and everybody can't see.

It was as big as a phone book and it, when he started developing coyo sounds. James has got a library of sounds that I can promise you 99% of the Coyo Hunter. Now, they may listen to the show, [00:41:00] run his tab up and buy everything he's got, but he's got some sounds out there that to me, are, they're killers and.

When I started using those sounds as opposed to using what everybody else was using, I feel like we've been able to be more successful in breaking that plane and getting those dogs to break that three, 400 yard mark and come on in. Yeah I'm a one percenter. Say what? You got his stuff? I have him. I think the biggest thing too, I'll let you cat outta the bag.

Andy damnit. The biggest thing too is whether you're running Fox Pro's basic sounds. You got mfk, you've got, I got Tony Tubby stuff on mine. I got credit tactics. I got yeah. PT stuff, or you got a Lucky duck and Rick Paulette, it don't matter. Or an ICO tech. The biggest thing is be flexible to change.

Things aren't working. I think we're all doing it mean. I've got hundreds of sounds in my different [00:42:00] calls. I own a Lucky duck. , I own a Fox Pro. I got hundreds of sound, or thousands, probably in between those two. And you always end up finding yourself going, yes, I'm gonna use Suki, souk one female I'm want to use, I find the ones that I think sound good.

Good. Yep. And I beat these shit out of them until they don't work anymore. And then I throw my hands up, why don't to work until I get one to work? Oh, that's the one I run it until it don't work no more. I just I'll beat a dead horse till I can't beat it no more. Yeah. And I heard Big Al talking about it on your show that he used the same sequence all over the country and those same sounds and I took a lot away from that show.

That was a great, information basis. But I can tell you, you come to Georgia and you come to North Georgia and you play the same sounds. Over and over again. You ain't gonna kill shit. And I don't care what I've had Heath, we had Heath Baker come down here and hunt night with us and Heath is probably one of the best coy hunters in the country right now.

I like Heath. He's been a damn good friend of ours. He's a damn good cow hunter. And I've talked to him a [00:43:00] lot about hunting, but we've had the best of the best come down here. And it, they're different. They're not. It's plentiful. The Midwest has got way more coyo. I've seen it. , you've got less ground and you've got way more hills and haulers here that they can get in and hide.

And those mountain these eastern southeastern coyotes especially, they're just hard to fool cuz like y'all said, , y'all are beneficial in having the wind blows outta the east in Missouri or it blows outta the west. We might have a northeast wind when we get to the stand and by the time we leave, it's blowing dew outta the south and it just changes ly.

And it's a bowl. It's just a big circle that we're, because we're in haulers, we're trying to hunt down in bowls and stuff. So the wind plays a big factor for us in that regard. And I you still find a way to kill 'em. And generally we have learned from people like listening to that show that y'all did or we listened to John Collins on what you do and doing those different things that porcupine, I wish he hadn't have said anything about that on y'all show.

Cause that's, some of the gun's been in my bag [00:44:00] a trick for a minute. And I remember, I don't remember who we talked to. Actually it might have been Heath last year when he was on his, our show, but he talked about like a fox and distress. . And I even remember what was the oha? A house cat in distress.

. I remember when I first got my Fox Pro , I'm o I'm Ooc, remember I'm o c D. So I would go, I went through and I categorized my Fox Pro sounds as I wanted them to see, or in my computer, right? So I, I did 'em a certain way and I'm going through it and I'm like, why the hell do they have a house cat sound?

So I deleted it. Why the hell do they got this? And I deleted it. And then I think never, it was either Heath or whoever it was like, I'll use a barn cat in distress. And I'm like, son of a bitch, I gotta go put it back on . I'm my call. But yeah, it's just something that's different that might perk their like, what in the hell is that?

And all they gotta do is step out or start and you just gotta get their curiosity going. . Yeah. They might not be hungry. Curiosity kills 99% of coyotes out there. You're a hundred percent [00:45:00] right on that. Yeah. I think you're right. So I got another one for you on educated dogs. , do you feel like a dog is more educated when you booger 'em at night compared to if you booger 'em during the day or vice versa?

Yeah, it's so hard for me to put that in comparison cause I don't daytime hunt anymore. We've done so little of it over the years, but I think a cow's, like a deer in all animals. They're constantly thinking, all right, something's trying to eat me or kill me. And if I walk into a field and bu bust a co or a rabbit or a big buck outta that field, he remembers that field and me being there.

Now, he might forget when the ruts on or he's chasing a piece of hell or whatever, and he don't think that hard about it. But in the back of my mind, I always try to think, alright, I came in from the east and set up on these dogs and they came in downwind behind me, circled, and I saw 'em there. I don't need to come back to this particular spot and try to call again.

I need to move a little bit. I need to change it up and go somewhere [00:46:00] different and move to the other side of the field or whatever. And for us we don't have as good a egress into certain fields, so we gotta get creative with that. And one thing we've started doing is trying to run, different sounds but not throw out what we've always played and what we know works.

Just because I've been to that field and I've played, a kay and I've called in coach, don't mean if one got away, he ain't gonna come running into that. Kay. Next time I don't, I think they forget a little bit of that. And I'm at the opinion too, that. Cows don't necessarily hear, they don't know.

That's the bru sound you played last time I was here. I'm not coming into that. I think it's, and you hit the nail on the head when you said curiosity. And if you peak that curiosity at the right moment, they're out hunting and they hear a rabbit, they're coming. But if they're sitting over with a mate next to a pine tree, waiting to come out and do a little scouring around, they hear another cow, they're gonna come running.

But they may not be gorged on a [00:47:00] deer. They may be gorged on rabbits and they don't want to eat right then. So it's the three F theory. , it's food. Fighting or frigging . Terry, you can say fucking . It's alright. You can say fucking

But it's those things that are gonna be the, that kill 'em every time. One of those three things. So I think you get to a stand and I always end it with a pup distress, like they say. And I've even started starting with pup distress. Why not wanna stand there for 30 minutes and call and me call em in on a pup distress.

Three hell, let's roll in hot, get one killed and go to the next field. . Yeah. That's what we did last tournament. Yeah. . Yeah. That's how we killed that second one. Big Al. I've done it before. When we had Big Al he said it perfectly. We don't give, sometimes we don't give Kyles enough credit and sometimes we give him way too much credit, yeah. We think they're so smart and so you. when they might. There really [00:48:00] aren't, but, and other times, we're a little, we're a little lazy and, we get caught because they're not as dumb as we think we are too. But in the end, they are a dog. They, even the smartest dogs in the world aren't gonna remember stuff for 10 years.

They'll forget and they'll move on. But I was curious what you prime example of calling in places that are pressured was, we went to a place the other night that we've called hell hundreds of times. And that might sound crazy to somebody that's got tens of thousands of acres, but when you only got 30 spots to hunt, you're gonna run through 'em pretty quick.

Yep. We went to this spot and we had played Lucky Bird probably 30 times we'd been there. And that's one of my favorite go-tos. Either a woodpecker in distress or a blue jay, something light and low. And we roll up to this field, the lucky Bird, on 20 seconds later we got a dog standing in a hundred yards looking what's going on?

Hey, I ain't heard that before. And reality's probably heard it. A hundred times out there, we killed that dog and went to the next spot and the next spot and the next spot. Of course. Guess what? I played Lucky Bird. [00:49:00] Did I call anything in? No. Nope. So I'm thinking, shit, I got a pattern here, and for me it was, it's about just trying things different and hell, I like snack boys.

I'm just gonna go ahead and tell you I weigh 160 pounds. I'm six foot two. I'm not that big of a guy, so I gotta eat pretty often. I got a lot of nothing in reserve, so I want to get off that stand, get back to a Snickers bar in the car and drink a mountain view. And so I'm not standing out there all night.

I want to go and move and shake and go and do, that's just what I like to do. I like to run and gun. So you're set, like your night sets you probably doing the, doing around 30 minutes or so and getting out of there. If I'm there 30 minutes, something has went bad wrong. Really? Okay. We're usually out of a spot within.

20 minutes tops. If I'm calling more than, because generally speaking, we're gonna kill that coyote in the first five minutes. That's just us. And if we don't, I go into what y'all talked about before I get in my [00:50:00] head I ain't calling good. I'm not worth a shit with this caller. I'm ready to throw it across the hill yada.

So it's best for me to get in the truck and go somewhere else before I educate him. . No, that makes sense. I'm just hitting everything. I was listening to it was Eastman's. I was listening to them. They were talking about contest and how they do it. And I forget the guy that he had on, but he would do his sets eight minutes.

Eight minutes and he's gone. To me, that's just like super fast, cuz we've definitely, I've killed, we've killed a lot of dogs in that 15 to 20 minute mark. So I have a hard time during the day. During the day. Yeah. And, but and heck, we've killed. How long was it, how we were out the other night? How long did it take for that one to finally come in?

Oh, at the second spot? It was over 20. Yeah, over 20. I don't know. I was going pretty fast. I guess it was the fourth sound I used, but we also fucked around a lot before that trying to get set up. But yeah, , but that happens a lot too. I don't, I guess I could say I just [00:51:00] don't have a problem waiting up to 30, but past 30.

Yeah. I'm like, okay let's do something different, are you sitting or standing at night? Standing. . So are you sitting here standing during the day? Mix. Mix. We're mixing. Yeah. We actually started, we've been, the last few turns we've been in, we've been with with a new guy that we've been hunting with and he's a stander and so I was like I'll run with him some of the time.

Yes. I think before this year he's primarily night hunter. He is a primary night hunter. So you sit during the day, stand at night for sure. If I can get away with standing, I'll stand. If there's a good tree that, hey, that'll be comfortable for the next 15, 20 minutes, I'll sit. It just depends on the situation.

But if I can tuck in, next to a seat or something like that, I don't have a problem standing up. But at night, I can't tell you if I've ever sat one time. I don't think I've ever sat, I don't think I ever have. Yeah. It's always been maybe once on a fence row when there's no cover around how to get a hot fence supposed for us.

That'd be it. And we stand and I think that's a big difference for me. You're standing there, your legs are getting [00:52:00] restless, you wanting to move and. You were talking about killing 'em at long times and I think that's something that we're gonna have to transition into now that we're hunting heavily pressured coyotes and we're gonna have to play with them a little bit more.

Play with that silence feature, stop calling, call Hal once, shut up for 10 minutes. Wait and see if anything pops out or when the answer, I'm terrible about this, I'll want to answer back, Hey, I'm here. He already knows exactly where I'm at, dummy. You ain't got to call again. And that's something I gotta get in my head.

Don't try to answer him. Call once and then let curiosity play itself out. Wait 10, 15 minutes and let that pressure dog that's been called to a bunch of times. Come on in. What did Big Al say last? With us last week. That's, when oh, will Primos took him Turkey hunting? Silence.

Silence is what's killing him, if they're sitting there talking to you. It was Andy Salter. Eddie Salter, that's right. Yeah. He told me about, yeah, . He's if they're sitting there talking to you, they're not moving to you. , and I think Al uses that in co hunting. If it's quiet they could be on their way in.

But I went [00:53:00] last night and screwed it up for myself. I had them going wide. I had four different packs. I could hear multiple coyotes in different directions. They started out, spread out, and I eventually, they kept coming closer and I was slow playing 'em for a little bit.

Then they really ticked me off. And then I was answering with like single coyote house back and forth. One challenge, I challenged him back with a single coyote. He just would not break the hill, the cre, they were just over the crest of this hill. So I couldn't see 'em, they wouldn't break that and come into the field I was in.

And they're probably 250 yards over this hill. And I need 'em to come another a hundred yards. So I got real aggressive and I went to a group challenge, never heard 'em again. Yeah. So I went from that single coyote. and I was just slow playing it and I wasn't being real aggressive with it.

And I just threw the brick at 'em and got real aggressive and I think they went, oh, what? Screw that. I'm gone. They're, peaced out on me. It's kinda like they're picking on the one kid at school. And then all of a sudden that one kid's friends all showed up show and they were like, nothing to do with it.

[00:54:00] We're done. We're done. Yeah. But he was getting frustrated cuz he would not break that gap. So I was like, I wanna do something different. And I think if I just shut up and waited about 10 minutes, he would've slipped up there. But I wanted him now and I lost patience. We've all done it and I think that's, we've done it.

We've blow out the hell, I can't tell you the number of code stands. I've blowed out doing that exact same thing and it's something. You're always constantly learning and they talk about that all the time. You're learning new things and I try to keep tabs on what I've played, what I've killed on more than anything else.

And I lucky bird, I've killed more couch on than I at any other sound. There's no doubt about it. That's the one sound that I'm going to play if I need something that I, if I'm on fresh ground, it's the first thing I'm playing. I ain't howling, I ain't playing nothing else. It's the sound I'm playing. If I ain't on fresh ground, I may not ever play it at all.

But for me, those finding those sounds that nobody else is going to play lightning jack that's loud and it'll rip and it'll get 'em drug in from a allow. I've called cops in five, 600 yards and see 'em run all the way to the call [00:55:00] and that's a good one to play if you've got a long way to see.

Fortunately or unfortunately for us, 300 yards might be a long field for us to be in down here. That, that can be the same. We might be able to get, be into that 500 yard range or whatnot. Or the other night we had 'em beded down at 800 yards, and they just wouldn't come in.

But that's few and far between whenever. Yeah. When that situation. And that's another thing when Alex, you were talking about how long you set, sounds like you call, haulers or, so let's say you're calling a single hauler. If you don't have coyotes within the first let's say 15 minutes they're just probably not there.

If you haven't heard nothing or they're not coming or they're not coming, whereas, sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes we're calling, we got a ditch over here. We got a hauler here, we got a patch of timber right here. We're not just calling one little spot. You might be calling a hundred acre area, right?

Yeah, you might. Yeah. And , we might be able to get 'em from a little further away because [00:56:00] we can get that sound out a little further than maybe just , one, now we do have, like we got the river bluffs where we're at and they can get pretty Yeah. Nasty. And, not all of our spots are flat, but then we do have some flat spots where you can reach out there and take a little longer.

I think it's just all in where you're hunting too, is how long you're setting for sometimes too. But yeah, for me it's about, you gotta try a little bit of everything wherever you go. And if you find something that works repetitively, we're going to use it. In this time of year, of course, we're playing more vocals and staying away from distress.

And as it tapers off into the end of 1st of March, I'm going, I'm gonna be back in Illinois, probably the 1st of March hunting, and by then it'll probably be over with for house and stuff. It was last year, and we were there. We didn't call in, we called in 22 Coyotes to within. 500 yards a, they were just hanging up, would not break.

We wound up killing one the whole time we were there and three nights of hunting. We called in [00:57:00] 22 Coyo, we shot one. Now I, I didn't shoot it any more than that. So it wasn't missing, it was just hanging up. Difference is some of these guys that are running, your higher end thermal scopes and they're running two and $3,000 DNA firearms that they can reach out six, 700 yards and shoot.

I can't, and I know there's no point in me shooting at 'em cause I'm just wasting bullets and I'm educating coyotes so I don't do that. But these high end coyote hunters that are doing it at night and doing it successfully, they're shooting them a long way a lot of times. And they can talk all the game they want.

Calling these coyotes in, I've been with enough of 'em to see it's at four or 500 yards and they're dropping it. There's a difference in me and them. I can't shoot that far and they can't. Do you feel like if you do call in a coyote, cuz you were talking about you're passing some, if you don't get a good shot, if you're calling in coyotes and never firing around and they decide on their own, Hey, I'm gone.

Something's not quite right. Do you feel those coyotes are still educated, or is [00:58:00] it, do you feel that they, you have a good chance to call them back in a later day based on what we've seen here? If I call in a coyote and I see it, but I don't kill it, I'm not gonna go back to that spot for at least a month.

I'm gonna try to let it lay, I'm gonna try to hunt somewhere else, and that may be a little long, but I think coyotes here have such a big range. I've heard the, very territorial coyotes. , that's not the case here. I don't feel like, because there's not enough sustainable resource rabbits, food of any kind to hold them in an area.

They may dent up in a spot, but they may have a den five miles from here at another place. I feel and I base that solely on the fact that I don't hear a coat every single night off my back porch. Yeah. But every week, one day a week, I'm going to hear those coyotes. So they're on their cycle and they come back around.

So if I've called them on that cycle and they didn't come, I'm gonna wait at least two weeks and I'm gonna try to call 'em when I catch 'em on that next cycle. So educated maybe a [00:59:00] little bit, but I feel like if I don't shoot and scare the hell out of them. And we shoot suppressed. So I don't know how you guys are, if y'all run suppressors or not, so that helps us out a lot.

Yep. Same. And I think that's the big thing. If you can run a suppressor, they can't in Illinois, communist state of Chicago or whatever you want to call it, holy shit, it's, they can't do that. See, I almost feel like it should be a almost a rule that if you're hunting dogs at night, you should be suppressed.

Yeah, absolutely. Even during the day, and I'm not saying I want no laws passed, but it's just, you feel, cuz we, when we first started, hunting at night, we didn't have suppressors yet. And you'd go out there and you'd blast a few rounds of a dog and you felt like you just woke up the entire, you're like, I gotta get the fuck outta here,

We gotta go boys. The police are on the way. You weren't doing anything illegal. Yeah. But it was just like, you were like, holy hell, somebody's calling 9 1 1 right now. But . Yeah. I don't, a hundred percent. And that's, I've had my eardrums busted so many times with [01:00:00] Cody hunting them down. He shoots a 22, 2 50.

And that must be the loudest gun that was ever made next to 2 0 4. And when I started running suppressor, I told him, I was like, you need to buy one, or we ain't hunting together. I'm sorry, I ain't having my ear no more. Yep. I'm with you. So you're gonna be in Illinois in March? , you know what?

State Borders Illinois. Missouri. And our night season runs till the end of March. So I'm just saying when you're up in Illinois, you might need to find a way just to. , come a little west and hunt with us for a day or two, depending on, kinda, kinda make a trip up through St. Louis. Yep. You're right, right down.

I 70 You're we're only about three hours from St. Louis. Yeah. So not too far. Just saying just, Hey, there's always a possibility boys. And I'm of the, I'm of the game now where I love to go with people that not necessarily have never been, I want to hunt with the same group cuz especially after what happened recently with that hog hunter getting seven, six tooth through the back.

I don't know if you guys saw that or not. I heard about that. Yeah. The guy shot him, dude, his butt went with [01:01:00] a new guy and he swung on a hog and pops a seven six tooth through his shoulder and blows his toll shoulder and actually shot him in the leg too on the way down. Pulled the trigger. , this dude shot twice, so I'm real careful about who I go with.

Yeah, it's an uneasy feeling. You're walking out there to put that call out and you've got three guys standing behind. You don't know the damn thermal going to drive at you back. It's just keeping that, that consistency with people, to go with. I'm gonna, I'm gonna need to take the bolt out Micah's gun next time we go the bulk.

He might do it on purpose. . I think that's, he's called Murder brother. . Yeah. You keep beating us at tournaments. Fucker . I might am at least gonna slash a tires on you. all spares. But I'll call, I like running the call and that when I take those new guys to running the call, that's the funnest thing to me.

I'll, I've got a scanner, so I'm scanning, and I've got my gun there and if I can call it at 12 o'clock and see it's coming in, I'll say, one of these new guys, let them get a shot at it and talk them through it and let 'em get one killed. Don't shoot shit. Let it come on in. It stops at 200 D [01:02:00] to squeeze off and I'm like, wait, just wait.

Let's get it right here in our face where you can just dust them at, 80 yards cuz it's coming. Yeah, I'm with you. That's, it's a hard thing to do, . So let's get what setups are you running right now? Speaking of, you just said scanner. What? Yeah, that's what I wanted to ask. Yeah, you just said scanners.

So let's talk about your gear. Let's go equipment. What do you like to use for a scanner? And then we'll move on to other stuff from there. So I run a bearing optics phenom 3 84. It's a great scanner. It's got long battery life. I've, I get six, eight hours and I've got an external battery pack from coyote cords.

I run on it. I can run that scanner all night, no problem. And it's a great resolution. I have no issues picking up dogs with it. It's got a big objective on it It gives me the ability to stay off that gun. And I'll tell you boys, if I had to go back to swinging on that ball head all the time, and I don't run a ball head anymore, but if I had to go back to standing there looking with a gun, I'd quit.

Cause my back can't take it. It just used to kill me and wear me out. So are you [01:03:00] what base mag is that scanner? I wanna say it's a two five. Okay. So that's me and Andy actually just bought the same scanner I guess you'd call it. It's actually a, it can be a scanner, be a standalone site and it can also be mount on a helmet mount.

And the biggest thing I'm getting used to, not agm, no, it's an irate micro ira. Oh boy. Damn. I bought a good one. . We bought the 3 84 version. Yeah. And the biggest thing I've noticed getting used to is my thermal is an Ira Ricoh, MK one and . It's a four times base mag. What is your pulsar base mag?

My pulsar trail is the, is a three. Okay, so a four and a three base mag. Yeah. Our scanners are a one base mag. Yeah. In handheld mode. So when you go from one and you zoom to two you degrade. Your picture. And then when you zoom to four four, you degrade your picture even more. And when you get to four, you're the most degraded you would be.

And at four, that's the base mag of [01:04:00] my scope. Wow. So that's the, so your depth perception's gonna be way off. Yeah. Like the biggest thing getting used to is, like I can see a coyote at 800 yards in a field or 600, 800 yards in a field, but when I zoom in, I can't tell for sure it's a coyo. I know it is, until he gets a little closer with that scanner.

With that, with the actual scope itself it's a no-brainer. It's yep. That's what it is. It's just so much easier to even, I'm gonna put it on a helmet. , but right now I've just handheld so it's just so much nicer just, going like this. But and I know your answer on the next one because you put me on to the thermal that you're using and I didn't listen to you and I bought something different, but what thermal do you run?

So I run a super hog store now and it's probably the best scope that I've ever had as far as the money goes. It's a $3,000, thermal scan scope. It's a 3 84 12 micron, [01:05:00] and it runs all night. I have no, I got rid of the 1, 2, 3 batteries, put extended battery cap on there from Dark Night Outdoors.

And bill and I worked very closely on what I was gonna go with. IRA actually makes the glass or the processors inside of the bearing optic scopes. What I found, And the other ones that were available at the time, which the Ricoh wasn't. But I could go with an agm, I could have went with a pulsar.

The battery life and the durability of that bearing scope was way above anything I could ever ask for it to be for the month. Now, don't get me wrong, there's a lot more higher dollar scopes out there. Is it gonna help me kill any more coyotes? Probably not. Cause I ain't shooting that far, but that scope has been, it holds zero.

I can move it from gun to gun without any issues. I've had absolutely no problems with the nuking. It's got auto nuke on it. I've had no issues with the picture and picture. A lot of people don't like picture and picture cuz it's decorated, and with a 3 84, you're going down to a [01:06:00] 2 56 on the first Zoom.

. But with a three point, I think it's a 3.0, it may be a 2.9 base mag. It gives me a great field of view. . And I can zoom in that picture and picture one click. And I'm already, I'm down degraded, but I've identified that code as a something that's gonna be there. And man, it's, people ask me all the time, what do you want?

What should I buy? What should I buy? And my first question to 'em is, what's your budget? Because if you ain't got $3,000, you wasting any money on a thermo, in my opinion. That's just, I've went with the 25 millimeter stimuluses and all that stuff. And these lower models, you're wasting your money.

Agreed. And there's nothing wrong with any of them in that realm right now, but that ster it's bulletproof. And now the step up from that is the Yoder. And you go to the six 40 and Josh, my other hunting partner, Josh and I hunt a lot together. He's got a Yoder. If I had it to do over again, I would've bought a Yoder.

Went ahead and spent the money, cuz I liked that clarity. You, your first zoom is down to a [01:07:00] 3 84, so when you zoom in one time, you're just degrading it. One back down to my scope. and I feel like I could shoot just a little bit further and maybe a little bit more accurate with that one. But for me, I'm not spending 6, 7, 8 grand on a, on an end vision That's not gonna help me kill anymore coyotes.

Sorry. I'm just, I'm a budget guy. I work for a living just like y'all. Y'all do? Yeah. So I spend what I can spend , that's the same with us. Andy and I both I have an Ivory Rico MK one. Mine's the 3 84 version. Andy has a Pulsar Trail two, which is their 3 84 version. And the reason we both bought those is they're so dang clear for what they are.

And I think mine was like $3,400 or somewhere in there. I can't remember now. But you, you're spending 6,500 for the six 40 version of the same. . , I'm not saying it's not worth it, but man, that's double the price. You gonna kill $3,000 more coyotes for it. Exactly. And Missouri only.

No, you're, no, we only got two damn a months to do it. We have two months in [01:08:00] Missouri, so really it doesn't even justify we start $3,000 go when need to start going to Kansas. I'm, yeah, that's what we start. Boy, my buddy just got back from Kansas. Daniel Wright, really close friend of mine from down here in Rock Mark, Georgia.

They were in Kansas and I think they stacked 61 coyotes in two nights. And I'm like, Jesus Christ. And they're, he's an old school tournament hunter. He got me into a lot of, he's talked me in through a lot of problems and things I've had over the years hunt. Great guy, great friend of mine.

And but I don't think I could go to Kansas and kill that many, but hell, I'd sure to try. Absolutely. Yeah. Okay. What are you using for stabilization? Yeah. You said you went away from a baldhead. I'm curious to hear this. Yeah, so I've ran a ball head ran the dark night outdoors, 52 millimeter for the last two years.

Before that I was running just an art size tripod with a just a cheap a hundred dollars ball head from Amazon. Nothing fancy, killed a lot of cows with it. I am now running what's called a leveling base. And I got it from, I don't know if you guys follow [01:09:00] Amin on. Oh yeah. So Amin's the one that kind of turned me onto this thing with how smoothly he was able to move when he was following dogs.

A leveling base is essentially the same aca, the Swiss connection on top, but instead of having a a movement up to 90 degrees or, you're moving to 75 degrees and a lot of ball heads, my. Level base, it only can move up to 22 degrees, so I don't have quite the tilt that you're gonna get out of a ball head.

I have the same ball motion inside of it, but it's locked down by a single collar. There's no knob to loosen. You don't loosen it up. You don't have to worry about tensioning that thing down. It's a single collar that rolls to the left or the right, tighten and loosen, and you loosen that thing. One little click.

That's it. You just one quarter turn and you're loose, and then one quarter turn in your back. Locked. That leveling base is going to change the game For anyone out there that wants to be more steady shooting. I'll [01:10:00] be honest with you, I watch these Predator 1 0 1 hunting forums and everything on Facebook and these boys talking about, oh, you gotta buy fat boy, oh you gotta buy this, you gotta spend a thousand dollars, blah, blah, blah Yeti.

Yeah, okay, whatever. Go pick you up a arc size or pick you up in a rail tripod, pick you up a good leveling base, put on there, spend 500 bucks on it and go kill coyotes. You ain't gotta spend a thousand dollars on these tripods, cuz I guarantee you can shoot, I can't shoot no better off a fat boy than I can off that inner rail that I'm running right now.

It's just, that's just spitting facts. That's all I could say. Bef before my tripod I got now I was running a Predator Tactic's dead eye and those are $160 I think with the ball. It has everything you need and it did the job now, it was heavier than, carbon fiber ones and all that stuff.

But yeah, you don't have to have. . Sometimes it's nice . I will say I've, we've been with guys who would've got the Fat Boys and guys [01:11:00] who've got, oh, some higher end stuff and it's nice for sure. Move your phone. It's been sitting there all day. Yeah. But now you're using it. It's fine. . But it's, and that, and I'm not saying that it's not I'm talking for Alex.

I'm not talking for anybody else. And then when I tell people what I'm using, I talk for me and I talk for the guy that's, don't wanna spend a thousand dollars on the tripod and $500 on another ball head. You go over and pick up and you don't have to go through Dark Night Outdoors. That's, see, I use, me and Bill Hammond are really close.

We've worked together for several years now, and Bill's been very good to me. He's been very good to everybody that I've worked with, that I've sent to him. But they've got a branded rail tripod and a they can run the ball head or you can run the leveling base attachment. That leveling base.

Josh and I both have 'em now and, Ooh, boy. Game changer. I'm telling you. Game changer. Look at it. Those, yeah. That's pretty sweet. Andy found. So I just looked them up on [01:12:00] Amazon real quick to see what they were. That looked pretty. Yeah. Yeah. Nice. What else your boys got gear wise? That's all I like. I just wanna know the thermal.

Oh, I guess what rifle you like using at knife? Obviously you gotta about that. I wanna his top five. Oh, you wanna get his top five? I'm get his top five. Let's get his, let's get his rifle he using and then what are you using? What are you using? . So I run a threaded Ruger American 2 23.

Got a custom bolt and throw handle on, but put into it, nothing fancy. It's in the stock chassis. I took, drilled it out and put an arc of the Swiss plate right on the bottom of it. And it's my killer. And these boys, and y'all may be disagreeing with this or whatever, but all the bullets, people talk bullets all the time.

Oh, you gotta run this, you gotta run that. I run a 68 grain boat, tail hollow point from frontier. It's a horny branded ammo. , there's 1599, a box of 20. Those boat tail hollow points, you can watch all the videos you want. Over on my Instagram, it anchors 'em. And I'll even run a 75 sometime. I'm not [01:13:00] one of these guys that's gotta buy a 22 creed or a 2 24 val or a, a 6.8 PRC or six five grand old, whatever.

You, you can talk the whole day long about calibers. But them that se that 68 grain 2 23 when you hit 'em it, and I don't care if you hit 'em in the ass, it's knocking 'em. and that's just, I don't like, I don't like polymer tips. I just am not a fan of 'em. You hunt the places we hunt, you're gonna shoot in the woods, you shoot one of 'em polymer tips down through the woods.

You clip a limb that's over with that cow that's gone, that boat tail hollow point's gonna blow right through it and hit that thing and expand and give good rapid expansion. And we don't have a lot of issues with damage to furs. Not that we're saving hides anyway, but we just, it hits 'em and it stays in there and it anchors 'em to the ground.

And that's what I use. It's simple, it's effective. And I like a bolt gun cuz I guarantee you one thing, one in the hands better than two in the bush any day. And if I got an ar I'm gonna send everyone outta that magazine when it starts going . So you [01:14:00] went, so on your 2 23 you went heavier with the 68?

Yep. So I was having issues with 55 VMAX and one of, now I haven't tested it yet cuz I long story, I'm not running that gun right now, but I, I. drop down to a 50 grain. , just for more speed, more than anything. Just to say, Hey, if I can, have more kinetic energy or whatever, 68, heavier.

Maybe they got a 50 53 grain out. Yeah, I know. It sounds pretty sweet. Yeah. But 68 or 75 is, bringing more weight behind it. Sure. Wonder how much it slows down. You're still moving 3,100 you're going about 3,100 feet per second. And I do a lot of reloading. My dad's a reloader, he's taught me how to do it, and we can hand reload.

And I've put together some of those Sierra match kings the game changers. In a 71 grain. Haven't shot anything with him, but man, they are screaming outta the barrel. And, they're loaded a little hotter than probably they need to be , especially in an ar I don't [01:15:00] run any reloads in an ar I don't, I've had bad headspace and problems with, you put a bullet that's.

Two, one hundreds of an inch taller on its head space and lock that bolt in, that ar down there, having to run around rod down and get the casing out of it. So for me that's what I use. It's simple. And, I don't need anything more than that. I've got 25, 30 boxes of those 68 grains that ride around in the back of the expedition with me.

I keep 'em all the time. And I gotta mention the death wagon. We got a, I got a expedition. Oh. I built the back of it into the tray. Got a roof rack on top so it's a death wagon. If I come to Missouri, y'all gonna have to see it . I like it. Definitely. Yeah, I like it. Andy nicknamed his what? The Coyo Caddy.

Old Coyo Caddy. Yeah. The old Coyo Caddy. I like it. ? Yeah. Just called the death wagon. Yeah, he's got me on, I think he's got you on name. A pretty sweet name. Death wagon. That's nice. You just got yours. We may, maybe we can come up some better . Survive that shit now. . Oh, the, oh my goodness. Okay, [01:16:00] so you're running a Remington or a Ruger 2 23.

For your night gun. Do you have any other calibers that you enjoy? What I mean, is that all you've been shooting for the last several years? Or you got some other top, top three? No, I. I got one that they'll never make the list again. If I had to shoot it, I'd soon wrap it around the tree. A 2 0 4 Ruger.

I will never shoot another coyote with it again, cause them son of a bitches will run for a mile. I don't care if you, I hit one in Illinois and it was blowing blood all over the place. And the son of a gun run across the country and was gone. I anchored one to the ground, hit him right in the shoulder and it did, dropped it and then shot another one and lost it.

And then came home and shot one. And I went home that night and threw that gun all to hell and put it back in the box and fed the hell with it. But probably my top, top next favorite gun's gonna be a 2 23 ar. It's running the same 68 grain bullet. I custom build a couple of ar we, before all this craziness got up and about with the pistol braces and everything, we were running some [01:17:00] really short.

I ran a 10 and a half inch. Ar that I'd put together and I wish I'd have had it on video boys, cuz you wouldn't believe me telling you. But Josh Townson and Bentley bag can vouch for me on this one. I shot one at 221 yards running wide open with that. It was probably a prayer and a chance that I got it, knocked it down, but it would ha hammer 'em.

I mean it was a very good gun. 200 yards an in. And it was probably my second favorite gun to have just cuz it was easy to move around. You lightweight. Yeah, the gun probably didn't weigh six and a half pounds with a scope on it and it was a really fun gun to shoot. But it's in the safe now.

I took it and put it away. But just a 2 23 ar probably going next. It's going to be like six five Grindle. I ran it a lot of years. I killed a lot of coats. , very effective gun. When I found the right bullet, I was shooting 1 23 El d matches from horny. Hated them. I had a lot of runners, didn't get 'em down.

Started shooting a 95 grain Armageddon out of it, and it grenades 'em. It was, can't find the bullets anymore. They were [01:18:00] the, A company. It may have been I forget, dark full moon or some you used to buy bullets on Facebook all the time, and I bought several boxes of them and it's back in the safe.

Don't ever pull it out anymore. And it's a 24 inch barrel brown l very good, accurate gun. Never had any problems with ammo. Once I found the right one. After that, I don't get too crazy with anything. I'd like to shoot one with that four 50 Bushmaster if I can. , I might try that out sometime.

Russell can hook you up. Yeah. Yeah. , I got one. I've got one, the little rugers that I actually hunt in Iowa with. Four 50 Bushmaster. That's my walk-in gun, so there you go. And I just, I don't wanna go crazy with these calibers and stuff like that. No, I think there's anything wrong with it.

These boys that I would love to have a 2 24. I think it's probably one of the top guns that's out there right now. Finding feed ammo I see has been a challenge for a lot of people, but for me the only other one I'd throw in the mix is 2 43. That [01:19:00] just solid, amazing gun. I don't have one right now.

I want one. And there's no reason for me not to have one when I trust that Ruger American chassis and people. They're cheap, they're ineffective, or they're inexpensive and people are like, oh, that's a junkie gun. That's just no, I'm a economical guy. If I can go to the pawn shop, pick one up, use and beat all the hell and it'll still shoot, I'm ready to go.

Something to be said for that because you get a gun that you spend some money on, you go and put a scratch on it. You ding near want to cry about it. I saw you cleaning your gun more than you did hunting the other day. Whenever we do our tournament, , every time we'd get set up and I was next to him, you see him lick his finger and he'd just wipe the mud off of it.

Whatever was on it, that didn't happen one time. Bullshit. I was working on arkham out Bull . Oh, I love it, boys. Y'all y'all sound like me and Nicholas sitting there arguing with each other. I love it. Shit. No. Full of stuff. . You slept you [01:20:00] 90% of the day anyway. I didn't sleep once. I got, don't lie to me.

I got proof of you sleeping. No, you couldn't tell my eyes were closed. Whatever. I was facing away from you. Hell no wonder I beat you on tournament. You're taking naps all the damn time. There ain't no shit. Tell Andy, tell 'em man. . All right oh, but the only other thing, now I gotta throw that caliber in there, is that 20 2002 50 cuz I watched more coyotes die during the daytime.

Cody Watson's shooting that Remington 700, he's got, I've seen him shoot 'em over 400 yards with it and drop em. So it, that, that's all that grounds out my top five. I had to finish that one and throw that one in there and my boy's going to kill me. , they're just so damn fast man. I'm excited about mine screaming.

Mine put one down Saturday and I mean it a hell of a job, first one for it. So I'm excited. He spun maybe two times and bam dropped, fell down. Okay before we hop off here, why don't you tell the listener how they can listen to talk about it outdoors and check you guys out. , what do you think thought Michael looks [01:21:00] like.

He got one more question. I thought Andy wanted to know his five sounds too. Five top sounds. Oh, or were you talking five top calibers? No caliber. Top caliber. Okay. My mistake. We know Lucky Bird would be one of 'em. Yeah. Lucky about's number one. Oh, I'll give you my top five sounds. That's the easiest stuff.

Let's hear 'em real quick then we'll finish it up. Number one, gonna be lucky Bird. Y'all heard me say it earlier. It's killed more coats for us. Number two is gonna be a it's an mfk sound, so I'm gonna get myself in trouble here. . It's gonna be that, that Boone, what's up? How that's my number two.

I run it if I'm wanting to locate coyotes. That's my locate sound. Number three, psycho HP from James Bostock. That's my number three Sound kills. If you're running that this time of year, you're gonna be successful. In my opinion. I am. That's the one I run more than anything. Number four, got to go with a prey to stress.

Again, I hate to do it cause I wasn't gonna say this, but lightning jack, that, that sound brings Cody, he's from a long way [01:22:00] and of course number five's always gonna be pup distress. Three for me. That's the one that, that I play probably more than anything. You could throw any of those pup distress sounds in there.

The random violence. And that's, I think that may even be an mfk sound. You could throw out the pup distress one hurt pup, any of those. At Pup Distress three. We heard John Collins. We grew up watching John Collins, so we watched him kill a bunch of cow and those . Yeah. Oh yeah. I do that hurt pup on from the Fox pro, the hurt pup one.

It just, it's a lot of, that's my fox bang sound. It does a lot of whining, a lot of screaming. Yeah. But anyway, okay. Now why don't you tell people how they can listen to talk about it outdoors and check you guys out. Yeah. You can find us on any of the podcast platforms, Spotify, apple.

We're on Google, Stitcher iHeartRadio. You can find us on YouTube. We've got a YouTube channel. We started filming our hunts last year, and then this year we filmed, we're gonna have a 10 episode series dropout starting in July. It'll be across the [01:23:00] Midwest and across the southeast. We got some really nice deer killed this year on camera.

Great footage the guys put together. And we did a amazing, Nicholas has done an amazing job with that, putting it together. He's on episode seven, I think right now. But we'll have that on our YouTube channel and of course on Instagram and Facebook going follow along with us. We're at a lot of trade shows.

We'll be at N W T F this year, booth 3 0 8. You can come by and see us there. So we'll be talking, we'll be doing the world Deer Expo in Alabama. If you want to come by there and see us. We ran into a lot of guys there. And then of course, the g o n Outdoors Blast this fall. We've also got a trade show in Georgia.

If you guys ain't got anything going on 24th, 25th and 26th or 25th, fifth and 26th of March we're headlining that show with the mill. That'll be the oi sportsman. We've got a lot of people we've brought in for it. We're helping headline that thing for them. Of course, our title sponsor of the show's cruiser and they're coming to to set up with us down there and they'll be with us at nwtf and the other shows, awesome. Awesome. Very cool. Good. Boys, [01:24:00] you got anything else for Alex? Man? Appreciate you coming on sharing your secrets. Who came up with your no, I don't know if they're, who came up with your logo? Oh, that Coyote logo. This one? Yeah. Dude. Telling you that thing is sick. Sick. Yeah. That's that's my boy Alan Bowman slate Media Studio.

He came up with this for me. We'd done a deer logo similar to it, and we got talking about having a coyote mouth over the words or whatever. And we we came up with this one and it's been people's raved about it. My wife made me this brace. I don't know if you guys can see it or not. It says I wanna see, it says coyote.

Hunter. Yeah, I guess she put her logo in the middle of it. They did. I had to throw one out for FoxPro on the co oak. And I wear this thing everywhere now. She's you gotta wear that out now. I'm like, okay, I'll wear it now. . . But it's been I just wanna say this, it's been a pleasure listening to you guys.

Y'all do a very good job with your show. You your camaraderie the way that y'all kind of spin things in a positive light has been fun to listen to [01:25:00] over the years whether y'all realize it or not. Y'all, y'all stood out with a lot of inspiration to me when I first got started. The way you're willing to help people out and the things that y'all do and share your stories.

I've listened to y'all talk about killing big bucks and y'all going on the trips with your dads and your grandpas and taking your kids and getting 'em involved in the woods and stuff. And to me that's what this whole podcast and thing's about, it's meeting people that are like-minded and positive and we got enough negative and battling going on in the industry today that.

I just hate, I hate to see the biasing and everything. And we've been very fortunate as a podcast community not to have much of that, I think in our space anyway. And y'all don't stay pigeonholed to one area. Y'all are willing to talk to guys from all over the country. Don't matter what they're doing.

And I think that's a successful trait. And y'all are very well versed with each other. And y'all deserve a pat on the back cuz y'all got a listener for a long time. And I'm gonna be listening to Missouri Woods and Water. Would y'all drop it? I may not catch 'em all, but I'm gonna catch most stuff.

Promise. We appreciate that. That means a lot. We appreciate right back [01:26:00] at you, man. Yes you do good. Pretty much every week of you too. And like I said, that you're the only damn podcast, hunting podcast has ever made me cry. So you got that for . . But that's a lie at Micah. He's lying. He cries a lot, don't he?

He did. He can be emotional. He's an emotional dude. He ain't scared to cry. Nothing wrong with that though, me. I cry too, buddy. It's all Nick Ke to dry my tears all the time. My kids home. My kids. I'm telling you. My kids. Kids and dogs and my dog. And it don't matter. I'll cry about it. I, and I ain't, who cares?

Call me up. Call me a sissy. It don't matter. Yep. But no, thank you Alex, for coming on. We share the same sentiment. You guys are awesome too. And thanks for stopping on. Hey, I appreciate it guys. We'll get together soon, I promise. Let's do it. We'll see ya.[01:27:00]