Crossbow plus Pellet Grill equal Delicious

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On this episode of Huntavore, Nick is joined again by the Crossbow crusader, Rich Wilson. He and his ever evolving crossbow named Bunjie, take on the Eastern United States in search of game to bring home. Rich is no stranger to whitetails and feral hogs, but we spend some time chatting about his adventure to Maine for Black Bear. Rich also explains how picking up a basic pellet grill has his family cooking more delicious food at home, and a bit of a lifesaver when it comes to cooking meats with very particular temp requirements. All this and of course a few rabbit trails on this episode of Huntavore. Rich Wilson, creator and host of the youtube channel Death by Bunjie, hails from Pennsylvania. Rich produces great content revolving around crossbow hunting. How to’s, self videoed hunts, and even stepping into the kitchen and cooking up quality grub with his kills. Rick and Nick chat a bit about a Black Bear Rich was able to go on. Up in the big wilderness of Maine, Rich sat in a blind on the ground, 20yds from a barrel of bait, hoping to encounter an animal as big or bigger than he. Talk about exciting. Things get even more hairy when Rich’s shot is a bit too far back and now has the realization he needs to track a wounded bear, in the dark. He and his guide make the wise choice and back out till morning, to recover the bear. Fast forward to getting his bear home, Rich has found that a pellet grill has greatly improved his confidence when it came to cooking this bear meat. Bear is pretty particular when it comes to cooking temperature due to parasites. Nick makes the correlation between the crossbow and the pellet grill, in that both can give confidence due to improved control and mechanizing tasks that can help the operator focus on other things.  Rich also has an exciting new addition to his channel, and its not the newest version of Bunjie, “The Death Stalker”. It's his daughter, Genevieve. Recently Genevieve has taken on the challenge of hunting on her own, and filming it. She joins her dad in making content, and even venturing out and learning the art of taxidermy. As parents we get excited when out kids join in on our hobbies. Genevieve not only joins in, but got a buck this year when dad didn’t. Good work Genevieve! To see Rich, Genevieve, and Bunjie head over to Death by Bunjie on youtube. MEAT! Instagram: @madewithmeat Website: Coupon Code: huntavore10 Huntavore is Powered by Simplecast

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